Brothers revenge on Sister


Jack’s sister, Alison, was a hot piece of ass, and she knew it.   A stunningly beautiful 18 year old, long blonde hair, fit body, very full and firm DD-cup tits, super smooth long legs and a firm ripe peachy rear.   Jack’s parents thought she could do no wrong, a perfect innocent virgin, but in reality, she was a bitch, especially to Jack.   Jack and his mate Peter were14 years old, and had recently taken serious flack for drinking Jack’s Dad’s bottle of whiskey.   Of course, Alison had taken it the night before and drunk it with her friends but she stashed the empty bottle in Jack’s room, after Peter had stayed over the previous night at Jacks, as it was the holidays and they always hung out together.   Jack’s parents were furious and wouldn’t listen to the boys pleas of innocence.   Peter’s parents were told but fortunately for him they didn’t punish him too severely, temporarily stopping his allowance.   Jack however, received a very painful spanking with a belt from his Dad and was grounded in the evenings.
Jack and Peter were fed up with Alison’s behaviour and plotted revenge against her.   Jack set up his Dad’s video camera in Alison’s room when he knew her boyfriend, Mark, was coming over that afternoon.   It was the holidays and Jack’s parents both worked.   Jack went out with Peter, so they had the house to themselves.   Jack knew they’d fuck each other, he had heard them plenty of times before.
Sure enough, when Jack was able to retrieve the video later that day, he had perfectly caught his sister in all sorts of compromising positions with Mark. This was fantastic news.   Obviously, he had to jack off to the sights in front of him, she may have been his sister, but seeing her get fucked was a sight to behold.


The next day Peter came over as usual and they went to Alison who was in the living room, Mark was working today and so he wouldn’t be over.  They said they’d like to watch a video on the TV.   Alison was reading so she didn’t object, until she saw what they were watching.  
She was furious and called Jack and Peter every name she could think of and demanded the video but Jack pointed out that it wasn’t the only copy.   They laughed her off and she knew they had her banged to rights.  
“Are you gonna show it to Mum and Dad then?” Alison asked.
“That depends” said Jack.   “You’ve always been a complete bitch to me and I’ve taken many a punishment for you, now it’s your turn”. Alison looked worried. Jack continued, “first off, you're gonna get naked and take a firm bare bottom hand spanking from Peter and me, then you’re gonna blow us both”.  
“Fuck off” she said, somewhat predictably, “you’re my brother, I aint touching you and there’s no way I’m putting Peter’s cock in my mouth either”. Jack and Peter hadn’t expected her to go for this, they knew it was too much but they were now able to negotiate.   She hadn’t argued against the spanking which was all they really expected to get, so that was great news.   “Ok then” said Jack, “you let me jack off over your tits and then you jack Peter off over your tits, twice each”.  
“Twice?” she said.

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    “Well the first time we’ll probably cum a bit too quickly and we want to get our moneys worth!” Jack said.   Alison thought about this for a moment and then said, reluctantly “ok, but I want all the copies of that recording first”.
The boys were shell-shocked, they hadn’t expected this, they just wanted to spank her bare ass, now they were getting much more.   Jack showed her the copies being wiped, agreeing to hand over the original when they were done.
“Go to your room” said Jack and we’ll be up in 30 minutes.   “30!” Alison exclaimed.   “Yep, I want you to think about what’s coming for a good half hour”.   Alison nodded and left the room.  
Jack and Peter smiled broadly at each other and proceeded with their plan.   They wanted to ensure they didn’t cum too quickly and so they went to Jack’s room and wanked themselves off, twice.   It was weird doing it front of each other but the thought of what was to come was too enticing.
They made her wait but after about 40 minutes passed they entered Alison’s bedroom to find her sat on her bed looking very apprehensive.  
“Stand up” Jack instructed.   Jack and Peter moved to the bed and sat down as Alison stood up.   “OK, first take off all your clothes” Jack said, “All of them?” Alison enquired pleadingly but knowing the answer.

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    “Of course, that’s what you agreed to” Jack reminded her.
Alison stood in front of them and placed her hands at the bottom of her t-shirt and swiftly pulled it over her head revealing her huge titties confined within a somewhat ill fitting bra, flesh spilling out over the edges.   “Jesus Christ!” exclaimed Jack, you’ll have to get mom and dad to get you a bra that fits properly!”  Alison smiled mockingly and proceeded to undo her skirt and let it fall to the floor.   She stood nervously in front of them in her bra and panties
The boys just sat there as she reached behind her back to undo her bra. Then she reached to the front cups and held for a second before she pulled the bra away to reveal her perfect, huge, firm tits with very prominent nipples.   “Fucking Hell, they’re magnificent” Jack gasped. “Unbelievable” Peter stammered, finally speaking.   Alison smiled sheepishly.
Alison then moved her hands to her panties and hooked her fingers in the sides, she then bent down in front of the boys and quickly took them off, giving them a fantastic view of her huge dangling tits.   They both wanted to reach out and touch them but they knew that wasn’t part of the deal.   Alison stood up and the boys didn’t know whether to look at her fantastic tits or trimmed pussy.
“Alright, lets get going” Jack finally said a little shakily.   Peter you first.   Peter stood up “Turn around” he said to Alison and she did to reveal her perfect, curvaceous firm ass for the first time.   Peter tapped her ass lightly “It almost seems a shame to spank something as lovely as this” as he ran his hand over her ass.

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   The feeling was incredible, he was fondling the ass of the most beautiful, spectacular unattainable girl at school, or anywhere!  Jack watched Peter and couldn’t believe it either.   “Hey, no funny business” Alison protested.   “Just warming it up babe” Peter replied.
“OK, bend over and place your hands on the dresser” Peter instructed.   Alison did what she was told, waiting for the inevitable.   He stood at Alison’s side and placed his hand on her ass again, running it all over her cheeks.   He drew his hand back and brought it down.   He didn’t smack her very hard but he left his hand there.   They had earlier decided not to go too hard in case she changed her mind about what was to follow.   He would have been quite happy just to fondle her ass but he eventually remembered what he was doing and started to smack her ass repeatedly, gradually harder each time, and each time ensuring that his hand copped a good feel.  
After a while he said to Jack “man, you gotta have a go with this ass!”.   Jack smiled and replaced Peter, immediately placing his hand on his sister’s ass, giving it a good feel. “Christ, you really do have a great ass Ally, and I thought you were all about your tits!”  What a feeling this was, which alone nearly made up for all the crap he had had to put with from her.   He spanked her harder than intended and she made protestations that it hurt but Jack wasn’t deterred, remembering the many spankings he had endured.  
Alison protested for him to stop but he didn’t think he could it he wanted to until a thought entered his head.

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    “The only way I’ll ease up is if you’ll give us both some time on your tits” he said and with that he brought his hand down with his hardest slap yet.   “Fucking hell! How long?” Alison cried. “A minute each” Jack replied somewhat in shock.   “30 seconds “Alison responded.   Jack agreed, he would have settled for 10!
“I can’t believe I’m gonna let my brother suck my tits” Alison exclaimed as she stood up, tears running down her face but she was secretly grateful that the spanking had not been as severe as she had expected, it had actually been quite exciting in a strange way she didn’t fully understand.   “Close your eyes” Jack said “you’ll never know who is doing it, maybe it’ll be Peter for the full minute”.   “Yeah right, I’ve seen the way you always stare at my tits” Alison said.   Jack flushed a little.
Alison closed her eyes, Jack looked at Peter and they both smiled at each other.   Then Jack took his sister’s tits in his hands. The feeling was indescribable, these tits that he had lusted after for so long were finally his. Alison immediately started counting to 30 so realising the clock was ticking he lowered his head and started sucking furiously on her nipple, bowling the other massive tit in his hand as he sucked away.   It was noticeable that Alison’s voice became a little shaky as she counted, could she be enjoying it, Jack wondered.   In no time 30 seconds were up and Peter took his turn, his mouth now exploring the best tits he’d ever seen.   Again Alison’s count was a little breathless but 30 came and she pushed him away.

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    “You look a little flushed” Jack said to her.   “So do you” she said right back.
“OK then” Jack stammered, I guess this is as good a time as any for me to jack off on your tits!”.   He motioned for Alison to sit on the bed, which she did.   He took his clothes off and walked over and stood in front of her, unable to believe how he came to be standing in front of his beautiful, naked, sexy sister, who was gonna let him explode all over her huge tits. Alison was somewhat startled by his size, a good 6 inches, maybe more she thought, bigger than Mark anyway.   She prepared herself and he started to wank.   Although he had only wanked off twice only minutes before, the subsequent events of the day soon gave him a familiar feeling but he resisted with all his might.   “Jesus Jack, are you gonna cum or what” Alison said.   “Sorry sis, I guess you’re not as hot as you think!” Alison cast a glance at Peter and then, shocking them both, she took her brother’s cock in her hand and proceeded to wank him.   Jack couldn’t believe it, his sister was holding his cock!  Surprisingly, she wasn’t very good at a hand job and Jack felt the need to cum subside a little.   “Are you gay or something?!” Alison said at him.   “Actually sis, your technique needs a little work”.   “Does it now?” she said mockingly and she didn’t know why but the affront of the insult was too much and with that she put her brother’s cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck him off.
Jack nearly collapsed with shock, Peter’s jaw hit the ground.

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    This was too much for Jack and he exploded into his sister’s mouth.   Alison let him finish and then she swallowed the lot!  Jack looked at her blankly.   “My technique bad there as well was it?” she said mockingly. Jack couldn’t speak, he just shook his head.   Peter’s mind was boggled.   He’d just watched Alison blow her brother in front of him.
Peter eagerly jumped to his feet, quickly stripped to reveal a decent 5 inch cock, and moved Jack out of the way, “Christ is she gonna blow me too” he thought to himself.   Alison seemed to ponder things as she looked up at Peter.   She started wanking him in the hope he would cum quickly after what he’d seen but he didn’t.   Peter was praying for a blow job so he was desperate not to cum but it was so hard.   He closed his eyes and tried to think of anything but this goddess wanking him made it so hard.   Then Peter felt something strange, his cock felt damp.   He opened his eyes and looked down to see his cock impaled in Alison’s mouth.   Many thoughts rushed through his mind at once, this incredible stunner who he would never, ever have a chance with in the real world was sucking his cock, just because he happened to be friends with Jack and had been lucky enough to be the guy who stayed over on that night when Alison took the whiskey. He hadn’t even been punished badly for it, it was pure luck that he was in this position, he had done nothing to deserve it, he had felt up and spanked her ass, he had sucked her tits, been wanked by her, and now he was getting his first blow job.

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    He instantly unloaded a tonne of cum into Alison’s mouth.
Jack had recovered himself by now and had plotted some more.   “OK, sis, blow him again” he said.   “What, you’re out of your mind” she shouted.   “You agreed to let us cum twice each, its not Peter’s fault your handjob was so bad he couldn’t cum. Sure you can give him another handjob but I think we’d be here until next week before we’re done. The choice is yours, if you want the original of the tape, but he’s gotta cum again, as have I”.   Alison was in something of a state by now and not really capable of constructing a coherent argument so she quietly nodded her consent.   “Sit on the bed Pete” Jack instructed, “I want to see her on all fours in front of you. ”
Peter sat down and Alison got down on the floor, his cock not even having gone limp yet and now it wasn’t going to!  She realised a handjob was not going to work so she immediately started blowing him again.   Jack admired the view from behind his sister, looking at her ass as her head bobbed up and down on Peter’s cock.
Jack moved behind his sister and gave her ass a gentle smack, leaving his hand resting on her rear.   He continued to fondle his sister’s ass and she made no move to stop him.   He gently manoeuvred his hand between his sister’s legs and could feel her pussy “Christ Ally” he remarked, “you’re wetter than an ocean!”  “Please don’t Jack” she said taking Peter’s cock out of her mouth, but this was too much for Jack.   It was clear to him now that she must have been enjoying all of this too, he was so caught up in his own pleasure he hadn’t considered why Alison had been such a surprisingly willing participant.


    Jack made an instant decision, he was going to lose his virginity.
Jack mouthed to Peter to put his cock back in her mouth and to hold her shoulders down.   He forced his sister’s legs apart and held her hips firmly as he positioned himself for entry.   Alison cried for him not to do it but while her words were saying no, she wasn’t really making that much physical effort to extricate herself from the situation, or was it that they were too strong for her, Jack didn’t know and frankly at this moment in time he didn’t care.
Jack entered his sister’s tight pussy and started to pound away, with increasingly harder strokes.   It was the greatest feeling of his life and he knew he wouldn’t last long.   Peter continued to hold her down and, to his surprise Alison was still sucking him off.  
Peter hoped above all hope that Jack was going him to let him fuck her too.   Sure enough, it was only seconds before Jack emptied himself into his sister.   Then Jack said “Your turn then mate, lets swap positions!”.   Alison again uttered words of protest but there was either no fight left in her or she really was enjoying it, Jack couldn’t decide which and still didn’t care.
They repositioned themselves with Alison remaining on all fours, Peter entered his first pussy and Alison took Jack’s cock back into her mouth.   It was only seconds of hard thrusts into this pussy before Peter exploded in a blaze of ecstasy.
Jack wasn’t about to cum again yet so he decided he’d have another go in his sister’s pussy.   He picked Alison up and laid her on the bed.

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    Alison was crying but her protests had ended, she had accepted her fate, it seemed.   Jack climbed aboard and proceeded to fuck her again.     Her face was right in front of his, her eyes were closed, so he kissed her.   Alison didn’t kiss back but she didn’t pull her head away either.   After a while of fucking his sister with his tongue in her mouth, she become much more receptive and although she didn’t explore Jack’s mouth with her tongue there was no doubt that she was kissing her brother back.   It didn’t take very long for Jack to come once more into his sister.  
Peter looked at the beautiful girl laid on the bed and then back at Jack.   Jack smiled and shrugged.   Peter moved on top of Alison and started to kiss her beautiful mouth. He would have been happy just to be kissing this beauty, but he knew she wasn’t going to stop him fucking her again so he slipped his cock back into her moist pussy.   It was some kind of dreamland he never knew existed.   Needless to say he didn’t last very long before cumming again.
Jack decided that enough was enough and they left Alison lying on her bed. “Thanks sis” he said as he closed the door behind him, throwing the tape at her. Jack and Peter didn’t speak for a while, they were both in a state of shock.


    “I’d better go” Peter finally said.   Jack nodded and said “don’t tell anyone about this”. Peter agreed.   After a while of sitting on the couch thinking about what had transpired, Jack began to feel remorse, he and his mate had just raped his sister, hadn’t they?  True she didn’t really seem to resist but it was still rape wasn’t it, he could be facing jail, he thought, not to mention alienation from his family.   He heard his Mom’s car pull into the drive.  
His Mom asked him how he was and she proceeded to make dinner.   Jack waved off his usual “fine” response. Soon after, he heard his sister come down the stairs.   She had just showered.   She didn’t look at Jack. The tension was palpable.
 “Have you two been fighting again?” the mother asked.   Neither Jack nor Alison answered and she knew that they must have, it wasn’t unusual.  
The evening passed uneventfully, they both spent most of the evening in their rooms, Jack terrified of the consequences if Alison confessed.   He barely slept that night.


Jack got up just before his mom left for work, his dad having left much earlier, and she made him a cup of tea.   “Take this up to your sister for me will you honey?” his mom asked “I have to go now”.   Jack nodded and crept up to his sister’s room.
He knocked lightly on the door, “Ally, I’ve got a cup of tea for you”.   He opened to door to find his sister awake.   He put the tea down and sat on the bed.   “What are you doing” she asked angrily.   “I’m sorry sis” he said sadly.   “I’m sorry about yesterday, it all got way out of hand.   Are you gonna tell?”  “What about how you and Pete raped me you mean” she retorted.   “Oh come on, rapes a bit strong isn’t it” Jack replied, knowing it wasn’t, but he felt his more usual feelings for his sister coming to the fore “you were a pretty willing participant”.   “I was powerless” she said.   “Bullshit, you could have stopped it any time but I think you enjoyed it, I think you liked two guys using you.   I don’t think Mark can satisfy you, can he?”
“He doesn’t have as big a cock as either you or Pete, no” she said quietly, looking Jack straight in the eye and taking him completely by surprise.   Jack didn’t know what came over him but he leaned over and kissed his sister hard on the lips.

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   Alison broke away “what are you doing” she said a little breathlessly but he kissed her again, deeper, longer and this time she kissed him back and thrust her tongue into his mouth.   He moved his hands under the blanket to her breasts, massaging them through her night shirt.   He lifted her shirt up over her breasts and worked his way back down to those magnificent objects of his obsession, sucking, licking and kissing every inch.   He repositioned himself on top of her and kissed her mouth again as he lowered himself into her willing pussy. Alison groaned and they fucked rhythmically.   Jack came in seconds once more, but Alison held him inside her as they kissed and soon enough they were fucking again. Longer, harder and with more passion than ever before.   They thrust firmly against each other and Jack knew that he didn’t have long to last when the text tone for his mobile phone that was in his trousers that were discarded at the foot of the bed went off.   The shock of this sound pushed Jack over the edge and he once more emptied himself into his sister.   They lay next to each other, Jack exhausted but Alison had other ideas.   She moved on top of Jack and moved her head to his cock, kissing and sucking every inch.   Jack was in heaven and this time he was able to savour his sister’s very skilful blow job, and her long slow. Deep sucks.   Soon she decided she needed more and she climbed on top of Jack and rode him cowgirl.   Jack now had a new perception of heaven, looking up at his sister’s big tits swaying as she bounced furiously on his cock.

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    Soon, another load of cum exploded into his sister and they lay side by side, both exhausted now.  

Jack’s phone went off again and he looked at his messages. “They’re from Pete” he said “ he wants to know if everything is ok!”



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