Breaking Natalie


Breaking Natalie

Life is easy for me. I have a talent for getting what I want, or more accurately, a talent that allows me to get what I want. I don’t have a name for it, it’s just one way in which my brain works, but society has given it many. Mind reader, telepath, pusher; call it what you will, none of these words really describe what I am capable of. I can bend people to my will and they don’t even notice, can’t notice, because I don’t let them.

My ability manifested itself with the onset of puberty, a time of such strong sexual urges that eventually my mind, and the power it commanded, turned towards abuses of my power. Specifically, towards the benefits that I could enjoy from the female population. My first attempts were extremely crude, though successful, and with the passing of over a decade I’ve refined my techniques to a considerable degree.

My life is more than comfortable, with anything I want easy to come by. But it can be difficult to stave off boredom. I have found that amusing myself with the opposite sex is a wonderful way to keep that boredom away.

I fancy myself a collector. A collector of women. I have harems of them in every city in which I keep a house, and that is a great many cities. Some live in my residences permanently, enjoying a life of leisure as my playthings. Others live their own lives, only coming to me when I want them, or when their need grows so great that they can stay away no longer.

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   I drift from city to city, making my way around the world in my search for more women who fit my criteria.

The years of using my power have taught me that while you can jump into the mind of absolutely any woman and give her a mental compulsion to fuck your brains out, it’s not the most successful technique. Instead I lightly sample the mind of any woman who appeals to me. I taste her thoughts and memories for her darkest sexual acts and desires and if she is uninhibited enough, kinky or even depraved enough, in either her thoughts or actions, then I take her.

You can’t just cannonball into someone’s mind and start making changes or else they’ll resist. The mind has inbuilt defences and if you can slip past them then you can make changes, subtle ones, that the mind won’t fight. The different compulsions that I lay over their mind slowly sink in, taking their time and not disturbing the brain. Not only do they affect the person’s thought processes, blocking some off and building up the emotional impact of others, they also affect the actual brain chemistry itself in ways that can’t be adequately described using terms like dopamine and seratonin. Though to be honest, I couldn’t even tell how it works. It’s instinctual, like blinking your eyes or breathing, something you do. I’ve just had a lot of practice.

So basically what I do is, when I find a hot woman I taste her mind and if she meets my criteria, I push a whole lot of stuff into her head and then fuck the shit out of her. The two compulsions that I’m especially proud of involve my cum. To the women I fuck, it’s like a drug, given them a high when I cum inside them. Obviously it’s not actually a drug, but I’ve wired their brains so that the knowledge of my cumming in them sets all the right parts of the brain firing for a serious high.

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   Also, when they aren’t fucking me, they gradually get hornier and hornier but the compulsion won’t allow them to cum, no matter who or what they fuck. The only person their minds will let satisfy them is me. That, combined with the cum high, is why I don’t just take any woman. My girls come to me. There’s no need for me to keep my sexual playthings imprisoned somewhere; they can live their own lives. I have women from all walks of life in my stable - the business world, the odd celebrity and women from everyday life. It’s like a porn site. If you can think of a category, I’ve got a woman to fill it. If they fit my criteria I take them. I can adjust the rate at which their sexual need grows, so if I’m not going to be around and won‘t need them, then the need for the drug, my cum, is almost nil. But the moment I want a woman, I can ramp everything right up, so that there’s nothing they want more than getting my cum in their body. That’s why if they don’t live on one of my properties, they come when I call.

Which brings me to the latest woman that has been giving me so much entertainment. On the way to my private island (did I mention I had one? Well I do. It’s in the Bahamas.

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  )  I had stopped briefly in New York and drifted from party to party for a few nights, on the off chance I came across someone I’d like to take with me. On my last night in town I got so wasted that I didn’t wake up once on the drive to my jet, or even on the flight to the island. By the time I woke up, with the mother of all hangovers, I was on my island and, once the sexy young Brazilian who had her breasts pressed against my thighs could be convinced to take my cock out of her mouth, I learnt that I had apparently brought someone with me.

Maria had barely had time to suck the orgasm out of me before I was interrupted by work. Yes, I do work. Another way to avoid boredom. An earthquake had struck down in South America and some of my business interests had been damaged. People were dead, so it was necessary for me to put in an appearance. My wakeup blowjob had done wonders for my hangover but I still felt like shit as I was driven back to the jet.

And so I didn’t even get to meet, let alone enjoy, my latest acquisition. I had a vague memory of walking past her at a party somewhere, tasting her mind and seeing the party through her eyes. She saw every person there in various states of undress or in costumes from every fantasy, fucking each other in every way imaginable. That had been enough for me. I threw a hasty net over her mind, probably not the best one due to my being so wasted, but sufficient, and took her away with me.

I probably should have looked a little closer.

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   But then, if I had, I wouldn’t now be having all the fun that I am.

Two weeks later I returned to the island. I’d expected at least a few girls to meet me at the landing strip but there was no one. There was no way off the island, no boats, nothing other than my jet or a helicopter that I would order in as needed, so I knew they had to be there somewhere. Including the newest member, there were seven women in residence at the moment, some of my favourites, and I finally found them grouped together in front of the house. And standing at the front of them was the newest acquisition in my collection. I couldn’t even remember her name, had to delve into her mind to get it, Natalie, and while I was in there I saw more clearly what I had glimpsed the night I took her.

She stood in front of me, a sarong clinging to her hips and a white singlet straining to hold in her breasts. She was gorgeous. She was of average height, but her legs looked so long that they made her seem taller. She fit my type perfectly. Beautiful, her tits large and firm looking, trying to escape from the singlet, and a body that would look incredible in a bikini and breathtaking in lingerie. Her hair was such an incredible red that it looked fake, but I could tell from her mind that it wasn’t. She was built for fucking.

She stood in front of me, sexy and determined, her long hair blowing in the breeze from the beach.

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   Her mind was so strong, full of determination, but from the outside she looked so soft and vulnerable. She was in her early twenties, but looked eighteen. Albeit, an eighteen year old with an extremely well developed body. I looked into her mind properly and laughed. She was a dominatrix! She had a whole collection of her own slaves. People who willingly surrendered themselves to her depraved fantasies. When I’d glimpsed her thoughts at the party and snatched her, I’d thought she had wanted to be a part of what she was imagining, but she’d wanted to be in control of it. And it seemed she had a strong enough personality to have partly shaken off the controlling net that I’d thrown over  her mind. She’d also had a while to work on the girls on the island and it seemed like she’d managed to turn them against me. This was exciting. I was going to enjoy breaking Natalie.

I immediately began ramping up the compulsions in two of the girls standing against me - the young Brazilian, Maria, her long black hair not enough to conceal that her large breasts were about to fall out of her bikini; and Julie. Julie had been with me for years, living in my properties all over the world. She was still only twenty-three, and my cock had been her drug of choice for the last five years. You’d think that I’d grow tired of her, but she kept herself in such incredible shape that she still made my mouth water.

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   I had barely had to touch Julie’s mind before she broke ranks and came to my side. Maria took a little longer. I could see her chest heaving slowly and she was trying to avoid looking at me, but as Natalie yammered on about being in control now and began ordering Julie back, Maria quickly shuffled over to me too.   As Natalie turned to call Maria back into line I cut her off.

“Silence,” I said, using my power to enforce my command. “If you want to ‘be free’ then fine, off you go. I’m not ready to leave the island yet, so while I’m using the house, you can use the guest house. ” I moved the lot of them out of the way and with Julie under one arm and my other hand gripping Maria’s arse, I walked into the house.

Once I’d closed the door I sent the girls off to make me something to eat and stood there behind the door, feeling over the five minds outside. I ignored Natalie’s for the moment and focussed on the other four - Angelika, a Ukrainian model who had taken some effort to break but was well worth it, Charlotte and Emma, both English students from wealthy families and another model, half Malaysian/half Italian Vanessa.

I started the compulsions in Vanessa and Emma building slowly, at different speeds, and left Charlotte and Angelika alone for now. I was at a disadvantage where Natalie was concerned. I could manipulate her levels of arousal and refuse her the ability to satisfy the urges in any way, but I didn’t have the hook of her having tasted my cum and gotten her “high. ” It would have been no effort at all to bring her over in front of me, have her kneel down and force her to suck the cum from my cock, but I was in no hurry and I was enjoying the contest.

They eventually drifted off to the guesthouse and I spent the evening on the daybed on the balcony, fucking Maria and Julie and making sure they moaned long and loud while we did.

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Vanessa cracked the following evening. She came walking in as I lay on the couch watching a movie. She didn’t say anything, just walked in, straddled me and started sucking my cock. I lay back and gripped her by the back of the head, pulling her onto my cock so that it slipped into the back of her throat. I enjoyed this for a few minutes but pushed her off me and onto the ground before I came. She had to be punished after all.

“Please Nick,” she begged, sitting in a heap beside the couch. “She made us do it. It was like we didn’t have a choice. ” I stared at some saliva clinging to one of her nipples and then slipped into her mind. Natalie really had been persuasive. And I had to admit that my own alterations may have left the girls open to suggestion by a dominant personality.

“You’re right,” I said, putting my hand on her shoulder. “I forgive you. Now come here.

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  ” I sat up on the couch, spreading my legs, and Vanessa slipped eagerly between them. Her mouth took my cock in like it was a fucking vacuum cleaner. She began deepthroating me almost immediately and it wasn’t long before I had to pull the sexy cocksucker off me or cum. She whimpered a bit as I pushed her off and up to her feet so I gave her a good solid whack on the arse. She squealed and jumped and as she landed I pushed her forward so she fell onto the couch. The moment she landed I was down behind her and she barely had time to steady herself before I grabbed her hips and moved my cock up to her pussy. The head of my cock pressed against Vanessa’s wet slit and she started trying to force herself back onto my cock. I gripped her hips more tightly and shoved the whole thing into her dripping wet pussy in one long smooth lunge.

“Aungh fuck yes,” Vanessa screamed, rotating her hips as I pulled out for another lunge and forced it back into her.

“More, harder, give it me,” she yelled. So I did.   I gave her a slap on the arse and started fucking her as hard as I could. After all, she had to be punished for her disobedience. As I shoved myself deep and my cock spat cum into her pussy, I allowed Vanessa to cum too; her cries off passion were so loud I thought she was going to deafen me.

Another two weeks went by as I brought the remaining three girls in.

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   Eventually only Natalie was left in the guesthouse. I made certain that the girls socialised with Natalie every day. I didn’t want her to think she was an outcast. That wouldn’t help the plan I had to break her. And with me there, she couldn’t influence the girls in any way.

By now Natalie was in an almost permanent state of arousal. I made certain that when she saw me, she felt an increase in her arousal levels and I almost made a habit of fucking one or more of my women in front of her. Natalie was horny beyond belief and had no way of satisfying the need. No amount of masturbating could help. She’d fucked both Charlotte and Julie, but there was no way for her to orgasm. My island isn’t small, but in the last week it seemed like she must have walked the entire edge of it. That’s what she’d do every day - wake up and finger herself in the hope she’d cum, then go out and walk through a new part of the island. I let her get into this routine for another week or so and then I had some fun.

Natalie knew that the seven women and myself were the only people on the island and this was the basis for my little bit of fun. As she went out for her daily walk, I followed her, slipping into her mind and creating a blind spot where I was concerned.

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   She could look straight at me and not even see me nor would she hear me if I was walking right behind her. I followed her from a small distance and as we came to a high point and could see the house I made her look back. I conjured up an image in her mind, which showed her that I was on the lawn in front of the house, playing Frisbee with some of the girls. We were far enough away that the image had to appear blurry with distance, but the one male in a group of females stood out fairly obviously. Every time that we reached a high point and could see the house, I made certain that she saw the same image, so that she knew I was at the house and so was nowhere near her.

By this point my cock was hard and pressing against my pants almost painfully. I stared at her as she walked through the forest, sweat beginning to stain her singlet and shorts, her hips swaying and her thighs glistening. The thought of what was to come had made my mouth go dry. I was looking forward to this so much. Natalie was such a strong personality and such an incredibly sexy woman that it was going to be such fun turning her into my whore. I made myself wait though. I knew every square inch of this island and knew there was a lovely little glade up ahead, with thick, soft grass all over it.

As we broke out of the trees and came to the glade Natalie stopped short and stared. It was a lovely scene. The sun was able to break through the canopy here and it was warm and dry, whereas it was quite hot and steamy in the jungle.


   Light played across the rich green grass and the sound of water came from the far side. Natalie’s hand moved, almost unconsciously, up to her waistband and down into her underwear. It was obvious from the change in her thoughts that her finger had continued into her cunt. I smiled, quickly slipped out of my clothes and walked up behind her, carrying just a hood and some duct tape.

First I stepped around in front of her. She looked as hot as I’d imagined. Her cheeks were flushed slightly and some strands of hair were stuck to her forehead. The first thing I noticed was that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her singlet had turned sheer with sweat and her nipples were standing out through her singlet. I stared at her for a moment, watching as she fingered herself, before I stepped back around behind her. As her hand moved she was groaning, slightly impatiently. In one smooth motion I lifted the hood and pulled it down over Natalie’s head. It only became visible to her as it touched the top of her head and slipped in front of her eyes, so she had no time to react, especially with one hand shoved between her legs. By the time she had her hand free and was beginning to struggle and scream, I had the hood secured on her head and had grabbed both of her arms and pulled them behind her. I slipped into her mind and altered the way my voice sounded to her and then leant forward so that I could whisper in her ear.

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“You’re mine,” I said, my mouth so close to her ear that it sent ticklish shivers down her spine.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she gasped, her voice muffled by the hood as she struggled to free her arms. I held tight and told her what the fuck.

“I’ve seen you whores down at that house. I’ve seen the way he fucks you. You do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. If he wants to fuck you in the arse and then have you suck him off, you almost fight each other to be one to do it. ”

As she started to reply I let go of her with one of my hands and, before she could manage to pull her hands free, I wrapped my free arm around her waist and forced her to the ground. I had her on her front and was holding her hands behind her back again while she yelled and screamed and swore at me. In no time I had her wrists taped together and I could get off her so that I could admire my work. She was in trainers, shorts and a singlet and while she thrashed about on the ground and spat out obscenities, all I could think about was how incredibly hot she was. She tried to stand up and I had to break my reverie enough to grab her ankles and pull her legs out from under her. She rolled away from me and onto her back and I quickly straddled her legs.

“I’m not one of his whores,” she yelled at me. “I’ve never fucked him, never had his cock inside me.

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  ” She was trying to struggle, but she was on her back, with her arms tied behind her and I was sitting on her thighs. There wasn’t much that she could do.

“Please, let me go,” she begged. “I won’t tell anyone about this. Just walk away. ” I was mildly disappointed with this, as I’d thought she would prove much stronger, more powerful and commanding than this weak begging. I smiled when I looked into her mind and saw the begging was a ploy on her part. She was furious, but hiding it well.

Natalie couldn’t have any idea who had grabbed her. She had been all over this island and she knew I was the only man on it and she knew that I was back at the house. But the moment I grabbed her by the waistband and managed to undo her shorts, she must have realised what whoever had grabbed her was planning, because she went wild, bucking and thrashing and trying to throw me off. I actually let her throw me off and then as she rolled onto her front so that she could stand up, I grabbed her legs again and pulled her flat. It was an easier way to get her pants off. I grabbed her shorts and pulled them over her arse and down her legs, her underwear coming with them. She really began bucking then and she finally managed to throw me off and roll onto her back.

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“Stop this,” I growled, but she just started kicking out wildly.

“Fuck you,” she yelled. I stepped towards her to try and grab her legs and she managed to connect one of her kicks with my stomach. She actually winded me and as I caught my breath, she managed to get in another good kick on my thigh. I stumbled back and she quickly rolled onto her front and shot to her feet. I was more surprised than injured as I ran off after her.

I caught up quickly since, with the hood on, she wasn’t moving very fast. She knew she was in a clearing, but she didn’t know where in it she was and couldn’t be sure that she wasn’t about to run into a tree.

“Got you,” I said as I ran up behind her. Natalie jumped and put on a burst of speed, but I grabbed her arms and she stopped right away. It would have been too painful for her to try and run since it would pull her arms back and up. I drew her to me and wrapped my arms around her.

“I’m going to have some of what you give out so freely down at that house,” I said.

“I told you, I don’t give out anything. Not at that house and not anywhere.

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   People do what I tell them, fuck who and how I tell them. Fuck you, you’re nothing,” she spat.

“Nothing, hmm?” I laughed quietly in her ear and pressed my groin up against her arse, my hardon pressing into her arse crack. I could feel her fists clenching where they were trapped between us. “Does that feel like nothing?” I asked, “or how about this? Does this feel like nothing?” I reached up, grabbed the neck of her singlet and ripped it downwards to below her breasts. Leaning against her, my cock pushing against her bum, I looked down over her shoulder at her breasts. They were so big and firm and yet they were real. I quickly slipped into her mind to doublecheck that. It just didn’t seem possible from the look of them.

She was struggling, trying to break out of my grip, trying to run, but I wasn’t having any of it. I ground my cock against her and filled my hands with her beautiful breasts.

“You might not do what I say,” I said, “but you’re certainly going to do what I want. ” Natalie’s mental compulsions were now starting to increase in strength, her arousal levels shooting up and her fear being dampened. In seconds, which I filled by squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples, Natalie went from being furious and afraid to being angry and incredibly horny.

“Besides, I’ve seen the way he fucks you all down there.

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   You enjoy it when a man takes control. You’re probably enjoying this right now. ”

“You’re dreaming,” she said, “how could someone like you arouse me?”

“Because you’re a slut. You all are. I keep telling you that I’ve watched you all. It makes entertaining viewing. I especially love the all-in orgies, when he walks around and sticks his dick into whichever hole he wants. I bet you’re wet right now. Shall we find out?” I said and slid my left hand down off her breast and across her stomach. She went crazy again, bucking and jumping about, trying to stamp on my feet. As my hand slid lower, she stopped jumping about so that she could press her legs together. I had to use my other hand to grab her thigh and spread her legs enough for my hand to slide between them. Once I had my hand on her cunt, I let her leg go and grabbed her by a tit again.

“So let’s find out if you really are a slut are not,” I said and began moving my finger, working it between her lips. It didn’t take long because her juices were already flowing and her pussy was soaking.

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   I’d known she’d be wet, because I’d made sure of it, but it was still nice to find that you could have that effect on a woman.

I had my finger in her pussy, moving it in and out and my other hand was fondling her breasts, cupping them and flicking gently at her nipples. Meanwhile, I was pressing my cock against her arse in time with my finger in her pussy. It wasn’t any real surprise when she started pressing her hips back against me.

“See, I told you. You want to fuck me, don’t you,” I said.

“It’s not you,” she groaned, pressing her head back against me, “I’d fuck anyone or anything that can make me cum. ”

“Alright then,” I said and pulled my finger out of her. She started to come out of her sex haze, lifting her head back up.

“What are you doing?” she said. I ignored her and instead, picked her up and lay her down on the grass.

“No stop. I won’t let you do this,” she said. I looked into her mind and she was still convinced she could stop me from fucking her. She still thought of herself as a dominant personality.

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   I doubted that feeling would last. Instead of replying, I forced her legs apart and knelt between them. Natalie started trying to wriggle away, but I grabbed her hips and held her in place. My cock was possibly the hardest it has even been and I watched like a pubescent school boy as it cock moved towards Natalie’s dripping slit. I’d been waiting for this moment for weeks and it was finally here. And it was just as exciting as I’d hoped.

“NO, stop, don’t do this,” she said, starting to struggle even more violently. I changed my hold on her, pressing down on her stomach with one hand so that I could grab my cock with the other and stuff the head into Natalie’s cunt.

“Aunnngh,” she grunted as I forced my cock into her. Her pussy was saturated, so it was fairly easy, but Natalie had been fingering herself so much lately that her vaginal muscles had tightened up and as a result, her pussy was incredibly tight. I didn’t waste any time, just started fucking the shit out of her straight away.   I pulled my cock out until just the head was stuck in her and then rammed the whole thing back in. Natalie’s hips bucked forward as I did, pushing her onto me. I was letting her get closer to an orgasm and she could feel it, even if she didn’t know why being raped by a stranger in the forest was getting her closer than anything else had. It was getting difficult for me to hold my load, so I pulled out of her and stood up.

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“Sit up,” I told her, “on your knees and open your mouth. ” She just lay there, so I grabbed her by the nipples and starting pulling her up. She got to her knees quickly enough once I did that. I rolled the hood up so that it was only covering her eyes and tied it into a blindfold. I bent my legs slightly and moved forward so that I could nudge my cock against her lips.

“Open wide whore,” I said, slipping into her mind and invisibly encouraging her to do just that. Sure enough, her mouth came open and I slid my cock between her full lips.

“Start sucking. You want me to enjoy this. If you don’t do a good job, I’ll take over and then we’re talking about a proper mouth fucking. Or maybe a slut like you would prefer that yes? And make sure you finger yourself at the same time. “ She immediately started sucking away enthusiastically, her finger buried in her pussy. She slid her mouth as far down my shaft as she could, gagging a little before drawing back again. Her tongue worked around the head of my cock and then the underside as she moved back down again, her lips wrapped tightly, sliding down my rock hard cock. I wanted to feel her hands on my cock and balls too, but she was nowhere near ready to have her arms free.

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   It was a lovely blowjob, but I’d been looking forward to this moment for so long that all I wanted to do was cum. I pulled out of her mouth and moved around behind her.

“Stay still,” I said as she started to move, her head moving around as though she was trying to hear where I was. I knelt down behind her, my hardon pressing against her arse cheeks again.

“Kneel up straight,” I said and as she rose I moved in below her and guided my cock to her pussy again. “and now you can come back down,” she grunted and I sighed as she sank her pussy onto my cock. Once she was all the way down me, I wrapped an arm around her waist and used the other to grope her breasts. With her arms tied behind her, she couldn’t lean too far forward but I leant her out as far as possible and started to fuck her hard from behind.

“Do you like this whore? I’m sure you do. You’re such a slut,” I grunted in time with my strokes.

“Oh, auh, ah, oh,” was the only reply Natalie could give as her body shook with my fucking and I allowed her to get closer to orgasm.

It was tiring holding her there though, so I let her go. She stayed where she was though, moving herself back and forth on my cock. The feeling, so tight, so warm, was exquisite but it wasn’t what I wanted. As she moved forward, preparing to drive herself onto me again, I gave her a hard push and she fell forward onto her front.

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   I lay down on top of her and worked my legs in between hers so that I could open up her pussy. Then I stuffed myself back into her. We both grunted and groaned while I worked my way back in. The feeling of my cock being gripped by her cunt ,while I slammed against her firm, round arse, was bliss. I worked my hands beneath Natalie, gripping her boobs hard as I came close to cuming. I decided it was time and dropped the barrier in Natalie’s mind that was stopping her from orgasming. The effect was almost immediate. In seconds I felt her pussy clamp even more tightly around my cock and her hips began to pump wildly. I used my knees to spread her legs wider, so that she couldn’t buck too much, but it also forced my cock into her even more deeply. A few deep hard strokes and then, after weeks of being on the brink of orgasm and not being able to get there, the mother of them all crashed down over Natalie.

“Fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkk,” she screamed, “yes, oh god fucking yes, fuck me, fuck me harder. ” She pulled her knees up as far as she could and I knelt up, grabbing her arse hard in both hands. I slammed into her as hard as I could and Natalie grunted and groaned and squealed and screamed all the while, her face sliding across the grass as I drove her forward. We were both soaked in sweat and as Natalies eventually began to come down from her orgasm, I ran my thumb down her arse crack so that it was nice and wet with sweat and then began rubbing it over her arsehole. At the same time I pushed her arousal levels back up from their subsiding, post-orgasm state.


   The feel of my thumb pressing against her arsehole combined with her sudden horniness would plant an association in her mind that I would exploit. I kept forcing my cock into her as deeply as I could, slamming her slim body again and again, holding her shoulder with one hand now so that she didn‘t move forward with the pressure of my fucking. Natalie was beginning to squeal again and as her orgasm built I gave her an especially hard and deep thrust with my cock and pushed the first joint of my thumb into her arse at the same time. This time she really squealed and seemed to come back to herself slightly.

“You bastard! Get your finger out of my arse. Get your cock out of me too goddamn it. You’re raping me you son of a bitch. ”

“And you’re loving it,” I replied, fucking her hard and moving my thumb a little.

“Oh god, please, stop this. You’ve had your fun. Let me go, please,” she begged.

“I’ve almost had my fill, now shut the fuck up. I don’t want to hear your whining,” I said, giving her a few especially hard and vicious thrusts. I forced her arousal levels even higher and put a temporary block on her orgasm. I put some rhythm back into my fucking, giving her cunt some long slow strokes that filled her up and made her groan.

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   When I moved my thumb in her arse I forced a spike in her arousal, letting her feel a little closer to orgasm every time.

I wanted to cum though. I pulled her up by the shoulder, so that I could wrap my arm around her and squeeze her tits while I fucked her. I left my thumb in her arse, with my hand pressed between us every time I forced my way into her pussy. I had the compulsion that would addict her to my cum ready and as I neared orgasm, I released the mental barrier in Natalie’s mind and made sure she was ready to cum too, but not until I was done. I rammed into Natalie’s tight little cunt, squeezed her tit so hard that she squealed again and shot my cum as deeply into her pussy as I could. The compulsion settled into Natalie’s mind perfectly and then I triggered her orgasm.

I sat back on my heels and held her in my lap, my dick still in her, while she orgasmed. I quite liked the feeling of her writhing pussy on my cock, even though I was temporarily satisfied. Eventually her orgasm subsided and she fell forward, slipping off both my cock and my thumb. She rolled onto her back and lay there panting while I got ready to mask my presence from her. I knelt down beside her and she flinched as she felt me come close. I slid my hand along her thigh and up her belly and then grabbed a big handful of tit. I rubbed her breast gently at first and then squeezed tight.

“You’re hurting me,” she gasped.

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“I’ve enjoyed our little romp,” I said, releasing the pressure on her breast slightly. “I can see why he keeps you here. I‘m looking forward to the next time already. I‘m sure a little slut like you won‘t be able to keep away. And the next time,” I said, leaning closer, “I’m going to put a lot more than my thumb in your arse, so it might be in your interest to get used to having something shoved up there. ” She whimpered, trying to wriggle across the grass and away from me. Laughing, I pulled the tape from her wrists and before she could pull the hood off her head and see me, I masked my presence and slipped into the trees, making my way back to the house.

I was already relaxing by the pool, drink in hand, when I glimpsed Natalie slipping into the guesthouse through the backdoor, torn singlet exposing her magnificent breasts. I couldn’t wait to have another go at her.

To be continued…



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