Breaking Natalie; Chapter 2


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Breaking Natalie

Chapter 2

Natalie barely left the guesthouse for two days following our encounter in the forest. Even when she finally ventured outside the confusion and anger in her mind stood out. She was a dominatrix, yet she had been completely dominated herself. And even worse from her way of looking at it, she’d thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

To keep her off balance, I’d been playing with her arousal even when she was shut away in her room. It was easy enough, and a great deal of fun, to watch her thoughts and increase her arousal whenever certain elements of our encounter came into her mind. My favourite was making her increasingly horny whenever she let her mind dwell on the first moments of my taking her, on her being grabbed and having her clothes torn off.

I kept her arousal building slowly and it wasn’t long before the relief that my raping her had provided began to wear off. In a few days Natalie returned to walking in the forest. Foremost in her mind was a desire to find me and make me pay for what I had done to her, but a small voice, that was beginning to grow in volume, whispered that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she was taken again. I left her to walk unmolested for a week and then I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. Natalie was going out of her mind with the need to get fucked, as well as something else which she couldn’t put her finger on. I knew what it was of course; my cum. She’d tasted it once and though she didn’t realise it yet, her mind was craving it once more.


   I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to have her. My other girls had noticed the difference in me. Julie had even commented on it while I was fucking Maria’s arse for the first time.

I woke early the next morning and drifted around the house, waiting impatiently for Natalie to head out on her walk. Eventually I could wait no longer and slipped into her mind, planting the notion that she should leave immediately, which she did.

I followed her through the forest, close enough that I could watch the sweat glisten on her body. I wasn’t paying any attention to where we were going, so I was a little surprised when I followed Natalie out into the clearing where she had received my cum for the first time. She was wearing a short skirt today and she wasted time sitting on the ground, slipping her hand between her thighs so that she could play with herself. Her mind was clouded with the need to cum and, since I didn’t want her too eager when I took her again, I allowed her a small, weak orgasm as she lay on the sun warmed grass fingering herself. When I realised she was also fingering her arse, I allowed the orgasm to grow a little larger. She may have hated what I had done to her, but she’d listened to me and was obeying. This excited me so much that I almost took her there and then but I forced myself to show some restraint.

Natalie continued to play with herself, desperate grunts filling the clearing when she was unable to orgasm once more. Eventually she gave up and stood, leaving the clearing. She took a different route back towards the house, one that passed through parts of the forest that were heavily overgrown with vines.

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   It was dark and cool in this part of the forest, not at all humid, and still and silent as though the trees held their breath, waiting for something. As Natalie ducked around and under clumps of vines, an idea entered my mind. I waited until she walked between two huge trees, their trunks covered in vines and creepers and then I froze her. It was a simple matter of slipping into her mind and flipping the right switches. Body and mind, she was frozen, one foot in the air between steps, and when I released her it would seem to her as though no time had passed at all.

I walked up behind her and pulled vines free from the trees on either side. I lifted her left arm up and let go, the arm remaining where it was. In her current state she was like a mannequin; her limbs would remain wherever I moved them to. I pushed her right arm up into the same position, tied vines around her wrists so that her arms would be held there when I brought her back to life and then stepped around in front of her. Before I brought Natalie out of the trance I slipped into her mind and adjusted my appearance. She would see all of me fine, except for my face which would appear blurred. I didn’t want to use the hood this time; I wanted to be able to see her face when I made her cum. I reached up and gave her breasts a squeeze, running one hand down through her cleavage, then stepped back and flipped the switches in her mind.

She yelped as she tried to finish her step and was pulled back by the vines holding her arms. Then she saw me, gasped, and immediately started trying to kick me, screaming for help at the same time.

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   I laughed, dodging her kicks, slipping behind her and wrapping my arms around her. She kept trying to kick me, but the vines were tight enough that she couldn’t turn around.

“It’s good to see you again too,” I said, as one of my hands grabbed at a breast and the other wrapped around her waist, holding her still so that I could press my hard cock against her arse cheeks.

“Let me go motherfucker,” she spat out at me. I just laughed again and ruined another of her singlets, splitting it down the middle so that I could pull her bra down below her tits. I let go of her waist and filled both hands with her breasts. I ran my fingers over her nipples and around the swell at the sides and bottom of her breasts, marvelling at how good they felt, so firm and heavy and smooth. I didn’t need to slip into her mind to know that this was beginning to turn her on . I think Natalie realised it too, because her efforts to break free from the vines increased, as did her attempts to kick me.

“Behave slut, “ I said, stepping back and giving her a good hard smack on the arse. As my hand connected with her skirt covered arse cheek, I jiggled her arousal up slightly, just to keep her confused and off balance.

“Untie me, you son of a bitch. Untie me now,” she spat at me over her shoulder. I gave her another good slap on the arse and she yelped, “Ow, that hurt. Stop this and let me go.

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  ” I’d thought that I wanted her to beg, but right now her commands, her belief that I would obey her, were turning me on even more than I thought the begging would have. I was still increasing her horniness, giving it little jolts upward every time she looked at me or I touched her. She opened her mouth to say something more and I raised my hand. “Do you want another?” I asked. “Or would you prefer that I use one of these vines? You’re a dirty whore, you probably enjoy being whipped. I bet he whips you down at that house. ” I stepped closer to her again. “I bet he whips you on your arse until you cum. And I bet that you cum quickly,” I said, grabbing a handful of her firm arse and squeezing so hard that she yelped again.

“I’m not a whore,” she said. “I told you that the last time you raped me. I’ve never done anything with that prick down there. He’s keeping me prisoner here because I won’t be one of his little sex slaves. And now you’re fucking raping me,” she finished.

“I may have raped you, but you loved it.

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   I distinctly remember you saying that you ‘would fuck anyone who could make you cum‘. And I certainly made you cum. You loved the taste of my cum, didn’t you whore?” I asked, slipping into her mind at the same time so that I could make her say one simple word,

“Yes. ” Natalie looked shocked at what she had said. Thoughts whirled through her mind; she was the dominatrix, not the dominated. She was always the one in charge. She would never allow herself to be taken and used for someone else’s pleasure, and yet she had allowed just that. She’d fought but she knew that she’d also given in. She’d been so horny, so unbelievably horny, and nothing she had done did any good, gave her any relief. And despite the way in which she was being taken, my cock had felt so good stuffed inside her. It had even felt good in her mouth; she’d actually thought for a moment, while I was trying to force my cock into her throat, that she was going to cum.

Natalie’s attention had wandered with her thoughts and I took the opportunity to reach up under her skirt and yank her underwear down. She snapped back to herself as the material slid down her legs, beginning to struggle and swear, but there wasn’t much that she could do. Her struggles were beginning to irritate me though. If I hadn’t already had her captive, I expect the fight she was putting up would have aroused me, but she was mine, strung up and waiting for me and I was eager to have some fun.

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   I broke off a short length of vine from beside the path and she froze, staring at me over her shoulder and no doubt thinking I was going to make good on my threat of a whipping. I stepped towards her and she shifted as far away as the vines holding her arms would allow.

“Hold still,” I said, “or I really will give you a whipping. ” I knelt behind her, keeping a wary eye on her legs, and wrapped the vine around her ankles. Before she realised what I was doing and started struggling, I had the vine wrapped a few times around both ankles and was knotting it.

“There, that’s better. I like seeing you all tied up and waiting for me,” I grinned, raising her arousal levels more. She could fight all she wanted, but I didn’t think it was going to take long to break her. “I know that you want this,” I said, stepping close to her, raising her levels slightly. I reached around and cupped her breasts, squeezing them gently, and then ran my hands down her sides and around to her bum, squeezing her arse cheeks. Natalie moaned slightly, involuntarily. I stepped back and started taking off my clothes. Natalie watched me over her shoulder, fear and hope mixed in her eyes. Fear that I as going to fuck her again. Hope that I was going to fuck her again.

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   Naked, I stepped close again, pressing myself against her back, my hard cock nestled between her firm arse cheeks. I reached around and grabbed her breasts, using them to hold her against me as I pushed my cock against her, groaning in her ear with the pleasure of it. I took my right hand off her breast and slid it down her belly until my fingers met her pubic hair. Her hips moved back, trying to get away from my searching hand.

“No, don’t do this, please,” she said. Her attempts to get away from my hand were pressing her arse against my cock and so my only reply was another groan in her ear and a return thrust from my hips. With her arms tied up and her legs tied together, there was little Natalie could do and my hand started to force itself between her clenched thighs.

“Just relax. You know how good this is going to make you feel,” I said, my hand mauling her breast and my hips shoving my cock against her. My other hand finally managed to force its’ way between her thighs as far as her clit and as my finger brushed over it, Natalie gasped and I jacked her levels up. The sensation of someone else’s hand touching her clit, combined with her sudden increase in arousal made her relax her legs. My hand slipped the rest of the way between her thighs and my finger lay along her slit, the tip already beginning to work its way inside her.

“Oh god, no, stoooohhhhh,” she trailed off as my finger slid up into her soaking wet cunt and she started to press her hips back against me in time with my finger’s movement. I pulled nearly the whole way out, until only my fingertip was still touching her hole and then slid it all the way back in, grinding her clit with the heel of my palm at the same time.

“Oh YES!” Natalie screamed, and I realised that I’d been so caught up in the feel of pressing myself up against her that my finger fucking was about to make her cum.

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   I slammed a block down in her mind and eased her back a little. I slowly pulled my finger out and she groaned as it went, trying to follow it with her pussy until the vines pulled her up short.

“Taste it,” I said, lifting my arm and pushing my finger into her mouth. “Lick your juices off my finger, whore. That’s right, get it all nice and clean. ” I forced my finger between her lips,. The feel of her tongue was quite nice but it had my cock twitching, drawing attention to itself, so I pulled my finger out, let go of her tit and stepped back to look at her. Tying her legs together had been a good idea. I liked the look of her tied up and waiting to pleasure me, but I wanted to fuck her deep and the vines wouldn’t let her spread her legs far enough, so I bent down and untied her ankles.

“You’re letting me go?” she asked. She didn’t sound too certain whether that would be a good or bad thing.

“Ha, you’re funny” I chuckled, “now spread your legs as far as you can. ” To help, I grabbed her ankles and yanked them away from each other. When I stood up, her arse was still on the same level as my cock. She had her legs spread as far as they could go, but with her arms tied up, there was only so far that she could spread them.

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   I gave her a little slap and then moved my hand down and between her legs. My finger slipped into her from behind, with my thumb resting along her arse crack. I worked my finger in her pussy for a minute or so, letting her get slightly closer to that orgasm. She was sweaty from all of her struggling and once she started to move her hips back against my finger, my thumb started rubbing over her sweat covered arsehole. Her hips stopped moving, but only for a moment and then they were pushing her cunt onto my finger again.

“Do you remember what I said last time? Have you been a good girl? Have you been fingering your arsehole for me?”

“Fuck you,” she said, but without any real conviction, “of course I haven’t been. Do you think I want you to fuck me in the arse? Of course I don’t. ”

“Oh, I think perhaps you do. I watched your little performance earlier. You were being a very good girl, doing exactly what I told you to do. ” She stiffened slightly when she realised what I had seen her do, but I said nothing and the movements of my finger and thumb soon had her hips moving again.

“Yes, that’s right. You’re a good little slut,” I said and pushed the end of my thumb into her arse. She squealed and tried to move forward, but I went with her, my fingers staying where they were. As I’d forced in my thumb I’d let her get even closer to orgasm, and she soon stopped caring about anything other than that I keep fingering her.

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“Aung, yeah, oh, ah, ah, oh yeah,” she grunted as I finger fucked both of her holes. I was getting bored though and so let my finger slip out of her pussy. Natalie whimpered, her hips shifting about, trying to find my finger, but they stopped dead when she felt the head of my cock against her pussy lips.

“That’s right. It’s time for what you’ve been craving whore,” I said as I pushed the end of my cock into Natalie’s tight cunt. With the head buried in her, I reached around her, one arm circling her waist and the other going back to her breasts. Squeezing a handful of firm tit flesh, I held her to me and pushed the rest of my cock into her.

“Oh fucking yes,” Natalie screamed, and I couldn’t agree more. Her pussy was so warm and tight. It was exactly what I’d been fantasising about since our last encounter, her tight hole gripping me, the feel of her firm arse against me as I drove into her at the same time as her hips came back to meet me. I let go of her breast and, grabbing her hips with both hands, I really began to fuck her. I slammed against her arse, my cock driving as deeply into her cunt as was possible. Natalie couldn’t even speak at first; she was just grunting and groaning.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right you fucking whore. Take my…aunh…uh…take my cock bitch,” I grunted as I fucked her.


   I couldn’t hold off any longer and so I dropped the block in Natalie’s mind. Her entire body immediately tensed up as her orgasm crashed over her, the only part of her that was moving was her pussy, spasming around my dick. That lasted for two strokes of my cock and then she came back to life, forcing herself back against each of my thrusts, trying to drive me deeper into her.

As she started screaming in ecstasy with each stroke of my dick, her cunt continually clamping around my cock then releasing, I felt the cum bubbling up from my balls. I forced my cock as far into her as I could, pulling her against me and holding her there while I pumped my seed into her, wave after wave spurting out of me. Natalie gave a surprised gasp as my semen flowed into her and her second taste of my cum had her crashing through another orgasm as powerful as the first.

As I finished I stepped back, pulling my cock from her grasping pussy, and sat down on the path. Natalie hung there, the vines supporting all of her weight as she recovered from her long overdue orgasms.

Once I’d caught my breath I stood up and untied first one of Natalie’s arms and then the other. As the support of the vines vanished, Natalie collapsed to the ground.

She twisted to look up at me. “Thank you,” she said.

“For what?” I asked.

“For…” she paused

“For, for,” I mimicked, “for letting you go or for fucking you like the whore you are?”

“For letting me go of course, you bastard,” she said. But I looked into her mind and it was the other she was truly thankful for.



“But I haven’t let you go. I’ve let you down so that you can suck my dick. Now suck, whore,” I said and stepped towards her. I grabbed her by the hair and forced her head forward, while my other hand held my cock to her lips. She kept her mouth closed and pushed her hands against my thighs, trying to pull her head away from my glistening cock. I wanted a blowjob, needed one, and I didn’t want to chance that she’d take a bite out of my dick so I slipped into her mind.

“Suck me bitch,” I said again and she obediently opened her mouth for me. She slid her lips down onto my cock and I sighed as I felt her tongue move on my flesh. As she sucked me, my cock moving in and out of her mouth, I moved her arousal levels back up. That, combined with the cum smeared all over my dick and the small amounts still leaking out, soon had her sucking as though her life depended on it. One of her hands came up and grabbed my shaft. I sighed as she began moving her hand back and forth in time to her mouth strokes.

“Finger yourself,” I said. “Put your thumb in your pussy and your finger in your arse. ” Her eyes shot up to look at me and she tried to pull my cock out of her mouth.

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“I said ‘finger yourself’ whore,” I said, grabbing her by the back of the head and forcing my cock back into her mouth. She moved her hand down between her legs and I could see her thumb disappearing into her pussy. I looked into her mind and, from the thoughts spinning through her head, could see that she was fingering her arsehole too. She was in shock, appalled that she was pleasuring someone, as opposed to being pleasured, disgusted at the way in which I was dominating her, but she couldn’t help herself. It made me rock hard all over again.

“Now,” I said, “It’s time for the main event I think. ” I pulled her mouth off my cock and she settled back.

“What do you mean?” she said, wiping saliva off her face.

“Shut up and get on your hands and knees bitch. I want to see that nice, tight arse sticking up in the air for me. ” I didn’t think for a moment that she’d actually do it, but it was fun letting her think she had a choice. I wandered over to where my clothes were sitting in a heap on the ground and grabbed my shorts. I’d thought ahead - no matter how often she’d been fingering her arsehole, this was going to be a tight fit. I pulled the tube of lubricant out of my shorts pocket and turned around in time to see her vanishing around a turn in the path. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud with the pleasure of the chase as I took off after her.

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My cock was so hard that I had to run with one hand wrapped around it to protect myself from all the bouncing, but even so I caught up quickly. The sight of her running through the forest, still topless, her skirt bouncing up with each step to show her arse, had my cock even harder, if that was possible. I laughed, just to let her know that I was there, and slipped into her mind so that I could ensure this was all making her horny. The closer I got, the hornier I made her and when I finally grabbed her and pushed her to the ground I set off a small orgasm in her.

She sprawled on the grass of the path, with me lying on top of her, already pressing my cock against her where it lay nestled between her arse cheeks.

“Did you like your little run? Did it excite you?” I asked in her ear. I forced my legs between hers, so that she couldn’t kick at me, and pressed one arm across the top of her back, keeping her pinned to the ground. “I think it probably did, didn’t it whore? You’re all wet for me aren’t you?” I laughed.

“Fuck you arsehole,” she spat, trying to shake me off.

“So, a little spirit left? I like that. ” As I spoke I slid myself down a little so that my cock slipped out from between her arse cheeks. I couldn’t feel it, but I just knew her cunt was right there in front of my cock. “A little spirit is great,” I said, “it’s going to make breaking you so much more fun, Natalie. ” A moment passed and then she suddenly stopped struggling. I was sitting in her mind, watching her thoughts and the moment she stopped moving was the same as when she realised I’d used her name.

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   I felt shock run through her and at the same time I pushed my cock between her cunt lips.

“Ungh,” she grunted, “you…uuh…you motherfucker, get off me!” She struggled but the waves of pleasure her mind felt radiating from my cock’s forced entry soon put a stop to that. The feel of her, pressed beneath me, her firm arse pressed back against my pelvis as I drove into her, was exquisite. I groaned in pleasure at the sensation of slowly pulling my cock back, until only the tip was left inside her, and then forcing myself into her pussy in one long, hard thrust. I enjoyed myself like this for some time. I’d just cum, so could afford to fuck her nice and hard, which I did. I’m a gentleman though, and ever aware of a woman’s needs, so I made certain to ensure that Natalie was enjoying herself.

I slipped into her mind and body, caressing her pleasure centres, stimulating her slowly. I began pulling up images and memories of the two of us in her mind, so that as I drove my cock deeply into her pussy and pleasure swept through her, she saw my cock pressing against her mouth or felt me grabbing her from behind and tearing her clothes off, my hand forcing itself between her legs and my finger sliding into her pussy while she was powerless to resist. Each image she saw, each sensation, began to be associated with pleasure, with fucking. I stopped pulling up images, but certainly didn’t stop fucking her, and her mind continued on, pulling up a memory of it’s own. Before Natalie managed to lock down her wayward thoughts, I saw her remembering the way that I’d fingered her when she was tied up between the trees, my hand mauling her breast at the same time as my finger slid into her moist hole. Her mind flashed forwards a moment, so that suddenly my hand was behind her, fingering her from behind, with my thumb stuck into her arse. I gave her an especially hard thrust when I saw that image flash up and allowed her to almost slip over the edge of her orgasm.

I decided to make that last image a reality.

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   I pulled my legs out from between hers and knelt up so that I was resting on her thighs, then grabbed an arse cheek each and went back to fucking her nice and hard.

“How are you doing there whore? Ready to cum? I bet you haven’t had enough yet, have you?” I asked, squeezing her arse cheeks hard, pulling them apart and pushing them back together.

“Uh, oh, a…aha…. ah, oh,” was the only reply she was capable off as I stuffed her full and her brain screamed out for the orgasm it knew was there but couldn’t get at. I had dropped the lube when I grabbed her, but it had fallen right beside where we were, so I let go of Natalie’s arse cheeks for a moment and lubed up my thumb. One hand fell back down and grabbed a handful of her arse, pulling it to the side so that I could see her tight, puckered arsehole. It looked a little looser than when I’d first seen it. She had been a good girl. Her body tensed as I pushed my thumb slowly into her anus, but only for a moment; she was getting used to having my thumb in her arse now and was more intent on my cock in her pussy.

Natalie was really pushing back against my thrusts now, desperately trying to cum. I decided to relent, and as I started moving my thumb back and forth into her arse, I allowed her a small orgasm.

“Oh YES,” she screamed, “fuck…aung…. yeah. More; give me…ahAH…more. I need it.

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   I fucking need it. Make me cum. ” I fucked her as hard as she wanted but soon her grunts had a disappointed sound to them. She’d cum, but so very slightly that it had lasted only a moment and the relief it brought was minimal. I kept fucking her and fingering her arse, slowly pushing her levels of arousal back up. I kept at this for some time, priming her, getting her ready to explode. Natalie’s face was red, the only sound she made grunts, and her hands were pushing at the soil now, trying to push her cunt further onto my cock, rather than trying to pull her away from it.

I was doing something to her that I like to do for all of my girls from time to time. I call it ‘the rolling orgasm. ’ It’s a simple enough concept, but surprisingly difficult to do properly. I build a woman’s arousal in a slow, dense way, keeping it growing until she feels as though she’s going to explode. Then I release it in a very particular way and, instead of one massive orgasm ripping through her body and frying her brain, what the lucky recipient gets is a rolling wave of intense orgasms, one after the other.
    This way I can give my girls an orgasm that lasts minutes and feels much longer.

    As I finished my preparations I looked down at Natalie, grunting in the leaves and grass of the path, pushing her hips back against my thrusts as my thumb worked in and out of her arse. It would be a minute before the slow build of Natalie’s arousal reached the levels I wanted and so I slipped into her mind, taking control of certain muscles in her body without her notice.

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       I sent commands through her body to relax the muscles in her anus and my thumb felt a slight release in pressure from the ring clamped around it. She was ready. And I was definitely ready. I drove my cock into Natalie one, two, three more times and triggered her orgasm. Or should I say orgasms. As soon as she started to cum I knew I’d done everything perfectly. Natalie gave a grunt, which turned into a long, throaty wail as her orgasm grew and grew. I kept fucking her as she fell through her first orgasm and then, as she started to climb up the slope of her next, I pulled my thumb out of her arse and grabbed hold of her arse again.

    I timed my thrusts perfectly, so that as her second orgasm bottomed out, my cock was on an outward pull and I just let it keep coming straight out of her pussy. In her state it’s possible she wasn’t even aware of my cock leaving her hole. She was grunting and groaning, writhing beneath me and I didn’t waste any time. I spread her arse cheeks with one hand, grabbed my dick with the other and as another orgasm crashed over Natalie, I held my cock to her tight, puckered arsehole and pushed.

    Her body was shaking with orgasm, her mind a blaze of pleasure, and I honestly think that at first she thought it was my thumb going back into her. Her orgasm bottomed out and she started the climb to the next, the fire in her mind faded slightly and as I forced the head of my cock into her arsehole, she suddenly realised what I was doing.

    “Motherfucker!” she screamed at me, “Motherfucker.

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       Get the fuck out of my arse. ” she began to struggle but her orgasm crested and her body went limp as pleasure blazed up in her mind again, whiting out conscious thought.

    Her subconscious was still trying to fight, trying to clench the muscles in her anus, to keep me out, but I just laughed as I intercepted the impulses, keeping her muscles as relaxed as they could be. It didn’t make her sweet arsehole any looser, it was like a fist gripping the head of my cock, but it did stop her from tearing anything.

    I forced about an inch more of my cock into her arse while she writhed through her orgasm and then I waited. Sure enough, as this orgasm bottomed out, she came back to life,

    “Get off me you CUNT,” she screamed at me, “you motherfucker, you shithead, get out of my arse. ” She started trying to push herself up, so I put my hands on her shoulders, pushing her back down onto the ground. She kept swearing at me, trying to spit on me, struggling, trying to pull or wriggle her way out from beneath me. I just laughed her. All that the struggling had done was force my cock slightly further into her arse.

    I watched her mind carefully and as she crested for the last of this wave of orgasms, I made sure that the she felt pleasure radiating out from where my cock was buried in her arse, as well as from her pussy. I pulled my dick back until the head was all that was left in her and then leant forward, slowly pushing my cock deeper into her arsehole.

    “Oh godddddddd,” she wailed, “you’re splitting me in half. ”

    I leant down onto her back and whispered in her ear “I’m not even all the way in yet. Only another inch or so to go though,” I whispered.

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       Natalie whimpered.

    I started giving her short, slow strokes of my cock, getting her used to having my dick up her arse, but I was mainly interested in myself. Natalie was so wiped-out from the string of orgasms that she’d had that I was only stimulating her enough to associate her arse being fucked with pleasure. Even so, she still wasn’t happy about it.

    “Get off me damn it, fucking stop ungh…ah…ahhhh,” she screamed as I forced the last of my dick into her. I was buried in her tight arsehole, balls deep, and I couldn’t be happier. I lay there on top of her, just letting my cock lie in her arsehole. The skin of her back was like silk against my chest and her arse cheeks, pressed against my pelvis, felt so firm and round that I had an almost irresistible urge to give her a good hard smacking. The thought of my hand hitting that firm, round flesh couldn’t compete with the feeling of her arsehole gripping my cock though and any desire I had to spank her quickly vanished.

    Natalie was still trying to pull herself out from under me, to pull her arse off my cock, but I wasn’t having any of it. I grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms to the ground, then my hips moved back and I started to pull my cock back out of her arse.

    “Oh thank you,” she said, as my cock came almost all the way out of her arsehole.

    “You must be kidding?” I laughed and pushed forward, forcing my cock back between her arse cheeks. This time there was no screaming, just deep grunts and moaning as I worked my cock back and forth in her arse. I started increasing her levels of arousal and no matter how hard she fought, the rising waves of pleasure she felt as I fucked her arse soon had her body betraying her.

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       The groans began to turn into moans, though she still grunted every time I filled her up with my dick.

    I could feel my balls beginning to tighten up and knew that it wouldn’t be long before I filled her with another load of cum. To be honest, I was surprised that I’d lasted this long, I was having the time of my life. I pushed my cock into her anus as far as it would go and, letting go of her wrists, I pushed my hands beneath her chest and grabbed two handfuls of big, firm tits. Natalie began struggling again when I released her hands, but with me on her back, my arms wrapped around her and my cock pinning her to the ground, there was little she could do. My hips worked faster, fucking my cock in and out of her arse. I kept her arousal levels rising, the pleasure that was spreading out from where my cock was violating her began to flood her mind and then I heard a sweet word escape her lips.

    “Oh yes,” Natalie moaned softly and then immediately went still when she realised what she’d said.

    “That’s right whore, I knew that you’d like this. Take it, take it all,” I said, actually beginning to fuck her pretty hard for a first time. I was keeping half an eye, so to speak, on her thoughts and I could see that she was taking it just fine. Or at least, as fine as could be expected for a woman with about 8 inches of cock shoved through her back door. The muscles in her anus had been relaxed as much as possible before I’d even entered her, and I’d gone slowly enough at first that they had expanded to accommodate me. By this time I was really able to give it to her, and I was. We were actually beginning to move along the path slightly every time I forced my cock into her.


       This isn’t to say that her arsehole was loose now; far from it. Natalie’s arsehole was easily the tightest damn hole I’d ever had the pleasure of sticking my cock in. I was beginning to enjoy this so much that I knew I wasn’t going to last, so I turned my attention more fully on Natalie for a moment, letting my hips go on autopilot as they pumped my cock in and out of her.

    She was already mentally begging for an orgasm. As I looked closely I could separate the sensations coming from where my hands were squeezing her tits and those emanating from her bum. I squeezed her breasts harder, hard enough to make her gasp, and didn’t even have to bring her levels up; she did that all by herself. I brought her levels up slightly further just for the hell of it and her silence began to break.

    “Mmm…ohhhhh,” she moaned softly, and then even more quietly “oh yes, yes, it’s…good…?” she finished questioningly.

    “That’s right, it is good isn’t Natalie? It feels nice doesn’t it? It fills you up, makes you want to groan and scream. I can tell. I know that about you. You’re a slut. You’re my slut aren’t you?” I let go of her breast with my rigt hand, pushing it down under her belly, and moved my left hand over to her free tit so that I could support my weight. My right hand slid lower until it came up against her pubic mound, pushing harder and slipping under so that I could hold a finger against her clit.

    “Oh god,” she said more loudly as my finger added a third point to her need to cum, “yes, I’m cumming, I need to cum,” she groaned.


       I was letting her get closer, but wasn’t ready to let her go over the edge just yet. I took my hips off autopilot and really began to fuck her hard, slamming into her as quickly as I could. Our forward motion and the sweat on my hand made it slip down as we jerked forward with my thrusts until her clit was pressed against the heel of my hand and my fingers were between her legs. ‘What the hell’ I thought and pushed my finger into her pussy, moving it in counter-rhythm with my cock in her arse. She didn’t do a lot more than whisper and groan when I did that.

    “Oh yes,” she screamed, “yes, yes, yes. ” I had her at the brink, letting her peek over at the pleasure that waited there and I was getting pretty close to it myself.

    “You’re not going to cum until I hear you say one little sentence, whore,” I said. I didn’t slow my own fucking, but I did bring her slightly further back from the edge of orgasm.

    “What?” Natalie whimpered, grinding her clit against my hand in between pushing her arse back against my cock. I leant down and whispered in her ear.

    “I’m not saying that. I won’t,” she spat.

    “I think you will bitch. We both know it’s true after all.

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      ” I ramped her levels back up again, beyond what they were but still blocked from orgasm. I kept slamming into her arse as hard as I could, my finger driving into her pussy and hand squeezing her breast with furious passion.

    “I’m going to cum soon my little whore, and when I do, that’s game over as far you’re concerned. No orgasm for little Natalie,” I teased. She didn’t know about my power, had absolutely no reason to think I could control whether she came or not, but as she looked over her shoulder at me I could see in her eyes that she believed every word I said.

    “I…I…” she began, unable to go any further, unable to admit the truth for a moment.

    “I…ungh,” she grunted as I drove my cock into her arse from head to balls, “alright!” She yelled. “I love feeling your cock in me. I love the taste of it in my mouth and the feel of it when you fuck me…”

    “And,” I prompted when she stopped.

    “…and I love it when you fuck my arse. ” she finished, looking away from me in shame. She wasn’t broken, I could see that in her mind, but she’d lost this particular battle and she knew it. I’d taken her, tied her up, raped her, fucked her, used her for my pleasure, even sticking my cock up her virgin arsehole, and she’d loved it. That much was obvious from her body’s reactions but to force her to say it, to admit the truth to me, the one who was doing it all to her, dominating her, went a long way to breaking her.

    “That’s right.

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       Because you’re a little slut,” I said, pushing my cock into her one last time and yelling out as it erupted up her arse, spurting stream after stream of cum into her tightest hole. I dropped the block in Natalie’s mind and she crashed through her own orgasm immediately. Her body went limp beneath me, and then tensed up as she screamed long and loud. Her arsehole clamped even more tightly around my cock and I could feel her pussy flooding around my finger.

    I must have been bruising her tit, I was squeezing it so tightly, but she didn’t even notice and neither did I for that matter. My cock kept jerking until long after I thought my balls would have emptied themselves and I groaned and shoved my finger as far up her cunt as I could.

    Eventually I came down, my dick still moving in her arse. Natalie kept right on cumming, writhing about as much as she could pinned beneath me, as I lay on top of her catching my breath. I let her orgasm finish and then pulled my cock out of her arsehole. Her hole was stretched out from the fucking I’d given her, but even as I watched the muscles drew in and her arsehole shrank back down until it looked almost normal. Much too tight to fuck, I thought with a laugh.

    Natalie just lay on the ground panting, as I knelt down beside her.

    “That was fun. I really enjoyed that. I’d say thank you, but you’re a slut, so I really just did you a favour.

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       Whore,” I said. I gave her a hard slap on the arse and walked off down the path to find my clothes.

    Still to be continued




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