Boyfriends Revenge


Topic: Boyfriends Revenge“Want some sex?” I asked her as we lay together in her bed. She was lying there in a t-shirt, shorts and underwear. She obviously didn’t want any. She was always teasing, never wanting to give it away. I’d been with her for four years now and she always did this. She was always teasing wearing the shortest clothes, rubbing up against you getting you all excited and then. . . Nothing!
We started fooling around in her bed. She knew I wanted it and she knew just how to tease me. She was making me believe that she wanted it, but deep down I knew it would never happen. She started making out with me while I attempted to feel her up. She wouldn’t let me, playfully moving my hands to other places. I managed to get her shorts off so she was just wearing a thong and a t-shirt. She looked so hot I just couldn’t take it.
I had had enough, I wanted some action and was sick of her teasing like this and never giving me any.

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   I moved my hand over her ass and grabbed a good handful. Then I moved my hand lower until I was over her barely covered pussy. I could feel that her knickers were wet and this just got me going even more. She tried to move my hand away but I wasn’t having any of it! I pushed her hand away and yanked on the thong, it broke at the waistband. I pulled the thong out from in between her legs and brought them up to my nose. I took a deep breath and inhaled the sweet aroma of her soaked cunt. She just looked at me in shock, she couldn’t believe it.
“You’re a dirty slut aren’t you?” I whispered in her ear. I threw the remains of her thong to the floor and moved my hand back to her pussy, she tried to close her legs but I just pushed them back apart. I rammed two fingers into her cunt. She had a tear in her eye, but I was beyond caring. “Like that don’t you!” I whispered as I fucked her pussy with my fingers, adding a third and then a fourth. She tried to wriggle away from me but I pinned her down with my weight. I threw the covers off the bed and carried on fucking her hole with my four fingers.
To my surprise she was still soaking wet although clearly not enjoying what I was doing.

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   I moved off her and told her not to struggle. She reluctantly did as she was told, knowing there would be nothing she could do on her own! I turned her over quickly so she was now on her stomach and pulled her legs apart. I was loving it, I pulled my boxers down and moved my hard cock closer to her cunt. She tried to close her legs but I pushed them open again and pumped my dick into her. I roughly fucked her little cunt as hard as I could.
Her flat mate came through the front door, she thought she would scream to see try and get his attention, she must have thought he would help her. He came running up the stairs and slowed down when he realised what was happening. She was crying into the pillow while I fucked her from behind. Her flat mate walked in slowly assessing the situation. It was turning him on, it was obvious. I could see the bulge in his pants begin to grow. She noticed the bulge too and looked away in disgust. She knew she had it now!
“Take your pants off and shove your cock in her mouth!” I ordered. He didn’t hesitate one bit. He took all of his clothes off revealing a 7 inch hard cock.

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   He lifted her head up and opened her mouth with his fingers. “Such on this, bitch” He said sticking his cock in her mouth. He rammed his cock right down her throat and kept it there for a few seconds. When he pulled it out she was gasping for air. He did it again, she couldn’t take it. He fucked her throat deeply for five minutes until he came. She swallowed everything, she didn’t have a choice he rammed his cock into her mouth and came down her throat bits of come dribbled out down the side of her lips it looked really hot.
The sight of that made me want to come. I rammed deep into her pussy and came inside her. She was murmuring something under her breath but I couldn’t tell what it was. I pulled out and made her get on her knees to show us her pussy, my come was dripping out of her pussy. There was loads of it, the sight of it made her flat mate rock hard again and my cock didn’t even go down! “Are you on the pill?” I asked. She said she wasn’t, she looked worried but her flat mate and I couldn’t give a shit!
She looked so hot with my come dripping out of her we had to have another go. She was lying face down in a pillow with her pussy pointing straight up at us finally thinking it was all over until she felt a cock plough into her pussy again, she could tell whose it was because it wasn’t filling her up as much as mine did. I watched for a little while as his dick pumped in and out of her cunt with my cum all over it, I had never seen that before and was really excited about it.

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   But I hadn’t had a blow job yet so I told her flat mate to lie on the floor and forced her to get on top of his cock she was gently lowering herself on top, but he just thrusted right into her. I went in front of her then, opened her mouth and shoved my nine incher down her throat, she took it all like a porn star, well she had no choice! I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her face with my big cock letting her breath every few seconds. I was loving it, I had never had a night like this and was wondering how good it would be to do it to other girls, her flat mates girlfriend, strangers even! The thought of it made me come, I pulled out just in time to come all over her face, I got it everywhere her mouth, hair, nose, eyes. She rubbed it out of her eyes and started weeping again!
“Shut up woman, you think this is all over? You’ve got more to come yet” I snapped. I watched him fuck her little cunt for a while and started to get hard again. I had an idea, I had wanted to do this forever. “You like anal?” I asked her flat mate. She looked at me, begging with her eyes not to! She had never done anal and had always been scared of it. “Never tried it but always wanted to!” her replied. With that response I grabbed her and pulled her off, she was begging us not to but it was already in our minds now!
I got onto the bed pulling her onto me and pushed my cock into her pussy, he got on top and slowly started to push his cock into her cunt. She was lucky his cock was wet from her cunt otherwise this could have hurt allot more! She was screaming in pain for a while, which was turning me on even more.   He was in and was pounding away while I was fucking her cunt. She seemed to start enjoying it now, although it was clear she didn’t want to! He didn’t last long, her ass was so tight! He came inside her ass and pulled out! I could feel his warm cum leaking out of her ass onto my cock, it felt quite nice, I never thought I would be feeling the cum of another man and definitely didn’t think I would be liking it!
I then felt something else I never thought I would experience. He started to push inside her pussy alongside my cock! It felt great! He pushed as hard as he could and she started screaming again, she had two big cocks inside her stretching her to the limits. He started to pump in and out and after a while we were both managing to do it.

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   It felt really good her pussy felt tighter and as well as the friction from my cock against her pussy walls there was his cock fucking deeply next to my cock. I could tell he was about to come again, and it was making me come too! We both came together inside her tight little cunt! I could feel his dick pulsating next to mine. I pulled out and he slipped out straight after. Our cum dripped straight out of her stretched spent pussy. And he pulled her off of me.
“Clean it up!” I demanded, she started to get up. And he pushed her back on to the bed. “Clean him up with your mouth woman!” He demanded. She moved her mouth down to the large puddle of cum that was sitting on me and started to slurp it down her throat! “Good girl, you are a little slut aren’t you!” She didn’t look at either of us!
After she was done I told her to go clean herself up. She went to the shower and her flat mate and I got dressed and went to the pub. When we got back she wasn’t there.
The next few days she moved her things out of the house, I moved in with her flat mate, into the room where we raped her! We had loads of fun to come and I knew I made the right choice moving in with him!
Five months later while we were out getting some things for the flat we saw her again. She was walking down the street with one of her friends. When she got closer we noticed it! She had a big lump! I couldn’t believe it! One of us had got her pregnant…

Let me know what you think. Its the first one i have ever writen:)

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