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I was fresh after resting for a weekend at the beach with my husband Steve. We both had nice all over tans and we had met a couple that we had played with and switched off with. We came home and slept and Steve was up before me. He slapped me on the bottom, "In the shower lady, gotta go soon. " "Where?" I asked him. "Never mind, gotta get going, we can't be late. "
I got in and showered and was drying off and he came in. "Let's go. " he told me. "Wait till I dress" I laughed. He looked at me and laughed back and reached out. A collar with a leach were in his hand. "This is al you will wear, put it on and lets go. " I got on my knees in front of him and pulled back my hair and he put the collar on my neck and pulled at the leach. I got up and he took me to the car and opeed the door. I was totally naked as we drove through town.

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   He stopped next to a few SUVs that could see me naked and the men and sometimes women al stared at me. He told me to put my feet on the dash and spread my legs and now I was exposed to everyone.
He pulled up to a gate I recognized and it opened and we drove to the house in the middle of the property. The door opened and Mother was there, a gown to the floor over her wonderful buxom body. I felt myself getting wet already just seeing her full dark body thru the sheer white silk gown and her lips tha I longed to kiss. We pulled around and Steve got out and opened my door and pulled the leach and I got out my eyes down to the ground and behind him as I had been trained. We walked to the door and Mother stepped and kissed Steve fuly on the lips and grabbed his cock and masturbated him as I stod and watched. He filled her hand with cum and she held it out to me to clean. I did as I was expected and did nothing more. A man standing next to her handed her an envelope and she gave it to Steve. "$5,000 dollars for the week as agreed?" Mother said. "As agreed. " Steve said and kissed me. MY nipples were now aroused and they were hard. "Oh we are excited already are we?" Mother said smiling.

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   "Yes MOther. " I answered her. "And why is that?" she said. "Because Mother, I am in your presence and it makes me excited to do anything yu tell me no mater what it is, it gives me pleasure to serve you. " I repeated the matra I had been taught. "Good dear" she said and gave my chain to the man and said, "Take her to the chair, get her ready and make sure she has voided herself first, then put her in and get her ready. " "Yes Mother<" he said and led me off.
He took me to a toliet and told me to make sure I went as much as possible. I did as told and cleaned myself after and he led me to a room in the basement. It had dark walls and some lights and cameras all around the room. In the middle was a chair sort of device. It looked like something a workout chair of sorts. It reclined at an angle and was bare of anything except straps. "Sit down. " he said.

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   I did and he began strapping me in. My ankles, knees, my thights below my pussy, my hips and waist my midrif, below my breasts each shoulder and my elbows and wrists and hands. My neck was secured with a soft strap and my head also so that I could not move any part of my body at all. I was then blindfolded and it was total darkness.
Then I heard Mother, "Teresa, you will be here as long as I say. We will feed you a drink that has all in it you need. When you must relieve you bowels tell me and we will make arrangement for it but you will not get out of the chair until I am convinced you have been properly trained. " "Yes Mother, thank you Mother. " I said. I heard her begin to leave and said, "Mother. " "Yes, you may speak. " she said. "Mother, I love you, will you give me a kiss please. " She laughed and kissed me. "Begin" he voice said.

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   Something cold was applied to my pussy and ass and chest and then the person left as far as I could tell. Soon a heat began to grow in my pussy, my chest was on fire and needed relief, my tits begged to be massaged and nipples sucked hard. My pussy grew hotter and begged for anything to fil it, hard or soft it did not matter. I moaned and tried to move my legs together to give my clit some relief but I could not move any part of my body. I do not know how long it was but I was crying, tears were rolling from under the blindfold. "Oh please Mother, please tell someone to fuck me, please" I was begging over and over. I slept and then again cold struck my pussy, ass and chest. Some creame was being spread on them and the heat came again. I begged for relief of any kind. Begged and cried and begged. Over and over this happened. I had a few breaks when they gave me a sweet liquid and let me pee. Then it began all over again.
One day (I suppose) the blindfold came off and Mother was washing my face with a cool clothe. "Oh Mother, please make love to me, please at least kiss me again.

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  " I was begging. She began to kiss me then stopped and smiled her smile that told me I was not to have the freedom yet. "Begin the next stage. " she said and walked away. The blindfold went back on and I heard something pulled to the chair. I felt something slip between the lips of my pussy and had an instant orgasm. "She is really ready Mother. " the man said and I heard her laugh. Make sure she does not get dry, I don't want my property damaged. " she said. A switch was thrown and the machine began slipping into me and it began making me have orgasm after orgasm. I could not move to meet the cock that was moving in and out and then it went faster and faster. Now I was wanting to move with it could not. My pussy was now being driven wild but I had to remain still.
I was fed and slept and pissed and again the machine took my body and drove me to dispair now.

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   I waned to die and told Mother so if it pleased her I would die from pleasure. I passed out and when I woke I woke to kissing. I opend my eyes and Mother was in bed next to me, kissing me all over and then she said "Hello, pet, are you rested now?" "Oh yes Mother, and in your arms. " I was now crying. She laid back and spread out her body, "Service Mother. " I began sucking her nipples, and it made me have orgasms and then as I kissed her al over and sank my tongue into her pussy she pulled my face into her and I could not breathe but did not resist. I woke and she told me to finish. I did and for maybe two hours did all she told me to do. "Are you thirsty dear?" she asked me. "Yes Mother I told her. "Good, come to the bathroom and you can have a nice drink. " I followed her and she told me to squat in front of her in a shallow tub and put my mouth the her pussy. I did and she closed her eyes making me excited as she moaned and began to piss in my open mouth and on my face. I carressed my tits and had an orgasm as she finished her flow and I swallowed. She left and said, "Clean up and come downstairs.

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I showered and put my collar back on and went downstairs. THere were about 30 people there all in various stages of undress. The clapped as I came down and I went to Mother and knelt by her feet. "The perfect slave. " she said and introduced me. She turned and walked away, "Serve anyone anyway they need Teresa. " she said. "Yes Mother," I said and it began. A man stood in front of me and his hard cock was in my mouth as another lifted me and slipped into my ass. A woman took my breasts and massaged and sucked them and I was given to everyone that wanted me for I do not know how long. I woke up from sleep with a man filling my pussy or ass and cumming on my body. Over and over I was taken by anyone. I slept and again Mother was next to me. "Serve me again dear and Steve will be here for yuo in the morning. " "Yes Mother," I said and made love to her.

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The next morning I was bathed by others and the collar put on. I knelt by the door and waited. Mother took my leach and gave it to Steve. "She do okay?" he asked. "Oh very good. Next month we will need her again. I will pay double this time. We will be going to Europe, is that okay?" "No, three times. " "Okay" she said. $15,000. We will make a lot more than that. " They kissed and we drove home. He took me upstairs and made love to me and we slept again.



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