Black Bang Part 1


The initial crowd getting out of the packed concert hall was slow moving, but once a block away I was finally able to breathe in the chilly, late summer air, which was causing me to shiver a bit with the cargo shorts and t-shirt I had on. The streets were reflective from the small rain shower that had occurred during the show, making the street look like a runway the way is was reflecting back the streetlights.

The familiar sounds of the city at night were all around. The small venue wasn’t in a bad part of the city, but there were definitely better areas than this around. I had parked close knowing I would want to get to my car as quick as possible after the show had ended. My car was parked in a car lot a few blocks down and to the left from where the concert was.

I walked, feeling pretty tired, down the street towards the parking lot. There weren’t many people around as a got further and further from the venue. I knew my turn was coming up, but as I looked around to my left, I saw any alleyway coming up, pointed in the same direction as my car. I looked for approaching cars and walked fast across the street. I got to the entrance and looked down, and the sign for the parking lot where my car was just in the view at the end of the narrow corridor. I looked around to see if anyone was there, and went for it. It wasn’t that long, but it sure looked sketchy.

I continued to walk down, getting close to half way down the alleyway. I looked around and saw fire escapes, trashcans, and small movements on the cement. I continued to look around when I felt a presence behind me.

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  I stopped and turned around. It was dark, but I didn’t see anyone or anything. I turned back around, standing still as I did, and began walking slowly forward again. Immediately following my 4th or 5th step forward, I felt the presence come al at one, and a hand grabbed my mouth, while another locked my arms behind my back.

I began to panic, not being able to fight back. I wasn’t in bad shape, but I was skinny, and my muscles weren’t as big as whoever was dragging me backwards. I was pulled back, but then abruptly turned and began moving towards the one of the buildings in the alleyway. I looked up at the night sky as it slowly faded away as we entered a doorway with no door. I heard the footsteps of my kidnapper behind we walking on the dusty wooden floor. We were in a small room, maybe 18 feet by 18 feet. It was dark so I couldn’t see much, but it looked as though the room was empty, and the walls were bare. The room looked abandoned.

Whoever had taken me let go of my arms, but kept his hand on my mouth.

“If you say a fucking word, your body will be found in a dumpster for the police to find you. ”His voice sounded deep, and I could’ve believed he was black by his dominating and powerful voice.

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  I was really scared now, just having had my life threatened.

He released his hand from my mouth, and reached in front of my and began to unbutton my shorts. Was this man about to rape me?He had trouble getting them off.

“Son of a bitch. Well I hope you didn’t like wearing pants anyways. ”My pants began to rip, with the help of a knife that this guy was carrying. My boxers and pants fell to the ground, and he kicked them away. I stood there in a t-shirt and shoes, with nothing covering my ass or small cock.

He pulled me towards one of the walls of the room, and bent me over so that my ass was sticking out and my hands were flat against the wall, holding myself upright. I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down, and knew what was going to happen next. I felt a wet finger probing my ass, and as much as I tried to resist it, I let my ass relax, knowing that I was going to be caught.

“You’re already opened up!Your going to enjoy what you have coming to you, and the guys are going to just love what I got for them!I hope you like thick black cock. ”

The guys?What does that mean?And how did he know I had a craving for black cock?I was falling for this trap and I loved every minute of it.

I few seconds passed and I felt the tip of his cock press against my open hole, and then forcibly make it way in to my ass, sinking all the way in. I gasped in pleasure.

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“Yeah that’s right you white boy slut, take this fucking thick black slab of meat up your whore hole. Say goodbye to your life as you know it, you’ve got owners now. ”

He took my ass and made it his. Sloppy sounds of my ass juices providing extra lube for his big cock filled the room. He slammed away at my boy pussy, began slapping my ass, choking me, pulling on my shoulders, and grabbing my hips to meet his meat, and to get it deeper and deeper in to my slut hole. After a while, he announced he was going to cum, and do so deep in my ass hole. He moaned loudly, as I felt his large quantity fill me. He pulled out; his thick hung hanging down like a big cock should. He twisted me around and pushed me to my knees.

“Clean it off. ”I took the cock in to my mouth, and eventually down my throat, trying to conquer the length. I chocked and gagged on it, cleaning of all my juices and some left over cum. I swallowed everything, and my saliva dripped down from my mouth in large amounts and landed on the floor beneath me.

After he was satisfied, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stuffed it back in to his pants. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet.

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  He lead me over, still naked from the waist down, over the far corner of the room. What I didn’t see before in the room was now visible. My newfound owner opened the hidden door, and a flood of dim light poured through, blinding me after my eyes had gotten use to the dark room. He led me through the door, and directly to the left through the door were a flight of steps leading up. We rounded the corner and followed the steps up one by one. He got to the top landing, and to our left again was another door.

“Welcome to your new home slut. I hope you don’t mind having room mates. ”He opened the door, and I looked inside as everyone else in the room looked in our direction.

To be continued.



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