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First a little background info: I was a sophomore in high school. Around 5’10 135 ilbs. 7 inches. And I played reciver for varsity football and played forward for Jv basketball. I was a pretty popular guy.

So I woke that morning got ready for school like it was a usual day brushing my teeth changing etc. I got to school went to my locker got my books, and went to chill with my friends till the bell would ring. My school was on a block schedule so we only and 4 peroids a day and today we had 1,3,5,7 (7th was everyday) I went to first where this hot slut sat behind me and since class was an 1 and a half hours I thought might as well see what I can get but not luck she slapped me when I touched her 32C’s I kind of expected this since the last time we hooked up it didn’t end well. So I went on with my day went to third 7th, and then lunch. Then was 5th period a usually boring period, but I heard we had a sub. I walked in and it was this super hot sub.

She was around her mid-20’s. 5’5 and 120ilbs. Black hair nice tan skin. Probably a low size c and an ok ass. She was wearing black tee and grey work pants.

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So I sat down and she put on the movie we were suppose to answer questions on. I went over to wheremy friend sat to get a better look at her and while I was there I could see the top of her pink and black thong. I watched her for awhile no ones else noticed I guess. Then She braced forward and I saw here thong better and the top part of her ass. I knew I needed a better look so I went over and asked to get a drink of water. So when I up there someone else was up there asking a question so I sat there and just looked at her and took a quick picture with my phone. When she “can I help you with something. ”

“Oh yea can I get a drink” I asked “Yea good ahead” she said. I went outside the class and got my drink. I came back in and sat down and watched the movie. 18 minutes later I went back up and asked to go to the bathroom. “Yea just fill out your pass” as I was filling out my pass I purposely dropped my pencil close to her chair and on my way back up I grabbed her ass. “Excuse me you can’t be doing that you need to stay after class. ” I was real nervous the rest of class. As every one left I was the last one in the class when the teacher said "stand up and come here" I obeyed and got to her desk.

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   "Do you know why what you did was wrong. " she asked.

"I didn't mean it. It was an accident. " she looked down and then said you’re lying to me. Do you want me to give you a detention?" "No I replied. " "Well then answer these following questions and maybe I'll let you go free. " I nodded. ”

"Have you banged any of the girls in this class? I thought about it for a second and said "yea 3 of them. " "Which ones?" She asked. Pulling out a list and I pointed to the names of which ones. "Did you hook up with them just for sex or did you actually like any of them?” she asked. I told her “Those two were just for sex there big sluts. ” Pointing at there names. “But I did date this one for about 3 months till we just fell apart.

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  ” I got a frown on my face because she was my last serious girlfriend. She noticed this but just kept a straight face and asked “Who was the last girl you had sex with and how long ago?” “Umm… Her name is Cassie she has a nice ass some real nice tits and brown hair and she was a real slut. I did her like 1½ weeks ago. ” I replied. I didn’t ask for details about her. ” She said hitting me on the head. I got turned on a little by this. Then she said “So it’s been awhile. Would you like to change that?” “Yes, I tried today but got slapped. ” I replied. “Well we need to change this. ” She said getting a smile on her face.

I was confused, but then I felt something grabbing my dick. I looked down and saw the sub feeling on my dick. “So are we going to fuck?” she asked.

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   “Ok I guess, but why?” I asked even though I could tell it was a stupid question to ask. “Because you are the first student to ever approach me like that. ” She replied taking off her top. This showed a bra that matched her thong. “You’re going to do everything I tell you or I’ll turn you in. Now take off you shirt. ” She commanded. I took off my shirt, and then she walked around and looked at my body. “Now take off your pants, and don’t forget your boxers. ” She commanded. I was completely naked. Then she took off her pants just leaving her with her matching thong and bra. She then looked at my cock for the first time and said “Oh my goodness someone is a big boy. ”

She took off everything else and threw it to the ground and got on her knees putting my cock in her mouth. She started sucking slow and it seemed like she wasn’t picking up pace.

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   So I thought to myself wow this is boring, and grabbed a handful of hair in both my hands, and started jerking her back and fourth as fast as I could. Then I let her off for a few seconds so she could breath. She spit on my cock to get it more lubricated. “What are…” she said as I stopped her mid sentence forcing her to deep throat me. I held her there for a good while she tried to make me stop, but I wasn’t. I could notice her starting to get tears in her eyes. I let her off again this time she kept her mouth shut. I put her back on at a real fast pace and as I was about to cum I pulled her in to deep throat me as I cummed right down her throat. “You better swallow all of that I don’t want to see you waste any of that. ” She swallowed most of it, but left a little in her mouth and was playing with it when a little fell out. “Whoops I’m sorry do I have to. But I slapped her across the face before she could finish. "Lick it up bitch” I said. She got to the floor and licked it all up off the dirty floor. I then picked her up onto the desk and she said what the fuck are you doing, I didn’t give you permission to do that.

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   I don’t care any more I replied. ThenI started sucking on her nipples and squeezing them. She started to scream. I didn’t stop until I was ready to go again. I told her get into the position as I started to give it to her in the pussey. At a real slow pace first she let out real low moans. Then I got bored and started to fuck her harder and harder. AHH FUCCCCCCCK!! OH GOD STOP I’M CUMMING HELP ME IT’S TO BIG STOP. I kept going but her pussey was getting loose and this was boring she thought we were done and got up. I reacted quickly forcing onto all 4’s and she then realized what was going on and said “oh god not that please not that”. But I went for it and rammed my cock up ass and kept going and going for a good half an hour till I was about to climax. I picked her up as she was no longer able to stand put her on her knees and held her there as I made her deepthroat me until I cummed straight down her throat that there was no chance she could let any out. But as I pulled out and let her go more came out and landed all over her body. I went and got dressed took her thong. Took my phone out and took a pic.

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   Then I left the classroom with the sub on the floor in a pond of my cum. As I left I saw the janitor go in the room. Then I heard some more loud screaming…