Birthday Plans


Tonya invites me over to talk about plans for my wife’s upcoming birthday. She greets me at the door wearing a see through white blouse and black bra that cupped her huge black tits. I can see the outline of her nipples under the material. She is also wearing a short skirt and black pantyhose, under the hose she’s wearing an ankle bracelet. She’s looking good and my balls start to boil. She invites me in and gives me one of her signature hugs. She brushes her tits up against me and when she moves away, I can see that her nipples are hard. We walk into the living room and sit on the sofa. She gets out her notebook and we begin coming up with ideas for the party. She shifts in her seat and her short skirt rides up her legs. I can see the crotch of her white cotton panties under her nylons. It’s almost more than I can stand. She catches me looking at her and I freeze. “What are you staring at?” she asks. I start stammering “Nothing. ” I finally get out.

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   “That doesn’t look like nothing in your pants!” she exclaims. I have a very painful hard on and I can’t take much more. My face burns with a mix of embarassment and shame. “What if we call your wife? What do you think she’ll say about this? Her husband at her auntie’s house and it’s obvious he wants to fuck her! I don’t think she’ll like that at all!” She picks up the phone and begins to punch in the numbers. I smack the phone out of her hand and tell her that she’s not calling anybody. She reaches for the phone again and I smack her across the face. “I told you. . . you’re not fuckin’ calling anybody!” I yell. She looks at me like I’m crazy. I smack her again, harder than before. “Don’t fuckin eyeball me whore!” I pull her to me, she tries to pull away but I hold her really hard. With my free hand I rip open her blouse, her bra leaps out with her full black tits hanging in the open. I pinch her nipple through the bra material.


   She lets out a painful cry. My already aching cock feels like it’s about to explode. I grab a pair of scissors of the coffee table and cut the bra in half. Her huge tits spill out. I take one in my mouth and begin to suck and bite her nipple and tit. She keeps trying to push me away. “Fuck this!” I say “We’re going to the bedroom so I can do this right!” I grab her by the arm and force her down the hallway to her bedroom. I throw her down on the bed, Her legs spread out causing her skirt to ride up around her waist. Her pantyhose are now in full view. I undo my pants and my cock springs out, glistening with pre cum. She begins to cry, she knows that I’m going to fuck her and there is nothing that she can do about it. I reach down and rip open the crotch of her pantyhose and shred the thin band of material that holds her panties together . Her bald black pussy looking like a peach. I put my mouth on it and begin to lick and nibble her pussy lips and clit. She bucks and screams as I do all I can to make this whore wet.

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   The sensation of her nylon covered thighs on the sides of my face drive me crazy. I eat her cunt like a madman! I can feel her pussy give up the juice in my mouth and she shudders as I make her cum. . . probably like she has never cum before. She is crying hysterically as I grab her by the leg and pull her to the edge of the bed. I drive my cock into her slimy hole all the way up to my balls. I begin to pummel her little black pussy with my wide meat, tears rolling down her cheek. I pinch her nipples with one hand and hold her nylon covered ankle right under her bracelet with the other. My cock slides in and out of her tight cunt . I can feel the cum boiling in my balls. I stop fucking her and slide my cock down her pussy to her tight little asshole. I rub the head of my slick cock all over her rosebud. She pleads with me not to fuck her ass. I drive my cock into her asshole and she screams out.

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   Her bucking makes me crazy and her asshole is so tight it only takes a few strokes before I fill her hole with my hot seed. I pull my dick out and rub my dick on her nylon covered feet. The reinforced toes covered in pearly drops is a real sight. I can see her take a sigh of relief thinking that her ordeal is over. Little does she know. . . it’s just the beginning. . . .



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