Betrayed part one....


Ashley asked no questions, done what she was told. Chris left the room and again she heard him at the computer. All of a sudden Ashley had no control anymore, Her body moved in a sexy position, she could feel a sexy look come onto her face. She could hear Chris's Mouse click every few seconds. Then She came out of the trance like state, but only for a few seconds. Her body involunteerly shifted again and she found her self in another sexy position. This went on for about twenty minutes. Then She completely came out of the trance, and she was soon joined by Chris. As Chris laid down he appeared to have something in his hand that appeared to be a remote. Ashley wasn't quite sure, but didn't bother to ask. When Chris laid down beside her he brushed the side of her face with his hand. "Your so beautiful Ash. " He said. Kissing her lips. He started going up her shirt, and down her pants, as she just laid there. "Hey why don't you take these off.


  " He said. Ashley obeyed, and when all her cloths were off she caught Chris out of the corner of her eye slip something behind the pillows. Ashley laid back down. Chris Began to run his finger over her cunt, then with too fingers he rubbed, and pinched her clit, Ashley let out a moan. She noticed Chris seemed to be talking to himself. "Oh she's so beautiful , look at her, look at me play with her. " He had said. Again though Ashley couldn't move. Chris began to insert one finger, which was fallowed by another and yet another. He started fingering Ashleys Cunt hole. Still making like notes to him self. Then After a few minutes he got up and took off his pants. He Got on top and rammed his dick in fast and hard. He then began humping her. Ashley winced once in a while from pain.

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   Although she couldn't speak just moan and she couldn't move either. "Ooooh this bitchs cunt feels so tight, oooh it feels so damn good. " Chris began. "You like that Ash? You want more. "All ashley could do is nod, and Chris understood he pumped faster and faster into her. Ashleys heart was racing as Chris's dick grew deeper and deeper inside her. Until it hurt . . . like really hurt. "Chris that hurts please, slow down some. " She asked. Chris payed her know attention as he fucked the brains out of her and he continued to Ram her harder, harder, even harder then before. As he did so he still spoke but loader. "Oh it feels so damn right.

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    NOW TAKE THIS DICK WHORE! TAKE IT. " He yelled. "Chris please I'm begging you to stop. " Ashley said once more. Chris pushed in and out of Ashley's Cunt so fast and so hard it began to bleed. As Ashley begged for him to stop Chris just fucked her harder and Faster. "NO I WONT STOP BITCH! NOW TAKE THIS FUCKIN DICK! YOUR A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT AND NOW YOUR GONNA FEEL WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE A WHORE!!" He said. "CHRIS YOUR SCARYING ME PLEASE!" Ashley begged again. Trying to push him off her. Ashleys body however, was betraying her, even though she was fighting with all her might to get away from Chris. ,Her Cunt was getting wetter by the minute.

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       Chris moved her position so they were doggy -style. but he held her tight so she couldn't get away. "NO, PLEASE NO!" Ashley screamed. "OOOOOOH" Chris moaned. "NO CHRIS PLEASE STOP IT!!!!" Ashley screamed again. "OOOH, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" Chris screamed. "NO, NO, PLEASE! NO, NO, NO!!!!" Ashley screamed. " Ohhhh YES, YES, YES, OoooHHH. " Chris moaned. Just then Ashley could feel Chris's dick pulse. Within Second's Chris pulled out and Came all over her lower back. Chris then got up, taking something from behind the pillows and pulling on Ashley's arm. "Come on bitch were taking a shower I'm not done with you yet. To be continued. .

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