Bedroom gang rape


I was getting ready to go see my boyfriend, I had just come out of the shower when something caught my eye. I spun quickly almost losing my step. I caught myself before falling, looked around and nothing. I began to get ready again when I heard a large " Thump " come from my bedroom. My heart began to race, I grabbed my curling Iron ( the only real weapon in my bathroom) and slowly walked into my room

I step three feet into my room and couldn't see anything, I turned to find the light switch but instead found a tall man standing next to my door, before I could scream or use my curling iron-bat the man grabbed me and had his hand over my mouth. " Scream and we'll kill you. " the man said. Then his words sunk in. WE will kill you.

The lights came on in the room, and the man threw me on my bed. 2 other men stood around my bed. My window was open and I guess that's how they got in. I sat on my bed and pulled my knees to my chest trying to calm myself down. I could barely breathe through the tears. " Please don't hurt me, take anything you want! " I said trying not to make my voice too loud.

The first man who grabbed me motioned to the other, they started grabbing all my stuff and throwing into bags, they left the room and went through the rest of my house.

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   18 or 18 minutes pasted and they came back, Everything they could fit was in bags. and they once again stood around me. " Please, just leave. I won't call the cops! I promise!"

The man who I assume was the ring leader laughed. " That's right you won't. " He said. He tilted his head to the side and gave a nod. The other three closed in on me. Pull me down and tying my hands and together and pulling off my clothes. It was clear now, They were going to rape me.

They all got undressed, giggling and laughing, Sick bastards I thought. How can this be happening? God, someone save me please! The first man got close to me. " You're going to be a good little slut for us. and we won't kill you when we are done with you. Got it?" I began to cry even harder.

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   " Yes. . I understand. " The man smacked me across the face and the pain splashed across my cheek. " Now the fun can begin "

he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me close to his hard cock. " You're going to give me a good sucking, make me all wet for your body. " I've always hated giving oral sex but I didn't think I had much of a choice. I opened my mouth and put his cock in my mouth as far as I could get it. I began going up and down when I felt his hand on the back of my head. He pushed down hard and I felt his cock going into my throat.

I began to gag on him and they all laughed. With his cock that far into my throat when he began to cum there was nothing I could do but swallow it all. It was a horrible taste. He pulled my head off his cock and pushed me back on the bed. He laughed and got on the bed with me. 


" Have you ever had 3 guys inside you at the same time?" The thoughts crossed my mind of how that is done. Then it hit me. "No! Oh god no! Please no! Not my ass! I've never had anything in my ass!" The room filled with cold laughter. " Well then I guess you're in for a treat. " The man grabbed my hands and pulled me up, I could feel his cock against my asshole, I swore up and down begged him not to do it.
    With one push, his cock ripped open my ass and went flying up inside my body.

    I could feel him ripping my body up. Pain filled me. The others started to get in place, I felt another thrust as a cock found its way into my pussy. The other grabbed my hair and stuffed his cock in my mouth. They all began to thrust, in and out of my body. My ass was burning and my insides felt like they were being crushed.

    I felt a warm feeling inside my ass, as I figured the man was cumming inside me. Then I felt it again in my pussy, and then not too long after I felt it in my mouth. So much cum.

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      . . I thought they were done. I was wrong.

    " I need my cock cleaned now bitch " the man who had just anal raped me came back to my mouth. " Suck it cleanyou little whore " The man from my pussy went to my mouse and the man who had my mouth was in my pussy. All of them get a turn. My ass would be raped two more times at least.

    The pain was getting worse and I couldn't take it. They came in me, and I could feel it swelling up inside my body. I took four loads of cum in my mouth and three in each other hole. The men got dressed when they were done and I was so happy. It was over

    They took my arms and untied them, but then pulled them apart, and re-tied them to a bed post, then my legs. they reached into their bag and showed me a 2 huge dildo's. Bigger then any of them

    " A goodbye gift " They rammed one of them all the way up my ass ripping my asshole even more and the other into my pussy.

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       Then put rope around them and made sure they wouldn't slide out. Taping my mouth shut and turning the light out they left my house.

    I was tied to the bed for a day and a half until the police came to my house, my boyfriend reported me missing when I didn't show up for our date. The men were never caught, but I did get a video of the rape in the mail.




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