Beach not so fun....


Britt stared off into the sun while she laid in the sand. The beach was a great way to get her mind off things. Her boyfriend wasn't there to mess with her anymore,and she could just enjoy herself. Her and her boyfriend had been having alot of problems as of late,because he was being a real asshole. She swam,flirted with some guys as they walked by and tanned. For a 18 year old girl she was very independent.

Finally,the day winded down,and before she knew it,she was the only one on the beach. She thought it would be best now for her to go shower and make the hour-long drive home. She dug around in her bag to look for her phone,but it was dead,which was no problem. She quickly ran out to her car and put it in the charger. She didn't notice any other cars or any other people. She then took her beach bag and went up to the shower hut.

When she got in the station,she quickly noticed how large the showers were. They had to hold at least 3 people in each,and that's with room to spare. She made her way inside the farthest one in the back and set her clothes out for when she was done. She picked the right one,she thought,this one looked like it hadn't even been used.

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  She didn't bother to lock the door,since no one else was there. She slid off her bikini top and bottoms,allowing her B cup breasts to be free,and her big,perfectly round ass out,it was her best physical feature. She bent over and turned to hot water on,and out it came. She didn't plan to be too long,a good five minutes should suffice. But she soon found herself to be enjoying this shower,so she decided to just wait until the hot water ran out. She let the water run down into her beautiful blonde hair,and down her body. She noticed later she had been in the shower almost 18 minutes,and the temperature hadn't even descended in the least. She knew she couldn't stay for too much longer,but she decide to give it 5 more minutes,and then she'd be on her way.

She was almost about done when. . . .

A figure came up from behind her and grabbed her,putting his hand over her mouth and using his other arm to hold her arms behind her. She tried to scream but it was muffled by the hand.

"Shut up,don't move,and nothing bad will happen,"the figure said in a deep voice.

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  Britt could tell immediately that this person was African American. She held her screams inside her as the figure continued to hold her,making sure there was no way out. The water continued to run,remaining at it's temperature. After about a minute,the guy put his mouth close to Britt's ear.

"Get on all fours. "the guy said. He loosened his grip on her. Britt did as she was told,and moved down into position. He then removed himself from her person,and then pulled out a handgun from his jacket. Britt caught a flash of the gun and immediately tensed,but made no noise as she knew it would be her end if she did.

"What's your name?"the man said to her.

"B. . . .

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  Britt"she said,her voice quivering.

"How old are you?"the attacker asked.

"Sixteen,"she replied.

"Wow,for a sixteen year old you've got a great body,"he said. "You a virgin?"Britt shook her head yes.

"Not after today baby,"she replied. He was in his early 30's,had a nice build but it wasn't impressive,and a thick deep voice. He began taking off his jacket,shirt,and his jeans,and his boxers. Britt saw a huge 10' cock,fully erect come out of the boxers. She quivered and shook as if she was cold,but the water,which was still on and still hot,flowed across her body.

"You don't mind me calling you baby,do you?"he said. "You see,I've been watching you all day. I saw you flirting with those boys down there on the beach. And I thought to myself,"what's a sweet,young white girl doing here by herself?". I thought I'd,ya know,take a try to find out,but then I said,Naw,she'll reject an older guy like me.

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  So,I'll just take my cake and. . . . (staring at her ass). . . . eat it too. "

He then got down on his knees and started playing with her. Easy at first,trying to see if he'd have to force it. Britt was scared out of her mind,there was no way that she could be turned on by anything at the moment. Finally,the man shoved his way in,making Britt scream and shiver from the pain. He then pulled in and out,and got in the doggy-style position,thrusting vigorously. Britt kept screaming,but the man didn't care at that point,he had what he wanted.

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  He felt himself begin to cum,but quickly pulled out and avoided it. He waited for himself to calm down a bit.

"Get on your knees and face me,"he said. Britt,still in pain from the pounding,did as she was told.

"Suck it,"he said,pulling her head toward his dick.

She took it in slowly at first. She had never done this before so she was a little slow period,and her fear made her even more slow.

    "Lemme help you out,bitch,"he said to her. He grabbed her head and shoved her whole mouth onto his cock,thrusting it back and forth. This went on for almost 18 minutes,and then he pulled it out,sending Britt gasping for air. While she was struggling,he went to his bag he'd left outside the door and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs and ankle cuffs. He moved Britt under the shower,right where the warm water hit her clit directly,and then cuffed her arms to two poles in the corners of the shower. He then spread her legs and did the same to her ankles with two poles in the other corners. The water hit her in there directly,she tried to move because of the pain,but couldn't. He then got on his knees,directly at her pussy.

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    "Let me get a taste,"he said. He wasted no time,shoving his whole tongue inside her,making her screech in pain. For almost 20 minutes,he teased her,and then attacked it repeatedly. She wanted it to stop,pleading with him. He got up and licked his lips.

    "Delicious,"he said. "Would you look at that,the shower head is detachable. "Britt's eyes got real wide as she noticed it too. He pulled it from the wall and examined it.

    "I bet you'll love this,"he said. He then took the head and shoved it inside of her,pulling it in and out as fast as he could. She screamed and moaned for it to stop,but he continued on anyway for what seemed like forever. He then stopped,leaving it inside her,and took his cock to her head,forcing it down her throat again. Though her movement was more limited,he continued to get the pleasure. Finally,he felt himself begin to cum again,but he pulled out of her mouth and stopped himself again.

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      He had one final plan for her. He unhooked her ankle cuffs,and flipped her around,putting her on her hands and knees again,only this time,he was going to something else.

    "You'll love this baby,"he said. He then shoved his massive cock in her ass. She screamed a bit,and he forced his way in and out of her. Britt continued her screaming campaign but to no avail. For 30 minutes,he continued to shove himself in her ass. He felt himself cumming again,and he managed to pull out. The cum came out and slid down the drain,never to be seen again. He then unhooked everything on her,except the shower head,still lodged in her.

    "Wow baby,you were a good girl for me. "he said. "I may have to try you again. " He slid on his clothes and walked out the door.

    Britt tried to remove the head from her.

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      She finally did,freeing herself from the pain. She got on her knees and turned off the water. However,before she could stand,she blacked out onto the tile floor. .