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Mom crowed back up the bed and into my arms where we fell asleep, we did not wake up until we heard Deb and Suzy scream Oh my GOD they Fucked!
I opened my eyes to see my two sisters Deb (17) and Suzy(16) standing at the foot of the bed. I just smiled, mom on the other hand said your brother has cum home for us, she stroked my cock and kissed me hard.
The girls just stood frozen in time! Mom got out of bed still naked and kissed all three of us then went in to the kitchen to fix dinner. As mom left the girls said what did you do? I took her and made her forget her pain. Then I got up with my cock simi-hard as I approached them. Before they could react I told them to come to me now, they said no again I ordered them to me and this time they came to me scared of what was to be fold them.
I took each of my sisters and pulled them in to my naked body and kissed them like they had never been kissed before. Deb was resending but Suzy responded and open her mouth to mine. Again I forced Deb to kiss me letting loss of Suzy I embraced Deb with my fullness. And lifted her up and on to the bed where I had taken our mom, it was still wet from our juices. Deb laid there staring at me like the rabbit to a hunter. With out looking I told Suzy to help mom and I would cum for her later. Suzy complied and ask if it was going to hurt, I did not answer her.
Deb pledged with me saying it was wrong to fuck her she was my sister. I grabbed her by the hair and forced her to look at me. Deb we are going to do this I will only give you the option of how much pain was involved.

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   I forced her to stand and strip for me, in the past 5 years she had blossomed into a good looking women. She had long brown hair, 5’6’ about 120lbs of hard body with a rack to die for 34D and I was going to deflower her.
I went over to her and grabbed her with my both arm around her tiny waist. John what are you going to do, was all she could say. I pushed her face on the bed and pressed her head down with my left hand and used my right hand to rub her clit and ass. She was crying very laud but I didn’t care she was completely naked in front of me. I continued to rub her fine virgin ass and clit. She was allowing me even though she was scared to do so. Do I need to take you like a bitch? I forced her face down harder and put my dick in the crack of her ass. I slap her on the firm ass until it turned red, she pleaded with me to stop it was hurting her. I tried to open her legs wider but she was a very strong girl she didn’t let me open her legs so I had to be a beast. She was not getting tired she knew she was going to be fucked by her bother and she could not stop it from happening. Then I put my knee inside her legs and pulled them open. I control her legs and opened her legs wide and with my knee forced them not to close again. Now with both hands on her ass I moved my self in the position so that she was trapped by me with her legs open for the deflowering ceremony.

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   She was crying and splitting at me but I was in total control now and she knew it. Well she was still trying to get me off of her but once my cock rubbed her ass and I told her I was going to ass fucker first. She said No John any thing but that. I then demanded surrender the pink or take it in the dink! She stopped fighting me and agreed. I wasted no time and place my dick on her pussy and rocked it along her unspoiled lips, slowly I moved the head of my rock hard cock in her love cannel as I did she cried very high and tear began to flow. Her pussy was wet and warm I easily reach her cherry but then I started slowly moving in and out making the moment build. I keep these up until I felt her getting wetter and moaning. I pulled out of her and turned her around and told her to lie on the bed. I climbed upon her and lay on top of her warm body. Whispered in her ear this was going to hurt at first then she would enjoy it. I then asked are you ready and she said yes and closed her eyes anticipating the worse. Once I was ready I told her to guide my cock in and let me know when she was ready for it. To my surprise she quickly grabbed my cock and lifted her hips to meet my meat. Once again I was in her wet virgin pussy but this time when I touched her cherry she rapped her arms around me and wanted it to happen. I pushed my cock in her breaking the last bit of resistance and make her a woman.

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   One last push and pop she was no longer a virgin! She gasped and whimpered as I drove in slowly but deeper to the core of her being. Once I was fully inside of her I began pumping her. She was frigged at first then she started to match my rhythm. Moans of pleasure started filling my ears as we began our journey to ecstasy.

Her hands and Legs joined in and pulled me deeper into her we were now lovers. As I increased my speeded she started to cum, her words filled the air hell the whole house now knew what she wanted. Oh Fuck me Johnny, fuck me harder! Any thing my baby sister wanted, I went deeper and harder. I fucked her brains out and I loved doing so. Each inward thrust brought her new sensations. Oh my Goddd Johnny I am fucken cuming! Yes fuck me fuck me. Then she grabbed my hair and kissed me and looked right in to my eyes and through her heavy breathing said oh honey fucken cum in me now I need it so fucked bad.
    Hell I needed it too, I lifted her legs into the air between us and rocked her world. My balls demanded relief, I could fell my seed flowing up my shaft to victory and just as I shot my load I pulled her pussy onto my cock and yelled do you want it Deb tell me you want it now. She cried out Yesssssssss! I filled her up good. We held each other so tight we became one.

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       Kissing her I was satisfied, she was not. She rolled me under her making sure I was still in her. She started to skews my cock with her pussy. In all of my life no woman had done this, I thought her pussy would bite my dick off.

    She looked down at me with an evil grin. She would skewing the lips around my dick and lift her self up milking the last drop of semen from me. Her hands where on my chest and her feet flat on the bed. as she did this I stayed hard, hell she keep the blood in my cock with her hungry pussy. I was starting to cum again, I grabbed her legs and said I am cuming baby keep it up.

    Some ware during this Mom and Suzy had entered the room and became Deb ’s cheerleaders. I heard mom say tare that Mother Fucker up baby while Suzy said hay sis leave some for me, all three started laughing. I must have passed out because the next thing I knew was Deb sucking my cock clean and saying bother I love the taste of your cock and cum, it’s my new lollipop.

    Deb stayed in bed forcing our juices out and taking them to her mouth. I got up and walked to the door, I looked back at Deb and said I love you Sis, she smiled and said Johnny I too love you and am yours from now on.

    Mom was now wearing a robe; I walked up to her and opened to admire her beautiful body.

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       With out hesitation she embraced me and kissed as a lover. As I held her I said we need to talk. She followed me into the living room as I sat in what was once my father chair mom sat on my lad and snuggled in to my chest. I told her Betty was selling her ranch and was moving in here with our Daughter Angela. Mom continued to listen we are going to be a family and make this ranch work for us. Deb and Suzy will go to college and become what every they wish I am now the Head of this house hold and asked if she had anything to say.

    Mom thought for a moment and replied. I love you son, and know you will always do what is best for our family. As far as Betty is concerned she has always been part of this family. She loved you so much she had your child my grand child. I was wrong at how I treated them and will make up for it when they move in. John, Suzy is in her room waiting for you. She and Deb have been on the pill for some time so don’t weary about that. Then she then looked at me with tender eyes, I am 37 and just as fertile as they are but I am not on the pill. I asked if she mite be pregnant by me, her response was so sincere, Would that be a bad thing honey? I said absolutely not mom, she smiled the largest smile I have ever seen and got up.

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       She laughed and said well stud Suzy awaits you and I thank I will help Deb with some clean up of the Masters room.

    As I walked past mom to Suzie’s room   I slapped her fine ass and kissed her cheek, there is always next time mom to make a baby! She smiled and oh yea stud.  



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