Bad Seed Returns


It has been 5 years sense I move in with Aunt Betty, or should I say Betty the mother of my 4 year old daughter. I truly just used pet names like honey and baby. In public I would always address her as my wife and she called me her husband, oh the looks we got would get us both in the mood.
She lost weight after Angela was born and we did everything sexual to please each other even anul neither of us liked it much but she took it like the champion she just to please me.
At the end of the day I entered the house and kissed my women of desire. Man she has learned to kiss. She told me a letter had come from my sister Suzy. This was strange because once the family was told Betty’s baby was mine (had to wait till I turned 18) they stopped talking to us. So we read the letter it was a tale of woo. Dad split with some “cock sucking whore” according to Suzy (who figured that, Mom never did suck cock) Deb and her were getting pressured to have sex with some jurks at school and Mom turned in to some wild bible beater that was driving her and Deb nuts.
I told Betty too bad, they made their bed now had to lay in it. She and Angela are my only concern! Betty rouse and knelt in front of me she started to stroke my cock and kiss me, Honey five years ago you took me and made me whole. Over that time we have had a child and in all of that time you have always been the best provider I know. Then Betty smiled with an evil grin. Their ranch is larger then ours the house has 5 bedrooms we can sell this ranch to use on the family ranch and there is three prime pieces of ass for you to make into completed women. I thought my heart had stopped or I was some wear else.

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   She was serious, and she continued they need a man like you just as I do. Then she kissed me so softly and smiled that the hairs on my neck quivered.
I laid next to Betty that night thinking about what she said and the more I thought about fucking my mom and sisters I got a hard on. I started to stroke it when Betty said oh husband of mine that looks tasty. I closed my eyes as she started to give me a blow job I heard her say your mom will love this. As I blew my load deep in Betty’s mouth I said let us do it!
It took a couple of days to get everything ready. I kissed Betty and told her I would see her later. It took a full day to drive the 300 miles to mom’s house. I spent Thursday night in a hotel and left very early so I could see my sisters leave for school on Friday. I drove right up to the front porch of the house. Mom opened the door to see who it was, once I told her I was home she freaked out. She started yelling bible quotes and calling me a vial bad seed monster. And told me to go back to that whore I had the bastard with.
Now it was my turn, I grabbed her and carried her into the house screaming she was yelling what are you doing? I laughed at her as I through her on the bed face down. I am Cuming here right in your ass.

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   She was a 37 year old rancher and put up a good fight but I was 20 and much stronger then her. I pulled out the rope from my pocket and tied her hands to the head rail of the bed and then her feet to each side of the bottom of the bed. She was crying what are you doing I am your mother. I again laughed bitch you said you had no son remember then I ripped her dress off exposing her bra and panties, then I took a knife I had and cut off her bra and panties sitting back to enjoy the view she cursed me through her tears.
I went out to my truck and got my suit cases and a bag of toys Betty and I used. I made my self right at home fixing a large glass of water I went back in to the bedroom to check on my price. I then sat down next to her and started small talk, How are you doing? How are the girls? And asked if she wanted some water to drink? She was tired by now and wanted untied now. I thought she was going to be harder then Aunt Betty so I opened up my suit case so she could see a large dildo I had. I continued to talk as I spread KY on it. She must have figured out what was coming because her ass tightened up but I forced the issue and slowly made my way in to her ass. I lightly touched the outer ring when she let out a vial scream of denial “Oh not that Please Not that!!!!! In it went Oh my God it hurts pull it out pull it out. In it went further she buried her face in the mattress and bite a hole in the sheets. I keep working it deeper in her back and fourth once it was in as far as I could get it I turned the vibrator on high and left the room after I kissed her cheek.
I went an pissed then made coffee, after I drank a cup I went back to see what progress I had made. I turned off the vibrator and slowly removed the Dildo and started rubbing her back she was happy to have it out of her and laid there whimpering.

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   I then took off my cloths she could see I was no longer a little boy. She turned her head away only after checking out my cock. I returned to rubbing her back and talking to her. I told her about her grand daughter Angela and how Betty and I loved each other. I told her I loved her also. Asked how I could say I love her and still rape her, my own mother. She kept looking away so I started to move my hand down and over her ass. She tried to pull away but the ropes held her in place. I moved my hand further down to her clit she held her legs tight to my touch. I keep softly rubbing and talking about how beautiful she was and how she must have been so neglected and hurt at dad leaving her to make ends meet. Raising two girls by her self must be hard. I heard her say it was hard at that I kissed her on the side of her neck. I could feel her legs relaxing as I continued to close the gap to her mound of pleasure. She tried to protect her clit from my hand but I was already there. She protested once more for me to stop because I am your mother.

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   I said look at me which she did after the second command. Your son is gone! I am her to stop the hurt just close your eyes and let me take your pain. She closed her eyes and went totally limp. I opened her clit with one finger, searching for her G-Spot. She moaned when I found it, I could now feel her moving her hips with a rhythm. I continued to tell her how beautiful she was and I was here to take the hurt away. I did this until she started to have an orgasm, then I intensified my action with two finger and going deeper. Once she came and my hand was soaked with her juices I removed my hand and she witched as I untied her. She did not move except when I laid next to her. I took her hands and kissed them where the ropes had been. I said I love you and she said I love you too Johnny. I kissed her full on the lips she tried to pull back but I pulled her closer and she closed her eyes once again and responded to my kisses. I continued the touching and exploring her body with no resistance from her only soft caressing hands as I kissed her nips she moaned and held my head in place pulling me in to her shaking and wanting more. I continued down her body kissing I moved my hand back to her wet clit as my lips meet hers her moans were stimulating me lighting a fire in me I had never felt before. I was tasting her juices as they gushed onto my face.

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   I continued kissing, licking and sucking her insides. The more I took the more I wanted. My finger joined in the course. She went wild, screaming for me to never stop. She wanted more her hands held my face in her pussy as she jumped about. She had never had an orgasm now she was having them one after another. Pleading with me to give her more I was so hard I had to climax us now. I pulled my self free she would not stop cuming as I climbed back in top of her, her hand grabbed my rock hard cock and she was demanding satisfaction from her lover/son.
Mom’s pussy was white hot and ready to feast on my cock. I slide it back in to my birth cannel, she was tight. 37, three kids and still a yummy mommy she took me and I wandered who was doing who. I remember when I watched her and dad have sex. This was not the same actions, she now demanded total satisfaction. My back hurt from her clawing and the hard fucking. I was not going to last much longer.

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   She started yelling Oh GoDDD dam it Johnny fuck me harder, fuck me like you do Betty! If only mom knew she was a better fuck the Betty.
I could feel my balls release their load so I shoved my cock as deep as I could and exploded in mom four times. She froze clinging to me for dear life as she felt my love pump in to her. We stayed that way until I was soft then I laid over on my back looking at my new women my mom. She rolled over and kissed squarely on my lips. She was mine and let me know it. She said from now own when ever or what ever I wanted she would do. I smiled and said clean my cock with her mouth and she did.   After I came in her mouth she did not let one drop go to waste.
She crowed back up the bed and into my arms where we fell asleep, we did not wake up until we heard Deb and Suzy scream Oh my GOD they Fucked!   .



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