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Before my eyes had shut I caught out of the corner of my eye, something movedoutside the window. I cautiously walked to the window and peered out. It must have been a dog or catI sat back down on the couch and continued back to my resting. I was very tired from my gymnasticpractice Friday evening. I laid back on the couch and fell asleep comfortably. I felt a warm sweaty taste on my mouth. I awoke and opened my eyes to find a tall black man covering my mouth. I tried to scream for he was suppressing my chess down with his large arm. I gasped and tossedmy legs in despair to get away somehow. but his strength overwhelmed me. He told me that he wasgoing to have sex with me and that if I screamed one word he would kill me. I shook my head no, and he pressed harder on my chest and mouth. He was going to suffocate me. I quickly nodded my head to save my life. He slowly took his hand off of my mouth and reached around his back pocket and pulled outa rope. This man appeared in his late 20's, wearing cut jeans and a flannel shirt.

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   He tied my hands together and then my legs. I was now on my knees looking up at his bulgingcrotch in front of me. He began un doing his belt and zipper. He immediately pulled out his black 7 inch cock. I couldn’t bear thinking of him putting that into my mouth. He shoved my head into his limp member, telling me forcefully to put my mouth on it. I was a petite girl. Only 5'4 98lbs blond hair brown eyes. My jaw hurtlooking at it. I then hesitantly put my mouth around his cock. It engulfed my whole lip circumference. I felt my lips were going to split. I took only 3 inches, tasting his precum on my tongue. I had never had and sexual action with a guy before. I had only seen a guys penis in my brothers porno magazine.

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   As I kept sucking on his prick, I could feel his rod getting larger. He told me to suck it harder. I tried to suck as if I was taking a drink from a straw. When I didn’t take in his cock far enough, he slammed my headinto his cock causing me to take all 18 inches of his fully erected penis. I tried to relaxed my throat muscles but it was just too much. I gagged and choked on his cock, feeling as though his 18 inch member was in my stomach. He made me deep throat for another 3 minutes. It seemed like an hour had gone by. He began to take my cloths off, ripping my shirt and braw in pieces. His large hands mauled my tiny breast. He sucked on them hard. I was in pain from his sucking power, causing my nipples to turn bright red. He then took me pantsdown to my ankles. He then picked me up and placed me on my back. I was going to get fucked.

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   My virgin pussy was in heat, soaking in my juices. Somehow I was getting turned on. The tall black man then stuck his head into mycunt. I could feel his warmth and the enormous size of his cock. He then spit onto my clit, telling me that I was his bitch. He didn’t hesitate, I rammed me so fucking hard I cried with tears. My pussy lips felt as though they weregoing to rip wide open. I clenched the carpet, trying to take my mind away from screaming for he might have killed me if I did. He fucked me savagely and then after feeling my hymen break it became a sensation of pleasure. I like taking 18 inches of cock in my cunt. I felt his cock hit the end of my tunnel. I was ready to cum all over the place. He pumped harder and harder and then I felt him start to shake and just then he shot his spunk into my pussy. His warm liquidseeped out of my over filled pussy. He then pulled his cock out and picked me up off my back.

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   Placing me on my knees, he made metake his cock into my mouth. It was drenched in his spunk and my pussy juice. I felt like throwing up. He then yelled for meto put it into my mouth or else. He picked his cock up and slapped me across the face, slinging cum all over. my face was know wet with his white strings of spunk. He forcefully put his cock into my mouth. I looked up at him, his face was filled with pleasure. He moaned as I sucked the last bit of cum left in his cock. I glared down and saw me looking at him and said, that’s a good little girl. He then pushed me off his cock making me fall to the ground with cum dripping from my mouth. As he put his cloths back on I laid there on the floor peering up at him feeling like a piece of meat. Just before he dashed out the doorhe whispered into my ear, "Grrrrrll, you fucked!" I began to cry, because I knew what he meant. I could be pregnant now. I laid on the floor, worried if Gabriel would wake up to find me here.

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   A while after, the parents arrived drunk and found me lying onthe floor naked. They were terrified and helped me up. The police came and filed a report and put a search for the man I described. After being raped I still babysat. I wonder if I'll ever get raped again? The sensation of being fucked felt so good, I want to get fucked harder next time. .



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