You know those days on which everything goes wrong? In Dutch we have a name for those days: 'Baaldag'. Well, today was a typical 'baaldag' for me!In the morning I accidently ripped my favorite blouse, which was beyond repair. At uni the professor lectured me about 'not paying attention' in class. In the grocery store some old bitch nagged at me because she didn't approve of the way I checked the banana's for the right ripeness. And in the evening my train was late, so I missed the last bus and had to walk all the way home from the station. And then it happened. . I was almost home, crossing the parking lot just around the block.

Suddenly I got dragged behind a car. I couldn't see who it was, since it was dark and he immediately pushed me down on the car. I tried to get up, but his strong arms held me down. With one hand he started messing with my pants. I tried to kick him, but he stayed out of reach and punished me by grabbing my hair and pulling it back hard. Then I felt the cold metal of a knife pressed against my throat. I figured it was a good idea to stop struggling. I didn't want to die.

bellalina athens greece 

  Totally panicking I started crying, but I didn't fight back any longer. I just lay limp on the car, letting him remove my pants and undies. A penis.