Ass raped.


My wife's words were ringing in my ears. As she left the house she said, - "You and those damn PJs well probably have to bury you in them" She was refering to the soft short legged PJs that at this very instant was being peeled down from my hips as the heavy body of his buddy lay across my back pinning me face down on to my tool chest. The chest only moments ago,I'd reached across to some branch pruners with every intention of cutting and shredding a few small branches of a fir.

The PJs? Well she had been right, I practically lived in them. Loose legged,soft and free when moving,but I also loved the free swinging sensation of my wedding tackle as I industriously laboured on whatever task I'd concluded was needing doing. - "Christ Bert,we'vegot a bonus here" - My eyes followed his out stretched arm. Oh Fuck I thought,why the fuck didn't I take that back in after she'd brought it out for me to apply some on the hedge trimmer blade the other day,she's always bollocking me about never putting stuff back in its place. . Fucking vasoline! that's all they needed.

Hey Bert,first we get in and find a bloke when we thought it was always a woman in here. That must have been his missus we saw leave. I told you that was the front door to this back,you fucking smart ass" Ha! Ha! Hey mate,your missus is very thoughtful looking out for you like that,how the fuck did she know we'd fuck you if she wasn't out here like other time we dog her" - I was confused,did he mean by 'dog her' that they were regular visitors to our secluded back garden,no it can't be,he seemed unsure who or where she lived. If she was being fucked by these two louts,they'd have recognised her.

I knew what was coming as I felt the other fucker behind me tug my PJ bottom down off my ass and felt his arm against the back of my thighs as he made the PJs first go down till they caught against my knee's. Then the hot end of his cock came up against my ass cheeks. "Joe,give his ass a good dollop of that grease,I want a fast slip up into this crack of his.

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   It was as tho' it was someone else's ass they were talking of as I watched Joe plunge his finger into the now open jar and pull it out with an exuberant amount of vasoline sticking to it.

Roughly his finger plunged up my butt hole and wiggled around inside. - "Hey bud,you've had a good emp' have you? Bert dont want shit stuck to his cock when he's finished fucking your ass and I like a slippery hole,but not one full of shit" - Stupidly. I nodding confirming my bowel was empty. -"You better hope so,or your tongue will get the privelage of suck your own shit off our cocks.

This crudness was lost to me in an instant as Bert stuffed my ass full of cock. I jerked and grunted as much as my body was able with this other brute laying like a slab of stone across my back. This was no gentle fucking, I was relieved to find my asshole or rather my rectum was deep enough to accommodate the penis,but as Bert pumped at me,it was only no more than a minute before with much thrusting and grunting,I felt my rectum getting a warm lubrication of cum.

He clung into my hips and concentrated on his orgasm as he finished himself with short hard jabs each time his cock spurted more cum up me. - "Fuck I needed that!" - My assailant gasped as he pulled his dick from my cum filled ass. - "Don't you fucking move you bastard,while we change places or it'll be the worst for you mate. I still lay waiting for my ordeal to end, okay,having been fucked,if this meant just another fucking then they were gone,get on and fuck me you queer bastards!

Of course,while thinking this I said nothing as the second knob pressed up inside me. I was now treated to a slow lingering fucking which to my surprise was getting me off. I knew my cock was hanging in full view outside my PJs. because Joes sac was slapping rythmitically against my own.

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   While now the tingling in my cocks tube told me my precum was coming from the end of it. I couldn't believe male rape would make me horny. As the shafting of my ass proceded,I wondered if this was why women were wary of rape because they also got off on the unrequested fucking being meted out to them.

    Pleasantly now a second load of cum shot into me as my new fucker was unloading his wad up my rectum. With his cock still deep in my ass, - "Hey mate,how long before your missus gets back,she'd probably enjoy what you've just had, She looked a nice piece of ass,don't you reckon Bert?" - "Yeah,nice tits as well by the look of it!" - As calmly as I could,I said, "You're out of luck there,we just had a blinder of a row and she's gone off to her mothers,probably for ever" - "No mate,leave her,she'll be back. Hey Bert,no point in hanging around,we may as well fuck off. - Bert chipped in, "Hey mate,nice tight ass that,no shit!" - He burst into laughter as he laughed at his own pun. - "Hear that Joe,NO SHIT! and its true,none on your cock and mine come out of his ass cleaner than when I shafted it up him"

    They just let me up. - "Thanks guy" - the slap on my ass cheeks stung like hell,but I just looked at them. - "Be like that then,tight ass! Hear that Bert 'Tight ass,fuck his ass was tight and all,hey mate bet you're slacker now" - Then they were gone. Two hours later,my wife returned to find me sat on the tool chest. - "Day dreaming were you? what's that on those PJs, you sat in something?" - She looked at me suspiciously, I know that stuff,that's cum. Frank you'll get caught one of these days,I know you ware the PJs because you can flop that thing of yours about trying to make me randy,but I've told handling yourself out the back even though we're not overlooked,someone's bound to catch you one of these days.

    No way was I going to tell her they had,much less that it was cum coming out of my ass or that I'd had a raping. Well would you? - It left me with a dilemma tho'- If or when the rapists return,will Stella - my wife - tell me she's been raped.

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       there was no way I was going to tell the police either,well even women shy away from that. - Could that be because I found it rather a pleasant experience?!