He walked into the house like he'd been there a million times, and went and looked around. There were already like 18-20 people standing around drinking random alcoholic drinks. He kept an eye out for any hot little chicks, but all he could find were the cheap little party whores that he was so used to seeing. Finally he scooped a beer from the fridge and went and sat on the couch to watch some TV. . Time flew by and it hit about 10:30, now the party was booming. People still flooding in through the door, some drunk or high already, just looking for people to chill with. He still couldn’t find any fresh meat to sedate his 'hunger'. After about 20 more minutes, the arrivals started to calm down and people started to get really trashed. He found one or two targets to feast on, but they were last resorts. He wanted something tight. . . preferably a virgin. . .

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  he wanted fresh this time. Almost as if godsend, he saw her. She was standing by one of the closets with a drink in hand, slowly sipping at it. He could tell that she was new and never had done this before. She was short with a nice rack and a tight little waist, accompanied by Long Red Hair and a full set of green eyes. His dick jumped with the thought of her little lips wrapped around his enlarged member. He knew it was now or never to put on 'the moves'. Cade walked over and smiled at the girl. She smiled back innocently, looking nervous, but at the same time curios. He reached out his hand a put it on her shoulder and leaned towards her and spoke into her ear. "Hey there, names Cade, nice to meet you", he spoke with a kind tone hiding his true sexual intent. The girl nervously turned and smiled. "Hi. . .

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  . my names Ann, Nice to meet you too" her voice was soft, and filled with innocence. Cade patted himself on the back in his mind. He thought how sweet it will be to hear her voice moan as he rams his cock in her tight little hole. "So, would you like to go someplace else and talk, its really loud here", he asks her. This was an old trick and he knew it, but she seemed so innocent he was almost sure it would work. Ann looks over smiles and softly speaks, "Sure that would be great". Her voice was so sure, so pure. He was sure she didn’t expect a thing. Cade reaches over and grabs her free hand and slowly led her upstairs to one of the bedrooms. Thankfully he picked an empty on first thing, and didn’t let her see what was going on in any of the other rooms. They entered one of the guest rooms, and she went and sat on the end of the bed. He closed and locked the door with a key he had scooped from downstairs earlier. He slid the key in his pocket and walked over and sat on the bed beside her. The room was oddly quiet, so he spoke up.

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   "So. . . uhh. . . do you come to these parties’s much"?She kind of jumped a bit and spoke in her mousey little voice. "Um, no, this is actually my first time. "They start talking about allot of stuff. Allot of stupid stuff, and this carries on for about half an hour until Cade starts getting impatient. As they talked, he had been moving closer to her, so he can make some moves. Finally after she had been talking for about 3mins, he placed a small kiss on her lips. She awkwardly looked at him and went to stand. She spoke up in a small weak and partially drunk voice "sorry. .


  . . no, I think I’m going to go back down stairs now"Cade tried to smile, but he was majorly pissed off. He listened to this stupid bitch talk for like half and hour, and now she wasn’t going to put out. He knew she was dumb. But not this dumb. She reached for the doorknob and turned it, but it was locked. She didn’t really know what to think, so she turned around to ask Cade to let her out. She didn’t even get the chance to say anything when his fist smashed into her stomach. As she bent inwards he reached out and grabbed her hair and yanked her head back and looked into her now teary eyes. "Now listen up you fucking little whore", Cade practically yelled into her face. "You aren’t going anywhere. You’re going to take my cock into your little fucking mouth and suck it. If you try any funny shit, I'll beat the fuck out of you. "Tears were leaking out from Ann's eyes, and down her cheeks.

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   It smeared her makeup and made her look even more like a cheap whore. Cade slowly pushed her head back harder and brought her down to onto her knees. She was crying harder now. Her body was wracked with sobs. Taking no pity at all, Cade ripped off her shirt revealing her tight beige bra to his peering eyes. The bra was a modest push-up bra, it made her breasts look allot fuller than they actually were. She was probly only a C-cup when it was off. Keeping on had gripping her hair, and keeping her body from falling over, he pinched at pulled at her nipples roughly. They quickly got hard with the stimulation and poked through her bra. "Oh, so my little whore likes it rough. Is your pussy getting all wet bitch?”With those remarks Ann started sobbing harder. As she sobbed, her breasts bounced up and down, rubbing her nipples on her bra making them harder. Cade's dick grew hard with all this, and now it was time for her to pay-up. So he grabbed her hair in his fist and pulled it again. "Hey, whore, have you ever sucked cock".

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   Ann just continued to cry, not even trying to answer; witch pissed him off really bad. He jerked on her hair harder this time. "Ugh, stop crying you stupid cunt and fucking answer me". Ann was rattled, but she didn’t want him to pull her hair again, so she tried to stop.
    "Now bitch, I asked you, have you ever sucked dick before?” Ann's eyes once again started to tear. Her body shook with fear, but this time she gave an answer. She slowly shook her head back and forth to say "No", for she was obviously too scared to talk. Her pleading innocence made him so fucking hard. His dick was ready to burst through his jeans. He reached to his pants with his free hand and pulled down his fly. His rock hard 8 1/2inch member jumped free into the room. He didn’t wear underwear, because it was too uncomfortable. After letting his dick free, his undid the rest of his jeans, and dropped them to the floor. He then took off his shirt so he was fully naked, standing beside the bawling Ann. Ann had stopped crying for a second when he got undressed, for she had never seen a guy naked.

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       Quickly she went back into her sobbing Fits, realizing what this meant. Cade slowly started rubbing his hand along his dick, and bringing Ann's face closer to his cock with the hand that was still laced in her hair. "Now, you’re going to suck my dick you dirty little whore. " Cade slapped his hard cock across her face roughly. Ann opened her mouth knowing it’s all she could do. Cade stuck his fingers in her mouth and pushed it open as far as it would go, and then slid his throbbing cock inside her mouth. He pushed it back into her tight thought and she gagged on it. Slowly he pulled out and then roughly slammed it back in. Ann was crying and gagging at the same time. He was viciously fucking her face and she couldn’t do anything about it. His hot cock pulsed in her mouth. It was growing harder with all her hot saliva covering it. He kept madly thrusting into her mouth, his cock forcing her mouth open wider than it can go. Then he felt the cum start to build, he could tell he was going to burst soon so he reached behind her and undid her bra and let it fall. Her nice tits bounced out of the bra, her nipples were so small and cute.

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       She had the perfect set of tits. . . to blow his load all over. He Thrusted into her thought a few more times, and then pulled his cock out. It was as hard as a rock and covered in her saliva. He quickly took his dick into his hand and started jacking off in front of her. After a bit more he lost it, he could feel the cum shoot from the end of his dick. It came out with a huge blast. He shot a bit on her face and then he shot about three more times onto her tits. Ann quickly crumpled to the floor in a ball of sobering tears. She was cum covered, and tear covered. After flicking the last remaining bits of cum onto Ann's sobering body, he reached down to undo her pants. . .

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      . Well, this is my first story here, There is a part 2 and when I finish it, Ill submit it!.