Angel Learns A Lesson


As I open the door and walk in I notice that the guys behind the counter is not the regular guys, so I give a little wave then begin to browse through the store. As I am browsing I realize that I am the only person shopping right now. I pick out a few items to try on and then hit the changing room. When I get to the changing room I notice the lock on the stall door is broken, but I think what the hell, and reach back and start to unzip my zipper. With a little shimmy the dress hits the floor and I bend over to pick it up, placing it on the little stand beside the door. I stand there looking in the mirror at my nicely rounded 36 c breasts and my trim waste. I reach over to grab the first outfit to try on, when I feel hands grab my arms and another hand slam itself over my mouth, muffling out my squeal of surprise. I try to struggle, to get away, but the hands holding me are persistent, leaving little room for escape. With my last hope I bite the hand that has planted itself over my mouth, only to be rewarded for my efforts with a hand-imprinting smack. I look into the mirror and recognize the two guys from the front counter. The guy with his hand over my mouth pulls me up against him, while the other guy reaches down to my panties, sliding a finger into the waistband, pulling them down and then off. The guy with his hand over my mouth, moves his hand, and the guy that has my panties in his hand reaches up and stuffs them into my mouth, then walks out, only to return with a roll of duct tape. After taping my mouth shut, he pulls my hands in front of me and tapes them together.

The guy that had his hand over my mouth shoves me onto the ground, onto my stomach then leans over and unsnaps my bra, then rolls me over onto my back. I lay there with my hands taped together in front of me trying to decide what part to cover, my breasts? Or my cunt?Before having the chance to make my decision, my arms are pulled up above my head and I am told to leave them there. Both guys stand over me looking at my body, occasionally reaching down to paw at my breasts.

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   I lay there thinking if they got an eyeful they would leave me alone, let me go. One of the guys reaches down pulling my legs apart, leaving me spread eagle on the floor with my arms stretched out above my head. With a smirk he kneels down in between my legs, using his fingers to spread my cunt open for a closer look. With no warning what so ever he rams a finger into my dry canal, I squirm trying to get away from the probing finger. Finally after what seems like forever he pulls his finger out of me, and lays down next to me, the other guy pulls me up by my arms and pushes me right on top of his friend, who reaches under me positioning his cock at my entrance. I try to keep myself from sitting on his fully erect member, but the guy grabs my hips and yanks me onto him, only managing to get a couple inches in before hitting up against my hymen. With a grunt he tells the other guy, man she ain’t nothing but a cock tease, her cherry ain’t even been popped yet. With a final pull on my hips he breaks through my hymen I shudder and collapse onto his chest when I feel the ripping pain fly through my body at warp speed. The other guy decides to take advantage of my position to get behind me. Running his hands around the globes of my ass, and then down to my crack, forcing a finger into my ass like it belongs there, I grunt and try to move away from his finger, only to have him smack me in the back of my head. Moving his finger around inside my ass he uses his free hand to unzip his jeans, pulling them down to his thighs. Pulling his finger out of my ass he uses both hands to spread my ass cheeks apart, then slams into me, I try to bolt straight up trying to get away from the pain radiating from my ass. He reaches up, putting an arm across my back shoving me back down, pushing his penis farther into me, but only able to get a couple inches into me. Grabbing my shoulders he jams the rest of his penis inside me, my squeals are muffled by the tape on my mouth. Soon enough they get into a rhythm, pushing in and pulling out, occasionally varying their strokes just enough to cause me continues pain.

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  The guy that’s behind me starts to increase his pace, breathing heavily he grunts then pushes himself fully into me, I feel him start to cum inside me, emptying his seed into my shoot, scalding my insides, then pulling his member out. The guy underneath me rolls me over onto my back. Then continues to thrust in and out at an ever increasing pace. Groaning he slams home, squirting his baby making seed deep into my awaiting womb. More to come, hope you enjoyed all feed back is welcome and appreciated.



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