Angel Learns A Lesson Part 2


I lay there for what seems like forever until they come back in, scooting my body as close to the wall and nearest corner I can find I try to hide myself from them, to no avail I might add. The tall guy with dirty blonde hair says to the other guy, did you move the van around to the back door? The other guy says yup sure did, lets get this bitch out to the van and then lets enjoy our two days off screwing the hell out of her. With that said they reach down and grab me up, kicking and trying to scream through the tape gag on my mouth, and then carry me out tossing me into the back of a gray van. The blonde haired man hops into the back of the van with me, while the other guy grabs the driver’s seat, starts the van and takes off. The blonde guy grabs me and pulls me roughly against his chest and starts to pinch my tits, flipping them, twisting them, it feels like he’s trying to tear them off. Using one hand, I feel him reach down and unbutton his pants, letting his straining cock bounce free from its confines. Letting go of my tits he grabs my waist pulling me up off the ground and onto my knees, pushing my back as far down as it will go making my face rub the floor of the van. With exploring fingers he starts to rub around my slit.

Then with one hand he guides his penis to my entrance, then he slams it home hitting my cervix and causing me extreme pain. With a grunt he pounds away at my hole like it is nothing more than a hole, made for his pleasure, for his use, varying his strokes never letting my body get used to his boorish thrusting. Groaning he grabs my hair shoving my face more fully into the floor of the van, cramming his rock hard member fully into me I feel it begin to grow and pulse and with a final grunt I feel him spray my insides with thick ropy strands of his cum. Then he pulled his member out of me, letting his cum drip down my opening and running down the inside of my thighs. With a barked out command he tells me to turn around and clean off his dick. A look of disgust flashes over my face, and when he sees this, he grabs my hair and smacks me, saying get over here and suck my dick like a lollipop you nasty bitch. I lean over, and my hair falls in the way, so with a shaky hand I push it out of my face and take his member into my hand. It feels moist, hard and soft all at once.

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   Swirling my tongue around the head I close my eyes and imagine I am sucking on a lollipop. I must have been doing something right because in record time I hear him moaning that he is about ready to cum. He grabs my hair more fully in his hands and shoves my face down on his member, I feel like I am choking as I feel it slide down my throat causing me to gag for air, he holds me down fully onto his member for what seems like ages before he starts to shoot his load down my throat. I retch trying to pull away but he keeps me pinned down until he has finished blowing his load, then he lets go of my hair letting me up. I lean over retching and coughing trying to get rid of the slime that coats my tongue and roof of my mouth. And then I hear the car stop and what sounds like a garage door opening…………. Part three to be coming soon, hope you enjoyed part two.