And she was nice enough to be mean part 2


Topic: And she was nice enough to be mean, part 2And she was nice enough to be mean part 2  Well some of you have read my other story called Forced into slavery, and it seemed you liked it so i'm going to attempt at another one. These stories are all fake and are conjured up from the imagination. I didn't know the names of the most of the equipment used in bondage so i tried to describe each scenery and happening precisly. I would as that as you read this story you let your imagination take a hold of you and imagine you being there and watching. Enjoy reading and please leave comments so i can better my stories. Mystiah looked in the mirror one last time and practiced her lines while putting on her fake smile. She had to get this to be perfect because if she showed one hint of hatred towards Jessica, then she might as well forget about her plan. She looked at her reflection in the mirror making sure her shorts were short enough to look sexy yet modest and her top showed some clevage. After making sure she was perfect, she grabbed her sandles and ran out the door to the beach. She'd been waiting for this for 3 years, she'd been planning for the caputre of Jessica for 3 whole years, and now, jessica's sexy pussy would be hers, hers to abuse and use. Hers to fuck in anyway she liked, and the thought of that made her pussy drip with the wetness of horniness.     She spotted Jessica at the beach easily, it wasn't hard to spot her seeing as she was the only one who was practically naked in her "bikini". She needed Jessica to be alone and that wouldn't happen seeing as how Jessica was surrrounded by her many friends. Mystiah sighed and grabbed a soda and headed towards Jessica. She had to make this look natural and acting wasn't her best aspects. She made sure she was by Jessica when She suddenly "slipped" on the sand and spilled her cold soda all over Jessica's boobs.

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   All at onces, Jessica's already erect nipples stood up more straighter. "I'm so sorry" cried Mystiah"What the hell is wrong with you bitch, now my nipples are all sticking out and crap" yelled JessicaJessia made of point of tugging on her nipples and lowering her bikini a bit more so the guys and girls could see just how big her tits were and how puffy and pink her nipples were. It was easy to see the guys were turned on by this and the girls were awefully jealous. "I'm so sorry, it was a mistake" cried Mystiah"Now my boobs are gonna be all sticky and weird". yelled Jessica, it was obvious she was pissed. "i'll help you clean up and lend you one of my bikini"Jessica glared at Mystiah for a bit before shrugging and walking off in the direction of the bathroom. Mystiah smiled as she watched jessica's shapely ass walk ahead of her, her plan was going just as planned. They made it to the bathroom without talking to each other. Jessica ran the water down her boobs and continued massaging her boobs till she thought they were clean. "Well, were is the bikini" asked JessicaMystiah stared at Jessica underneath her eye lashes with pure hatred, she wanted to just kill Jessica right now but she had to pretend she was nice. "Jessica, i actually wanted to talk to you" said Mystiah as she watched hornily as Jessica oiled her bikini covered boobs with sun tan lotion. "We haven't talked together since forever, and i kind of miss our friendship, i know you don't like me and you're popular and all but maybe we can just try and be friends. "    Jessica stared at Mystiah. Mystiah was gorgeous with Jet black hair, Pouty lips, large eyes that were like liquid jewels and so purple but it seemed there was always hatred in her eyes even when she was smiling, like now. Her boobs were about a 40 C and she had shapely hips and a nice ass.

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   She hadn't expected Mystiah to say this, she thought Mystiah hated her, but Mystiah looked so sincere now that she couldn't say no. "Well i guess we could try, i mean it is the summer before we enter university, a summer of opportunites" said Jessica brightly as she continued oiling her boobs. "Great, well i have two plane tickets to go to mexico. My parents gave it to me for my birthday, we'll get to stay in a hotel and go to the beaches and stuff, maybe even get our hairs braided, that is if you wanna come. I don't really have any friends, so i thought i'd ask you" said Mystiah. Jessica was suspicious, it almost seemed Mystiah had been planning this for a while, yet she looked so sincere so Jessica shrugged off her suspicions. Getting to spend the whole summer at Mexico would be amazing, she could get cheap brand name clothes, meet cute latino guys, and she could get a wicked tan just in time for uni in september. "Well i'll have to ask my parents but i'm sure they'll say yes, i can't wait" said Jessica. She hugged Mystiah impulsively. Her oiled boobs sticking to Mystiah's smaller onesMystiah was surprised by the hug but she basked in the moment feeling Jessica's puffy nipples rubbing against hers and feeling the slickness of Jessica's oiled boobs. Jessica stepped back"Well i gotta go now, my friends are waiting, wanna hang out with us"? asked Jessica"Nah, i gotta go pack, we're leaving on sunday"Jessica smiled once more and headed out the door her boobs bouncing with every step. Mystiah smiled evilly as she watched Jessica head out, everything was going according to her plan and even better, soon Jessica would be hers. Mystiah sat in the terminal with Jessica. They were chatting about their childhood and laughing at silly stories but all this was just part of mystiahs plan, she was faking her happiness. What she really wanted to do was pop Jessica's top and fuck her brains out wit her dildo in front of the whole world to see but she restrained herself instead.

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   They soon got on the plane and Jessica fell asleep with Mystiah staring at her pant covered cunt imagining if it would taste as good as she imagined.
    They soon got to mexico and this was were the climax of mystiah's plan would come into action. Mystiah called for a "taxi" that was on the side of the rode waiting for them"Take us to El hotel del Dolor" The driver nodded knowinlyJessica chatted non stop towards the long drive and as the cab pulled to the great house before them she suddenly stopped and stared at the spooky house with tinted windows, broken shutters, dying flowers, an unclean gutter. it was the worst house she'd seen, it looked so spooky and abandoned. "where the hell are we"? she asked"We're at our desntination said Mystiah"But this isn't a five star hotel" argued JessicaMystiah's facial expression suddenly changed from one of happiness to one of cold black hatred and Jessica was shocked at what she saw in Mystiah's face. Whatever it was, it meant bad news for her. "Shut the fuck up you slut, you're my slave now. You'll never see your parents again you nasty whore, and you're going to be mine until you're useless to me, then i'll kill you, for your sake, let's hope that's not anytime soon" growled Mystiah, with that she got out of the cab and spoke to the driver. Jessica was confused, this had to be some kind of sick joke. There was no way she was staying at this shit hole, yet she knew deep within her heart that what mystiah had said was true and she had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. The driver came and dragged Jessica off the cab and Jessica's head smacked against the ground with a thud. Before she knew what happened, she was knocked unconsious and dragged into the house, which was very far from any civilization. Jessica woke up with a pounding headache and with a dry throat, she was hungry and parched and as she tried to move her head she felt pain shoot across her body. She couldn't move any muscle in her body, all her body was strapped down to a board and she couldn't see. Without looking she knew she was naked.

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       Oh God, i was raped! she thought. She felt her legs which were spread right open and she could feel the pussy juices dripping from her hidden place. The scared vagina that she would let no one fuck because she thought she was too high and mighty for the guys in her school. Her nipples were in pain and she looked to see that they were clamped together very tightly almost ripping her nipples our of her boobs. She felt something in her ass and before she could figure out what it was she saw a figure in the darkness"Welcome to the house of horror, otherwise known as the house of pain. Here you will be used, abused, raped, fucked and sucked until every part of your body feels like it wants to die. You are now a property by the master and mistresses. I hope your stay here is very painful and sexually arousing because you will never leave. "  Jessica tried to scream but there was a ball gag in her mouth, soon the door was shut and she was left alone in the darkness her pussy juices still spilling out of her scared vagina and her nipples still hurting from the clamps. She was left cotemplating, thinking of a way to try and escape,Part three coming out soon, please please comment, i'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas. Also read forced into slavery.



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