Amber's Rape


As she pushes her laptop to the end of the couch, she stretched out and moan with the pleasure of it. She sat up on the couch and was ready to turn off the lights and TV to go to bed when she felt something on her neck and a hand on her mouth. A voice said "baby that was great, you can play with yourself in front of me anytime you want, and you can cum and cum and cum as much as you want. Now you are going to get what your heart most desires: to be treated like a whore, a slut, a no body, and you can cum and cum and cum all you want to baby. All you want. "Her first reaction was to try to escape, so she try to push herself out of his hold, but he knew she would try that, so he tighten his hold on her. She was scared of what he might do to her. She felt him climb on to the back of the couch for the couch wasn't push against a wall but was 18 feet from the door and wall. She saw black boots and jeans and felt him pushing her to the edge of the couch as he got settled on to it. He pulled her into him and she felt his cock hard from watching her get off on her own fingers. The man said "I am going to take my hand from your mouth, don't scream or it will your last scream and your last breath,” the man removed his hand. "Now baby, grab your laptop and lets read some of those stories that you get off on. Amber leant forward and grabbed her laptop and turned it on. While she waited for it to boot up, she try to figure out what exactly was happening. Here was guy, who she was pushed up against, wanting her to read a sex story. Who knew what he might want next.

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   When it was booted up she got back online and went to the site she was reading earlier. She felt the man kiss her neck and said "baby, now I want you to read out loud, and feel free to play with yourself, wait. . . I got a better idea, when you start to squirm; I’ll do it for you, but don't stop reading. "Amber started reading and after reading it out loud for a few minutes she felt her self getting wet again from reading. She tried not to have her hips move at all, but it was useless. After a few minutes of trying not to move, she started squirm her hips trying to relieve that ache inside of her. Then she felt this stranger's hand caressing her body as she had done earlier and then his hand slide under her pajama bottoms and then he found her clit and started to play with it by flicking it and rubbing it so well and within minutes she wasn't saying anything just moaning and humping this stranger's hand. But before she could cum, he pulled his hand off of her and she heard him say "you quit reading, so I quit, now read. " So she read until she squirms again, and she felt him on her clit again. Soon she finished reading it without cumming. "Now I want you to show me to your bedroom baby, and then I am going to do what that guy did to that slut, and I am going to treat you like the slut you are and then when I am finished you are going to thank me, and invite me back, again and again, to make you feel like the whore you are. Now, I know that you don’t want to do what I ask, so I’m going to say this once and if I have to repeat myself, think about not walking for a week. If you don’t do as I say, I will drag you into your room, fuck you, and then I will torture you that the only place suitable for you is a mental institute.

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  " Hearing that threat, she got up and showed him where her room was. When she felt him getting up behind her, he had grabbed something from behind the couch and she saw that it was a bag, but of what, she had no clue. When they were in her bedroom he turned her around and she got a look at him. He had black jeans and a black shirt on. His hair was black and his eyes were a green, like sea green. He wasn't so bad to look at, if only he wasn’t doing what he was, she might think him sexy and would want him to fuck her, but he said he was going to treat her like a whore and a slut, but she wasn't any of those things. She was just a woman who loved sex. "Now baby, I want you to go put on a song that you can strip to, and then you will strip those clothes off and then you will strip me of my clothes. " She went to her CD player and put in 2 different CDs, Tim McGraw’s set this circus down and faith hill's Breathe. She set her stereo so only “Let Me Love You” and Let's Make Love would play and play them over and over again. As soon as Tim started singing “Let Me Love You,” she started to dance for this stranger who was going to treat her like a slut, but wasn't she already doing that by striping for him and then striping him. She ran her hands up and down her body, grabbing the bottom of her top. She pulled on it as her hips rolled from side to side. The fabric slide against her body, which made her nipples harder then what they were. She pulled the top up and when her head came out, she tossed it corner of the room.

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   The pj bottoms she had on, she just slowly started to slide them down her body. Soon she stood naked in front of him. By the time Tim finished sing that song faith's voice could be heard, she had him undress. "Ok, baby, now you and I, we are going to have some fun. . . I hope you like all we do tonight, because I will be back tomorrow. Now I want you to get on to the bed” as she got onto the bed she saw him pulling things out of his bag. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and then he walked towards her. He grabbed one hand and cuffed it and then pulled it up to the headboard and grabbed her other hand and cuffed that, now she was cuffed to the headboard and there was nothing she could do to stop this man from taking her. "Now you are mine to do as I please, and baby, there ain't anything you can do about it. Now I could spank you for not following my directions about not stopping read what you were, but I can thing of something that would be a better punishment for it" he walked back to his back and pulled out a whip with a long handle and he turn back to her. "Now baby, I said I won't spank you, which means I won't whip you, but this isn't a normal whip, it is also a vibrator, not what I want you to do is open those white long legs of yours and we are going to enjoy your punishment. " As he stepped close to her, she opened her legs for him, and when he got close enough to her, he let the handle slide over her body and she started so squirm, and he left the handle land on her clit, but slide it down further until it reached her hole, he slide it in a bit but then kept going until her reached her ass, and pushed it into her ass quickly and then he turned it on, and as he put pushed it in, he heard her scream with pain. She never had anything stuck up her ass before and it hurt to have this handle in her ass vibrating in her sore ass.

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   It was only in her ass for a few minutes, but still it was in her ass. "Now, my slut, you are going to please me, all night long, and then tomorrow night, and then as long as I want you. Now tell me what you want me to do to you""I want you to leave me alone and not bother me, not to take me as if I am a slut and nothing more, because I am more than a slut, and I am not your slut. " Amber said. "Well, you are my slut, to do with as I please, and I will do anything that I want to you. I can torture you or I can please you, I can and will do anything I want. " And with that said, he hit her with the whip. " Now my slut, tell me what you want me to do, it is either pleasure for you or pain for you, if you say you want nothing or for me to leave you alone, then you pick pain for you and pleasure for me. Now chose"Amber lay cuffed to the bed still shocked he had hit her with that whip; it didn't hurt much, but knew he hadn't hit her that hard. She looked up at him and didn’t say a word, but she opened her legs and started to rotate them around and around on her bed. She was humping the air, having the bed go up and down as she did this. "I will take pleasure" was all she said as she humped nothing, until she felt him place the handle of the whip into her and turn it on. It wasn't very thick or long, but it vibrated and her cunt muscles clutched it and she humped until she moaned. Before she could cum, he pulled it out of her and hit her cunt with it and she screamed in pain and pleasure, for that one hit pushed her over the edge. "Now my cunt, yes you are nothing but a cunt to me, we would have my pleasure.

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  " He climbed onto the bed and just thrust into her. She screamed in pain and he started to fuck her. In and out and in and out, he knew that she wasn't use to have a cock his size inside of her for he was 10" long and 2" around. Soon he cummed into her body as she laid there looking like she was just raped, which is exactly what happen. He had raped her and he will do it again and again. He laid on her for some minutes before getting up. He cleaned her up, and then disappeared for 20 minutes. When he came back, he said "Now, cunt, we are going to have some real run. I am going to watch you rape yourself. How you are asking yourself, it’s easy, I am doing lay on my back and you are going to ride me until I am finished with you. " He un-cuffed her only to cuff her hands behind her which made her breast stand out. He laid on his back his cock standing up knowing it was going to get a cunt soon. Amber got onto him and put his cock into her and started humping it, up and down and up and down, raping herself instead of him doing it. With her hands tied behind her back, he held onto her hips, making sure she didn’t have him pop out of her. Her clit rubbing itself onto his body, making her cum, she had screamed her pleasure.

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   Still pumping her legs up and down on his hard cock, for what seemed like hours he cummed, but not before she had cummed a few times herself. After this stranger had make her fuck herself on him, he kissed her and cuffed her to the bed and said lets get some sleep, because in a few hours baby, you and I are going to play a game, and I hope you like it, because I know I will. A few hours later Amber woke up with being kissed, but she was still half asleep, and arching her back up to the kisses on her body and when lips touch her lips she moan out loud and woke up completely. The first thing she realized was she was still handcuffed, but this stranger was making love to her, not fucking her, but that changed quickly. He un-cuffed her and had her get on her knees saying "ok, bitch, if you are going to act like a slut, you should be fucked like one. " and with that he thrust into her ass. As he raped her ass, Amber felt her self being turn on. One of his fingers had found her clit, and was rubbing it. Being treated like a bitch was really making her wild and pushing herself into him. It took him awhile to cum, but once he did, he just kissed her and said, night baby. .



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