Topic: Amber    She admired her flat stomach in the mirror, her hand passing over the soft skin. Smiling she felt her hand moving up and cupping her breast through her light bra, her nipples were aroused by the texture of the silken fabric against them. She passed a loving hand over her smooth creamy stomach again smiling.    
    “Not too shabby” she spoke softly.
 She felt her hand passing down lower onto the black silky underwear she had on, her finger pressingly lightly where it felt good, she took a sharp breath and bit her lip, wishing she could plunge her fingers deep inside, and ride herself to orgasm, but she was late. She grimmaced as she knew she couldnt waste time, but with the promise of satisfying herself this evening after school she managed a smile.

Looking to the clock she spoke softly.  
    Amber was late again. Ever since she had started to develop her womanly curves over the summer she had been drawn to the mirror every morning to admire them.
        Her favourite though was her flat stomach, she loved the look of it, the feel of it, she liked to imagine a mans tongue running over it, across the flatness, leaving a silver trail from her breasts to the dark hair beyond.
   She had been a late bloomer its true, but now she had it seemed she had started developing almost overnight, every morning she would look at her new womanly body and appreciate Humming softly to herself she grabbed a slice of toast from her Mums breakfast plate and after giving her a kiss flew out of the door to catch the bu
   Today was no ordinary day, today was the first day back after the summer holidays, and she could hardly wait to see the looks on all of the cute guys faces when they see she wasn\'t flat chested anymore.
     She had been so depressed at the end of term before the summer, nobody knew a girl of her age to not have started developing yet. Not even herself. But after surfing the web she had found websites explaining that different people take different amounts of time to develop. This had placated her a little.
      She eyed the front doors through the window and could hardly keep the smile from her face as she saw some of the cute guys who would stare at her so very obviously as she walked past.

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 "Aloof” she told herself as she stepped off of the bus and sauntered towards the main entrance.
    Their stares were obvious, but then it wasn\'t only the boys staring, the girls eyed her with jealousy. One girl named Janine shouted out to her.
“Nice implants”
Amber didn\'t bat an eyelid, she carried on walking and shouted back at her.
“100% natural, unlike your Janine look as if she could murder her, but Amber didn\'t notice, she was too busy being shocked at her  newfound confidence.
    That day Amber made new friends, and lots of old enemies decided to hate her even more. Janine was one of these.      After noticing most of the football team had been eyeing Amber all day Janine approached the cutest guy, who soon shooed the rest of his companions off.
“You want to fuck that, don\'t you?” she asked.
    He nodded and flashed her a winning smile.
“Meet me on the corner by the ice cream shop after school, ill sort something out for you”
    He smiled wider and winked at her.
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