Always Be Careful, when you accept a lift from a stranger, you never know what might happen...!!


This Forced Gay Sex, Slave, and all totally Made up, please enjoy it,
Some years ago while hitch hiking around Europe, I got a lift with two Belguim men, they opened the car door,asked where I wanted to go, Ghent I said, ok they said get in and the front passenger got out and I slid into the front seat next to the driver. The man who got out then proceeded to get back in ,it was a tight squeeze on the bench seat. .
Off we went down the road , we got talking about many things,they spoke excellent English, and the subject soon got around to sex,well at 18 years old,very inexperienced in that field,I was getting quite exited,and my cock was getting hard and grew in my pants. What I had not realised was that these two men were Gay, well they prefered straight men, and after traveling about 18 miles,the man to my left who was about 27 years old, put his hand on my thigh and started to rub the inside of my leg. Excuse me I said,I am not that way inclined, he took no notice of my protests, and continued to put his hand onto my flies and drew the zip open. . . . . Your thinking why did,nt I move my arms ,well they sorted that problem very quickly, by having me sat in the center position, as soon as I moved forward they moved each behind there back, and I was stuck. So there was nothing I could do to prevent them from touching me.
The driver of the car, took a right hand turn and followed a dirt track, he drove for about a further 3 miles and stopped, in the meantime his buddy had taken my cock out my pants and started to rub the end very gently, giving me an even greater hard-on, he then bent his head and started to suck my cock, which begining to ooze pre-cum. By the time the car stopped he had very carefully removed my jeans to ankle level, and had brought my under pants down below my knee,s , so I was sat there with one very hard cock ,partially naked ,with two very horny men , who announced that their intention was to fuck me . . .

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  . . .
When the driver stepped out of the car both my hands were released , and I got out trying to run,but of course I tripped over my own trousers and landed in a heap on the floor. . . The taller one of the men lowered his body on top of me ,pinning me to the ground, his pal had taken his own trousers and underclothes off ,and put his hardening dick on the my lips, I was,nt really in a position to argue and the pressure of the other mans weight of my body,was getting very heavey,and I open my mouth to try and capture extra air,I caught his cock, in it came, and the man held my head quite tightly,and proceeded to fuck my mouth. He took my right hand and told to fondle his balls, I did as I was told, the other man got off my body, he removed all of his clothes , came and laid down beside and started stroking my cock again, Then he realised that I had two hands, he released my cock and moved into a position were he could access my other hand and told rub/stroke it. I did just that and started to rub his cock very fast, he did,nt need much encouragement ,I quickly brought him off and his sperm came out and covered my face, and dripped off my chin, and onto my chest, His friend saw what happened ,his quickly came himself, and held my head even tighter, and exploded inside my mouth, most of which I was forced to swallow, the rest just slipped out of my mouth onto my chest with the other. . . . . . I took my own hand and placed on my cock and wanked myself silly, I needed to cum, they just watched, wanking there own cocks back to an erection, I came floods of sperm, It flew out of me ,up my chest , and just dripped out.

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  ,The taller of the men, bent down beside took my now flacid cock,and started to suck it,cleaning off my sperm and giving a slow wank, his own cock was hard again,and they order me to lie on my belly, I turned over, and got on the my knees, & the shorter one got down and started to finger my arse, he was putting his finger in with longer strokes and encouraged my arse to become wider, . . .
Well his now very hard cock found its own way (Just like a homing pigeon) up my bottom and into my anal passage, and with his right hand ,he manouvered me into a position where he could stroke my now hardening cock, he started to whisper in my ear, that he would like to cum the same time as him, and he really started ram his cock into me,I had never had this type of sex before, and I can honestly I was,nt aiming to repeat it, . . .
He suddenly pulled his cock out of me ,quickly to be replaced by his friends cock,that was even bigger, and I was lifted off the ground to a 45 degree angle, still being fucked,and now finding a hard cock entering my mouth as well, I started to wank my own cock it was ready for a nice pussy, (Girl), that was not going to happen. My arse shagger was begining to wind up like a coiled spring and with a swift grab of my hips,unleashed torrents of hot spunk inside me, he kept comming,it seemed endless ,but at last his cock plopped out ,and his friend came in my mouth,with gusto,spunk everywhere, I did,nt like the taste and I cannot abide the smell, but that was not stopping them .
    . . . . .
    When they had finished with me,I heard them say that I could I would make a good sex slave, and they would enhance their collection, Im not a bloody ornament, I said, shut the fuck up, the tall one said,you will do as you are told, get yourself dressed,and get in the car, back seat. Well I had to do as I was told,as I had no means of getting away from them especially in the middle of nowhere,I felt that if I went along with their order I could find a way out at a later date.

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      . . . . . .
    We drove for about an hour and a half,through towns and the countryside, until we came to a rather grand affair on the left hand side of the road, they turned into and drove up a long drive, it ended at a large Mock Tudor house, with leaded windows, a large front door, with a great big over sized brass door knocker. . . . The tall man got out of the car to be greeted by a youth of about 18 years old,hello Sir he said, the youth had some type of ragged uniform on, then I realised it was a large cloth flap which covered his genetalia, and as he came down the short step the man lifted the flap and openly fondled the youths cock, he said I hope you have,nt been wasting any of your spunk have you ,and with that statement squeezed his cock , No Sir,I have,nt touched it, the man then turned his attention to the youths arse , bend over slut he said,he bent over and the man felt inside his arse cheeks, and then smacked bottom hard,the youth winced, and said nothing, he straightened himself up and went back inside the house. .
    They called to me to get out of the car, he said there is one rule which you will obey,you will do exactly as we tell you,and you don,t masturbate, your spunk is for our pleasure only, do you understand, I nodded Yes. . .

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      Now go into the house and speak to (A2) you are going to be known as (A9), and you will refer to us as SIR1 & SIR2, off you go (A2) will tell you exactly what is expected of you,.
    Do please write a reveiw of this my first Complete Gay Story, is it good,bad or indifferent,and should I write chapter 2,