Alexis and Maddie, part 3


I was like a kid waiting for Christmas, waiting for the next Tuesday to roll around so I could see and fuck Alexis again. Fortunately, in addition to the little audio recording that she knew about, I also had three different, hidden video recorders going—I wanted to make sure I somehow captured every minute of her, her beauty, and her nastiness. So I spent the bulk of my week watching her videos over and over and over, editing them, manually zooming, and re-living “Alexis the blackmailing cum slut”. For our next adventure, I decided to make things a little easier and just go commando so it would be easier to release the one-eyed monster when the time was right.
As usual, the doorbell rang, I heard the typical female voices laughing and carrying away, and I just couldn’t wait for two more hours to pass by, I wanted her and I wanted her now. I went upstairs to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee and check on the girls. After 2 weeks of redecorating the great room, they had moved on to the guest bedroom—like I really cared what that empty, never used room looked like. As I said hello, Alexis, Maddie, and my wife all greeted me, but Alexis barely made eye contact. I could tell Maddie was pissed, so when I left to go back to my office, she quickly excused herself and followed me.
“Just who the fuck do you think you are?!How dare you try to blackmail Alexis! How dare you try to stiff us and our system! You are going to get on the program or else!” Maddie might be petite, but her lungs were fully developed!I told her she needed to calm down and apologize and I only accepted apologies from naked women. She proceeded to unload another round of verbal assault until I stopped her cold. “Just listen you little cunt. You know and I know that what you have been doing is wrong, is illegal, and I’ll play you just a little of the evidence that I have no problem sending to the DA, the local TV station and the FBI”. With that, I pressed play and she began to listen as Alexis spilled the goods on both of them, with details about how much money they had illegally extorted, Maddie became speechless, just as Alexis had gone speechless.
“Now, I highly recommend that you slowly remove your clothes so I can see firsthand how tight your little body is. And, I sure hope that your nipples make up for the little, bitty tits that you have hiding under that shirt.

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  ” Her face reddened as she replied, “There isn’t anything wrong with my body, it has commanded over $2500 per hour with the right guy and I can’t believe that you think you are going to get it for free. ”As she removed the shirt, I told her to remove the bra, but to keep the skirt on. She was right, they might only be B cups, but damn they stood out straight, had the perfect pear shape, and her nipples were a good ½ inch and not even hard yet.
I walked over to her, and grabbed her hair, jerking her head backwards. My lips found her neck as my hands started twisting those nipples. My mouth went up and down her neck, down to her breasts and then back up her neck until our lips were locked. Grabbing her arm, I led her to the back wall (where I knew at least two of the cameras would pick up everything), and shoved her against the wall. I raised her skirt—there is just something about seeing a fine ass poke out from under a skirt!—and began to massage and admire her ass. I thought Alexis’ ass was firm—this little bitch’s was rock hard and perfect. As I spread her legs, I pulled her thong to the side as my hands began exploring her. I had her reach back and spread her own ass cheeks and push her ass out a little as I began to play with a very moist little pussy.

She, just like Alexis, began to protest when I played with her arse, but her little tiny opening was just begging for some attention, so I had her suck my finger, then I inserted it gently into her arse. She tried to muffle her scream a little, but with one set of fingers working her pussy and one finger ass fucking her, she hadn’t seemed to turn the corner from pain and humiliation to pleasure.
I stopped, and had her bend over and grab her ankles. She did—easily she did.

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  This was one flexible little slut. I told her not to let go under any circumstance and I dropped my pants and my cock immediately shot out, given that it had been hard for almost 18 minutes now. I rubbed it all up and down her crack, pausing at her ass, but just briefly as it went to the opening I wanted today. As I rubbed it round and round her little cunt, it just didn’t get wet—for some reason her juices weren’t flowing yet. “Maddie, we have two choices here. I can shove it in dry and it might hurt like hell, or you can suck me to get me wet before going in. ”With that, Maddie repositioned herself and began covering my cock with her saliva. I had to be careful not to explode right then and there, and when she thought I was wet enough, she bent back over without further instruction.
My God she was tight like this. This almost reminded me of my first time when I was a Senior in High School and I nailed the 18 yr old JV cheerleader. Same tight little body, and with her legs together, it almost felt like I wouldn’t make it all the way in her. But I did and boy did I. “Maddie, you were a bad girl when you yelled at me. You need to be punished. That’s why your master isn’t going to take it easy today, do you understand?”She did, and with that, the strokes were long and deep and as I hit the back of her vagina, I still had about two inches that wouldn’t seem to go in.

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  But I tried—pulling out and ramming it in harder and harder until with one final thrust, I got it all in, but knocked her over in the process, with the two of us landing on the floor. As we fell, I began exploding and while the first couple of streams went inside, the rest of it landed all over her and her pushed up skirt.
Maddie might have been pissed, but she at least had a good time. “Cum Slut #2, did you come?”She shook her head no. “If you’ll lick every bit of my jizz up, I’ll eat you until you cum, but it better be a hell of a show. ”She smiled, and proceeded to scoop and lick and suck every drop of cum off of her. Then spreading her legs, she said, “your turn to keep your promise, Master. ”

God she tasted wonderful!She had a little bitty, thin landing strip over her clit and just loved it as I gently rubbed and put pressure on that while eating her out. From my angle, I could rub my nose on her clit, tongue her and have a couple of fingers inside working the Gspot while having one finger in her arse again. This combo just drove her crazy!When she started gyrating her hips, I knew she was close and repositioned into a 69 so she could suck me while I finished her off. As she started clinching her legs around my head, her juices finally came, and boy did they come gushing!She fucking soaked my head but it was delicious! **I might have to have a contest to see if hers or Alexis’ juices taste better!
I finally released my second load and this time, she swallowed it all down, not letting one little drop escape her mouth. We just laid there for a minute, catching our collective breath when we heard Alexis yell down the stairs, “Maddie, have you collected the check yet?”In fear my wife might be close behind, we quickly got dressed while Alexis finished walking down the stairs. “Fuck Maddie, it doesn’t look like you “fixed” our little problem. You said you could handle this. What the fuck happened?”Smiling, I simply said, “Maddie knows the evidence is way too much—she knows you two little cum sluts would go to jail for decades because of you bragging last week.

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  I have some rules that we need to go over but not now. My wife volunteers at school on Thursday so I expect to see you both Thursday at 18 to go over how this is going to work. Before you leave, Alexis, bend over the desk and show me the crotchless panties that I told you to wear. ”
As she bent over the desk, I raised her skirt and spread her legs. “Good job my little slut. You obeyed but Master doesn’t have a lot of time left today. “ Inserting a finger into her cunt, I heard a little moan and realized she was wet already. As I fingerfucked her for a minute, I then told Maddie to suck Alexis’ juices off my finger. She hesitated just a little, but did so. “The two of your give your master a kiss and get the fuck out of my office right now, but don’t dare be late on Thursday do you understand?”I got two very sloppy, wet kisses and they both disappeared upstairs—without a check today!
I can’t wait for Thursday.



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