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i wasfinishing my last delivery of the day and was on my way home,
as it was so hot i decided to pull into a car park at a woods i knew and have a rest . until the traffic dies down a bit,
i got out of my van and had a walk around
i walked for about 5 minutes and found a small area of grass that was almost surrounded by bushes,
i sat down for a rest and took my shirt off, i laid there for a few minutes the sun was getting hotter so i decided to take my jeans off to,
i laid back down and just relaxed in my boxers,
I w as there about 30 minutes when i heard some voices
i grabbed my jeans but before i could put them on 4 girls walked through the bushes and was just in front of me,they were about 18 yrs of age all fairly slim and all looked sexy,
i placed the jeans over my crotch area and sat up , i could feel myself going red with embarrassment, they stopped and asked what i was doing, i said just sunbathing, you a perv asked one , no i am not i said, they then walked closer and stood around me, you look like a fucking perv said another, well i am not, i replied, i reached out to grab my shirt and one stood on it, get off i said, make me said the girl , now i know i am not biggest of men weighing 9.5 stone and am fairly thinbut i was sure i could force her of it, please get off i asked, but they laughed saying you fucking pervert wimp,i went to put my jeans on and as i put my foot out to slide in the leg one girl grabbed them and started to pull them away i held on trying to pull them off her,then another girl joined in and as they pulled i fell forward so i was on my belly,
i kept hold of my jeans stretched out when one kicked me in the ribs i quickly let my jeans go to hold my side, what the fuck you doing i said, as i rolled over to face her,, the girls who took my shirt and jeans then threw them high into a tree and they caught on a branch, i got up to go and get them, as i reached up trying to get them the girls notice my cock in my pants, whats that they ask laughing at its size, my little brothers bigger than that, said one,
then as i jumped again to try and get my clothes one grabbed my pants at the back pulling them down a bit i quickly pulled them up as the girls were all laughing at me,come on show us you cock they were shouting, give us a laugh,i eventually reached my jeans and tried to put them on, but as i lifted a leg two girls pushed me so i fell over, then they all jumped on me until i was laying on my back my hands and legs held down,one girl sits on my chest holding meas another started to pull my pants down, please don't i begged come on you have had your fun now let me go, they are all laughing as my cock is exposed it is only 41/2 inches long and fairly thin, , that's a boys cock one shouted, i could feel a hand on it squeezing it hard and pulling it up and down, this way and that, then my balls were squeezed hard making me yell out in pain, do it more shouted one to the girl doing it make him scream again, and again she squeezed them hard and twisted them, i was screaming out stop stop please, his crying said the one sitting on me, they all stare at me aw poor little perv, you in pain, said one,
then the one sitting on me started to pinch my nipples as hard as she could again i screamed out, as she kept holding them for what seemed ages,
as she did another girl was slapping my balls, getting harder each time,
then one girl said hold on i have an idea, and she went and got my jeansand removed my leather belt, roll him on his back, the girls all pulled me over and again one sat on my back as the others held my arms, then the one with the belt knelt down by my side, and suddenly i had a Sharpe hot pain on my bum as she whipped me with my belt she kept doing hard and fast as i screamed out,she kept doing it as all the others were laughing shouting for her to do it more and more, my bum starts to bleed but she carries onhe is really crying a lot now said one holding my arm, good said the one whipping me, now roll him back, and as they dothey pull my legs open wide, she said over my belly and whips my balls making me jump and shout out, please i am begging you stop plea see i have some money in my van you can have it please just let me go, again and again she whips me, when she stopped i just laid there with the girl sitting on me where are your keys one asked in my jeans i saidwhat car is it i told them its the white van and she went off leaving the other three theremaking sure i couldn't get up, it was bout 18 minutes by the time she come back with my wallet, she takes out the £20.00 in it and also my bank cards,she ask me for the number and i say no , OK she said we will have to try and make you say it, take his laces out of his shoes she tells one, and she does it now tie his hands behind him which they do, that better we can have a rest now one says, and they all stand over me, as i look up at them one shouts out his looking up my skirt the perv, was you asked another no i said in a quiet petrified voice,i think you was, she replied, OK said the one with the money , if you can tell us what colour her knickers are you can go if not it means you want to be punished more, i knew they was green as i had seen them several times in the struggles , so i told them green, are they they asked her yes she said i told you he was a perv, you like looking up girls skirt do you another girl asked i bet you do it all the time, no i said, shut up she shouted at me, you want to see up all our skirts don't you she asked no i said, you must be fucking gay then to she , any normal guy would love to see up our skirts , or is it your little cock will shoot its Little spunk bubbles out,bet it doesn't even work said another, lets see then she said, stand over his face she said to her friend and as i laid there she put a foot by each ear, now look at her i turned away , not wanting to do as they said when one grabbed my balls again squeezing them hard, now fucking look or i will rip the fuckers off, i looked up that's better she said, now tell me what you see, her knickers i said, what colour are they white i said, do they look sexy , yes i said afraid to disagree with anything she wanted, bet you wish you could fuck her don't you yes i said, you think your little cock would satisfy her, no i said and again my balls were squeezed, yes yes i shouted, lets see what you can do she said, and she lent over and undid the girls skirt letting It fall on my face,
as the girl took it off she knelt over my face her knickers inches from my mouth, you want to lick it don't you yesi said, poke your tongue out i was told and i did as the girl lowered herself on to it, now lick her knickers , i rubbed my tongue against the material,wank himshe told her other friend and i felt a hand around my cock starting to rub it , then the girl kneeling over me pulled her knickers to one side now lick it she said and make it good, i again pushed my tongue out as she pushed down hard on my face i licked her pussy lips up and down before my tongue parted her lips and just entered her hole, his getting hard said the girl wanking me, not much bigger is it fucking pen would be better said the one giving instructions,
sit on it she told the one on my face and she moved down and sat over my cock, it went straight into her, as she lowered herself on it, then as i looked up i see them all taking there knickers off and there skirts, one sat on my face and there overs took turns fucking my cock, they kept saying i had better not cum or they would torture me more, i held out as long as i could before cumming in one of them she jumped of me and kicked me in the side calling me fucking idiot,she then sat over my face now lick it out every fucking drop of it as she forced her weight down on me, i pushed my tongue in her licking my own cum from her wet pussy, when she finished they were all dressed so she to got dressed , i was then stood up and led to a tree, one girl got the other shoe lace and tied it to my balls and around a Branch of the tree, they then gathered my clothes and said they were going , but was going to bring there boyfriends back to, as they walked threw the bushes laughing at what they had done,,,,,,,,



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