A Walk in The Park


Allie stepped out of the house, wrapping her German Shepherd, Sam’s leash around her tiny wrist, glancing around quickly to see who was out and about. Satisfied with the lack of people and traffic, as she had expected, she hurries away from the front door, Sam loping along at her side. She bit her lip as she walked, the cold morning air sending chills up and down her spine. However, the chills could have had something to do with the short black skirt she wore to match her rather slutty red tank top and no bra. She glanced around again, not wanting to be seen. The truth was, porn had started to bore her awhile back. She was still a virgin, but needed more. She stumbled upon Beastiality one day, and never went back. But again, she needed more. She’d watch, fasinated, soaking wet as the dogs on her computer screen pounded girl after girl, leaving them in tears from the brutal fuck. She knew she wouldn’t go that far, not yet. But she was going to take the first step today, she’d decided. Just the thought crossing her mind made her heart race and and sent chills through her body. Finally, after arriving at the neighborhood park, she glanced around one last time before yanking Sam into a small secluded picnic area. It was perfect, she’d chosen it the night before. A decent sized picnic table in the middle of the small grassy area, surrounded by trees and bushes, completely unnoticeable unless you knew to look for it.

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   Swallowing, she glanced towards the German Shepherd that sat loyally by her side. Could she really do this? She wondered. An image flashed through her mind of a dog locking with a girl form one of her porno’s and she shuddered. She had to do it. Leading the dog towards the picnic table, she sat down on the bench, scooting her ass as close to the edge as possible and slowly hiking up her skirt. She unbuckled Sam’s leash and he looked at her, his head cocked as if he were confused. She gulped nervously and ran a finger up her panty free slit, offering the finger to the German Shepherd afterwards. With an assuring nod from Allie, Sam licked and slurped at her finger, desperately trying to get every last trace of her juices. Slowly, Allie brought her finger towards her shaved pussy, spreading her thighs and jumping slightly as Sam’s cold nose nudged against her clit. After sniffing at her for a couple seconds, Sam lost control, running his rough tounge up her slit repeatedly, slurping at her pussy juice as she squirmed, clasping a hand over her mouth to keep from moaning. She cries out, unable to contain the gasp that comes when Sam licks deep inside her tight pussy, wagging his tail as he finds the source of what he wanted. He lapped and slurped harder, his cold wet nose burring against her clit. Allie’s back starts to arch, her body tingling with a need for more. Her eyes widen as she notices Sam’s huge red cock halfway out of it’s furry sheath, leaning forward a little and stroking it lightly. Immediately the dog licks and slurps with a new vigor, thrusting his hips a bit in hopes of getting jacked off.

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   Closing her eyes, Allie inches her ass farther off the bench, desperate for more, opening them again when Sam suddenly stopped. Standing in front of her a middle aged man with dark brown hair and cold, evil blue eyes looked down at her with a smirk, holding Sam by the collar. Allie froze, struggling to yank her skirt down. He laughed at her, as if her efforts were pointless. “Make this easy on both of us and get on your knees, you fuckin’ whore. ” He slurred angrily. Allie whimpered and pleaded, but slowly dropped form the bench to the grass, getting to her knees in front of the man. “You know what I want, don’t play dumb. Get it out. ” She gulped, tears forming in her eyes as she fumbled with the zipper and button of his jeans. He raises an arm to backhand her, grinning as she cowers in fear. “Faster. And you better suck it damn good. ” he says, wrapping his fist in her long dark hair. Her eyes go wide as his cock springs out at her once released from his jeans.

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  She can’t help but gasp at the size, unable to take her eyes off the 9” long 3” wide cock in front of her eyes. She glances up at him, and he tightens his hold on her hair. With a wince, she takes the head of his cock in her mouth, sucking softly, running circles around the very tip with her tounge. Flattening his hand, he shoves her down on his cock, smirking as she tries not to gag, fucking her mouth for a few seconds, leaning his head back and groaning before yanking her roughly off of his dick by her hair. “Pick up the pace, bitch. “ He mutters, putting a small amount of pressure on the back of her head again as a warning.
    With a whimper, she sucks a little harder, taking a little bit more of him into her mouth every couple seconds. With a groan, he yanks her off his cock and turns her around, laughing as she kicks and screams in his grasp. This really was a horrible place for a park, so secluded. No one ever around. He’d counted on that. He bends her over the picnic table, wrapping a large hand over her mouth, positioning himself between her long, perfectly shaped legs. He runs his rock hard cock up and down her slit, smiling as she squirms and wriggles to get away from the inevitable. Running his thumb in circles around her clit, he rams into her tight pussy as she moans, plowing through her cherry. Allie cries out into his hand, tears streaking down her perfect little face, smearing her whorish makeup.

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      “By the way you dress, you like it, you dumb cunt. ” He mutters, pulling out completely and ramming himself back into her, groaning as her tight pussy stretches to accommodate him. She writhes and whimpers beneath him, his thrusts bouncing her tits and making her pussy ache. Leaning his head back, he continues pounding into her, thrusting harder and deeper the closer he gets to cumming. Shoving into her one more time, making her back arch and her eyes water all over again, knocking the wind out of her with the intensity before roughly flipping her back to face him, presenting his hard cock, dripping with her juices. Forcing his cock into her mouth, he moans as her soft, full lips slide down the skin of his dick, grabbing the sides of her head and forcing her down onto his cock again till his balls touch her chin. She starts to gag, desperately fighting it, clawing at the air with her hands in attempts to get away. Laughing, he thrusts in and out of her throat, groaning loudly as he starts to feel like cumming. “Here it comes, girl. You best swallow every fuckin’ drop. ” With a couple more thrusts, her eyes widen as a warm, thick fluid starts sliding down her throat. Her eyes well up, but she swallows it all, afraid of what would happen if she didn’t. As soon as he’d finished, he shoves her off his dick, throwing her away from him like a used rag. Grinning, he calls Sam, her dog over, who had been watching with growing interest. Taking off the German Shepherd’s collar, he ties her to the table by the wrists with it, watching as the dog does exactly as what the man had hoped for.

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       To be Continued…. Mainly trying to see if I’m cut out for writing Adult Stories, this is my first one, not really finished. Let me know what you think?I’m also up for continuing this, ;).


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