A quiet night


Everyone was sleeping quietly, at least it appeared to be that way. Natalia was on the couch, Afshien was right across from her, with Nicole on the bed with Alex. Alex stirred, he had become awakened by some unknown source. As he wakened, he noticed Nicole sleeping very soundly next to him in her loose pajamas. He considered to himself a moment before doing anything. He pulled the covers down slowly, as not to wake her, and got out of bed himself. His hands wavered over her sleeping form, quivering as they stayed there. He very lightly traced his hand along her body, then slowly reached to the waistline on her pants. He worked quickly to undo the tie that kept them snug over her hips. Then he pulled the pants off slowly, so she wouldn’t notice. The pajama’s loose fit worked to his advantage, and they came off without issue. Her legs were bare and shaven, like the Japanese idols she worshiped in her anime books. His fingers ran up her white cotton panties, along her smooth ass until they reached the waistband. Alex pinched the edges of the waistband just enough so the elastic left a small gap around her form, sliding his fingers in, he slid them down her long, slender legs, then placed them next to the pants on the floor. He stopped for a minute to admire Nicole, her white skin and pink ass looked so innocent in the darkened light. Then he continued his work on her top, presently ignoring her still crossed legs.

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   He began unbuttoning her top, and she stirred. He froze in place, not sure if she was awake or not, but in the cold air without the blanket, she only curled up tighter, drawing a deep breath before laying silent. He finished unbuttoning her top, and pealed it open to show her bra underneath. Reaching up her back, Alex undid the bra, and contemplated on how he was going to get it off. Decided, he risked pulling both bra and shirt up over her head, then slid them down her arms. She began to wake up, moving quickly, but not recklessly, he tossed them both into the pile and got back into bed, pulling the covers up over both of them. His hands reached out and began gently caressing her stomach and breast. Her eyes opened, then widened with surprise and fear, adrenaline gripped her, and she thrust his hands away. Alex stroked the crown of her head, drawing more surprise, she called out, “What are you doing Dom, why am I naked?” He paused a moment before replying that it was her fault she was naked and that he was simply taking advantage of the situation. She sat up and drew the covers close to her, scared, and unsure what to do. “Don’t want to wake the others up. ” He said softly, echoing her thoughts. His hand slowly moved up the inseam of her leg, towards her naked body. Before she could push it away, he pulled her close and kissed her deeply, his tongue playing across her mouth, her surprise was clearly evident. As they parted her hands remained holding the blanket, and she trembled.


   She whispered in a pleading tone to him, “Please don’t Alex. ” He answered soothingly, “Hush, I won’t do anything. ” He began to stroke her hair again, and she started to relax, she laid back down again, the small touches of affection soothing her.
    He crawled under the covers and stopped between her legs, unable to see anything without the lights on. He felt his way around, gently spreading her legs and placing them on his shoulders, he laid down, his warm breath on her pussy, Nicole’s legs trembled as he ran his hands up them, stopping right before they reached her slit. He leaned over, and his tongue played across the lips of pussy before he starting licking the top part of it. A hand gently grasped his hair as Nicole pulled him closer to her, the moist tongue brought a warmth to her body that seemed to originate between her legs. Her breath swallowed and her body writhed. Alex stopped for a second and brought one of his hands from her tummy to rest palm down on her vagina. The middle finger traced her slit before the hand was turned palm up, and the finger inserted into Nicole’s moist pussy. Her back arced upward as it slid in and out at a faster pace, Alex resumed licking her clit. Nicole’s body was moist with sweat, her legs crossed around his head and brought him closer, small whimpers escaped from Nicole as the warm feeling continued to grow. Finally, her hips rose in a final grasp of the tongue, and she brought her hand to her mouth, stifling a muffled outcry of pleasure. .



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