A Night To Renember


Let me just say this is my first story and is completly fictional, with that said let's get on with it.
Well my name is Ashley and i babysit, mostly 18 year old's who's parents go out of town, also i'm 18, 163cm, slim build, brown hair with blonde highlights, weigh 49kg and am a 34C.
It all started when i was babysitting at this house i sit at quite reguraly, i sit with two boys, Ben a 18 year old and Tm his brother, Kyle usually hangs around the house, he's there older brother and he's 16, im not very strong myself and these boys usually work out at home and go the gym with Kyle. When i got there at 7pm we watched T. V. for a couple of hours while Kyle stayed in his room, when i sitted here he use to always check me out or rub his pants when i walked past.
At around 9pm i was getting tired from watching T. V and i've also been doing alot of homework, so i checked on the boys and there were still watching T. V, so i went upstairs asked Kyle if he's ok but got no answer so i went to have a sleep in the guest room, it only took me a minute or too to conk out as i was exhausted.
After i went for a sleep, Ben and Tim went up to Kyle's room, Kyle was discussing tonight's the night  for his plan to take place with the help of Tim and Ben, after they finished talking they all came into the guest room with a black bag and locked the door, Kyle put the key around his neck.
Ben and Tim came up to me on the bed and lifted my arm but i didn't move, i was really out of it, i was wearing some jeans and a button up shirt, Tim slowly started rubbing my arm, carefully to see if i would move but nothing, slowly he moved to my stomch, playing with my belly button and slowly moving up to my boobs. They were building up more confidence and Tim got to my boobs, he started rubbing them softly and then squeezing them, but he wanted more, while Tim was exploring my chest Ben was unzipping my jeans, Tim started un-buttoning my shirt, slowly one button at a time, he finally got it open to reveal a black bra. Kyle was still standing over near the wall, just rubbing himself over his clothes, allthough he started stripping, after Tim got my bra off and was exposed to to my raw breasts he started rubbing and squeezing them again, he seen my nipples grow hard and moved his mouth down to them, licking them in circles and started sucking them as well as pinching and twisting them.
While all this was going on, Ben managed to get my jeans down to my knee's, i don't know how, Kyle came over with a knife and cut the strings on my G-String to get it off easily then he sat on the bed and just watched, Ben moved his head down to my private area and just started sniffing me, Kyle moved up to me face and slowly slid 2 fingers into my mouth while with the other hand holding the knife, he was sliding his fingers in and out at an increased pace just as ben was starting to lick my private area, that's when i started coming back, only to see my horror, immediately Kyle put the knife to my throat and said "if you move bitch, you die!" as i feared about what he said i stayed still. A few minutes of Ben licking me started to make my hips move a little but then he stopped and without hesitation shoved 2 fingers in, he was going hard to, it made a tear run down my face but made my hips start rocking again.
I was getting close to cumming and coudn't beleive it, still disgusted at what's going on, Kyle took his fingers out of my mouth and started stroking his cock, he moved it towards my mouth but i kept it closed tight, so he held my nose and eventually i had to open it, excatly when i did he shoved at least 6 inches straight in, making me gag, his cock was about 8 inches in total, so Kyle was face fucking me as hard as Ben was fingering me, before i thought i could be more humilated i felt my boobs being pushed together, wondering what was going on, I was watching Tim and he got his small cock out, and shoved it between my boobs and started boob fucking me.

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   A couple minutes in i felt Tim's and Kyle's cock started to tense up, i started to cry again as i didnt want any of this, as Kyle grew close he shoved his whole length in and held the back of my head, i feared for the worse with my eyes closed but for nothing, i felt the hot bursts of cum filling my mouth, overflowing me so much most of it spilled out onto my chin, after he finished he got out out of the way and before i had a chance to catch a breath all of a sudden Tim unloaded and some of it shot on my boobs but most of splatted accros my face.
I asked "is it over" when Ben was done fingering me and Kyle said "far from it whore" Kyle said to Ben to go up the front and for Tim to take a break, Kyle grabbed my stomach and spun me over, he put me on my knee's and elbow's and moved his cock near my private area, he was moving it up and down along my lips and as i was crying and pleading for him not to do anymore, that he's done enough but he woudnt listen, while i was concentrating on Kyle when Ben shoved his 6 inch cock staright in my mouth, there was still some cum left from Kyle in there which turned him on even more, it was hard to breath as he moved it in and out, without any notice Kyle shoved a decent 4 inches straight into me, ive only had sex once and i was tight as, my lips and entire hole clenched onto his cock and his moved in and out of me,it felt like someone was punching me over and over enter time he pounded into me. Then i seen Tim get up in the corner of my eye, he come over to my face and tried entering my mouth along with Ben, eventually Ben and Tim were both face fucking me with both cocks in my mouth as i felt both of there cocks tensing again, Kyle which now was pouding all his 8 inches in and out of me started getting close as i felt it tense up and it hurt so much, my hips were rocking everytime he pounded back in as i now felt myself getting close, i didnt want any of this but my body obvisously did.
Finding it hard to breath i tried to move my face but Tim and Ben held it tight, as i felt Tim and Bens cock grow more tense more i knew there was nothing i could do, without any more resisting i felt Tim and Ben start shotting both there loads at once into my mouth, there was nothing i could do as it overflowed out of my mouth, i nearly chocked, i kept on crying a little, i just coudnt stop, and to finish off my humilation i felt Kyles cock tense up and i begged for him not to do it in there, all he said was "damn, your a tight bitch" a couple more seconds later i felt it release its load, it lasted nearly 20 seconds of non stop flowing, spilling out of my pussy but keeping most of it in there because of my tightness, what Kyle didnt notice is that when he unloaded in me i also unloaded because my body thought it felt so good but i was disgusted, after he whipped it out, they stood beside each other looking at me with cum dripping out of my mouth and pussy, Kyle got a camera out of the bad and started taking pics, just when i thought they were done, Ben went behind me and moved a finger along my lips, i didnt care anymore until, he slipped his pinky in my ass, i shreaked and said "NOOOO!" and started bawling, full on sobbing, he didnt care, he started finger fucking my ass, rubbing some of the cum on my ass for lube, then slid 2 fingers in there, i nearly passed out it hurt so much, i felt his cock rubbing up and down my asshole, looking for entry, i was crying so much i coudnt talk, with no surprise he shoved it straight it and that made me dizzy, he wasn't kidding around either he started going hard, it only took him a couple more minutes to tense up and i knew what he was going to do,all of a sudden i felt it spray into my ass, overflowing as usual, they all just laughed, i asked if its over and they said they have one more use for me.
Kyle layed on his back on the bed and said for me to come over, i could barely move so Ben and Tim moved me by pulling my hair, he said hop on or ill cut your throat, i got on his cock and he said start moving, so i did and as he pulled my chest towards his, he held onto my boobs to keep my chest close to his, i dont know why he was doing this, but he continued to fuck me and then i knew why, i felt a cock move to my asshole again, as one of the boys slid it into my ass they started both fucking me at the same time, the pleasure of this was over-whelming allthough i never liked what was going on my body coudnt take it any more, i started letting out soft moans which only made them go harder and laugh, which made me moan harder, i was still sobbing a bit and they continued fucking me, Tim moved to the other side of the bed where he put his cock in my mouth, i was now being fucked by all 3 at once and it felt so good yet so humiliating, i felt so used and sick and just wanted to go home and get this over with, nearly 18 minutes of contious fucking and swaping places they all talked to each other and aggred that there close, Ben would be the first to let go, he was face fucking me while twisting my nipples, ive mostly gotten use to it by now but it was still horrorfying as he dumped it in my mouth, enough to spill out and make me try to breath with the hot fluid in my mouth, ben then went and got the camera and started taking more pics, ive cummed nearly twice since this threesome now and i felt Kyle and Tim getting close also, as Tims cock tensed up i prepared for the worse but he pulled it out quickly which surprised me and hurt like hell and ran to the other side of the bed.
He got me to pull on it a bit and after a couple seconds after touching it, he squirted all over my chest and boobs, with some dribbling down my hand, Ben was still taking pictures, finally Kyle's cock tensed up more then i have felt this night, it felt massive, nearly 18 inches i'd say, it made me do more then moan, it made me scream and cry out and kick, Ben and Tim held me there as Kyle grabbed my boobs and twisted them as hard as he can, so much it hurt, he then pumped one more time which made him release his spray, it took a good 30 seconds for it to settle down even then it was still dribbling bits of cum, it gushed out alot when he unloaded it and it hurt like hell, when he pulled it out with which was with ease, as it stretched me, a whole lot just gushed out, i layed on the bed, crawled up in a ball and cried, dripping in cum, the boys left the rooms and said "see you next week, if you say anything, we'll show off your new photo's"
If this story get's good ratings, i'll continue it. .



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