A night of I was bad


Topic: A night of I was bad       Well this is about a weird night that happened recently. I am a typical married guy with a couple of kids. When I say typical, that means not much happening with the wife in the sex department. I am lucky if it happens a couple times a month. Well one Friday, a bunch of people at work decided to go out for a few drinks after work. I had nothing going on that night, so I let the wife know I may be getting home late. We hit a local restaurant that has a good bar area and started socializing. We were all chatting and drinking late into the night.        During the night I started talking to this girl Mary. She was one of the administrators for the group. She was very friendly at work and always would help if you asked her. She was wearing a nice denim skirt and white blouse that was loose on her. She looked good, but wasn’t dressed sexy where you would turn your head quickly. I asked her if she had any plans for the weekend. She stated no that her husband just took off for a golf weekend with the guys. She was drinking quite alot of wine and feeling good.

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   I asked if she should be drinking as I remember her telling me she was on medicine to get pregnant. She and her husband have been trying to have a kid for years. She got a little depressed when telling me that she is tired of all this medicine and doctor stuff. I asked if her husband felt the same. She replied who knows, as he does not talk about it with her. She thinks he is embarrassed with having a low sperm count. I told her she should just relax and if it is meant to be, it will happen. She thanked me for my concerns and seemed in a better mood.        I then went over and started chatting with a buddy further down the bar. Well next thing you know, lemon drop shots are being setup up on the bar. I try not to drink too much especially shots as I tend to feel it the next morning. People had some and started ordering more. I hung back and just drank my beer talking to this girl Jenny. She was nice but only wanted to talk about the office politics. When it came time for the bar to close, I went around and started making the rounds saying good-bye to everyone.

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   When I got to Mary, I could tell she drank a little too much. Since I drive by her town on my way home, I offered her a ride. She stumbled and asked about her car. I told her she could call me over weekend and I will give her a ride to pick it up. She agreed and we walked out to my car. As we drove to her place, her head kept bouncing back and she looked ready to pass out. When we go to Mary’s house, I helped her out of the car and to the front door as she could barely walk. She had trouble getting her keys out of her handbag. I took them out and opened the door. I helped her in and she thanked with her slurred words. I asked if there is anything I could do for her before I leave. She nodded and stated to just lead her to the bed so she can crash. As I put my arm around her to help her walk to the bedroom, I got a quick peak of her chest from her loose blouse.        I never realized she had such nice size breasts as I tried to get a better view. I would say they are about a large C cup.

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   My erection grew as dirty thoughts raced through my head, but I ignored it and helped her to the bed. Her bedroom was just off the living room and had a queen size bed. Mary fell onto the bed face up and made no noise. I said goodbye and realized she was passed out fro the night. As I tried to move her to center of bed, her skirt rose up and I saw a nice pink thong underneath. I was about to walk out, I became interested if she shaved her pussy or not. I moved over to the end of bed and looked closely at her thong. It did not cover much. I moved the thong to the side and found a nicely shaved pussy. The image made my cock grow even more in my pants. As my finger moved the thong to the side to get a better view, I felt some wetness. Here I have a passed out girl in front of me with a nice shaved wet pussy. Why is she wet? What is going through her head?        This make me want to check out the wetness even further. I take my finger and begin to rub her clit. Mary squirms a little so I quickly pull back.

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   I check on her and she is still out cold laying on her back. I move back to the wet pussy and start rubbing her clit again. I can feel Mary getting wetter. I take a finger and slowly enter her with it. I can feel her warmth and wetness. My cock now is harder than I could imagine and straining in my pants. I move a second finger into her making sure to rub her clit with each movement in and out of her. Mary lets out a soft moan from her mouth but doesn't move much. This is getting to be too much for me. Then I made the choice I still question today. I stood up and dropped my pants and briefs. My cock is at full attention and looking for some action. I move Mary to the end of the bed and spread her legs apart for easier access. I see the moisture around her pussy. I move up between Mary’s legs, move her thong to the side and start rubbing the head of my cock against her bare pussy.

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   I move forward and watch as my cock slides deep into her wet warm opening. Once I am fully inside her, I pause as this feeling is great.        It has been quite some time since I have had any sex with the wife so this is much needed. Slowly I move in and out of her enjoying this feeling. I feel her pussy massaging my cock with every movement. Another moan comes out of Mary's mouth. I pickup the pace and push a little harder with each thrust. I look down and see Mary's juices all over my cock. I can't believe I am fucking this girl as this is so wrong. I can feel the pressure building as I am about cum. What should I do? Maybe the devil in me did it, but I pushed my cock deep into Mary and erupted. I unloaded a load of sperm into her warm vagina. After a few more squirts, I pulled my drained cock out her and stood there looking down at her beautiful just fucked pussy. Knowing that Mary is trying to get pregnant and on fertility drugs, what did I just do. I rushed to her bathroom and cleaned myself up.

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   I grabbed a face cloth and wet it with warm water. I cleaned Mary up and made sure not leave any visible evidence to what just happened. I fixed her thong and moved her skirt back to cover her up. I positioned Mary back toward the top of the bed and found a blanket to cover her. I looked at Mary and saw that she is still asleep along with a big smile on her face. Once I am sure everything looks back normal, I leave her house and head home.        The whole ride home I kept going over what just happened. Just when I felt bad, a big smile comes to my face as I remember how good it felt fucking her. I get home and go right to sleep. The next morning I wake up as usual, shower, and head to the kitchen for breakfast. As I am drinking my coffee and reading the newspaper, I hear my wife say something about Mary. I put the newspaper down and ask her to repeat what she said. She told me Mary was on the phone. I pretend to laugh and tell my wife it is a girl from work who needs a ride to get her car. Mary sounds hung over on the phone and we make arrangements to get her car in a couple of hours. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   When I get to Mary's house, she comes out in sweat pants and a t-shirt. I ask her how she is feeling. She laughs and states she is done drinking for a while. She asked me what happened. I told her she was drunk, we got to her house, she walked to her bed, and then passed out. After I threw a blanket on her, I headed home as it was late. She thanked me and but had this weird look on her face.        I asked her what was wrong as I started to worry a little. She then told me she felt weird last night and her head was foggy. I told her it might be the alcohol and the fertility drugs reacting the wrong way. She thought about it for a while and agreed with me. She stated she shouldn't have done those shots last night at the bar. She then said good thing her husband is gone for the weekend as she is just going to relax on couch for the rest of the day. I then asked if he would be mad with her getting drunk. She shook her head and said he will not know as she will not tell him.

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   I laughed and said what if he found out. She gave me this look and said nobody will tell him, right? I laughed and said not to worry. We got to her car and I told her I would see her at work on Monday. As she walked to her car, I stared at her ass. The ass that leads to the wonderful pussy I had sex with last night. As she drove away, I drove home wondering. Will last night lead to something happening in nine months? Well time will tell.  .