A Night of Extacy


So my friend Mark told me that he was going to a "rolling party", or to you civilians, an Extasy party.   I hadn't rolled in a while, so I was definatly ready to get down and party.       We arrived at our friend Eric's house at 9:30, and we were greeted with the rhytmic bump of the latest Dj. Icey record.   The entire two story house was dark, save for the occasional blacklight or hand held strobe light used to enhance the "rolling experience. "  I counted fifteen people downstairs as I walked in.   They were all really messed up at this point, and I was a little jealous, so I tracked down Eric and purchased my "party favors. "    Mark and I were sipping water and waiting for our pills to kick in when he suggested we head upstairs to find our friend Sven.   It was rumored that Sven had brought a couple of really hot girls, and when we got to the top of the steps,we realized that that was the understatement of the year.     Sven lay on the loft floor, and he was being rubbed down by a beautiful spanish girl with straight black hair.   Scattered all over the top floor was six or seven guys, all blowing up, and eight more hot girls of various ethnic backgrounds.   People littered the floors and couches, all of them severly intoxicated.   I decided to head to a back room to soak in the music and let the party begin.     I decided to head to Eric's room and play some music on his computer, but when I opened the door, I realized that someone was already in there.   Her name was Dana, and I had met her only briefly at a basketball game a year or so ago.   She was Eric's cousin, and she was really hot.

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      Dana has long, curly brown hair, and a perfect set of c-cup breasts.   Her soft ass came down into an upside down heart, and she had an incredibly flat stomach.   When I entered the room, she looked up to see who it was, but I could tell from the blank look on her face that whatever she saw didn't register.   The power of extacy. . aaah.     I began to feel the tell-tale tingle in my fingers and toes, and before I knew it, my shoes were off and I was grinding my toes into the carpet.   I felt really good, so I moved over to the bed where she was laying and said "hello. "  She looked at me, then grabbed my hand.     "Would you please rub my head" she asked through clenched teeth.   It seemed that her jaw had started to shake, a sure sign that she was deeply into the drug.   I began rubbing my hand through her hair, and she began to gyrate her body in reaction to the waves of pleasure that she was feeling.   I must admit, her reaction turned my high up alot, and soon my hands were rubbing her face, then her neck.   I realized then that I really wanted to make her feel good.     Slowly, testing her reaction, I ran my hand softly around her breast, and that seemed to only casue her to gyrate more.

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    That was when I lost control.   I knew she had no idea what was going on, she was only reacting to the feeling.   I had to have her.     Slowly I put my hand under her shirt, then reached up and stroked her nipple under her bra.   Without waiting for her reaction, I began sucking on her neck.   She smelled like appleblossoms.   After a few more minutes of rubbing her breast, I pulled her shirt off, then removed her bra.   For a splt second, she seemed to realize what was going on, but I leaned in and sucked hard on her nipple, and that sent her back into whatever world was in her mind.     By this point, her whole body was convulsing with pleasure.   I slipped my hand into her pajamas and circeld it around to her backside, giving her ass a squeeze.   Knowing that this girl was mine, I sat up and pulled her pants off.   She wasn't wearing any panties.   I leaned in a whispered in her ear.     "Do you want me to make you feel really good?"    She shook her head 'yes', so I spread her legs and began to rub her pussy.   Instantly she began to moan and squirm, and within seconds she was soaking wet.

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    I slipped my pointer finger into her wet pussy and wriggled it around, all while sucking on her nipple.   The sensation was really blowing me up, and from the looks of her, she was on another planet.   I went down and began to lick her hot pussy, then I slipped my pinky into her ass.   Fireworks went off inside my mind.   The music that was playing in the room we shared ended, and all I could hear was the bumping of the music from the loft just ten feet outside the door that seperated them from us.   I got up and went to Eric's computer and searched for an album to play.   That is when I noticed that the music outside had grown a little louder.   Sluggishly I turned around a saw that the bedroom door was open.     A pretty black girl was stumbling into the room, her pupils fully dialted and a blow pop in her mouth.   She looked at Dana, who lay naked on the bed, then to me.     "What are you guys doing in here?  Can I just lay on the bed and hang with you guys?"    This new girl was more trashed than Dana.   Her hair was curly as well, but cut short to her ears.   She had on only a sports bra, which barely held her d-cup tits in place, and a pair of flannel shorts.   I walked over to her and took her by the hand.   Locking the door behin us, I guided her over to the bed.

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    When she plopped down, Dana looked to her and seemed to recognize her.     "Hey Stacy, are you feeling good?"    Stacy nodded yes as her body moved to the breakbeats that I had just started playing.   I moved back over to the bed and sat between the two of them.     "I have been taking great care of Dana.   Do you want me to take care of you, too?"    Stacy smiled and shook her head in agreement, then looked to Dana's naked body.   Her warped mind had just absorbed the reality of the situation.     "Dana, you are naked. "     Dana didn't seem to notice.   I began rubbins Stacy's head, and she became putty in my hands.   Within seconds I was sucking her dark nipples, and my hand was removing her pants.   Stacy moaned and began rubbing her pussy.   Softly I picked up her other hand put it on Dana's right tit.   Stacy squeezed it softly, and Dana squirmed in response.   This was way too much for me to handle.   I started sucking on Stacy's thigh, then went down to her pussy.

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    Unlike Dana, Stacy nearly shot through the roof when my tounge touched her pussy.   I sucked gently on her pussy lips, then her clit.   After a few seconds of that I felt her nails digging into my back.   I had had enough.     I stood up and took of my clothes.   My dick was rock hard, and as I stroked it, I wondered who I was going to fuck first.   Dana decided it for me.       She was so deeply into the drug that her hand actually reached out and grabbed my dick, squeezing it hard.   I straddled her and placed my cock over her mouth.   With one hand reaching behind me to rub her pussy, I slipped my dick into her mouth and began fucking her face.   The slight shaking of her jaw from the X put the perfect amount of pressure on the veins of my dick, and I began to blow up like I never had before.   I never would have found myself in such a position if not for Extacy,and I was loving it.     I fucked her mouth for a few minutes, but then decided that I wanted the rest of her.   I slipped back until I was over her again, then I placed the head of my dick against her pussy.   With a short, hard push I was inside of her.

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    Dana moaned so loud that I thought someone was going to hear us, so I grabbed Stacy by the back of her neck and brought her face to face with Dana.     "You should kiss her.   It will really blow you up. "    Stacy's tounge was in Dana's mouth before I could finish the sentence.   I began pumping my dick in and out of Dana, and she shook with pleasure with each stroke.   My right and made its way over to Stacy as she kissed Dana.   I rubbed her pussy as I fucked Dana, then when she was really wet, I began to rub her asshole.   Stacy was reveling in the pleasure.     I fucked Dana softly, knowing that my huge dick usually hurt most girls, but then I realized that she was only feeling pleasure at that moment, so I began to fuck her faster and harder.   I could see pain register on her face, but the drug overruled that emotion, and then she was back in Heaven.   After ten minutes of fucking her pussy, I reached over and threw Stacy's helpelss body onto her back.     Stacy was rubbing her tits and squirming all over.   I grabbed her legs and stopped them from moving, then I opened them and put my dickhead against her pussy. I had never fucked a black chick before, so I was wondering what it was like.   As I pushed my dick in, all I could do was think how incredibly tight she was.

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    It took me a minute to work it all the way in, but when it was in, I started to pump my cock rapidly, not caring if she wanted me there or not.   Her pussy was so tight that I almost blew my load right away.   I leaned close over her as I fucked her and asked:" Do you like being fucked like this, does it feel better than any other dick you ever had?"    She nodded head, and just as I thought she was too lost in her own head to verbally answer me, she added:    "I'm a virgin.   I have never been fucked, but this feels so FUCKING GOOD. "    A Virgin, I thought.   The thought of me fucking a virgin while she was too fucked up to know better really turned me on, so I decided to break her in right.   I began to fuck her virgin pussy as fast as I could,and she nearly deafened me with her screams of pleasure.   Fortunatly, the music inside and outside the room diluted her cries.   I was about to come, I could feel it building, so I stopped and flipped Stacy over onto her stomach.   Then I grabbed Dana and dragged her to the head of the bed.   I opened her legs, then slid Stacy up so that her face was flush to Dana's pussy.     "Lick her pussy while I fuck you.   Do you understand?"    She nodded, then I looked to Dana.     "Grab her by her head and help her make you feel good. "    Dana grabbed Stacy gently behind her head and guided her black lips to her pink pussy.

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    At first Stacy didn't know what to do.   The drug had a tight grip on her, and she wasn't sure of her surroundings.   All she felt was the sheer pleasure.   Then Dana helped her.     "Mmm, Stacy.   Lick my pussy. . . oh yeah"Stacy was licking and sucking on Dana's pussy, and Dana looked like she was going to pass out from the sensory overload.   That was all the cue I needed.   I shoved my dick into Stacy's tight, black virgin ass.   She stopped and gasped, but I forced her head back to Dana's pussy and continued to fuck her ass.   I set a slow pace at first, then built up my speed when her ass had loosened up enough for me to do so.   Dana was screaming her orgasm in a few minutes, and I felt my cock about to explode.   I started fucking Stacy's ass as fast as I could.

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    The I saw stars as I shot my load of cum in her ass.   I sat there with my dick in her ass for what seemed an eternity while cum squeezed its way out from around my shaft.   The encounter had kicked my roll into full swing, and I was now as fucked up as they were.   I managed to remove my dick from her ass and put my clothes back on before I was totally fucked up.   I looked back to Dana and Stacy.       Dana had moved so that she could lick Stacy's pussy while Stacy returned the favor.   The two of them were locked into a drug induced figure eight, and I couldn't help but stay and watch for a minute longer.   But I knew that someone would want to stagger into this room soon, so I unlocked the door and slipped back into the party.   The rest of the night was a blur.     When everyone woke up the next afternoon, I went to check on Stacy and Dana.   Stacy was still sleeping in the arms of who I later found out was her fiancee.   Sorry, bro, but I got to it first, was all I could think as I laughed to myself.     I found Dana in the kitchen getting some water.   I wasn't sure if she would recall what happened the night before, so I was nervous as hell.   When she saw me, I saw her try to remember something, but the look passed.

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    Then she came over and hugged me.     "Hey, I didn't know you were here last night.   I guess I was pretty trashed last night. "  My dick was hard again just thinking about how I got away with it.     "Yeah, you were destroyed.   I said Hi, but you were too spaced out, I guess. "    She laughed and patted me on the shoulder.     "Maybe you should come earlier next time.   I would love to roll with you.   I bet you give the best massages. "    I laughed and admitted that I could make her feel good, then hugged her and left.   But not until she had invited me to another party next weekend. . . .