A Night Not So Alone


I relax in the bath, bubbles and soapy suds everywhere as I rub bath cream into my wet naked body, my iPod playing my favourite rock music nice and loud. I am aware my husband will be home from work soon. I spend a little longer than usual cleaning my breasts as I rub the silky bubbles against the soft firm mounds, gently running my finger tips over my nipples, which causes a tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach. I reach my hand slowly down from between my breasts, trailing a line down over my stomach and reaching my soft, smooth cunt. I run my fingers between the lips of my cunt, enjoying the warmth as I softly tease and flick my clit under the water. I know I won't cum, the bath is too small to spread wide enough to gain further access, but I warm myself up for my man for when he comes home.

As I stand and pull the plug from the bath I reach for the plump cream towel, drying off my arms, breasts, stomach, back and legs. I leave my cunt wet, dripping with my juices and the bath water down my inner thighs. I reach for my purple, satin, knee length robe and wrap it around my naked body, and make my way downstairs.

As I reach the dining room I notice the air is much cooler, as if the door has been open, but I see the kitchen door is closed. I make my way into the kitchen and as I reach into the cupboard for a glass, a pair of strong arms wrap round my waist. I giggle and make to turn round but am held fast, the grip on my waist painfully tight.

"Hey, let up Hun," I say, trying to shrug him off me. As I turn my head I notice a black mask covering his face, but I can tell from his eyes that this man is not my husband. I scream and call out to my husband, though I fear he hasn’t yet returned home, as I kick and thrash at the man who holds me so tight. I am dragged through the kitchen screaming and pleading at him to let me go.

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   I am brought through the dining room and into the living room, lifted by my waist as I continue to kick and scream. A hand is placed across my mouth and then I am thrown onto the sofa. I fling myself around to look at my intruder. He is tall and well built, a large man, as he hovers over me, his eyes grinning behind his mask.

“My husband will be home any minute,” I squeal, my threat not seeming to touch him at all.

I can tell he is still grinning as he moves towards me, pulling a length of rope from his pocket. He pulls me down off the sofa and flips me back over so my chest and stomach are resting against the seat of the sofa, tearing my dressing gown off as he does. He brings my arms behind me and ties my wrists together tightly. I am bound naked on my knees pushed forward onto the sofa as he grabs my thighs to widen my legs, fully exposing my dripping cunt for him. I sob and plead, knowing what he plans to do. I hear him laugh as he grabs my cunt with such force I cry out.

"Mmmmm, so wet for me, you are enjoying this aren't you, my little slut?"

His voice is thick and gravelly and I feel the course material and zip on his jacket scratch over my back as he leans over me, pulling my hair back, causing my back to arch. He whispers sinisterly in my ear,

"You are gonna fucking enjoy this my pet, you are gonna cum so fucking hard for me and you won't want me to stop, do you understand?"

He tugs my hair so hard I find it difficult to swallow. I gulp as best I can as he drags me up by my hair and turns me on my knees to face him. I find myself eye height at his crotch and I watch with fear as he unzips his grubby jeans and pulls out his huge stiff cock, bouncing lightly in front of my nose.



"Open," he commands.

I look up at him, a single tear running down my cheek. I know I have to comply, I have no idea what is in store for me, but if death is the end result I have to try and stay alive as long as possible for my husband to return home and save me.

"Open that fucking mouth of yours whore!" he shouts, grabbing my chin and pushing his fingers into my cheeks, causing my mouth to open.

I don't fight any more, I screw my eyes shut as he forces his thick cock into my mouth, pushing it all the way to the back of my throat, causing me to gag. He chuckles.

"Mmmmm, I love it when they gag. . . " he seems to be saying to himself.

He pushes his cock repeatedly into my mouth, over and over again.
    I can taste the salty taste of his precum as his cock slides past my tongue and hits the back of my throat. He starts pumping faster, holding the back of my head, preventing me from moving as I kneel at his feet, wrists tied behind my back, gagging and dribbling onto my knees. I whimper and wretch with each thrust before he finally pulls himself out of my mouth with a "pop" and rubs his cock up and down in front of my face.


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      . . as you were, my little pet. Bend over the sofa so I can fuck you," he growls.

    I shuffle round on my knees pleading with him not to do this. He laughs as he kneels behind me, running his fingers through the juices that are now dripping down my thighs. I curse myself at how my body betrays me. He pushes my upper body forcefully down onto the sofa as he pushes his fingers into my cunt hard, twisting and exploring me from the inside. I can hear the sound of my wet cunt as he pumps his fingers inside me, rubbing my clit with his thumb. My body writhes on the sofa as my breasts are squashed underneath me, causing intense friction against my erect nipples. I can feel the tightening in my stomach as I feel the familiar sensations building within me.

    "No. . . no.

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      . . no. . . no," I cry as I can't stop myself from cumming from his talented fingers. I moan, scream and writhe, pushing myself back against him, knowing it’s all wrong, but unable to stop myself.

    I can hear him laughing cruelly, he continues to probe me as I ride my orgasm out on his fingers.

    "Yeah, that's it. . . I knew you had it in you. Let's see how you fair when it's my cock you are fucking riding. "

    At his words, I feel something much thicker pushing at my cunt as he runs his cock over my lips and finds my entrance. I say a silent prayer that it's my cunt and not my ass that he is looking for.

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    "Now, I am going to fuck you hard and fast, like the slut you are. But first I want you to feel every inch of what I put inside you, I want to stretch you slowly so you will never forget how it feels to be taken and used by me. "

    He inches himself into me, pushing and stretching me wide. I gasp at the sheer size of him as I feel like I might be ripped in two, despite how my body had made itself ready for him. He pushes in deeper, until I feel his hair brushing against my bare ass. I have never felt so full and my body trembles as I wait for him to start. I can feel him running his hands over my ass, scratching and gripping at me before he suddenly pulls himself out of me quickly and then slamming himself back inside with such force the sofa hits the wall with a thud. He does a few long hard strokes as I feel him push my face firmly into the cushion of the sofa.

    He starts to pump into my cunt faster and harder, grunting behind me like a wild animal. He grabs a fist full of my hair, pulling my head back. He has one hand in my hair and one on the rope that my hands are tied with using them as leverage as he fucks me hard and fast. I can feel another orgasm building and my cries turn to moans as he pumps into me hard and fast. Suddenly, without warning, I feel him judder against me and his hot cum spill inside my cunt. He growls like an animal behind me as he rides his cock inside me, finishing his pleasure. I still haven't cum and am left hanging on the edge.

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       He holds still, laughing as he sees my dilemma.

    "Please," I shamefully beg. "Please let me cum. "

    He pulls out of me and I feel the slow trickle of cum spill down the inside of my thighs. I whimper and writhe as I hear him pull up the zip of his jeans.

    "Maybe. . . some other time. . . " he laughs as I hear his footsteps grow faint and the kitchen door open, then close.

    I am left there, unable to move, cum dripping from my abused cunt as I wait for my husband to get home from work.