A Man With A Plan....


A couple looking to please eachother's every lustful need, Is what led this couple to the most daring, develish, yet sexy thought of all. It was Misty's Idea,she laid in bed thinking. . . . until finally she let it out. "Honey, can I ask you something?""Sure, you know that," replied Ted. "I know it's just that what I want to ask you is. . . well pretty deep. " She replied. "Honey You can tell me anything!" Ted replied sympathetically. "well,what would you think about role-playing,and actually planning a rape?"Misty asked in a sexy, curious voice. Shocked at the question his wife had just asked him, he silenty thought for a moment and then replied. "Well as awkward as it may sound,I'm actually quite flattered with the whole idea!""I've been reading about it online, and I couldn't help but get anxious,and excited!" Misty said quickly.

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  "Well what do you think?" Misty said, anxiously waiting for his answer. "How about this saturday night?" He asked her, astonished at how quickly and smoothly this fantasy he had also had, had come about. "Sound Great!" She said excitedly. "Ok I guess we're on then. " Replied an Excited Ted. They laid in bed discussing their amazing plan, before going to bed. Neither could sleep that night, tossing and turning in bed, excited about the events to come. It was now friday morning, Ted and Misty hurried to get ready for work both looking at eachother with bright eyes,and smiles as they began to head out for work. Ted was sitting on lunch talking with his boss/friend about what he and his wife had schemed up the night before. His Boss couldn't help to be jealous as he hadn't had a good lay in weeks. His cock was aching for pleasure. He usually got his lays from the whores from the escort services. Due to his busy work schedule. Being the boss and all was tough on a love life. But He and Ted always discussed their sex lives with eachother and compared them.

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  Scott (Ted's boss) replied with a "You Lucky Bastard" and said "you'd be a fool not to carry that one out!""Oh, I plan to" said Ted. Ted told Scott all of his Plans, What he would do, and etc. . . Soon Lunch break was over, and they both went to continue out their day of work. Scott was amazed at the plan, he couldn't help but get excited, And then he had a plan. What if he called and told Ted he had to come and fix something at work, even if Ted told his wife he had to go into work,she would think he was making up an excuse for their plan. It was brilliant Scott thought to himself, after all Ted's wife was irresistable, he sure wouldn't mind fucking the shit out of her, anytime. Saturday night:Ted heard the phone ring and went to answer it. He hung up a few minutes later. Shit he thought to himself, he was really wanting to do this whole role-playing thing with Misty, but he would just have to tell her some other night. Ted told Misty what had happened at work, and that they would have to do it some other night. She held her head low in disappointment. "But it's always something with work, couldn't you cancel!" Misty said with hurt feelings. "Oh baby, you know I have to do this.

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  ""We can do this anytime, I'll make it up to you I promise. " Ted said, before hurrying out the door. Misty went upstairs to prepare herself for a nice hot bath. She slipped everything but her bra and panties off. Ted arrived at work and started fixing the problem, shit he thought to himself this is going to take me awhile. Scott prepared himself for the nights events. He got out all of his black attire,black boots,gloves,mask, everything he needed. He looked at himself in the mirror not bad for his age. He was 45 years old, brownish-graying hair,Green eyes,he was exactly 6 foot,His cock wasn't to bad either, it measured out at 9 inches also, and to think he was going to shove all of his manhood into Misty's pussy tonight. He headed out to meet his fate. Misty was running her bath water, when she heard the front door slam, and footsteps hurry up the stairs. She couldn't help but get excited, she knew Ted had made all that up to get her going, and make the night even more exciting!Suddenly she felt a hand cover her mouth and a muffled voice say "Don't fucking move,you stupid bitch, Now your going to do exactly what I say,and Don't piss me off. Or you'll find out why you shouldn't have!"Misty started to scream to add to the role playing. Scott grabbed her by the hair and said "Not a good idea bitch" He then took out a knife and said "Now we can do this the hard way or the easy way, your choice" said Scott"Now take off your clothes, or I will"Misty resisted by trying to run away, bad idea. Oh how she was enjoying this.

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  Scott ran towards her and pushed her to the ground. "You just couldn't fucking listen could you bitch!"He held her hands down, and put a blindfold on her,she was now laying on her back, in the dark. He proceeded by tying her hands together with rope. He continued by taking the knife and cutting off her bra. As she was only wearing a bra and panties when he arrived. Oh what nice tits he thought to himself. He took a nipple from her breast into his mouth and began sucking and licking them, then he began to bite them, while he dry-fucked her, all the while finger fucking her sweet soppingly wet cunt with 1 finger, as he noticed she was a little tight. He stopped suddenly. "Take your panties off you fucking cunt. ""No wait I'll do it!" He demandedJust then he ripped off her panties. Her sweet pussy aroma filled his nose, oh how his big cock was aching to violate her pussy. He Buried his face into her cunt, sucking and licking,and slurping up her love juices. He nibbled, while she bucked her hips up and down, fucking his face and tongue. She moaned and whimpered like a little girl. Scott pulled his face out of her cunt.

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  Misty couldn't believe how this was turning her on. . . . she started to whimper "No,please stop,don't do this to me" She managed to make herself cry a bit. Scott gave her a little slap across the face. "Now if you don't shut up,next time I will slap your ass with my hand, and then I will spank it with my big cock. "She instantly creamed herself, she didn't realize how sexy, and yet demanding her husband could be. If only she knew, Scott thought to himself. Scott rose up and took his shirt off, and then started to unbuckle his belt and pull down his pants, His big cock sprang free from his pants sporting an amazing erection. Misty squirmed, she could hear him unbuckling his belt. "Oh no what are you going to do to me. " Misty said playing her part. "come here you fucking slut, your going to suck my big cock, your going to take it all in your mouth,swallow my load, and you damn well better enjoy it!" Demanded Scott. He dragged her by her hair to the toilet, where he sat down and pushed her head down to his throbbing cock.

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  "No,Please no, don't do this,I won't do it,and you can't make me. " Misty said in a sobbing voice. "Listen bitch your going to do what I tell you to, and if you don't your going to be very sorry!""Now Start sucking whore!""No, I won't do it!" She protested. He grabbed her by the waist up off the floor and laid her across his lap, her luscious ass exposed to him. "I told you that you damn well better listen, but No, you just wouldn't listen,now I'm really going to give you something to cry about slut!"Scott was careful to keep a muffled voice, so he wouldn't give himself away. He started spanking her slow and then hard. . . very hard. "OUCH, stop it your hurting me Ted!"She said loudly. This was turning Scott on, so he began to spank her even harder. Finally he let up he couldn't beleive how red he had made her beautiful ass. "Now he said, are you going to be a good girl?""Yes,she replied. ""Ok,then I will let you suck my big cock now. "she got up and ran for the door tripping over their clothes, she had forgotten she was blindfolded.

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  "I don't think I want to do this anymore Ted. " She whimpered. "You really hurt me""Well that's too damn bad,act like a bitch,get treated like a bitch. " He said as he drug her back to the toilet where he sat and again told her to start sucking. She obeyed. She began licking the tip of his head, and then took the whole thing in her mouth, sucking vigorously, she started sucking his cock like a vaccum cleaner. "Oh yeah that's it,god yes,what a good little whore you make,now suck me real good, cause that's what good little whore's do!"He bobbed her head up and down helping her suck all 9 inches of him. up and down,up and down,up and down. she swirled her tongue around his whole cock, and then started sucking his balls. "OH MY GOD,ahhhh,oooh,ahhh,yeah baby,oh you stupid bitch, your going to make me cumm,stop I'm not done with you yet whore. ""I'm gonna take my time torturing you,you stupid cunt. ""Now bend over the sink,Now and that's an order, you understand bitch?""Yes she replied. " Sharply still mad at him, but letting her anger subside, she obeyed. She bent over the sink as he commanded, with the help of his guidance,then spread her legs, revealing her perfect pink pussy, that Scott couldn't wait to devour!He followed with his throbbing cock sticking straight up. God the rise he was getting out of this! Misty was starting to enjoy this.

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  "You like making my cock throb like this don't you whore?" "Well I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, make no mistake about that you cock sucking prick teasing whore!"He ran the tip of his swollen cock head up and down her dripping wet cunt, oh the fun he was going to have, and with that thought, He rammed into her, god she was tight. He had no idea she would be this tight. He began slowly. "ooh,god,fuck yeah, your are one tight fucking little whore, I'm going to really enjoy fucking you. "In and out,In and out,In and out,In and out. . . slowly now. "God Yes!" Misty worked her keagle muscles to make the fucking more pleasureable. "uhhhh god,ooh yeah, oh god,ugh,ugh,ugh,ahhhh,ooohh,you fucking slut. "He started moving faster now grabbing her hips with his hands, fucking her with his oh so swollen cock, Misty enjoying this so much now met all of his moans,and thrusts. They continued lust fucking eachother for another Ten minutes. Just then he pulled out and started catching his breath, he had other plans for her. He didn't want to cum just yet. Misty swayed her hips around wanting more.

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  "mmmm, ahhh, ugh,mmm don't stop, oh god please dont stop!"She said in a whining voice. He shoved her head down into the sink. "Did I tell you to speak whore. "He said. "Now I'm really going to have to punish you!"He reached into the cabinet looking for baby oil, or some kind of lubricant. Bingo he found some baby oil. he poured the liquid onto his aching cock and spread some around her tight virgin asshole. "Oh no, Ted no way, now that's too far!" She protested. "Too bad your my little whore now, you must do what I want,when I want, no if's,and's,or but's about it!" "Is that understood you little whore!"Oh shit she thought to herself, maybe this was a bad idea,but she couldn't turn back now, she could see how much her husband was enjoying this. He spread her cheeks with his big hands, and put the tip of his huge cock to her tight asshole and without warning pushed the whole length of his cock meat into her. She Cried out loudly, and began to cry, pushing herself forward. But he held her hips with his hands, with his cock still in her tight asshole. He completely stopped, allowing her pain to subside. With any tight pussy he'd ever fucked, he had never experienced such tightness, and pleasure. Misty protested and protested.

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  But her ass was his now and there was no turning back, he made that very clear. He started slowly fucking her tight little asshole, pushing her ass into him, as he grabbed her by the hips. He couldn't stop moaning, oh the pleasure he was feeling. His balls slapped her wet pussy. slap,slap,slap,slap,slap, it made these sounds as he pounded Misty's tight asshole with his big cock. "Oh yeah,oooh,ugh,ugh,ugh,god,yeah,you like my big cock fucking your tight little asshole don't your whore!"He kept pounding her relentlessly. In and out,In and out,slap,slap,slap. God he was enjoying this. He started violently fucking her asshole now, it really hurt Misty but she couldn't help enjoy it. Scott's balls started to tighten he knew he was going to cumm right into her tight little asshole soon, god the thought of him blowing his load into her tight little asshole, made him never want to stop. He wanted to fuck her asshole forever now. He slammed her violently,In and out,In and out,slap,slap,slap. "oooh,ahhh,god,fuck yeah,I'm cumming,oooh ahh yeah,I'm gonna cumm right into your tight little asshole,ahh yeah,ugh,ugh,ugh,That's it slut!"He started cumming his hot white gooey cumm into her Tight little asshole,in thick,heavy,endless squirts, he filled her asshole right up. She also started cumming, it was like an exposion. God the feeling for both of them was unspeakable.


   "ahh yeah,ooh,that's a good little slut,take daddy's cumm,you fucking whore,ahh ooh yeah,you stupid slut, that's a good little whore take it all, take it all for daddy now!"He still gripped her hips with his large hands. His cock resting into her asshole,slowly slipping out of the asshole that once swallowed his big cock but good. Cumm oozing out of her asshole. He fell to the counter resting himself, holding himself up by his hands, they breathed long and hard. "Oh god that was great. " Misty said, "we definately have to do this again,every saturday night!""You got it. " Replied Scott still catching his breath. "That's a deal. ""Now I'm going to finish this role-play my love by coming home from work. "He said with a devilish smile. "Now lets just act normal, my love. "Misty smiled at her so called husband and said "I'm so glad you made it, I loved how you added the whole having to go to work thing. ""I love you. " She said giving him a big kiss. "I'll be home in a little bit, honey" Smiling the whole time.

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  With that Scott ran off quickly. Ted pulled into the driveway. Misty was in the bathtub cleaning herself up. Ted came upstairs and entered the bathroom. He leaned and gave his wife a great big kiss, and said. "Ahh honey I'm so sorry I didn't make it,but we'll do it next saturday night ok?"She laughed and smiled "Ok honey!""Can't wait!" She replied and then continued her bath. Ted retired for the night. Scott smiled the whole way home. Ahh what a night he thought to himself. Now how do I get rid of Ted next Saturday. . . . . .

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