A Lesson Learned


She stood nearly naked before him, hanging her head as she awaited his wrath, but his words did not come. His silence terrified her even more than his angry shouting ever did. She knew that the punishment would be much worse, and since he left her standing there alone for several minutes, she feared just what he had in store for her tonight. Once again she had been caught undressing in front of the open window that faced the neighbor’s house, knowing their son had a major crush on her. This time, her father was determined to teach her a lesson she would never forget.
It wasn’t long before there was a knock at the door. Her father, once again disappeared from the living room, leaving her all alone and feeling incredibly vulnerable. Sally Henderson could hear the voices as he greeted the person. The conversation was too discreetly hushed for her to hear what was being said, but she could hear the rise and fall of the voices as they spoke. Her heart beat hard and fast, feeling as if it would burst from her chest as she wondered what horror awaited her. The door closed quickly as she heard footfalls approaching. She didn’t dare move from the spot.
"Holy shit" Rick said loudly as he stared at the half naked goddess of his dreams standing there.
Her mouth dropped open hearing the familiar whine of his voice. Her eyes widened as her entire body felt like it was on fire from the flushed redness that covered her. She could feel his eyes upon her, burning holes through her as he stared at her thong-covered heart-shaped ass.

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   A knot grew in her stomach as she felt ill from the experience already.
"Ok Sally," her father spoke up. "Since you seem to enjoy the attention so much, I decided to invite Stanley and Rick over to get a personal show. You will learn that if you are going to tease others, then you will take care of what happens because of it. Now take off the thongs and greet our guests. " His voice was cold and stern as he spoke.
Tears filled Sally’s eyes as she listened to her father’s words. She could not believe how utterly cruel this punishment was. She wanted to scream at him, threaten to call child welfare, anything, but she knew her threats were futile. Nothing would stop him from disciplining her tonight. With a defeated sigh, she slipped her fingers under the thin straps of material and peeled them down slowly. Rick’s eyes were glued to her bare flesh as she stepped out of the panties and turned to face him.
Her eyes skimmed over his soft, round body to his greasy acne-covered face. The bile rose in her throat as she saw him lick his lips as he gazed at her supple body. He looked over at Mr.

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   Williams, his hand moving to adjust his rapidly swelling cock. Sally’s father simply nodded to the boy before sitting down in the leather chair across the room from them. Rick took a step forward, his pudgy hands moving to Sally’s firm C cup breasts as he clumsily fondled them.
She tried to pull away from him but a stern look from her father stopped her cold. Rick moved closer, moving one of his hands to the back of her neck as he forced her face closer to his to kiss him. Sally wanted to vomit so badly. The rancid smell of his breath hit her like a brick as he forced his lips to hers. She stood there frozen as he kissed her, his hand still palming her breast.
Stanley stared at the young girl’s body as his son pawed at her. He knew that soon he would have his turn at her. He could not believe he was being given the opportunity to sink his cock into such a beautiful child, one he had masturbated thinking about often. He moved to the sofa, sitting down and adjusting his thick cock through his pants.
Rick took Sally’s hand and pulled her toward the other end of the sofa. He stopped, standing in front of it as he looked at her with an evil smile. He placed her hand against his groin, letting her feel the hardened mass against the softness of his rotund body.

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   She nearly wretched and pulled her hand away quickly.
"Sally, get on your knees and take his cock out," her father instructed calmly.
She sighed loudly as she obediently sank to her knees. Her disgust was obvious in the way she touched his pants, unfastening them quickly and pulling her hands away as they fell to the ground. Her body stiffened as she heard her father’s voice again.
"Suck him, Sally. Put his cock in your mouth and suck it," he commanded.
Sally timidly reached out, touching his stiff cock for the first time. Rick groaned loudly with delight as he felt her fingers circle the base. The feel of her warm breath as she parted her lips and leaned in, sent a shiver through him. She clenched her eyes tightly shut, not wanting to see the grotesque boy before her.
Once she accepted the head into her mouth and closed her lips, she began to suck lightly on his vile flesh. As soon as his head was firmly ensconced in the warm confines of her mouth, Rick’s hand moved to her long sandy brown ponytail, gripping it tightly as he forced her face forward. Sally immediately began to gag as his throbbing cock was forced down her throat.
Before she had a chance to adjust to the feeling of her throat being raped by this unskilled behemoth, he had worked himself into quite a lust-filled frenzy.

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   The heat of her mouth and the softness of her lips around him was quickly sending him over the edge. It was the first time anyone else had ever touched him and he was enjoying it.
His balls slapped against her chins as he began to thrust into her mouth. Sally was swallowing hard to keep from choking on her own vomit as he continued to assault her mouth. His grunts of pleasure became louder and more frequent until suddenly he pulled her head into his groin hard and held her there. She frantically tried to catch her breath with his cock lodged in her throat. Soon thick ropes of cum began to pump out of his swollen cock and slide down her gullet.
As soon as his cock began to deflate, he pulled her of the sensitive flesh, pushing her back and watching her fall to the floor. She sat there trying her hardest not to vomit until it violently broke free. She quickly reached for a nearby wastepaper basket and emptied the nasty liquid into it with each wretch. Rick cruelly laughed as he watched her throw up, a mean streak in him becoming evident.
"Since you threw up the first load . . . You will be punished and you WILL be swallowing another later, Sally.

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   Now, it’s time to please Stanley," her father said looking at him. "Now, tell her what you want and she will do it. "
"Crawl over here Sally," Stanley said in an excited tone.
She sighed softly and rolled onto her hands and knees and reluctantly crawled toward her neighbor’s feet. His eyes were glued to the two soft fleshy globes on her chest as she slunk toward him. She sat back on her heels as she pitifully looked up at him. Stanley sat on the edge of the sofa, leaning forward to get a better look at her.
His hands immediately began to fondle her breasts, tweaking and twisting her nipples between his fingers as he licked his lips. It had been two years since his wife died, and equally as long since he had touched anyone. The bulge in his pants looked as if it was about to burst through the fabric that contained it.
He stood up briefly, unfastening his pants and quickly stripping out of them before sitting back down. His long, bloated shaft stuck obscenely up from the thick bush of pubes. He stared at her for a moment as he leaned back on the sofa.
"Climb on. I want you to ride my cock," he said eagerly.

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Sally looked to her father who simply nodded. His face showed no emotion as he watched his daughter’s plight. He knew that this was the only way to truly reach her. She had to learn that her actions had consequences and this was the best way to show her that. Sally stood up and crawled onto Stanley’s lap, straddling it cautiously as he gripped his throbbing member. Once he had the head rubbing against her tender pink lips, his free hand landed on her shoulder, pushing her down on his thick cock.
She gritted her teeth to keep from screaming as he forced up into her. Her face clenched tight in a mask of pain as she felt him tear through her hymen and hilt himself inside her. His hands moved to her hips, bouncing her up and down on his cock hard and fast as he watched her firm young breasts bouncing inches from his face. He leaned forward slightly, catching her right nipple between his lips and sucking it into his mouth.
Sally sobbed as he thrust up into her each time he pulled her harder into his lap. Stanley bit down hard on the hard pink nub in his mouth, causing her to squirm in pain. The movement and sounds of her crying only fueled his lusts as his blood streaked cock worked in and out of her tight pussy. He then spit her nipple out, seeking the other for the same torturous treatment.
She could feel his shaft throbbing inside her tight hole as it ached from the abuse.

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   His pace became frantic as he jerked her up and down like a rag doll, all the time, biting harder on her nipple he held in her mouth. She cried loudly, begging for the abuse to stop to no avail. Little did she know that when the father finished, it was the son’s turn yet again to ravish her body.
The harder and faster he slammed his cock into her the more brutally he yanked her down onto his shaft. She felt as if she was being split in two with each thrust, causing her to fill the room with more agonized wails. With a final deep thrust, Stanley held her tightly as his cum erupted from his rigid cock. His fingers dug into her flesh, leaving reddened marks as he tightened his grip on her. With a loud groan he finished, leaving a thick deposit of fresh cum deep inside her newly devirgined cunt. Stanley slumped back against the thick sofa cushion as he panted to catch his breath.
"My turn" Rick loudly announced as he walked over to the sofa completely naked now, his cock already rock hard. "Get on all fours slut. I’m gonna fuck you hard. "
Sally’s eyes widened as she heard the words, quickly looking to her father who only gave her a stern look. She could not believe her own father didn’t even seem to care that the boy called her a slut. Rick reached out grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking her off his father’s lap.

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   Her legs were wobbly and aching from the position she had been in, causing her to stumble. He shoved her to the floor in the center of the room and knelt down behind her.
The cum had began to trickle from between her lips as she tried to get on all fours before any more of his rough treatment. Violently his hand came crashing down against her firm pale cheek, leaving an angry red hand print covering half her ass. Again and again his hand met her flesh, making her whimper and sob as her body jolted forward from each strike. All Sally could do was knee there and let him spank her. It was apparent now that no matter what the two did the father would not stop them.
"How do you like that huh? This is what a fucking tease like you deserves. You fucking bitch" he said, punctuating his words with rough slaps.
Rick’s hand then slipped between her legs as his thick fingers found her clit. Once he had a grip on the little bud, he cruelly began to twist and pinch it as hard as he could, watching her body tense with each shot of pain. When his fingers finally left the tortured little nub, it felt as if it was on fire from the painful teasing. He then slid his fingers through the wet mess that dribbled from her cunt, gathering up a little of the slick liquid and smearing it over her puckered little opening.

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  . PLEASE. . . " she frantically begged in hopes that he wouldn’t penetrate the virgin hole.
"Shut up bitch. I’ll fuck you any way I damn well please and there is nothing you can do about it. "
Sally hung her head as she sobbed, knowing he was right. She felt sick as the tip of his cock pressed against the tight little opening and began to force its way inside. With a quick thrust, he had embedded the head in her ass. The ring of muscles spread from the force of his stroke, causing her incredible pain. His hands moved to her hips as he held on tightly. In a flash, he slammed his cock deep into her dark hole. The searing pain shot through her body causing her to scream as he held his throbbing cock deep inside her. As he enjoyed the warmth of her muscles enveloping him, she tried to pull away.

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   He slapped her hard across the ass with his cock still buried deep in her. Her pale cheeks now were now covered with a myriad of pinks and reds from the blows.
He reached forward, forcing her upper body to the floor and in turn causing her hips to rise slightly. His hands then moved back to her hips, grabbing on to them and holding her steady as he began to pump his hips forcefully into her. Her body jolted back and forth with each brutal movement, causing her to quickly get rug burn on the exposed flesh against it. Her tits ached as they were rubbed raw by the navy blue carpeting below her.
The throbbing teen cock hammered away at the soft internal muscles, making her give up shrill shrieks of pain as he burrowed as deep as he could inside her. He kept a slower but cruel pace, not wanting his first fuck to go by to quickly. Punishing the snobby little debutante was getting him hotter than he ever imagined it could.
Rick continued to pump away, forcing her body to move each time he hilted himself in her ass. Once her muscles had loosened up a little, he reached forward, grabbing a handful of her hair and swiftly yanking her head back, contorting her into a very uncomfortable position. Her arms had gone numb beneath her upper body, making them useless to support her now. She tried to steady herself with them, the grip on her hair holding her head in an awkward position.
His hips slammed into her faster as the telltale grunts and groans surfaced again. Sally sobbed uncontrollably as the boy continued to plunge his cock deep into her ravaged hole.


   Thin streaks of her blood mixed with bits of feces stained the swollen muscle as it worked in and out of her with brutal strokes. Finally, he buried his cock deep inside her and began to pump shot after shot of warm cum into her bowels. Her body tensed as she gagged, the feel of him filling her making her physically ill.
As Rick held her ass tightly to his groin, she looked up bleary eyed toward where her father sat. Panic filled her for a moment as she realized he had left the seat. The boy pulled out of her, letting her body collapse against the floor as she quickly looked around for her father. She found him standing by Stanley handing him a glass of scotch on the rocks. Though relieved that he had not left her to these wolves, she was deeply hurt that he seemed to care so little for what was happening to her. Her focus was quickly shifted as Rick moved in front of her and presented his filthy cock to her.
"Suck it clean bitch," he demanded.
As Sally made the mistake of opening her mouth to speak, he shoved the nasty shaft into her mouth and held her head in place. All she could taste was the metallic tang of blood mingled with the rancid feces, causing her to gag again. His still stiff cock remained buried in her throat as he laughed viciously at her predicament. Each time her muscles would spasm as she gagged, he’s force his cock into her throat to torment her even more.
"Clean it and I’ll pull it out you stupid whore.

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  " he remarked.
Sally did her best to clean the mess from him without vomiting. Finally when he grew weary of the sick game he was playing with her, he let go of her hair and shoved her down to the floor again. The girl laid there quivering and crying, praying for anything to stop the madness. Her ordeal was not over yet though.
Rick sat down next to his father and opened the can of cold soda that Sally’s father had thoughtfully sat on the table for him. The three men talked quietly amongst themselves for a moment before her father returned to his seat.
"I wanna see the bitch play with herself like she does in front of the window," Rick said as he smirked at her.
"You heard him Sally. You like showing off so much. . . do it now for our guests," her father chimed in.
She could not believe what she was hearing. Despite knowing she would be punished further for disobeying, she laid there sobbing softly, refusing to move.

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   Her father swiftly rose from his seat and grabbed the girl by the hair.
"Sally, you heard me. I said entertain them like you do in front of your window,"
All she could do was continue to cry. She refused to give them that satisfaction. Mr. Henderson promptly turned her over onto her back, leaving her lay at his feet. She watched in horror as he removed his leather belt from his trousers before kneeling beside her.
"Fine then Sally, if you won’t behave. I will punish you," he calmly stated.
Sally figured that he would roll her over and use the slender leather strap on her already abused cheeks, but much to her surprise the doubled leather strip bit into the soft flesh of her left breast, leaving a thin red welt. The right breast then felt the burst of pain as the belt lashed it. Her body writhed in pain as her father alternated strikes between her two fleshy mounds.
Once a strike failed to cause her to jump, he reached down and spread her legs, striking her inner thighs repeatedly before bring up a swift crack to her cunt. She screamed in agony as the leather struck her sore pink flesh, making her entire body squirm. After three more strikes Stanley spoke up.

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"I can’t take any more. I wanna fuck that ass of hers. " he said as he slipped off the sofa.
Sally’s eyes moved seeking her father’s pitiless face, but were quickly distracted by the large bulge in his pants. Her heart stopped as she realized that her father was gaining much pleasure from punishing her in this way. Rick moved toward them all, finishing his soda.
"Wait, I want her to ride my cock while you fuck her ass," he laughed cruelly. "Let’s see if we can split the bitch open"
Mr. Henderson stood up, moving back to his chair to let them attend to their needs with his daughter. He relaxed knowing once they left, she still had to contend with him. His eyes remained glued to his daughter’s naked abused body, studying the welts on her creamy white breasts.
Rick laid down on the floor as his father helped him position the girl over him. His swollen cock slid into her abused cunt with easy, lubricated from the cum deposited there earlier. Stanley moved behind Sally, pushing her forward slightly as he positioned the tip of his cock to penetrate her puckered hole. She shrieked as he began to push inside of her, ripping her open wider as both holes became full of cock.

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Rick’s hands moved to her chest, slapping her breasts and torturing the nipples as his father’s cock finally worked completely inside her. As soon as he had forced himself inside her, the two began to fuck her as hard and deep as they could. It felt as if both of her holes were going to be ripped apart as they worked to find the right ryhthm to suit them. Her body tossed back and forth like a child’s rag doll as they pulled her back and forth.
Sally’s eyes met her fathers, hoping to see a glimpse of pity or remorse for what he was letting them do to her, but instead found an intense sexual desire gleaming back at her. Her heart sank knowing not only was he condoning this, he was getting aroused by it.
The two cocks inside her mercilessly stabbed into her, causing the pain she already felt to deepen with each stroke. She wanted so badly for it to end. Rick continued to maul her breasts, pinching and leaning up to bite them just to make her twitch and jerk from the torture. The thrashing of her tormented body as the tightness of her overstuffed holes caused the two to quickly lose control. As they both approached orgasm, the pace became frantic and intense until finally she felt the familiar flood of semen into her swollen holes.
As Stanley pulled out a river of cum trickled out of her stretched anus. Rick pushed her off him as he laughed.
"Time to clean my cock again slut," he stated. "And his too this time"
As he stood up, Rick grabbed her by the sides of the head and held her face inches away from his cum coated cock and balls.

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"Lick it off bitch," he demanded as he forced her face closer.
He drew back his hand, slapping her across the face when she did not respond quickly. As he drew back to do it again, he saw her baby pink lips part and the tip of her tongue peek out between them. She reluctantly dragged her tongue over the horrid tasting mixture.
"That’s it bitch, don’t miss any of it" he said coldly as he watched her lick up all the cum.
Once she had finished with the job, he released her, letting his father step up and take his place. His shit covered cock forced into her mouth as she tried not to gag. She tried to clean it as quickly as she could in hopes of getting the taste out of her mouth sooner. She tensed up as she felt him let another shot of cum into her throat. Finally, the deflating cock slipped from her mouth, leaving her with nothing but the grotesque taste in her mouth.
"Sally, say goodbye to our guests then go upstairs to the master bathroom and wait for me. " he said as he stood up.
"Goodbye" she choked out before she scrambled to her feet and tried to walk out of the room.
Her legs were wobbly and aching as she tried to leave, making her stumble a bit as she headed toward the stairs. She could hear the voices in the other room as the men talked amongst themselves about what had happened.

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   Sally dragged herself up the steps and made her way to the bathroom where she sat on the edge of the tub nervously awaiting her father’s arrival. As the door closed and the loud footfalls became more distinct, she knew the time had come. A whole new fear set in as the door creaked open.
"Now Sally, it’s time for the rest of your punishment. "



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