A Kidnapped Cheerleader


*** The first thoughts that came into Jenny’s head as she regained consciousness were that of pain, and everywhere. Her head was throbbing, her arms and legs were tied painfully to a wooden chair… wait a second… TIED TO A CHAIR? That was when Jenny remembered everything: going to her car, the white cloth, and fainting right away. "Where the hell am I?!?" she tried to say, but all that came out was "Mmph!" For now she realized that she was not only tied up, but gagged too. This day was just getting better and better. A door slammed somewhere behind her, and heavy footsteps were heard coming towards her. Suddenly a man appeared in front of her, dressed all in black. If Jenny hadn’t have had any reason to be afraid of this man, she might not have given him a second thought, as he was so average looking. He was about 5’10, with brown hair in a regular haircut. His body looked semi-fit, and certainly not flabby. But what really caught Jenny were his eyes. Those deep blue eyes… He kneeled in front of Jenny and pulled out her gag. "Hi sweetie. I’m Eric, and we’re gonna have fun while you’re with me. Oh, and don’t bother screaming, this room is soundproof. " Jenny thought about what Eric had just said. She didn’t like the sound of the "fun" that they were going to have.

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   And the room was soundproof, which meant that she might be screaming a lot… "Why am I here? Did you kidnap me? What do you mean, fun? Why am I tied up? Why can’t you just let me go?" Jenny babbled as she became more and more nervous. "Slow down, hon, lets start with your name. " Eric calmly said as he lit a cigarette. "Uh… I’m Kimmy. " Jenny said, thinking that she shouldn’t tell him her real name. "Well, ‘Kimmy,’ lets just have a look in your wallet to see how truthful you are…" With this Eric pulled out Jenny’s purse that he had apparently taken earlier. Her heart seemed to skip a beat when she realized that he would know by her driver’s license that she had lied. "Oh-oh, someone’s been a naughty girl and a liar at that! Well, Jenny, I don’t let liars off easy. Looks like you’ll be getting your first of many punishments now!" With this Eric disappeared out of the room for a few minutes. Jenny sat in terror, wondering what horrible thing was about to happen to her. When he came back into the room, Jenny gasped in amazement. Standing in the middle of the room was a stark-naked Eric holding two ping-pong paddles. Nothing too sadistic about them, just two ping-pong paddles. But what really caught her attention was Eric’s thick nine-incher! Jenny could feel herself getting turned just gazing at it, but there was that little matter of those paddles…"Can you guess what’s going to be happening by the item I’m holding in my hand?" Eric said in a devilish way. "Uh… n-no… what?” Jenny managed to stutter out in her nervous state.

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   Eric smirked. “Oh, then this is going to be more fun than I thought! You know how in ping pong you hit the ball with this?” Jenny nodded. “well, it’s the same general idea except for that your tits are the balls! Not to get started!”Much to Jenny’s dismay, he started to pull off her ropes and her clothes, at that! It soon turned into a frenzy, ripping her skimpy uniform off. "WOW!" He exclaimed as he saw her body. "You really have a knock-out under that blah cheerleading uniform, huh Jen?"Jenny was too terrified to respond, and feeling very vulnerable she tried to cover her tits and pussy from sight. But Eric wanted a full-frontal view, so he ‘gently’ convinced her otherwise (with a little shoving and threatening). "Now, Jenny, I know you want to get out of this unharmed! Believe me, I want that too. But you have to learn that when I say something, I mean it. And you will have to go through some things I know you’d rather not. But guess what? TOO FUCKIN BAD FOR YOU!"With this he smacked Jenny’s tits around several times. Every time the paddle connected with her skin, a bloodcurdling scream erupted from her mouth. When it was finally over, Jenny was in tears. With a bit of softness in his voice, Eric whispered "Now that’s over with, and I hope I don’t have to do that again. " Then he leaned in and kissed Jenny on the lips. She was thoroughly disgusted, but for fear of what might happen if she resisted, she stayed in place.

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  "Well! I see you understand me now! But I have a question for you… do you like whipped cream?" With this he left the room. Before Jenny had a chance to think about a way to escape, he was back with a bottle of chocolate syrup, a can of whipped cream, and a sadistic grin. Jenny, there have been many rumors going around town. People are saying that you’re a terrific cock-sucker, and you have tons of experience. So now it’s time to put that talent to the test… with a treat, of course!""N-N-NN-NO! I can’t do that! I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about I’ve only sucked one or two cocks and I’m not that great so I can’t pleeeeeeeeeease don’t make me!" Jenny babbled in a nervous wreck, her face flushing to a deep maroon color. "Well then, I guess I’d better go get my whip…" Eric trailed off as he began to walk towards the other room to get it. Jenny made a split-second decision. "Wait! I-I-…I guess I can do it. ""Splendid! Now, do you prefer whipped cream or chocolate syrup, sweetie?"When Jenny didn’t answer, he slapped her hard across the face. “When I ask you something, you always answer. Got it?” Jenny trembled in shock, but made sure to nod “yes”. “Fantastic. Now, since you don’t seem to have a preference, I think we’ll go with the whipped cream. I want you to lather my cock with this delicious cream, and then eat it all up like there’s no tomorrow. ” Eric threw the can at Jenny, and she slowly began.

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  At first Jenny was tentative, trying her hardest not to actually touch his dick.
    But after several threats from Eric, she warmed up to the activity. In fact, since this involved no pain, she began to like it! Her pussy was already getting wet, and she was just lathering it up. “Mmmm, oh Jenny, rub it on me, stroke my hard-on, mmmmm…” Eric moaned as this was happening. Then came the tricky part: actually taking this strangers cock in her mouth and sucking him off!Jenny took the cockhead into her mouth, then stopped. She found it to be like all the other dicks she had sucked, except for the fact that it was huge and covered with whipped cream. The thought that she had been kidnapped and was being forced to do this left her mind, and she started to enjoy it. Slowly she slid about four inches into her mouth, then stopped. God, this dick was huge!Meanwhile, Eric was standing in front of Jenny, moaning and trying to thrust his now-erect dick further into her mouth. He grabbed on her hair and pushed her head onto his dick, causing Jenny to gag. But she kept her head and slowly got accustomed to deep-throating for the second time ;-). Jenny started to work her magic on her kidnapper. First she slid his cock all the was out of her mouth, then gently kissed the cockhead. She drew little circles around it with her tongue, making Eric shiver and moan. Then she began to lick the remaining whipped cream off of his shaft.

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       Both Jenny and Eric were totally ready for some fucking. Without a word to Jenny, Eric pulled her up and threw her onto a couch. He got on top and immediately began pushing his cock into her pussy. Jenny was so far into La-La land that she went with the flow and prepared to be stretched more than ever. Jenny’s first real wake-up call was when she felt the huge cockhead pressing up into her vagina. It felt like a god-damn baseball was being pushed in! But still, there was so much pleasure expected. Eric was having trouble getting his dick in past her tight hole, but it felt sooo good. So he decided it was all-or-nothing type affair, so he quickly thrusted his cock into her tight cunt. Jenny gave a little yelp, but since Eric continued to fuck her softly the pleasure outweighed pain. “Mmm, Eric! Fuck me harder baby! Your cock is sooo good!” Jenny screamed out, wanting more and more. Eric, being very surprised that she was still happy, sped up with the thrusting, grinding his cock into her pussy. “Oh…Oh… I’m cumming! AHHHH!!!!” Jenny’s orgasm was so mind shattering that she screeched in pure pleasure. In fact, Eric was so excited that he knew he was about to cum. Suddenly Eric pulled out, and quickly shoved his cock into Jenny’s mouth. “Come on baby, suck, I’m about to cum!” Happily Jenny did, and Eric soon shot his load deep into Jenny’s mouth.

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       She swallowed and swallowed as Eric’s balls emptied themselves, but some still dribbled down her chin. Not wanting to waste a bit of his glorious fire, Eric took his cock and caught the dribble, then fed it to Jenny. When he was finished, he just collapsed onto the couch. Contented with the fuck he had just had, he cuddled up to Jenny. She was so sleepy she just let him put his cock between her legs. The two exhausted fuckers spooned that entire night, preparing for what would happen later on…I hope you liked this story. Let me know if ya want a part 2!.



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