A First Forced Encounter - Part One


They didn't close the door. And it wasn't just Will and his girlfriend. Cindy was sprawled across the bed, and Will was standing at the edge of it, pumping a 7" cock into her spread open pussy. But someone else, someone I didn't recognize, was kneeling at Cindy's head, where she was sucking on a glorious, firm dick with a huge head. It had to be at least 9" long. It was massive! I had never seen anything so big. . . not even on the porn I had downloaded on my computer. No wonder Cindy was moaning. I suddenly realized I had put my hand down my skirt and was subconsciously fingering my clit. But by this point, I didn't care. How could I? I was standing in my roommate's doorway, watching his girlfriend please not only my roommate, but another guy as well. My finger began moving quickly in and out of my tight slit. Suddenly, two hands grabbed me from behind. A deep voice growled in my ear, "Hmmm.

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  . . what do we have here? A little voyeur? Maybe she should take a closer look. "Will and the other guy looked up from the bed. "Jen!" exclaimed Will, "What the hell are you doing?""I know what she will be doing," said the man behind me. "Grab my bag, will you please, Spencer?"The man on the bed rose, and grabbed a black bag from the closet. I stared at it, nervously, blood draining from my face. Cindy had sat up, and Will had withdrawn. They both stared at me. "Hold her," said the man behind me. Will and this Spencer were quick to comply, each grabbing one elbow, rather roughly. The man behind me released his grip, and a saw a large hand reach in front of me long enough to grab the black bag. I stood there, too frightened to move, as I listened to a zipper slowly open. Cindy was still sitting on the bed, looking slightly amused, quietly fingering herself. That was the last thing I saw.

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   A blindfold was placed over my eyes, and tied snugly at the back of my head. The man behind me ordered me to open my mouth, and I did, too afraid to not comply with his strict demands. A crude ball-gag was inserted into my mouth, and fastened behind my head. Then, I heard two snaps, and felt something cold and hard embrace each of my ankles. I tried moving my foot, and realized a spreader bar had been placed between my feet. "Move. " I quickly did as ordered, stumbling forward as best I could. The door swung shut behind me, and I heard the lock click into place. "Put her on the bed. "Four hands lifted me easily onto the bed. My hands were then tied towards the upper corners of the bed. I couldn't believe it. Here I was, fully clothed, and tied to my roommates bed, with a blindfold and a ball-gag. And I had thought this just an average November day. ***Please let me know if you think I should continue this story.

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   It's my first attempt. Thanks!.


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