A Family Affair, Chaps 3 & 4


"No, thank you," Ashley answered, not wanting to swallow something unseen. Her throat also burned from the chemicals used on her during the kidnapping. Her polite response drew a sharp slap once again. "You will drink," the Voice said sharply. The tears came again as he held her lower jaw opening her mouth. Raising the glass to her mouth, he poured some milk in. She gagged slightly, spitting some of the milk onto the man. This drew another blow across her face. Still stinging from the earlier blows, she tilted her head back to receive the milk. She drank a whole glass letting it soothe her sore throat. He gave her a second glass, then a third. After the third glass, she had enough. Between each glass of milk, he fed her half a rice cake. In a strange way, Ashley felt refreshed. Replacing her headset, the man turned to Rachel. "You will drink.

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  " The man held a glass of milk up to Rachel's parched lips. She drank deeply letting the milk cool her burning throat. During her pregnancy, she drank several glasses of milk each day. By the time she was finished, she had finished five glasses, drinking them all as if she had not drunk in days. She, too, ate the rice cakes. Her dress was splattered and wet with milk spilled as the Doctor was helping her drink. It mattered not; she felt much better. Rachel watched as the man placed the glasses on a tray and left the room. Thankfully, the Doctor did not replace her gag. She wished she could take Ashley into her arms and tell her everything would be fine. She was proud of her daughter's resistance even to the point of being abused by this monster. She worried that Ashley's strong spirit would cause her to be seriously harmed by the Doctor. Rachel was also concerned about Ashley's response to the Doctor's sexual stimulation. She knew that Ashley was extremely interested in sex from all the questions asked and answered over the past year. While she and Tom had told Ashley the facts of life, there were some things they felt for which she was not ready. 

   This situation was one such thing. The Doctor returned and picked up Ashley's tattered bra. He held it up to Rachel's face. "You will call me Doctor. You will do everything I say. Or, I will include your lovely daughter in our games. Now, do you understand?" Rachel nodded weakly. She stared at her daughter's exposed body, knowing she would do anything to keep this monster away from her. The Doctor held the knife to Rachel's swollen belly, lightly tracing circles with its point. Rachel flinched as he moved the knife back and forth, and began to cry softly. "Stand still," he commanded. Rachel did as she was told as tears rolled down her face. "You must obey my instructions immediately and without question, or. . .

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  " and he gestured toward Ashley with the knife. "You have soiled your dress. I must remove it. " He proceeded to cut the buttons off her dress, one at a time. As each button hit the floor, her dress parted more, exposing first her bra and then her swollen belly. When the last button was removed, he deftly cut the remainder of the dress from her body. She was clothed only in her bra and white panties. She shuddered and closed her eyes. "Open your eyes," the Doctor said. "I want to see those baby blue eyes at all times. " She did as she was told, and looked at him with hate in her eyes. She did not understand what was happening. He was so gentle at times, and at others he was like an animal. She did not know what he wanted. "You are very pretty.

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   Your belly is so full and round. Would you like me to touch it?" he asked, pointing the knife at her. "Yes, Doctor," she cried, feeling that resistance was useless. "Please rub your hands across my belly. " He smiled as he traced his fingers across her pregnant belly. His fingers danced around her extended belly button. Then, he gently caressed her skin across her full belly and from side to side. Against her will, she felt herself becoming aroused. She loved it when Tom did this. Such caresses always heightened her senses. She began swaying in time with his touches. "You like this, don't you?" he asked, continuing his caresses. "Ummm, yes, Doctor," she said softly, as a moan escaped from her lips. She thought what is wrong with me. This monster's touch is exciting me.


   Yet, she could not resist the sensations she was feeling. She felt a stirring in her pussy as her juices began to flow. A dark, wet spot appeared on her panties, and her musky odor filled the air. "Yes, I see you do," the Doctor said. He moved his knife up, the point touching her bra between her breasts. With a quick motion, her bra was also cut from her body displaying two fully round and firm tits, heavy with milk. Her extended nipples, each centered in its own very large dark brown areola, seemed to point accusingly at the Doctor. Her breasts had been very sensitive throughout her pregnancy. Many times Rachel had orgasmed to Tom's touches. She loved the sensations she felt in her pussy when Tom sucked on her nipples. She knew if the Doctor touched her tits she would not be able to hide the feelings she was having. The Doctor set the knife down and cupped her breasts in his hands. They felt hard and firm. He traced a small circle around her left nipple with his right index finger. He felt Rachel shudder at his touch, and heard a soft sigh escape from Rachel's lips.

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   He pinched the nipple causing it to grow even larger before his eyes. Rachel began swaying her body in response to the Master's touches. She felt his tongue over her sensitive breasts. She arched her back as he bit down gently on her erect nipple, sending shivers up her spine. The stain on her panties grew larger as her pussy juices continued to flow. He must know what he's doing to her, she thought. He must see! 'Oh my God,' she thought, as the Doctor bit down hard on a nipple. The pain quickly dissolved into pleasure as new sensations of ecstasy welled up from deep within her. She tried to move away from his advances, but she was tied too tightly. The pleasurable sensations she was feeling were almost too much for her. She felt the beginnings of an orgasm growing within her. The Doctor alternated between sucking on and pinching a nipple. He knew he was driving her wild with lust. Her whole body was responding to each touch as if release was the only thing that would save her. He watched her writhe with pleasure as she grew closer and closer to her orgasm.

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   Just a few more seconds and she would. . . The Doctor slapped her hard on the face, several times, bringing her down immediately. She gasped from the pain caused by the repeated slaps. She looked at him and breathlessly asked, "Why. . . ?" Before she could finish her question, he pinched both nipples hard sending pain shooting throughout her entire body. "Don't speak," he yelled. "Don't speak unless I've given you permission. " As if to punctuate the lesson, he went to the table and picked up a small wooded paddle. "I think you need some extra persuasion. " Rachel watched in horror as he went behind her. She tensed as she waited for what she knew would come.

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   She felt the point of the knife trace a line across her ass. She held very still, praying he wouldn't cut her. Suddenly, with a strength born of unbridled lust, the Doctor ripped Rachel's cum-soaked panties off her body exposing her glistening pussy wet with her love juices. She was totally naked before this monster. She felt his hand probe the crack in her ass. Involuntarily, she clenched her cheeks together. He continued to probe with his finger until he found her ass hole. She tried to relax, knowing she would be punished. But she could not! He inserted his finger up to the first joint in her bunghole. Again, she clenched her cheeks, and he withdrew. Whack! The first blow landed on her left ass cheek. The pain barely subsided as the second blow came. Alternating cheeks, the Doctor stuck blow after blow until her ass was bright red. The pain was something she had never known. Her legs gave way and she could barely hold herself up as the straps around her wrists began to cut into her.

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   Tears flowed freely as she wondered what she had done to deserve such treatment. She was weak from the Doctor's earlier efforts to stimulate her body into sublime ecstasy, and from the pain administered by him . She felt her body would not hold up much longer. Her arms could no longer support her body, heavy with child. She hung there limply feeling pins and needles in her arms. The pain from her tortured ass cheeks continued to radiate throughout her body. She did not even realize that the blows had ceased. Just when she could stand no more, she felt the Doctor's hands gently caressing her tortured body. She heard a splashing sound, and then felt a wet cloth bathe her naked body. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feelings the cool water fostered hot, tingling skin. "Mmnnnn," she moaned, as the rough cloth passed over her taut nipples. She floated on a cloud of pleasure as the Doctor teased her nipples rubbing first one way, and then the other. She felt him pinch her erect buds, twisting them obscenely and sending a spasm of pain through her. She writhed in pain at the rough handling of oversized tits. The twisting and pulling continued as the Doctor moved a cloth-wrapped finger to Rachel's dripping pussy, and rubbed it along her wet slit.

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   The rough fibers grazed her erect clit causing her to jerk wildly. She cried out from the added pain her movements created on her tender wrists. Slipping the cloth between her cunt lips, the Doctor pushed one finger in and out, fucking her with the rag. He added a finger with each few strokes until her had all four cloth-wrapped fingers pumping in her cunt. His thumb kneaded Rachel's clit as her fucked her. He stopped his torture of her nipples and concentrated his efforts on her pussy. Faster and faster his fingers moved as Rachel's body began moving in concert with his thrusts. Rachel arched her back as if trying to force his fingers deeper inside her. She felt her orgasm building deep inside her. Her pussy contracted around his fingers with each thrust as she concentrated on her growing pleasure. A tingling started in her loins growing steadily, radiating outward from her cunt to her arms and legs. The Doctor's fingers stretched her pussy lips apart further exposing her engorged clit, and thrust his entire hand encased in the rough cloth in Rachel's sopping cunt. With his other fingers he pinched her clit hard causing her to thrash uncontrollably. Rachel screamed as her orgasm exploded in her. Her entire body was bouncing up and down on the Doctor's fist.


   She lifted up with her tired legs and dropped back impaling herself on his phallic arm. She was numb to the exhaustion that sought to claim her body; her mind focused only on the intense feelings that washed across her as she gave herself freely to the animal that was stimulating the lust in her. "Aieeeeeeee," she screamed, her pussy juices soaking the cloth condom that was inside her. She felt every rough thread along the lining of her vagina as his arm moved furiously in and out of her. The squishing sound of the cloth in her ears as it fucked her body added to her lust craze. Finally, mercifully, her pleasure ebbed. The Doctor pulled his hand from her tortured cunt with an audible 'plop,' her juices running down his arm. He pulled his cum-soaked fingers from the cloth and placed them in Rachel's mouth. She sucked them without thinking tasting her arousal, her eyes begging for more. But, her exhausted body took over, and she thought no more. . . She passed out. Chapter 4: Rachel came to thinking of the horrible dream she'd had, glad she awoke. The pain in her arms, however, told her that this was no dream.

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   No, it was a nightmare, and one from which she thought she would never awake. Rachel looked around the room. The Doctor was not here.
    Ashley was still blindfolded and seated in her chair listening to music. Rachel saw herself in the mirror. She was lying on a table set at a 45 degree angle. Her arms were still tied above her head, though most of the weight of her body was supported by the table. In front of her was a small, yet high stool. Her legs were still strapped as tightly as her arms. And she was still naked. Her body glistened with sweat and her pussy juices, her legs and lower body were sticky from her cum. She had no idea how long she had been out, or how long they had been in this place. The door opened and the Doctor came in carrying a three-legged stool with a bicycle seat attached in place of a normal seat. Attached to the bicycle seat was a rubber dildo pointing straight up. It was flesh colored, about five inches long, and a little more than an inch in diameter. 

       He walked over to the box on the table and took out some KY Jelly. He rubbed a generous amount on the entire length of the dildo until it gleamed in the light. "You look like you could use a seat," said the Doctor, with a touch of humor in his voice. "I'm afraid that stool you're sitting on is not the right one for you. " With that, he kicked it out from under Rachel, causing her to fall -- at least as far as her bonds would let her. Rachel screamed in agony as the straps tightened around already sore wrists. "Here is a better seat for you," the Doctor sneered. "Stand up, and lean forward. I will help you into your new seat. " Moving behind her, the Doctor rubbed some more KY Jelly around Rachel's ass hole. He spread her cheeks apart and placed the tip of the dildo at her anal orifice. "I would advise relaxing your ass hole," he told her. "I'm sure you've never had anything like this up your ass before. " "Nooo, please!" Rachel cried out. "I'll do anyth.

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      . . " A sharp blow to her already tender ass cut off her cry in mid-sentence. Tears welled up in her eyes as she heard the Doctor. "Silence!" he hissed. He pushed the head of the dildo past her sphincter muscle. The pain caused Rachel to gasp. It was like nothing she had felt before. She tried to relax as he continued to push the phallus slowly into her. It seemed to take forever as the Doctor pushed the log up her ass hole. Remembering her Lamaze breathing exercises, she tried breathing in and exhaling slowly. She felt the pain subside. Finally, he announced the dildo was 'seated. ' He placed the stool on the floor attaching it securely to the floor. She would not be able to move the stool.

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       He loosened her straps somewhat allowing her to sit on the stool, but not releasing her arms or legs. The phallus was firmly seated in her ass hole. Pain gave way to pleasurable sensations as she found that small movements stimulated her in ways unimagined before. Despite herself, she found herself enjoying this new torture. What was the Doctor doing still behind her? Looking in the mirror, she saw him hooking some small wires to a remote control. She was puzzled, but knew better than to ask him about it. When he was done, he looked at her with amusement in his eyes. Her eyes widened as he pressed a button on the remote sending a shock through the dildo, up her ass hole, and into her body. Rachel stiffened as the electrical current spread throughout her body. It felt as if her entire body was on fire. The jolt lasted only three seconds. But it was enough! She knew that she would do whatever the Doctor wanted to avoid such future treatment. "Fuck yourself on that dildo," the Doctor commanded. "Use your legs to move yourself up and down. " Rachel did as she was instructed, embarrassed by her total vulnerability.


       Yet, once again she found pleasure in these movements. She watched herself in the mirror as she fucked herself, slowly at first, and then with greater speed. She saw herself impaled on a dildo and enjoyed the thrill her movements provided. She watched her breasts bounce up and down obscenely. Closer and closer to orgasm she came. Her cunt juices were flowing once more, the odor of her womanhood hung heavy in the air. Closer, closer, from deep within her loins, the ecstasy she had sought before was hers to claim. She would not be denied this time. The Doctor watched the pregnant bitch as she forced herself up and down on the thick phallus planted deep in her ass. Her tits flopped up and down, nipples erect and pointed, pussy juices glistening in the light flowing down her legs. Faster and faster she moved. The pleasure was obvious on her face. Her deep blue eyes became glazed and unfocused as she sought nothing but the release her body desired--no, required! He watched as her breathing became heavy and labored. She gasped in air in great gulps as she moved ever closer to the threshold of orgasmic release. And then, as she reached the plateau, he pushed the button sending the electric shock up into her body pushing her over the edge.

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       The current stimulated her entire body, especially the pleasure center in her brain. She screamed in both agony and ecstasy. Her body writhed with abandon as her ravaged, pleasure heightened body felt wave after wave of sexual release break over her. She bounced wildly on the thick dildo as she tried to force it deeper into her tormented body. The current stopped, though her brain could not tell the difference. She came in a wave that shook her body so hard that she almost came off of the phallus. Rachel's cunt released a torrent of cum in response to the unbridled lust her body was feeling. Her cunt spit forth just like a man's cock. Over and over she came, until there was no more. She was exhausted, and her body refused to respond to any commands from her brain. Rachel fainted. .



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