A Family Affair, Chap. 6


Rachel actually hoped the Doctor would return soon. She was sure he wouldn't want her to piss on the floor. A thought brushed at her mind. 'No, that couldn't be,' she thought. She couldn't; she wouldn't. She wouldn't piss on her daughter. 'What kind of sick mind did this man have?' she thought. Rachel really needed to pee. The minutes passed as she strained to hold it in. The bar keeping her legs apart became her enemy as she was unable to exert the pressure she needed on her cunt muscles. She realized that she'd once again be at the mercy of her body, unable to overcome her physical senses with her mind. She felt some piss escape and dribble down between the cheeks of her ass. Its warmth against her cool cheeks caused her body to loosen slightly. Painfully, she tried to clench her pussy tighter as she felt her resistance giving way. Rachel thought she was in a dream as she watched her body disobey her mind. It seemed as though she was living in slow motion as she started to pee.

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   A golden stream slipped from between her pussy lips traveling in an arc toward her little girl. Slowly at first, then gathering strength, she saw her piss land on Ashley's open cunt with tremendous force. Rachel arched her back trying to redirect the flow of pee away from her daughter's body. Ashley awoke to a warm stream traveling across her body beginning from her cunt to her breasts. She started to ask what was happening when the warm piss streamed into her open mouth. Closing her eyes, Ashley gagged and began coughing violently as her mother continued to bombard her helpless body. Rachel saw that she was unable to change the direction in which she was peeing and tried to stem the tide by clamping down on her urethra. It did not stop the pee completely, but it did slow her wanton stream. She laid back on her chair. Unfortunately, once opened, the bladder must be emptied. Rachel began to feel pain as her body tried to rid itself of this liquid waste. Ashley realized that the stream had stopped and cautiously opened her eyes to see where the water was coming from. She saw the pained look on her mother's face, the sorrow in her eyes as. . .

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  . Unable to hold back, Rachel again let loose. Her piss hit Ashley directly on her swollen clit, the force of it sending a spasm of ecstasy throughout her young body. Her mother was peeing on her, she thought. And it felt great! Ashley screamed in delight as the exquisitely intense sensations from the pulsing stream of piss flooded throughout her. She couldn't believe how excited she was becoming from someone -- especially her own mother -- peeing on her exposed pussy. Ashley began moving her hips to vary the pressure and intensity of the deluge of piss that sprayed on her cunt and clit. Rachel could feel her bladder slowly empty as the stream of golden liquid flowing from her pussy began to subside. She watched Ashley's ecstatic face as her warm piss cascaded onto her erect clit. She realized her daughter was very close to an orgasm. With that thought, Rachel pushed hard to maintain her piss flood pointing it directly at her daughter's swollen clit. "Ohhh, oohhhhh," cried Ashley. "I'm commingg!" Ashley's body began to sway in rhythm with the sensation spreading throughout her nubile body. Her arms and legs flailed spasmodically as her orgasm exploded over her. She didn't even notice that her mother had stopped peeing.

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   Ashley gave in to the total release of sexual tension that had built up quickly during the past 60 seconds. Rachel watched in amazement as her daughter had her second orgasm -- this one from just being pissed on. She saw Ashley's legs try to close and open repeatedly in rhythm with her pulsing cunt. Her daughter's pussy was covered with a mixture of her piss, and Ashley's own love juices. Her young body gleamed in the dim light with the rivulets of her mothers's piss still running down her face and chest. As the orgasm coursed through Ashley's body, Rachel became envious. She could imagine the delicious feelings running through her daughter. She took some perverse pride knowing she had caused these feelings. Never before had she felt so sensual while trying to please another human being. The taboo of her incestuous behavior only added to her heightened sexual state. "Ashley," Rachel said as she noticed her daughter's eye beginning to focus. "Can you hear me?" "Yes, Mom," said Ashley breathlessly. "Mom, that was so incredible," she continued without waiting for her mother to respond. "I've never felt anything like that before. It was so awesome.

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  " "Ashley," said her mother sharply. "Listen to me. I know it felt wonderful. You've never had the opportunity to learn what your body is capable of doing,. . . of feeling. And now you're learning that at the hands of a sadistic, evil . . . . " Yes, Mother, I know," Ashley cut off her mother. "But I can't help it. These feelings are too intense to ignore. It's like my body won't respond to me.

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  " Rachel sighed, knowing exactly how her daughter felt. It was as if she, too, were unable to control the passions this sadist ignited in her. She knew that more pleasure and pain were sure to come their way. 'When would it end,' she wondered both hating that it was happening and regretting that it would eventually end. Thinking back over her captivity, there were times when she felt she could not get any higher sexually. There she was being subjected to pain and pleasure that surpassed anything she could imagine. Surely this could not continue. Yet, secretly she longed for the Doctor to return to subject her to new ways to stimulating her pleasure-heightened body. Rachel looked at her teenage daughter, stained with her cum and piss, and wished that she could gather her into her arms. She gazed at Ashley's wet quim. She longed to taste her daughter's fresh cunt, to press her nose into Ashley's pussy lips and breathe deeply her heady aroma. She wanted to flick that erect clit with her tongue. Truly, she wanted to bring Ashley to the brink of orgasm and push her over the edge. Ashley's voice brought her back to reality. "Mom?" Ashley was trying to get her attention.

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   "I have to go too. " "That's okay, honey," said her mother. "Just let go. " "But, its's not that. . . " she started. Her mother interrupted her saying, "Both of us are helpless tied as we are. Apparently, this person doesn't care about our needs. If you have to go, go!" Ashley had felt the stirrings of her period beginning. She knew she would not just be peeing; she would be menstruating. And from her position, she would be menstruating on her pregnant mother. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help feeling pleasure at the thought of what she was going to do. As she caught her daughter's gaze, Rachel realized what Ashley had been trying to tell her. She watched as the menstrual discharge mixed with her daughter's cum exploded from Ashley's pussy.

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   It splashed all over her swollen belly, ran down between her open legs, and mixed with her own cunt juices. The heavy smell of blood mixed with the pungent aroma of the two women's heightened passions. As Ashley finished menstruating, she felt the need to pee. And pee she did! Ashley cut loose with her own flood of warm yellow piss that hit her mother's breasts and nipples causing them to harden. Some of her pee splashed in her mother's face. Rachel turned her head and closed her eyes. Ashley saw her piss mix with the blood on her mother's pregnant belly and wash it off running onto the chair and the floor. She wondered about the excitement she felt as she showered her mother with her bodily fluids. She was sure she had seen lust in her mother's eyes before she cut loose. 'What had been going through her mother's head just then?' she wondered. 'Maybe, she wanted to do what I've been wanting to do. ' Ashley thought she would do just about anything to get a taste of her mother's wet quim. She wanted to drive her tongue into her cunt as far as it would go. She wanted to nibble at her mother's tender clit while pinching her very large, erect nipples with her fingers. She had heard that some pregnant women had very sensitive breasts and nipples, and she wondered if her mother was one such lady.

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   At the thought of 'pregnant,' Ashley became concerned about her mother's condition. "Mom, are you all right?" she asked, feeling bad about her earlier thoughts. "Yes, honey, I'm all right," Rachel said. "I'm a little tired, but otherwise, I'm fine. " "Mom, I know you've had an orgasm from that man stimulating you," said Ashley, a little shocked at talking to her mother like this. "I just want to tell you that I still love you. " Rachel began crying at the insight just revealed by her suddenly matured daughter. She was telling her that all that had happened to them was not her fault, and that she was not blaming her for their predicament. Just then the door burst open. The Doctor shook his head as he walked around mother and daughter each in turn. He gazed at their piss-cum-blood stained bodies lewdly. Rachel and Ashley just looked at each other for support. The Doctor smiled evilly and left. He returned with a basin of water and some sponges. Placing the basin on the table, he wet a sponge and wiped it almost lovingly across Rachel's pregnant belly cleaning as he went.

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   Rachel closed her eyes, feeling the soft sponge trace lightly between her legs washing the stains away. She shuddered as the sponge's pores rubbed against her swollen clit. As the sponge moved away, she thrust her hips forward to regain contact with her engorged pussy lips. Rachel knew that she was behaving lustfully in front of her teenage daughter. But the feelings being ignited by the sponge lightly passing across her tender nipples pushed the thought from her mind. Her body was no longer hers to command. Over and over the sponge moved across her ravaged body cleansing it from the stains. She began to pant as she tried to focus the sensations she was feeling into sexual release. Ashley watched her mother respond to this animal's touches as if they were the only thing in her life. Her mother's hips thrust upward in rhythm trying to force the sponge deep into her pulsing cunt. She knew that her mother couldn't ignore the intense feelings going through her. And she knew, too, that she would be next. Ashley saw that her mother could not last much longer before she would have her orgasm. This Doctor would continue to stimulate her mother as he cleaned her. 'Please let it happen quickly,' she prayed, afraid for what the continued physical excitement would do.

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   The Doctor could see Rachel fast approaching her orgasm as she moaned loudly. Her breathing grew deep and labored, and her body began heaving faster and faster. Just before she reached her plateau, the Doctor stopped his movements. Rachel had been so close to total sexual release that without the Doctor's continued stimulation, she literally screamed in frustration. Her entire body felt like pins and needles as she tried to will herself into orgasm. She gazed lustfully at the Doctor trying to coax him into fondling her again. "Please. . . ," Rachel started to say. She gasped, her plea left unfinished, as the Doctor reached between her open legs and flicked her swollen clitoris with his finger.
    He pushed three fingers deep into her sopping pussy. Rachel moaned with delight as she thrust her hips forward to meet the Doctor's ministrations. She squeezed her cunt muscles tightly around his fingers trying to keep them inside her. She looked down at her daughter, who was watching every movement with eager anticipation, wondering what she was thinking.


       "Owww!" Rachel screamed, as a sudden pain shot through her from her genital region. She looked down to see herself impaled on the Doctor's hand. He had buried his hand up to his wrist in her wet gash. She began breathing slowly and deeply as she sought to control the pain. Slowly, but with purpose, the Doctor began moving his hand in and out of Rachel's stretched pussy. He leaned down and kissed Rachel full on the lips forcing his tongue deep within her. Rachel responded with a passion she never knew existed as her tongue intertwined with the Doctor's mixing their saliva together. As the Doctor continued fucking her cunt, her pain washed out of her replaced by a euphoria she welcomed with all her body. She gazed lustfully at the Doctor, animal sounds emanating from her throat as she rode on a wave of sexual ecstasy toward orgasm. She felt as if the Doctor's hand was caressing the very life within her. The Doctor took one of Rachel's swollen nipples in his teeth, nipping at it gently. He rolled his tongue around the nipple tracing a circular pattern on her dark brown aureole. Rachel floated on a sea of pleasure riding the crests of the waves to new heights of ecstasy. The hair on the back of the Doctor's wrist stimulated her extended clitoris sending spasms of joy throughout her very being. Her body shuddered as he continued his onslaught of her extremely sensitive nipples.

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       The Doctor withdrew his hand from Rachel's cunt leaving her gasping for breath. He looked down at her abused pussy stretched to immense proportions by his hand. He imagined he could see Rachel's baby through her cervix. Oblivious to anything but the need for release, Rachel pleaded, "Make me cum, Doctor. Please, MAKE ME CUM!" The Doctor tilted her chair back so that Rachel's head was lower that her pregnant body. Her cunt and ass were fully exposed to the Doctor. Her body continued to heave as she tried to take in more air. Ashley watched in awe as the Doctor ruthlessly stimulated her mother sexually to the very point of orgasm and then retreated. She knew her mother could not stand much more. Ashley gasped in amazement as the Doctor looked directly at her and took his cock out of his pants. She had never seen a man's penis before and was surprised at its enormous size. It was rock hard, very thick and very long. She held her breath as he smiled at her. He wiped some of Rachel's pussy juices on his enormous rod and positioned the tip at Rachel's exposed ass hole. He then leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth sucking on it as he kneaded her swollen clit with his fingers.

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       Ashley watched as her mother's body responded by thrusting her hips up to meet the Doctor's touches. She saw him push his glistening cock in slowly parting the sphincter muscle until its head was seated. Rachel gasped as the pain from his thick rod coursed through her mixing with the intense pleasure she was feeling. "FUCK MY ASS!" she screamed. Wiping some more pussy juice on his cock, the Doctor grabbed Rachel's hips and thrust forward in one motion filling her ass with his pulsing 10" manhood. Rachel came immediately, her body heaving violently, as her pussy gushed love juices over the Doctor's body. She screamed as the release she had sought for so long was finally hers. She thought of nothing but her own pleasure as she embraced the intense feelings of pleasure that could no longer be denied. Rachel felt as is her insides were on fire as the throes of orgasm washed over her like a tremendous waterfall. As the Doctor continued to fuck her ass, the pain subsided. He thrust faster and faster until with one great push he exploded sending his jism deep inside her virgin rectum. His pulsing cock spit forth so much cum that it leaked out of her ass around his sensitive cock. Ashley saw the white jism drip down the Doctor's balls and drop to the floor. She wanted to taste his cum, to see what it would be like. She couldn't believe she was having such thoughts.

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       And yet, she couldn't help herself. Ashley watched almost unable to comprehend the scene she was witnessing. Her pregnant mother strapped fully exposed on her back to a chair being ass-fucked by a bastard with the largest cock she could imagine. She could smell the heady aroma of her mother's orgasm and wished she could taste the juices that were spewing from her mother's ravaged cunt. Overloaded by the total sensations she had experienced, she collapsed in exhaustion. Breathing heavily, Rachel passed out with the Doctor's cock still planted deep inside her. .