A Family Affair, Chap. 2


Rachel shook her head, and looked away. He slapped her hard across the cheek. "What is her name?" he asked again. "Ashley," Rachel whispered, afraid to do anything else. Above all, she wanted the man to remain calm, and not hurt them. He replaced Rachel's gag and turned to Ashley gently shaking her awake. "Ashley, do you hear me?" he asked. Ashley came to with a start. She was held fast and couldn't move, a feeling that frightened her greatly. Though the room was warm, she began shivering from fear. Where was she? Why couldn't she see? And, where was her mother? As panic began to rise within her, a voice came through her confusion. "Ashley, do you hear me?" a man's voice said softly. "Y-y-yes," she stammered in a small voice, her panic subsiding slightly as she realized she was not alone. "Good," the voice said. "We will be playing some games. If you cooperate, you will be released unharmed.

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  " Then the man said in an evil voice, "But if you don't cooperate fully and immediately, you will be punished. Do you understand?" "Yes," she answered, as her fear began welling up inside her again. "My mother. . . ," she began. The man slapped her face hard and she cried out in pain. "Do not speak again without permission! I will return shortly. " He placed the headset over Ashley's ears and left the room. Ashley cried as tears began rolling down her cheek from under the mask. The blow had been unexpected and hurt all the more for that reason. Ashley wondered where they were. 'Why had they been taken? How long had they been there? 'Games' the Voice had said. What games? And why them?' She knew they were at the mercy of someone who thought nothing of their well-being, and she fought for control of her emotions. Rachel winced at the brutal treatment of her daughter especially right in front of her.

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   She hated this man for what he was doing to them. She resolved to resist him at every step of his 'games,' and hoped she had the courage to fulfill her resolution. Reality, however, told her that her efforts for resistance would be useless. Ashley had little external stimuli from which to gather information. A mask covered her eyes completely; she could see nothing. She could hear nothing but the music playing in a headset placed over her ears. She knew she was tied in some kind chair with padding. Though her arms were tied behind her, she was not uncomfortable. She had felt a slight draft on her body as the man opened the door. She realized in horror that her dress had been removed. But she could still feel her bra and panties. However, she could not close her legs, a fact that worried her. Good girls don't sit like this. A thought struck her! Ashley worried that she might be raped. She felt shivers run up her spine.


   She felt very exposed and vulnerable. She tried to remain calm, and thought of her pregnant mother. She worried about her Mom knowing that she was within weeks of delivery. Ashley knew her mother would be very worried about her. She felt that if she stayed calm, her mom would remain calm. 'Was her mom was even in the same room,' she wondered. Little did she know how right she was. Rachel looked down at her daughter with pride. Though her daughter had to be frightened beyond words, she appeared calm. Ashley had always been strong in her actions and convictions. The man entered again this time carrying a tray with two large glasses, a pitcher, and some rice cakes, and set them on the table. Walking over to Rachel, he said, "Do not speak unless I give you permission. Do you understand?" She nodded. The man walked over to her daughter. Rachel squirmed as he stroked Ashley's hair.

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   Ashley jumped at his touch. The man gazed at Rachel, his hand light on Ashley's head. "She can neither hear nor see us," the man said. "You will call me Doctor. You will do everything I say. Do you understand?" Rachel shook her head is disbelief as she realized the seriousness of their situation. She tried to think of a way out. As if reading her mind, the man said, "You cannot escape. You are powerless. You will not leave unless I let you. Do you understand?" Rachel just stared at him. "You will call me 'Doctor. ' You will do everything I say. Or I will include your lovely daughter in our games. Do you understand?" Again, Rachel just looked at him.


   The man went to the table and opened the box. He took out a large, wicked looking knife. He turned and looked at her. He motioned to Rachel to keep silent. Without saying a word, he went over to Ashley. Rachel struggled against her bonds, her eyes widening with fright. The straps chaffed her wrists drawing blood. She could not think. What was this monster going to do?! Lifting the headset from Ashley's ears, he said, "Your dress was wet from the rain. We removed it to be dried. But, you are still wearing wet clothes. Hold very still, Ashley. " With that, he placed the tip of the knife between her breasts and with one quick movement, cut her bra with ease exposing her tits. Her breasts had grown firm and pointed as only the young were. Her nipples were just beginning to protrude from the small light brown areola.

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   Ashley shuddered as her bra was cut from her body. As he removed her bra, the stranger's hands brushed against her nipples causing them to harden against her will. No one, not even her mother, had touched her in such an intimate manner. But, she, too, was powerless to act. "Interesting," the Voice said. "Perhaps we should explore this, Ashley. You seem to enjoy my touch. Describe the sensations that you are feeling in your body. " Ashley squirmed in her chair trying to move away from this man's probing fingers. It felt good -- no, she had to admit to herself, it felt great! But, she could not let him know. She tried thinking of something to keep her mind off the growing emotions coursing through her. 'Geometry,' she thought, as a smile came to her face. 'The area for a triangle is ½ times the base times the heigh. . .

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  ' "Owww," she cried sharply as two fingers twisted a nipple cruelly. "Ashley, you will answer my questions immediately and fully. Do you know what Newton's Third Law of Motion is? asked the Voice. "Yes," Ashley replied softly, as the pleasure from his continuing caresses overcame the pain. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We learned that in Science class. " "Well, Ashley, it you fail to answer my questions, a consequence will be applied," the Voice said. He looked up at Rachel staring in horror as the Doctor caressed her teenage daughter's breasts. "One that I'm sure you understand will NOT be pleasurable for you. Let's try again. Tell me how the touch of my fingers makes you feel. " Now 15, Ashley had begun questioning her mother about sex a couple years ago, when she noticed the changes going on with her body. She weighed about 110 lbs and was 5'4". She looked so much like her mother that others often commented about the resemblance. She had fantasies never told to even her closest friend, Lisa.

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   She had obviously wondered what it would be like to be fucked, to feel a large cock in her pussy. Her friends had all talked about that. But, she had also fantasized about being raped. It was her dark secret. This, however, was beyond her comprehension. She was now powerless. In her fantasies, she always felt in control of the situation. She was sure that what was going to happen to her would not be as pleasant as she had always thought in her fantasies. She was aware of the effect her appearance had on the boys in her class. Ashley and her girlfriends often discussed sex, although none of them had tried it. Their fantasies, told to one another during frequent slumber parties, often fostered very pleasurable sensations from within. However, while they might each masturbate alone in their room to release the pent-up sexual tension in their bodies, they were too shy to take the obvious step of masturbating one another. Knowing that it was wrong, she gave in to the passion growing in her young body. She lacked the experience to do anything but accept the pleasure which came from each caress. She felt warm as her body moved gently with the fingers that were tracing small circle around her tits, pausing only to roll a nipple between two fingers and then continuing their light caress.

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   "Mnnnn," she moaned softly, as a finger moved lightly down her belly past her navel to the seam of her panties.
    "I feel light as air. It feels sooo good. " She leaned forward as the finger slid under the elastic and gently touched the soft hair surrounding her pussy. She knew she should try to resist the feeling this animal was fostering in her, but she could not. The aroma of her excitement began rising, and a dark stain appeared on her panties. The Doctor raised Ashley's legs and with one quick motion pulled her stained panties to her ankles. He then cut them away from her body. Ashley's pussy lips glistened from the spillage of her sweet juices. Ashley jerked in her chair as a finger slid deftly between her moist pussy lips. "Ohh, please, don't do that," she cried. She tried to sink deeper into her chair. She hoped her mother wasn't watching as she responded to the intense stimulation she was receiving. One set of fingers alternately caressed and pinched her tortured nipples, while a finger on the other hand probed her virgin cunt. Her light growth of blond hair failed to cover the fold of skin hiding her clitoris.

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       As the finger traced the opening of her wet slit, a thumb massaged the hood of her clit causing it to emerge. Avoiding direct contact, the Voice gently massaged all around the growing clit. Ashley arched her back as if trying to force the finger into her throbbing pussy. Her breathing became labored as she struggled to remember what she had to do. 'I have to resist,' she thought weakly, as the actions of her body belied what her mind wanted to do. Ashley was rising higher and higher on clouds of pleasure. She didn't know that anything could feel this good. Even her attempts at masturbation were never this intense. She was sure that she could not withstand much more stimulation. "Aiieeeeeeeeeee," Ashley screamed, as the Voice's teeth bit down on her engorged clit and flicked it with his tongue. A wave of intense pain dissolving into pure pleasure washed over her while her body raised as far as her bonds would let it. She screamed and began panting as the mouth continued sucking on her tortured womanhood. The smell of her arousal permeated the small room. Rachel watched in facination as her 18-year-old daughter was sexually stimulated beyond words. Her own pussy began to twitch as her daughter's sweet aroma reached her nostrils.


       Unable to move, she could only watch as the Doctor played her daughter like a fine violin. She could feel herself becoming aroused. Her frustration was complete, both in the fact that she was unable to stop this monster from molesting her daughter, and from her inablility to act on her own arousal. Faster and faster the Doctor's tongue moved, swirling around Ashley's clit as her body writhed in the chair. He tasted the sweet juices that flowed freely from Ashley's virgin cunt, secure in the knowledge that words were not needed to describe what this teenager was feeling at this time. All was being recorded for later use. The Doctor bit down hard on her throbbing clit once more. "Aiieeeee! I'm cumming," screamed Ashley giving in to the sensations coursing throughout her young body. An orgasm the likes of which she had never imagined exploded in her! She began bucking wildly and straining at her bonds. Brightly colored lights danced before her covered eyes as her head shook all around. The sound of her ragged breathing seemed to drown the sounds of her screams in her ears. Her entire body felt like pins and needles. And, she knew that this was life, that this what she wanted. It seemed like forever until she settled back in the chair. Ashley's mind was unable to process anything else, and she slept.

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       The Doctor stood. He looked at Rachel's open-mounthed expression, and grinned, Ashley's juices dripping obsenely from his chin. He reached down between Ashley's legs and cupping three of his fingers, caught a generous amount of the spillage running from her reddened pussy. He then placed his fingers in Rachel's mouth letting her suck them clean, feeling her tongue dart around each finger individually. He watched her close her eyes as he teased her erect nipple with his other hand. "Later," he said taking his hands from her semi-stimulated body. He turned to leave drawing a groan from Rachel, and exited through the single door. ***.