A Dish Best Served Cold


Ever since we got married, I had put up with a lot. My wife, Lucy, was obsessive, controlling, short-tempered and stubborn, to name a few flaws. But I stuck with it because I loved her. I also, at this point, did not believe in divorce or adultery. Thus, I was quite shocked when I came home early one day to find my wife on her knees sucking a big black cock. She slurped as she pulled her mouth away to look at me, and jumped up, attempting to sputter an excuse. I stood dumbstruck for a moment, then simply turned and walked out. She didn't follow. I can not explain my emotions at this point, for instead of feeling a perhaps natural rage and sadness, I simpy felt empty and cold. One would think that after being so faithful to Lucy despite the endless troubles it took to make the relationship work, and seeing her like that, I would be furious, and ready to go back and scream my lungs out. Instead, nothing. As I checked into a motel roughly 2 hours later, the bitterness finally began to well up inside me. Eventually this turned to anger, and finally a burning desire for revenge. How could she do this and think she would get away with it? Automatically, my mind began formulating ideas and scenarios with which to get the bitch back. Sitting alone in my room, I decided the best and most. .

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  . creative form of revenge would be a taste of her own medicine, as it were. Grabbing my keys, I drove to a nearby sex shop and made my preparations. . . I knew Lucy would be at home when I knocked at the door a few days later. She had tried to phone me a couple times but I was inconsolable. She answered the door without checking who it was, and when I saw her, a brief moment of pity and hesitation overcame me. I looked up and down her body; she had always been beautiful, with black silky hair and olive skin to go with it. Not to mention her perfect perky breasts, which were all natural and yet full and round. She also had a real hourglass figure, with her curvaceous hips framing her amazing ass. Snapping me out of my daydream, she said simply "I'm sorry. " Another ten seconds passed, and I replied "You will be," before pushing her roughly inside and slamming the door. I pulled out from behind my back a cloth soaked in chloroform, and shoved it over her face, ignoring her attempts to stop me. I received a scratch to my face, and a sore shin, but she was unconscious.

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   I began to make my preparations. I stripped Lucy naked, and hoisted her up against the bare wall in the living room, clamping her wrists in the shackles I had attached to the wall. She now hung limply by her arms, but I decided when she awoke, this would not be enough. I attached 2 more shackles to the wall, then pulled her legs up over her head and pinned them in place. Thus, she was completely supported by the shackles, and her pussy and ass were exposed as far as possible. Two birds with one stone. She had always kept her pussy nice and trim, although I didn't see why, considering she rarely was in the mood for sex. She always tended to prefer blowjobs or handjobs if I asked, and anything raunchier like anal was out of the question. This would work well now, however, as it meant both her ass and pussy would be as tight as could be. When she awoke, I had some other preparations to make before the real events started. Immediately, she began shouting at me to let her down, how dare I do this, blah blah blah. The anger built up again, and I slapped her hard on the pussy, causing a scream to interrupt her incessant yammering. I shoved a ball gag in her mouth to keep it that way. All she could do now was glare at me, and mumble slightly through the gag. "Look at me all you want with those accusing eyes.

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   You're gonna get what you deserve. In fact, I'm gonna start by leaving a little souvenir of this whole night, " I smugly told her. I reached into my bag of tricks, and pulled out a piercing gun. Moving it over her body, and letting her see what it was, I began taunting her by slowly dragging it across her skin. She trembled in fear, and could only watch as I suddenly positioned it over her left nipple, and fired. A sudden click, and a ring was attached to her gorgeous breast. She writhed in pain, trying to scream and somehow end the pain. I decided not to do the other tit for now, as she seemed about to pass out from the pain. I left her and sat down in the other room, waiting for the real surprise to arrive. A knock at the door, and 5 tall men entered, striding into the living room where my wife was imprisoned. It was a picturesque scene: 5 men all standing in a semi-circle around the terrified and exposed woman, helplessly pinned to the wall. Her facial expression was a mixture of pain, fury, and humiliation, and it turned me on more than I thought possible. My cock began to grow in my pants, which caused me to get the show started. I instructed the men to get naked, and told them to "do what you like. " Immediately the first man stepped up to my wife, roughly grabbing her hips and positioning his erect member in front of her pussy.

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   I guessed his dick was roughly 7" long, but it was thick too. All the better, I thought. Raising his hand, he slapped her ass hard as he simultaneously thrusted his cock into her. His hips slammed against hers, pushing her up against the wall hard. She winced and groaned loudly, as the man began a violent rhythm of fucking her. Her tits were bouncing up and down as he pounded her, and I could tell the fresh piercing was causing her some discomfort, in addition to the stretching her cunt must have been undergoing. The man didn't last long, and leaned over her, cumming inside her. When he pulled away, her vagina was red and raw, and this was after 1 guy! I was pleased, to say the least. The night continued with my wife being the centre of attention. 4 more guys fucked her roughly, unleashing torrents of cum in her pussy and on her stomach and tits. I had also told the guys to focus on other areas, and they obliged by slapping her ass and pussy, choking her while fucking her, and spitting in her face. She looked a complete mess by this point. Her pussy was swollen and bleeding slightly, she was dripping with cum (in fact, there was a small puddle of cum that had accumulated on the floor beneath her), and her wrists and ankles were raw from the shackles. Now it was my turn. I first reached into the bag, pulling out a large black dildo I had bought.

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   It was longer and thicker than any of the cocks that had just violated my wife's pussy. I moved over to her, and removed her ball gag. I wanted to hear her scream as I got my revenge. I took the dildo and roughly shoved it into her slit, watching her wince in pain. Then, without warning, I moved my cock below it and positioned it at the entrance to her asshole. Her eyes widened, "No, no, pleaseeeee!!" I had come this far, however, and I wanted to see it through. I thrusted forward, and slammed my cock into her ass, filling her up completely. Her ass was so tight I could barely keep a steady rhythm. The scream emanating from Lucy only spurned me on at this point, and I began pistoning my cock in and out of her ass. Her tight sphincter clamped around my dick, and it felt amazing. Clearly Lucy didn't feel the same way as she was getting fucked violently in both holes.     After a short while, I climaxed, shooting what seemed like bucketloads of hot cum into her raw passage. I slumped over her, and then relaxed. "Now we're even, bitch. You hurt me, I hurt you.

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  " Stepping back, I looked at the pool of cum, along with Lucy's ass and pussy juices, that had dripped onto the floor below her. "What a mess, " I smiled. "I guess you can help me out with one last thing, huh Lucy?" I released the shackles pinning her arms and legs to the wall, and she collapsed to the floor. "Be a good girl and clean up this mess, would you?" I shoved her head closer to the pool, and I guess she was too exhausted and shocked to refuse. She slowly knelt over, and began gingerly lapping at the puddle.  .



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