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Luan and my mother talked on a regular basis Luan having three young children herself they always had more than enough to talk about. Everytime I would see her I couldn't take my eyes off her slightly saging but still nicely pert breasts, this of course made for some very unfocused conversations that we may have had, in one ear out they other. I never thought she would ever check me out I am a bigger guy I am 6' 1" 290 no always tan not that well endowed either I was 4" max erect. Of course this meant I haven't had many sexual encounters to fantasize about so Luan being the source of the majority of my Boyhood fantasies. There were many attempts over the years to try to see her naked because I knew if I could see her naked even just once, well I would have enough material for fantasies for a good long time. I made freinds with her older son Joe, he and I being very close in age so we hung out alot, especially over at his house I relished any sleep overs that we might have because that might be another chance to see his mother naked. Over many years the closest I have ever seen her get to being naked was, when she would go swimming her nipples became very hard and almost always press her breasts and nipples to her bathing suit, very enticing. I was turning 18 in a couple of months and headed off to college at the end of the school year out of state. I figured that if I couldn't have her I should get as far away from her as possible, just so nothing could actualy happen accidently. I knew that I would most likely never have the chance after I left to get close to her again atleast close enough for what I wanted to do to her. I began to think that if I were moving away to college that I should atleast try to do something as to regret never doing anything at all, hey I was 18 and Horny and not geting any, stupid horny hormoned driven thoughts go thru your mind. I planned that I would stay home sick one day since both of my parents worked and my sister went to school also that no one would be there to fumble my plans at all. Luan's three kids went to school also and her husband held down two jobs, so that she wouldn't have to work which meant that she was home every day. From past experiences from staying home I noticed that she attended house hold chores during the day to keep herself busy. I had it all set I was going to take off that teusday making sure that all three of her kids were not sick so that they wouldn't be ruining my plans at all. Her husband left very early for work and he didn't arrive home till very late 18 or so at night.

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   So I acted sick being a good student and all, my parents barley questioned me staying home that day by myself. I waited till about 9am or so and that my mom and dad had gone off to work and that my sister had already left for school. I got showered and dressed something loose and no underware easily accessable so I threw on my sweat suit one that I have worn and was loose and comfortable and that I knew that I could get out of in a moments notice. I walked over to Luan's house only being a good 20 or 30 feet away I did it quite briskly. I rang the door bell had this stupid little tone and before the bell had ended Luan answered the door in her satin night gown and a terry cloth robe, pretty tightly bound. I knew that she would invite me in if I had a good enough excuse, I told her that our toilets were backed up and asked if I could use one of theirs I used the one closest to the bedrooms so that I could scope out the house for any stowaways. I Walked past all of the bedrooms all of the doors wide open with their dirty laundry on the bed for Luan to collect and wash that day, it seemed that the coast was clear. I went down stairs and thanked her for letting me use her bathroom, when I walked down the stairs I saw her on the couch watching the morning news like she did most morinings. I walked up behind her and told he that she looked a little tense and offered her a back rub not thinking anything of it she agreed not wanting to pass up a free massage, I began rubbing her shoulders and neck which this being the most contact that I had with her up to this point. Without a single thought in my head letting my animal instinctincts to take over, I reached down with my right hand, to the front of her chest and grabbed one of her beautiful big breasts throught her night gown and under her robe. She of course very starled by this very action she jumped to her feet and said "What do you think your doing," "GET OUT" I smugly shrugged off her reaction, and walked around to the side of the couch looking like I was going towards the door, but I stepped in closer to her she backed up but only to bump against a table and the chair behind her which caused her to fall on to the love seat behind her. She hit the coutch with a rather hard thump and curled up into a defenseive ball screaming for help, but I doubt anyone heard her. I grabbed her Forearms pulled them away from her face pined them to the back of the Chair. I placed my knee between hers to seperate them I pressed my legs and full body into her to pin her down. Once I had her pined to the couch I placed both knees into her thighs so she couldn't ball up again.

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   I repositioned myself to right abover her pelvis so that I could pin her hands with my legs. I pined her hands again with my legs not caring if she were in any pain at all. I ook my now free hands and tore her robe open and ripped off her night gown, exposing her beautiful breasts which I fondled for several minutes pinching her niples and swirling her ereolas which were quite large and a deep pink, her nipples began to get very hard this of Course made me very hard. I pulled down my pants as far as they would go more than enough to reveal my very hard cock. I smacked her face a few times to get her to stop screaming and she did after a few good blows to the head. I told her that I wouldn't hurt her if she did everything that I told her to do, she noded her head in agreement with tears in her eyes. I began by grabbing her somewhat bushy head of hair and forcing her to open her mouth all the way and placed my waiting cock in her hot mouth, it went in nice and smoothly I made her take it all in till the point where she began to gag a little I just kept on ramming it until I shot a drop of precum down her throught. I knew since I went this far already that I wanted to have it deep inside her as deep as I could make it. I told her to stop strugling or I would smack her again, she quickly stopped kicking franticly and stopped trying to scratch me, she still tried to get away when I repositioned myelf but I easily grabbed her by the legs scooping them up in either arm making her almost completely immoble again, I grabbed and ripped off her panties with one swift yank I pulled them off, exposing a beautiful mound of flesh and very little hair not shaved just short with two very nice and soft lips.
    She quickly placed her hands in front of her pusy, I placed my arms under her thighs again and grabbed her wrists to keep her from covering it up. I planted my face dep into her pusy I could feel her cringe as I stuck my tounge in as deep as I could, she kept on screaming "Please Stop think about what you are doing," she was crying pretty heavily tears soaked her face and chest and saliva all over her chin. I picked myself up and placed the head of my cock inside her just the head though. I waited a second and then shoved it in very quickly a little paifull but it went in pretty smooth she had gotten pretty wet from the tounge lashing and from all of the excitment. I began ramming my cock deep inside her all the way in all the way out every time slapping my balls aginst her ass, it was just a fe strokes before I was ready to cum, I tol her that this was for her own good I squirted my cum deep inside her pussy I grinded a little bit, then I kept it in for a few moments to let her pussy soak up the juices. I pulled out she quickly try to cover up with her robe.

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       She was in shock and didn't say anything, I turned and looked at her before walking out the door I told her "If you call the police I will tell them that you raped me, if you tell your husband I will tell him that we have been having an affair, if you tell anyone I'll make usr that you turn out looking like the total slut here not me. " I turned and went out the door in a quick pace not staying around awaiting for a rebuttle. For hours I sat in m house waiting to see what would happen hoping that she ahd taken my waringing in heed and be in just to much shock to do anything. 5pm haad rolled around mom and dad had arrived home and my sister had arrived home after her band practice. Nothing happened that night and nothing the night after, I wondered what had happened. Before I knew it about 4 months had passed and my life had gone back to the way it was before school and after school activities almost every day. Graduation came around, about a month after graduation I had a nice going away party and to my surprise Luan was there, with a nice little present in a bag, she was being escorted by her husband and three kids I went and greeted them like any good host would. The party was going great about an hour went past and all of the sudden Luan grabbed me and pulled me off to the side into my bedroom. She handed me my gift bag that she had brought for me, she told me to open it with a look of excitement on her face inside were a pair of cuffs. And I asked in Puzzlement "What are the Handcuffs for. " She smugly stood up walked towards the door, started to unbutton her shirt from the bottom untucking it from her skirt, she revealed her stomach which seemed to have a little buldge in it, she just looked at me turned to the side rubbed her belly, and walked out the door. She says "You'll be needing those in about 6 months or so, have fun in college while it lasts. " she turned and walked out. The End.