A Bitch of a Day


It was around noon and I had though about stopping for lunch but I hadn't found a good spot to stop when ahead of me I heard a woman scream and then another loud male voice. I ran ahead and when I turned the bend in the trail coming around some rocks, I saw the pretty redhead being held down by this rough looking guy. She was trying to fight him off. I dropped my backpack and ran to her aid. When I reached them I kicked the guy in the side and he let out a yell and rolled off the girl to the side holding his side. I jumped on top of him and started hitting him. The girl realizing she was free jumped up and disappeared into the woods. Suddenly I felt a blow and sharp pain in my side from someone hitting me with a club. I rolled over on my back and looked up and found myself surrounded by five other guys. All rough looking motorcycle type. One of the guys, a man with a huge gut shouted for two of the guys to go after the girl. A tall skinny man with a beard grabbed me from behind as I stumbled to my feet. A shorter, stockier man put his fist in my gut knocking the wind out of me. As i gasped for breath another blow slammed into my face. I fell to the ground doubling over holding my gut. The large guy with the big gut glared at me and walked over to where I was doubled over and reached down and grabbed my hair and pulled back.

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   At the same time he brought his knee up into my chest and under my chin. Falling back onto the hiking trail I painfully tried to catch my breath. About the time I felt like I could gulp some air in one of the other guys kicked me right in the side. I felt like a beanbag that they were punching and kicking about. Not being able to catch my breath and feeling such pain, my world was begining to spin and become fuzzy. I had a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach and as I struggled to get to my feet, another one of the motorcycle gang grabbed my hair and slammed his hard fist into my face. I fell to the ground on my back onto some rocks and I knew I had no more fight left in me. In the background I could faintly hear a voice say, "The bitch got away, We couldn't catch her!" At that someone kicked me in the crotch. My world turned balck and I was out. When I came to, I was lying in a pile of rocks at the side of the trail in a clearing, surrounded by the six guys that had just beat the hell out of me. All were just standing looking at me with a coldness in their eyes. I was a bloody mess. My nose had bled and sometime while I was out stopped and the blood was dried on my face with a mixture of gravel and dirt mixed in. My lip was slit and swollen and my eye was as if someone plucked my eyeball out and was swelling shut. I felt pain every where.

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   As I laid there trying to get my bearings, the fat one came over and grabbed my face with his big hand and squeezed my sore jaw. Putting his face in mine he growled and I could smell the stale cigarettes and the stench of booze. "You fucking bastard, who the hell do you think you are? You caused that bitch to get away from us. And sense she isn't here and you are we figured you would just have to become our entertainment. Were going to do to you what we were going to do to her. Your taking her place, BITCH!"Before the words could even register in my mind they grabbed me, one guy on each arm and lifted me up. Another stripped me of my clothes. As soon as my pants were off the fat guy grabbed me by the balls and squeezed. The pain was unbearable and I screamed out and every thing started spinning again. I felt that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and suddenly I began to vomit and my knees buckled under me. The two that were holding my arms dragged me to a fallen tree that was nearby and draped me over it, the bark of the tree scrapping my chest and mid section. With that they spread my legs wide open and the fat guy walked around and grabbed my hair and pulled up so my face was in his again. He sneered, "Put the choker chain on his balls. " I felt the cold steel chain wrap around my balls and then more pain as the chain was then yanked. GOD I had never felt so much pain as I had at that moment.

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   I was about to pass out again. The other end of the chain was passed under the tree and wrapped around my neck and a lock clicked in place. I couldn't catch my breath due to the pain. Fatso whispered in my ear, "You better be a good bitch for my friends tonight or we will drag you by your balls back to town. And when they come off we will feed them to you. That means you better suck like a bitch and buck like a bitch! I better not recieve one complaint about you. Do you understand me?" MY GOD! They were going to rape me! With that he said for the other guys to go finish getting the wood for the bond fire and get things set up for the party. I could hear the guys laughing as they started walking away. Fatso now spoke to me again, "Now let's make sure you know how to please the guys by sucking my cock. " With that he unbuckled his belt and pulled it off, and then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. I started to struggle and lash out at him but the choker chain squeezed my balls and I cried out in pain. He took his metal studded belt and whipped me across my back and butt. It stung and fatso laughed. He now took his cock and snarled, "Fuckin whore, suck it. And I suggest you give me the best blowjob you know how.

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  " With that he put his cock to my mouth and all I could do was to open up and take it in. He grabbed the back of my head and slammed his cock all the way down my throat. I started to choke and gag for air but he held it there and then began to pull out slowly and then shove his cock back in. I had never sucked a cock before but I have had mine sucked by many of women. I couldn't breath and I wondered how they managed to do it. Suddenly he pulled his cock out and slammed his open hand against the side of my face. My ear was ringing and he screamed at me, " What the fuck you doing slut? Thats no way to suck a cock. Now do it right, lick it, massage it, kiss it and worship it bitch like a good whore. "I mentally bagan to imagine myself as my ex-girlfriend. She knew how to get me off. She used to use her hands and her mouth in ways I used to dream about after we broke up. I reached up and took hold of his cock and began to stroke it while I began to lick the underside of it. I started at the ball sack and worked my way up to the head. I moved my tongue teasingly around the tip and around the crown of the head, kissing and lightly sucking on the tip. I took my other hand and began to massage his balls.


   I slowly sucked him in my mouth trying to imitate my ex and moved him into my throat gasping for air before taking him that deep. I moved my head back and forth sucking and letting him fuck my face ever so slowly. He moaned. I kept massaging the underside and head with my tongue as he moved in and out. I pulled him out and gave a quick lick around the tip and then moved him back in sucking hard on his manhood. He was moaning and grunting more often now and his pace started to pick up. His cock was swelling and begining to twitch. I kept up the suction everytime he would begin to pull out and before he slammed back in I would gulp some air through my nose. All of the sudden he tensed and shoved hard and I felt his warm cum shoot down my throat. I tried to swallow but I couldn't keep up and as he pulled out to fuck my mouth his salty musky fluid filled my mouth and leaked out around his shaft onto my chin. He kept cumming and cumming. I heard a voice from behind me say, "Man look at the slut suck dick!"Fatso looked down at me as he pulled out and said, "See bitch, I knew you could do it right. You just need a little experience and motivation. You'll get more of that tonight. " He then started putting his once six deflated cock in his pants and buttoned them up and walked away as he zipped.

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   Fatso then told the other guys that I am one of the best cocksuckers he ever had on his dick and they would personally enjoy my talents tonight. I laid there straped to the tree with the chain for the rest of the afternoon. The sun was beating down on my back and with the warmth I dozed off uncertian about my fate. Suddenly one of the guys grabbed my hair and raised my head up and put a bottle of Southern Comfot to my lips and tipped it up. I gulped down the liquid and felt it burn down my throat. Between beating I took and the sun and now the whiskey, I was feeling light headed. Drunk in fact. Someone came up behind me and grabbed each of my ass cheeks and started squeezing. He laughed and then let go and walked away. Off and on some of the guys would come over and taunt me or yank on the chain that would crush my nuts. At last it started to get dark and I could hear more voices, different from the six guys. The music started to play and the voices increased to the point where I couldn't make out what any one person said,it all blended to just noise. I could smell pot burning and I prayed that they would just forget I was there. I felt a woman lay on top of me and nibble on my ear and then put a joint to my mouth, I pulled a long drag off of it hoping to take the edge off of what was going to happen. Her long blonde hair fell around my face as she kissed her way from my ears to my neck and then down my back.

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   She licked down the crack of my ass and stuck her tongue in my hole. Then she licked up my ass cheeks and suddenly clamped her teeth down bitting me hard and at the same time yanking on the chain around my balls. I screamed out in pain. One of the guys came over and laughed and said to the others,"Hey guys, Blondie found the bitch. " and then turning to the girl he pulled her off me saying, " Just wait, You'll have you turn with the slut. " and then they walked away. The bond fire was raging and the shadows played on the trees all around me. The music and voices all blended together. Then without warning everything got quiet. I heard fatso ask if everyone had put their name in the hat. Everyone muttered out a yes and he proceeded to tell them that the names would be posted in order starting at the top. "Now we have quite a few here so you can't take all night with the Bitch. Do you business and let the others have their turn. " My nerves were on edge as I knew they were talking about me. "You can go back later if you want, we have all night.

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   Hell for that matter if you like the bitch you can take her with you when were done. " Everyone laughed and the music began to play again and the party got underway again. Suddenly I looked up and saw a big guy with long beard looking down at me. The light from the bond fire played on his face and made him look like a devil. He dropped his pants and stuck his cock to my lips and said,"Time to put out slut, lets see if your as good as they said you are. " I reached up and began stroking and licking his cock like I had done to fatso earlier in the day. Playing with his balls I licked my way down to them and then taking one in my mouth sucking lightly and playing with it with my mouth. Them moving on to the other nut and after sucking on it i began to lick his balls and tease them with my tongue and work my way back up to his cock. I licked around the base and then worked my way up the underside till I got to the head. "Hey guys watch this bitch, Blondie you don't give head this good. " At that I had an audiance. I contiued to suck on tip and to play with the hole in the end with my tongue just like my ex used to do. I sucked him in slowly and taking him all the way in I let my tongue massage the underside. Then I pulled back and started up and down his cock with my mouth. My lips were stretched to the limit and he began to pump in and out of my mouth and throat.

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   I played with his balls and he guided my head with his hand. I suddenly began to feel someone grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading them. I tried to shout out but with the guys cock in my mouth all I could do is scream through my nose. A finger went in my ass and then another one. God no I tried to scream but I was gagged by the seven inch cock in my throat. It felt like someone was putting some oil on my ass and working it in my hole and then I felt a cock poised in the crack of my ass putting presure on my hole forcing it to open. I screamed into the cock I was being fucked in the mouth with and all that did was to make him fuck him moan and pump faster down my throat. I had tears streaming down my face as the pain riped through me and my once virgin ass was filled with a huge cock. They both were moaning and laughing as they worked out a rythem and both slamming in me at the same time. Then I felt them both stiffen and stuff their cocks in me harder and then stop shooting hot liquid in both holes. I swallowed and swallowed trying not to choke on the cum going down my throat. The one that was fucking my ass started pumping more slowly and then pulled out with a suction sound following the removal of his cock. " I have it all lubed up for you Tom. " I heard him say as I was mounted by who must have been Tom. Like wise the man with his cock in my mouth moved out to the way to let another in and soon I was repeating my performance time and time again.


  As my as was being fucked and I was sucking a guy, Blondie bent down and whispered in my ear, " My turn is coming up next. " and stuck her tongue in my ear and then licked down my cheek to where my lips were sucking on his cock and she licked his cock as he went in and out my mouth. Then she was gone as she laughed and stood back watching smoking a joint. The guy pounding my ass with his cock turned to the girl and asked, "Pass the joint. " and she reached over and held it out to him. Taking a drag off he suddenly cried out,"Shit! This whore is one good fuck. You should take a lesson from the bitch blondie. " Then everyone laughed except the woman. She reache down to the chain around my neck and pulled up hard. I tried to scream again but at the same time both guys started cumming filling my throat and ass with their spunk. I could feel the liquid dripping down my ass to my balls and then down my cock. Both guys pulled out and I gasped for air again. Another cock went in my ass and I was starting to get some strange feeling from my body. The feel of their cocks going in and out of my ass made me tense as if i was going to have my own climax. I could feel my cock getting hard and when they pulled out the void felt strange and dissapointing.


   Blondie produced a chair and with her pants off she sat down and shoved her pussy in my face. I started licking her. I used the motion of the guy fucking me from behind to lick up and down her slit. I worked my tongue slightly into her hole and then up to her clit. Then down again,each time going deeper in with my tongue. I then cupped her ass and she wrapped her legs around my neck an worked her cunt up and down fucking my tongue and nose and cheek. I sucked on her pussy and then I would scoop out her juices with my tongue. I bit ever so slightly on her clit and I looked up to see she was in shear pleasure. Two guys were sucking on her nipples as she laid back. Blondie kept humping my face faster and faster and clamping her legs tighter and tighter and moaning with pleasure. The guy fucking me came and was replaced again by another. Somewhere in the night I even began to hump back to meet their thrusts as it brought pleasure to me. Finally blondie came, her whole body shaking and then she brought her legs down and sat there facing me and pulled her top down adjusting her breasts. "Do you want to fuck me Bitch?" she spoke softly. I nodded my head yes! God I wanted to cum.

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   I was so horny. My cock was so hard and yet I was being gangbanged. That didn't make any sence to me. She put her face to mine and kissed me and then bit my lip and laughed when I cried out in pain. "I don't let bitches fuck me!" She laughed again and then slid her pants back on. Stood up and walked away. One after another I serviced either with my mouth or with my ass. I was sore and wore out. My jaw hurt from the cocks stretching it out. I hurt from the beating I took earlier an one eye was now totaly swelled shut. Still they kept coming. Again and again. And then the music stopped, and so did the guys. I collapsed on the tree. It was getting light out now and I soon drifted off to sleep.

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  I woke up as the sun beat down on me but I was still chained to the tree. I looked around and heard no one and when I tried to get free I felt that sickening pain as my balls were squeezed by the chain. I just laid there and drifted back off to sleep waking up in the pitch darkness that surrounded me. I faded again and was waken up by someone shaking my body. It was another hiker and when they released my balls from the choker chain I was able to stand up. I hurt everywhere and they gathered my clothes and then helped me dress. I got back to the hotel room and went to the shower and after a hot shower. Checked out and drove home. Thinking it was over I soon got back in my daily pace. Then the final humiliation took place. I went to work one morning and one of the guys was sitting at his computer and everyone else in the office was around him. Some were laughing and cheering and some of the girls would make expressions like "Ohhhhhh my god. " and put their hands to their mouth in shock. I walked up asking, "What are you looking at?" and a path was cleared for me to see. There I was on the monitor was a video playing of me sucking some guy and being fucked in the ass.

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   I stood there in shock as I saw myself lick this guys balls and and take his cock in my mouth while humping up to meet the guys thrust in my ass. My night of horor had been posted on the internet!.


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