50th birthday fuck


 I awoke last Friday morning to the sound of my dogs barking to be let out, I laid in bed thinking that my husband would let them out as today was my 50th birthday and he had promised me a sleep in and something special as a present. After what seemed forever the dogs were still barking so I angrily threw off the covers and not bothering to put on my house coat wandered through the house in just the long t-shirt that I always wear to sleep, not finding my husband I let the dogs out and went to get a coffee, there on the table was a note from my husband saying that my present was in the walk in closet in our bedroom but they had forgotten to give him some of the parts so he had gone to pick them up and would be back shortly after lunch.
I poured myself a coffee and still angry at being woken up went to have a look to see my present, there in the middle of the floor was a box about 2ft square all wrapped with a big bow and a card saying Happy Birthday Ellie.
My mood was improving as I tore off the wrapping only to find a plain brown box bound in tape, his typical wrapping trick he did with all my presents thinking it was funny, I went to pick the box up and was surprised at its weight looking around I found a pair of scissors and started to cut thru the packaging, when I opened the top of the box and looked in to my surprise I saw hubby had bought a Sybian, I had seen them in videos and loved the way it made women orgasm and I had always wanted to try one.
Lifting it out of the box I set it back down on the floor and looked at it, it was bigger and heavier then I had imagined as I tried to work out how to turn it on I found the list of attachments that were supposed to come with it, looking in the box all I could find was a flat top cover, the rest of the parts were missing, so that was what hubby had obviously gone to pick up.
I knelt on the floor looking at it and thought I would plug it in and see what it did, when I turned it on it made a low humming noise I put my hand on the top and felt the vibrations, they were a lot stronger than any of my vibrators and I was wondering how my clit would react to the power, I was dying to find out not wearing panties I could already feel myself getting wet at just the thought, so reaching into the box I took out the flat cover and put it on the machine and turned it on again, I then put my leg over and tried to sit down but the vibrations were too strong and tickled way too much to allow me to sit properly to turning the machine off I tried again this time I worked the flat plate between my lips so that my clit was resting right on the raised part and turned it on slow, it felt absolutely amazing and I thought to myself what a great birthday present I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to have an orgasm, turning the dial faster I could feel my orgasm starting, within a minute and only on ¼ speed I started to cum, it was one of those loud and squirting type of orgasms that I usually only get from penetration, the orgasm seemed to last for ages when I finally managed to turn the machine off I slid off and lay on the floor with my legs spread and clit tingling thinking how amazing it felt.
I lay on the floor for about 5 minutes until my breathing and senses returned to normal, and while I was there I thought I have to share this sensation with someone so I thought I would check online to see if any of my friends were on that I could share my experience with.
I this point I should probably explain that we only have a laptop and it is setup in our kitchen/dining room partially because that is where our internet connect is and also because I have a 18 year step son and this way he cant go cruising porn sites.
I put the laptop on the glass top dining table and turned it on and got myself a coffee, my legs still felt a little weak and my pussy was soaked and tingling even after ten minutes I sat down slowly and looked to see who was on just then I noticed my best friend Amy sign in, Amy is 40 years old but despite the 18 years age difference she is my best female friend  I thought to myself great she is just the person I want to share this with, so I said hi to her and started to recount what I had just done and what happened how it felt etc.
Amy was saying to me how she would love to try one and I told her that she was more than welcome to try mine, adding trust me you will love it I am still soaked.
Now Amy is into things like cybersex in a big way and loves details I have never really got off on it the way she does, she started off asking what I was wearing, and as soon as she said that I knew she was masturbating herself, she continued by asking me just how wet I really was and to feel myself and her and let her know, as I still only had on my t-shirt I opened my legs and felt myself as I did I felt more of my juices running down to my asshole, when I told her this she told me to rub it in and to slide my fingers into my pussy I typed back that I would soak the keyboard if I did that and tried to type she replied she would tell me what to do and I didn’t have to type as long as I promised her I was doing it, she knows I keep my word so I thought oh what the hell I have the house to myself  my husband wont be home for hours yet and I was still horny and in the mood to play so I agreed, no soon had I told her than she started getting right into it telling me to lift my shirt and play with my nipples to start with then put one leg on the chair next to me and to start fingering myself, firstly with one finger than with two and to play play with my clit with my other hand she had just told me to use three fingers when I thought I heard a noise in the house, thinking it was just the dogs I ignored it and pushed 3 fingers deep into my pussy I was busy reading what Amy was typing and getting close to cumming again when a voice called out mom is that you?
I heart raced and panicked trying to sit up and pull my shirt back down just as I did my stepson walked into the kitchen, I was red faced and totally flustered I almost shouted at him what was he doing home?
He replied I have a P.

A. day remember adding was that you downstairs before or dad I thought I heard noise like a power tool or something?
I thought to myself frig if he heard the Sybian then he must have heard me having an orgasm, I told him his dad was out and wouldn’t be back for a few hours, he just smiled and said oh I see, it was right then that Amy sent a buzz through on the computer asking how I was going and what was happening I told her my stepson Steve was home and without hesitation she asked did he catch you playing?
I told her I don’t know I was getting into her typing when he called out but It started me wondering just how much he had heard or seen, Amy asked where was he know so I told her right here with me in the kitchen, she asked what he was doing I told her standing looking at me and eating his breakfast and undressing me with his eyes, Amy asked what is he looking at? I told her my nipples are rock hard and sticking out through my shirt and I am sure he is trying to look through the glass top of the table so I dare not uncross my legs or he will get an eyeful, no sooner had I typed that than Amy replied maybe that’s what he is hoping for, you should give him one.
I told her don’t be silly he is my stepson plus he is only 17, her response was so that just means he is permanently horny all boys are at that age, is he hung?
I told her I had no idea and to change the subject, I kept looking at the screen hoping steve would hurry up and finish his breakfast and leave and my legs were starting to cramp and I wanted to cross them the other way but he just stood opposite me making small talk while staring at me through the table.
I told Amy what the situation was and her reply was give him what he wants then, I asked her what she meant? And she replied if you want him to leave give him a flash by crossing your legs he will get horny and he will go away to wank  roflmao.
I told her I cant do that, she replied with why not he probably saw you fingering your self anyway so give him reason to get hard and leave and laughed again.

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I told Amy my legs are killing me I can feel my juices running down my ass and the worse part is I didn’t manage to get my shirt right down under my ass to sit on it.
Amy said then you have no choice just do it, what harm will a split second flash do anyway, when she put it that way it made sense in a weird way, plus I was so uncomfortable even if signed off and I got up he was going to get the flash he wanted, so I told Amy ok I am going to do it I cant take this position any more and with that I uncrossed my legs and went to cross them the other way, what a mistake that was not only had one leg gone to sleep but I hit my knee on the leg of the table causing me to open my legs and just give him a quick flash as planned but a full on view of my legs wide open  and my pussy dripping wet. Well Steve’s eyes nearly dropped out of his head he choked back on a mouthful of food and said great view mom, fully shaved  and wet, nice.
I could feel myself blush at his comment and said you weren’t supposed to be looking young man, he said I couldn’t help it, besides your hot, no wonder dad likes to fuck you so often.
I told him that’s enough, just then Amy buzzed me again to find out what was happening as I hadn’t typed anything, I filled her in on what happened also the fact my right leg had gone to sleep from being in one position so long.
Amy being a nurse told me to stand up and try and walk it off she would be back in 5 minutes as she need to get coffee so I told her ok I will see you in five and signed out.
 I gingerly pushed the chair back and tried to stand but my right leg wasn’t doing what I wanted it too so using the table as support I started to move to the other side when Steve asked me what was wrong and I told him my right leg has gone to sleep, no sooner were the words out of my mouth than he was behind me saying let me rub it for you.
I told him no that’s ok I will walk it off but he ignored me and started to rub his hand down the outside of my thigh, he said now how does that feel I had to admit it felt a little better, I was standing leaning on the table as he rubbed my leg when all of a sudden he dropped to his knees and put his other hand to the inside of my leg and started to massage my leg with both hands I told him that’s fine now thank you I looked back to see his face no more than 2 inches away from my ass, I repeated again that’s enough thanks he looked up at me and said ok and started to stand as he did he ran his hand right up my leg to my ass and my pussy I tried to jump up but my leg didn’t support me causing me to fall forward onto the table top and before I could straighten he was behind me I could feel his cock through his shorts pushing against my ass holding me against the table as his hands pushed on my back holding me down helpless.
I shouted at him ok this has gone far enough let me up, he replied I don’t think so and with that he put his hand up between my legs pushing through the wetness towards my pussy, I am not sure if he was stronger than I imagined or just the position I was in but I could do nothing to stop him i could feel his fingers probing through my wetness until he worked them between my lips and into my pussy he had two fingers in me and his thumb on my asshole when he said so who is a wet little slut that needs fucking huh ?
With that he worked his thumb into my ass keeping two fingers in my pussy holding me like a bowling ball causing me to let out a moan, oh you like that do you slut? was his comment, I begged him Steve please stop this let me up I promise I wont tell your father.

    Too late for that slut was his reply I am going to fuck you and your going to love it!
    No Steve this is wrong I wont let you he replied you have no choice I am going to fuck you one way or another with that he took his fingers out of my pussy and thumb out of my ass and I could feel him pulling his shorts down I could feel his cock spring free to hit against my ass, he said spread your legs slut you know you want it, I begged him to stop but he worked his legs between mine forcing them apart, nice looking wet cunt you have there mom I am going to enjoy fucking you, you little cock teaser, with that he started to rub his cock over my pussy getting it covered in my juices as I could feel him working it between my lips towards my hole I tried tensing my muscles as a final attempt to stop him, it worked,  relax your muscles slut he ordered, no I replied I felt him step back a little from me and I thought he had come to his senses when all of a sudden I felt an almighty smack on my right ass cheek causing me to scream out half in pain half in shock, he was a hell of a lot stronger than I had ever imagined, so do you want the other cheek done too slut  because I can keep smacking you until you relax, o. k. o. k. I told him no more that fucking hurt, if you are determined to rape me I will try to relax alright,
    The word rape made him stop and think for a second but made no difference to him. his little head was ruling his big one, as I felt his cock working his way back between my lips I resigned myself to the fact I was going to be force fucked by my stepson and that hopefully it would be over soon.

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    At this point I should mention I have never seen Steve’s cock, his dad is very well endowed with an 8 inch cock that’s fairly thick, but I hadn’t thought or considered what Steve’s was like but I was about to find out.
    He stared to work his cock between my lips and into my pussy, I could feel my muscles opening to take him in but something seemed wrong they were opening a lot more than I was used too but it didn’t seem like he was getting it in very far, I was being stretched open and it was feeling good, I said to Steve fucking hell I thought your dad was big just how big are you?
    He said you see I told you that you would like it slut, you want to know how big I am reach back and feel it, as I reached down between my legs and put my hand around it I found I couldn’t close my fingers and touch them, I said that’s bullshit that’s not your cock u have a cucumber or something, wrong as your about to find out, with that he took what little he had of his cock in me stepped to the side and said look at what your going to get.
    The only thing I could say was O. M. G. he had to be at least 18 inches long and as thick as a cucumber plus it was the same thickness from tip to base, happy now slut he asked are you ready for it and with that the niceties were over as he positioned it back into my pussy and started to push even though I was more prepared for his size it still hurt as he pushed it in and stretched me, it didn’t seem like it was ever going to stop as inch after inch worked its way into my wet hole, finally with him hard up against my cervix he stopped pushing and said so you do like it now?
    I asked Steve was it all in? and he told me no I have about an inch and a bit left, fuck Steve how do your girlfriends take you?
    He told me they don’t, they are all scared of my size yours is the first pussy I have actually got in, I have had a few blow jobs but that’s it.
    I said somewhat shocked to Steve so you’re a virgin? I told him those girls don’t know what they are missing, ok so do you know what to do now? he replied sort of,  I just move it in and out right?
    I explained to Steve what I liked and how to do it, start off moving it in and out slowly and only a little bit at a time then when I tell him make his thrusts deeper and harder and to let me know when he was going to cum. He was a very good listener doing exactly as I asked, he felt amazing stretching me and hitting my cervix, I could feel an orgasm building so I told him to speed up he told me that if he did he was going to cum  and I told him that’s the point now do it harder and faster I could feel him hittin my cervix with each thrust it was starting to get a bit tender when I told him I was going to cum to fuck me as hard as he could he told me he was going to cum too I felt my orgasm starting I told him to fuck me harder still he pulled his cock right back and drove it into me forcing it into my cervix I screamed out in a combination of pain and pleasure my pussy squirting back over his balls as he grunted I felt him cum right inside my cervix, he held me pulled hard back against him with his cock buried to the hilt in my pussy as he pumped shot after shot of cum deep inside me, my orgasm was so intense I had tears rolling down my cheeks, we stayed in that position until he stared to soften I felt him slide out of my pussy followed by a huge glob of cum that landed on the floor between my legs, as he stood behind me he must have started to feel guilty about forcing himself on me, he said mom I am sorry please don’t tell dad I raped you, it is not like it was really rape was it? I looked at his face and his now limp cock and said its ok Steve we will keep this our secret just between you and me alright.
    Thanks mom but don’t you mean between you me and Amy?
    I said what do you mean what does Amy have to do with this and why should she know about it?
    He said Amy was the one that sent me a text message to my phone to come out and watch you play and what I was supposed to say and do to you, I thought you knew.
    I was shocked and stunned this had all been setup by my best friend, I asked him how did he know Amy so well?
    Steve explained he had met her on an adult chat line at a friends place, she advertised she was looking for a young and hung guy and that she liked all kinds of sex, including anal, so we exchanged pictures but I recognized that nursing ring she wears around her neck and when I told her I knew her then she backed out because of who I was so then she said she would talk to you and arrange for something special.
     I told Steve I knew nothing about it and I would never have agreed but that it was ok what’s done is done now, what I didn’t tell him was that I had enjoyed no the frills hard fucking he had just given me,he looked at me and I could see tears forming in his eyes when he realized how we had both been tricked, then I had an idea, I turned to Steve and said how would you like to get revenge on Amy, how would you like to put that monster cock in her ass and fuck her till she cant walk after she chickened  out on you and set us up?
    Sure mom but how ? leave that to me now come round here and watch what I type to Amy so you can back me up later ok.
    I logged back onto the computer no soon had I done so but Amy popped up saying hi what took you so long did u flash him ?
    I told her yes it worked, one quick flash and he went off to his room probably  to wank just as you said . . roflmao,  then hubby called so I was on the phone to him for a while and that Steve was still in his room.
    Amys reply was oh is that all.

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      . . . . . .  
    To be Continued……Our Revenge on Amy