What a difference


Topic: the changeIt all started out a day one day at my girlfriends.  She was trying on clothes and showing off her curvy body to me.  Whilst she was pulling on a pair of tight jeans, i saw a surprised look come across her face,  
"tom!" she said,
"what" i replied startled
 "do you realize how nice and curvy your body is?" she said
 "i guess not as much as you" i chuckled
 "let me dress you up!" she squealed
 "no wayyy" i protested, but i could tell that she was not going to give up.  
 "fine no more sex!" she yelled, damn i was beat.
 "fine",  we spent the rest of the afternoon dressing me up in her tight jeans, mini skirts, and slutty halloween costumes.  She then told me about a party that one of her friends were having and that i should go with her as a girl.  
 "no, thats where i draw the line" i said, i was still wearing a sexy little maid costume and i had makeup on, she slowly walked over to me in her slutty bee costume, i was mesmerized by her perfect tits and her curvy waist.  She pushed me on to the bed and kissed me passionately.  i started undressing her when she said
 "uh uh, only if you go to the party", already caught in the moment i agreed and had my way with her.  later on that night i met back up with her at her house to get dressed up.  she was already dressed in a pair of super short shorts, with a very low cut t-shirt.  apparently she had an outfit already picked out for me.  She made me wear a pair of spandex shorts to hide my bulge, then she handed me a pair of pants with some holes in them.  
 "there is no way i am going to fit into these" i said
 "of course you will" she grinned, i squeezed into the tight jeans, they plumped my ass into a perfect shape, i got a hardon just looking at my legs and ass in the pants, and even with the hardon it wasnt visible that i was a guy.  She a realistic pair of fake boobs that she had gotten for a previous boyfriend as a joke, i strapped them with the skin colored tape they blende right into my skin.  I was 3/4 of they way to looking like a girl and i coulndnt beleive it.

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    She hande me a skimpy lace bra an then a tight strapless top.  i squeezed it on and it pulled my torso so tight, it made me look like a very very hot girl.  She then gave me a blonde wig, and we put on make up.  We took a bunch of pictures and i couldnt believe how much i didnt recognize myself.  We walked to her friends house and we both received alot of comments on the way.  We arrived and she immediately left to find some drinks.  Wandering around a guy approached me,
 "hey hotstuff" i did my best to blush and used my girliest voice,
 "hey, whats ur name?"  i said, i figured nobody knows me, so y not have fun with it.  
 "lets not worry about that", he said
 "same here" i mimicked, just then my girlfriend arrived with some margaritas, we all three sat down and began draining the drinks and talking to the mysterious guy, before i realized it the house was packed and everybody was dancing. i gave my girlfriend a nervous glance
 "go ahead" she motioned, the guy must have noticed us because he immediately asked me to dance, lost for words i got up and followed him.  we got out on the dance floor, i had a really good buzz, so i had no problem dancing, we danced for about 18 minutes then i felt him move around behind me and grab my waist
 "hang on a minute" i said, i walked up to the bar and got three shots immediately chugging them, feeling the effects i made my way clumsily to the dance floor, i found my partner and present my back to him, he moved up close and we began dirty dancing, i slowly started getting dirtier and dirtier as i moved up and down on him, grinding on his leg, i felt him move really close, i slid my ass across his waist and i felt a giant bulge.  figuring i wouldnt even remember it in the morning i started sliding my crack up and down on the growing bulge on his leg.  we dance for another thirty minutes, then he pulled me off to the side, he slowly kissed me and we stayed there for 18 minutes making out in front of everybody.  realizing i wanted more i pulled him into a room and shoved him on the bed, i pulled down his pants and they released a 18 inch rock hard dick, i slowly lowered my mouth over his head, i felt him shudder, i began sucking up and down slowly going more and more till i deepthroated the whole thing.  I felt dick get hotter and begin to tense up, i pulled it out and started stroking it while i licked the head, all of the sudden i felt a burst of hot jizz burst all over my face,  he then bent down and kissed me while licking his sperm off.  He thanked me and i headed for the door ready for more dancing, i felt him put his hands around my waist and pull me back as i accidently turned off the light, at a loss for words i felt myself fall on his chest as his dick slid up from underneath in between my legs, he slowly started pushing me up and down using my legs as a pussy as we dry fucked, i felt myself cum in my pants, he then pushed me off and pulled down my pants and underwear at once, luckily it was in the dark and my dick immediatly sprang out keeping him from noticing it behind me, he grabbed a bottle of lotion and smeared it on my asshole, i grabbed a chair to hold myself up, ready for the attack.

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    I felt his dick press on the entrance to my ass, and then with one quick motion he thrust all ten inches up into me, i gasped and felt pain followed by pleasure, he started pumping his dick in and out of my asshole, after about a minute i realized that i was moaning in pleasure, the whole house had to hear me i was moaning and moaning so loud.  i felt his dick get hot and i squeezed my ass together to clamp down on his dick, he gushed load after load into me, causing me to burst out in yelling of an orgasm.  i felt him slump over me and his heavy breathing on my neck, he got up and sat on the bed, while i dressed and fixed myself back up, i turned on the light once i was done to see him asleep on the bed.  i proceeded downstairs to find myself another partner ; )