Welcome Home


Welcome Home
The story begins as I arrive home from a long business trip.   It has been a long time since I have seen my wife Mary Lou.   Mary Lou is gorgeous brunette, 5 feet 7 inches tall, Hazel  eyes and a great body.   I especially like her firm, round ass.   She is a complete turn on every time I see her.   Mary Lou usually meets me at the airport.  
As I leave the plane and walk down the jet way I see Mary standing there alone as I have requested.   She looks great.   She is wearing a loose button down shirt and jeans with sneakers.   I have missed her very much.   And as usual sex is on my mind as soon as I see her.   We have chatted several times since I have been gone so she knows what is in store for her.   But I have a few surprises.
After we get my luggage we head to my truck.    She wanted to drive her new car to pick me up but I requested she drive my truck.   It has a bench seat in front and I wanted her close to me on the way home.

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    We placed the luggage in the back seat and got in the truck.   I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply for several moments.   She was surprised at my arousal.   I started the truck and left the parking lot of the airport headed home.  
Once out of the parking lot I looked Mary Lou in the eyes and asked her to remove her jeans completely.   She hesitated at first but realizing it was getting dark outside she agreed.   She pulled her shoes off and shimmied out of her jeans.   Mary Lou does not normally wear underwear so her beautiful ass was bare for me to see.   Next I asked her to unbutton her blouse.   She did this and I could see the rise of the mound of her beautiful breasts.   I then asked her to unzip my pants and reach in and stroke my dick while I drove home.   She did this without hesitation.   She was enjoying herself as was I.   Her stroke is very gentle and sends me to heaven when she plays with me.   I reached down and played with her pussy and I heard a low moan escape her lips.

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    She is happy I am home and I am happy to be home with her.
We arrive home after about 25 minutes.   It is completely dark now.   I back the truck into the driveway.   There is nobody home as our children are all out with their friends leaving us alone as I requested earlier.   I leave Mary Lou in the truck while I open the house and the back door.   I come around and ask Mary Lou to come into the house thru the back door.   The fence around the yard blocks any view and leaves us in total privacy.   She is essentially naked with only her open blouse on.   I get very excited at the site of her as I follow behind her into the house.   Once inside I give her a firm tap on the ass and turn her around and kiss her.
I guide her upstairs to our bedroom.   She is breathing heavy with anticipation.   I lead her to the walk in closet where I strip the rest of her clothing off.   I give her a hug and kiss her deeply.

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She is standing there naked in front of me.   I am enjoying her vision of beauty.   I lift her left hand in mine and place a wrist cuff on her left wrist. She knows what is coming.   She raises her right wrist and I place a wrist cuff on.   Then I clip the wrist cuffs together.   I tell her to spread her legs and I kneel down and place ankle cuff on each ankle.   Then I attach each ankle to the spreader to secure her legs spread apart wide for my easy access and pleasure.   I then secure Mary Lou’s hands over her head to the ceiling.   This raises her breasts and puts her ass in perfect position.   I place a blindfold over her eyes.
It has been a long day so I decide to Massage Mary Lou from head to toe.   I begin at her ears.   I massage them gently and she moans with pleasure.   I place earphones on her ears with music playing for her enjoyment.

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    After a few moments I move to her neck and shoulders.   My touch is firm and rough now.   She knows I am in charge.   I massage her shoulders and move down her back.   She is completely enjoying my touch.   I move to her chest and roughly grab her tits.   I need them for several moments, pinching each nipple hard.   She moans a sigh of pleasure as she has before.   I move down to her stomach and to her pussy.   I rub her pussy and she can barely stand the ecstasy.   She is close to cumming but I stop and move to her ass.   She has a beautiful ass that I can’t get enough of.   I massage her ass for several moments probing her anus gently but firmly.   She is squirming at my touch.   I slowly move down to her legs and ankles.

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    I massage them until I am satisfied.  
After a few moments of rest Mary Lou is waiting for what might be coming next.   She has an idea but is not completely sure.   I get out our two whips.   I begin to whip her ass gently at first but a little harder as I progress.   Her ass is starting to turn a nice shade of pink.   I continue whipping her for some time.   I want her entire ass to be pink and red and hot to the touch.   After about 18 to 18 minutes her ass is on fire and I am extremely please with it.   I then continue to whip her entire body.   I concentrate on her pussy and tits.   She moans with pleasure.   Her tits are becoming as pink as her ass.   This is very pleasing to me.
Once again I give her a few minutes rest and then I begin to paint her entire body, neck to knees with chocolate syrup.

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    This takes several moments.   I cover every inch.   I spread her ass cheeks and paint her asshole and then her pussy.   She is completely covered in chocolate and looks delicious.   I then put whipped cream on her tits and in her ass crack.   Next red cherries.   I place them on her tits and several down the crack of her ass.   Then I spread ice cream toppings in various places.   She looks like the perfect sundae and I can’t wait to eat her.   I step back to admire my work.   She is beautiful.
I start to eat the whip cream and cherries from her tits.   I lick them and nibble on her nipples.   I lick all the chocolate from her neck and back.   Then move to her stomach.

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    I move to her ass and eat the whipped cream and cherries and lick all the chocolate from her butt.   When I reach her pussy I stay there a while.   I will lick her until she cums.
I give her a few momemts to rest.   I notice her ass is not as pink as before so I begin to whip her ass again.   I whip her ass for quite a while until it again reaches that nice pinkish red color that pleases me so much.   I kiss Mary Lou deeply.   I tell her that because she has been so patient and tasted so good I have a treat for her.
I untie her completely and I sit on the edge of our chair.   I cover my dick in chocolate, whipped cream and cherries.   She is very happy and begins to eat the whipped cream and cherries and suck all the chocolate off my dick.   She sucks my dick for a while and I am about to cum but I stop her.   I lead her to the shower.
We shower together and at some point Mary Lou begins to bathe me.   She washes me from head to toe not missing a spot on my body.

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    This is very erotic and pleasing to me.   After we are finished she steps out and grabs my hand and pulls me out of the shower.   She begins to inspect me to see that I am clean and ready for her.   After a little poking and looking she determines that I am ready.
We go to the bedroom and make passionate love.   I caress her body and stroke her pussy and tits.   I lay her on her back  and place her legs on my shoulders and enter her.   She is enjoying this.   After a few strokes I use my thumb and finger and massage her clit.   She becomes very aroused and after a few moments she cums very strongly and uncontrolably.   I follow right after her.  
We rest for a few minutes.   That’s when I notice a change in Mary Lou.   She looks at me and tells me to go into the closet.   When I am in there she binds my wrists as I had done to her.

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    She raises my hands above my head and secures them so I can not move.   She spreads my legs and binds them also.   I am at her mercy.  
She grabs the paddle and begins to whip my ass.   She does not stop for quite a while.   My ass is red under her paddle.    She then grabs my dick and I can feel her tying it up to her satisfaction.   She then runs the loose end up my ass crack and ties it off around my waist.   I am very excited.   She gets out a wooden spoon and spanks my dick.   I am rock hard.   After a while she returns to my ass and paddles me more.   I can feel her finger poking at my asshole.   Next I feel a butt plug inserted.   It surprisingly feels good to me.

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    She moves it in and out and then leaves it in my ass.   She spanks my dick and ass until she has had her fill.   I am extremely excited.   She sucks my dick until I cum.   I am in heaven.
WE retire to bed for the evening.   More to come I’m.



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