Wanda's First


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Smoking is a bad habit. The list of consequences goes on and on, but, for one porn star, it was the reason she lost her virginity.
Wanda was still in high school. She was a good girl, but she liked to smoke all the time. It was alright on the streets, but she ran into trouble when she decided to take her bad habit to school with her.
It was during her lunch period. She went to the bathroom to have a smoke. She didn’t want to wait until after school.
The bathroom was empty as usual at this time. She went into one of the stalls, sat down, and lit up.
A sigh of relief came out of her mouth when the scent of fresh smoke filled the air. She blew out the smoke and took another long drag.
It was her senior year, and she was going to a private college when she graduated.


   The school had its own rules as to how students should behave. Smoking wasn’t allowed, of course, so she was determined to suck as much nicotine as she could between now and then.
Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the restroom door open. She heard someone pushing something with squeaky wheels inside. She knew it must be the janitor.
She heard the door slam shut, and then some movement, and then the movement stopped. The silence in the room was scarier than any noise you could ever hear. She knew the janitor had caught a whiff of smoke.
Her heart started pounding hard. Thump, thump.
She heard him sniffing. Thump, thump.
There were footsteps coming her way. THUMP, THUMP!
He stopped in front of the stall that she was sitting on.
“You know there’s no smoking on school grounds,” he said in his deep voice.

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   Herschel had a southern accent and badly drawled speech. “I’m gonna have to report you to Dean Higgins. ”
Wanda grimaced and handed the cigarette to him. He snatched away and said thank you. He stubbed it out on the sole of his shoe and stuffed it into his breast pocket for safe keeping.
“You gotta give me a break. Please,” said Wanda.
“If I let you off, I could lose my job. ”
“My daddy will be really mad at me if I get kicked out again. ” Wanda had been expelled from two schools before this one because of smoking.
“Please,” she said again, this time sounding more desperate.
“I’d like to help, but what’s in it for me?”
“My mother sends me so much money and I can give you some. ”
“I’d like to help you out. ”
“WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?” he barked.
Wanda didn’t understand.

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   She knew he wanted something, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. She repeated her last offer about the money.
“Let me think about this. Come into my office. ”
She followed him to the office. She didn’t know it was so close. It’s a wonder she never got caught before.
He sat at his desk. She stood in front of him. She was very nervous. Her stomach was twisted in knots.
“Look,” he said, “I don’t want your money, but there is something you can do for me. ”
“What’s that?”
“Well I know it’s kinda weird, but I have this collection you can help me out with. I collect girls’ panties. ”
Wanda was disgusted, amused, and shocked all at once.

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   “Are you serious?” she asked.
“As a heart attack. Well, what do you say?”
“I say you’re some kind of pervert.
He stared at her with the same horny-sex-fiend look in his eye. After a brief silence, he said, “Maybe. ”
“You want my panties? Never,” said Wanda shaking her head no. “I’ll just tell them what you said. ”
“Who do you think they’ll believe? Some two-time loser or me? Besides,” he said as he tapped his breast pocket, “I got your secret with all your lipstick on it. ”
He was right. Nobody was going to believe her. She’d been caught too many times.
Plus Herschel was very much respected. Nobody would believe he was the type of man who would make an ultimatum like that. She was having trouble believing it and she was listening to him say it. He just didn’t seem the type.

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She had two choices. Give up the panties or get expelled again. She walked around his desk, slipped her panties off from down her skirt, and handed them over to Herschel.
He took them and stared at her for a moment, then lifted them to his nose and took a long sniff. Wanda’s disgust made the scent of her teen pussy seem sweeter.
His body reacted immediately. His cock was getting hard.
“You’re a pervert for sure. ”
“Come on. Let’s be friends. So…do you have a boyfriend?”
“Yeah, but I haven’t seen him since July. ”
Herschel smiled and asked, “Is he hung?”
“This is not your business…pervert. ”
“He’s hung like an ant, huh?”
“He’s bigger than you, I bet. ”
“Oh, yeah?” he said. “Well, you tell me.

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He unzipped his pants, reached deep inside, and pulled out a rock-solid, throbbing hard penis.
For some reason, it didn’t surprise Wanda. Considering what he’d done so far, she expected it.
“WELL, AM I BIGGER?” barked Herschel.
Reluctantly, she said, “Yeah, you’re right. ”
“I knew it. I’ll bet you’re itching to touch it. Am I right?”
“Pervert,” she kept saying again and again, but he was right. She did want to touch it. It was the first adult cock that she had ever seen, and definitely the biggest. She wasn’t attracted to Herschel at all, but she did want to touch it, and maybe, play with it.
“Don’t be bashful. ”
He grabbed her hand and guided it in. A low moan escaped his mouth when he felt the warmth of Wanda’s hand closing around his cock.
She started stroking his cock.

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   It was instinct. She hadn’t had vaginal sex, but she’d sucked a few cocks and masturbated a few guys.
“That’s a good girl,” moaned Herschel. “Nice and hard, huh?”
“Disgusting. ”
“Why don’t you just make yourself more comfortable?” With this, he grabbed the top of her head and made her kneel between his legs.
She didn’t resist as much as he thought she would. She went down easily and started stroking his cock again.
He saw her lean forward with her mouth open, tongue slightly out. There was a rush of excitement followed closely by a rush of tingles in his loins as he felt Wanda’s tongue sliding up his shaft.
“Ohhhhhh. ”
She wrapped her mouth around the head and took him deep in her mouth. She sucked him slowly, using her hand to stroke the bottom half that was too long to fit in her mouth.
Herschel leaned back. He lifted the panties to his nose and took another long sniff.
    His cock jumped violently when the scent of pussy met his nose.

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    “Ohh. Keep going, baby. ”
    His enjoyment sparked something in Wanda. Her pussy got wet just because of the way he was lusting for her. She stood halfway and gave him a passionate kiss.
    She quickly dropped back to her knees and took her shirt off. Two ample tits with dark nipples popped out.
    Herschel felt her tits, said, “You’re a real woman. ”
    Completely into him now, Wanda licked him from his balls to the tip of his cock and then dove back in. She sucked his dick hard and deep for a period longer, enjoying every second of it.
    She even did some freaky things that she’d never done during any of her previous blowjobs, like letting a strand of saliva drop from her mouth so she could lick it off before it fell to his balls. Then she’d rub his cock between her tits and let pre-cum leak all over them.
    “I can see why you were expelled. That’s not gonna happen here, honey. I’m gonna look out for you.

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       Lay down over here, honey. ”
    Wanda’s joy quickly turned to fright. Herschel saw the change and said, “There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s natural. ”
    “Yeah, but…” said Wanda.   She couldn’t form the words. She didn’t want to tell him she had never had sex before.
    He laid her across his desk and stepped between her legs. His cock was throbbing seriously now.
    “I’m sure you’ve been here befo—” He stopped talking because he was stunned by the squeeze that Wanda’s pussy was putting on his dick.
    “Damn, that’s tight,” he said. He shoved forward, not giving her much time to adjust to his girth. They both screamed out—him from pleasure, her from agony.
    “Baby, you’re tight. You’re so tight,” he said as he continued shoving his eager cock in her tender hole.

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       She screamed some more, but he didn’t pay it any attention. He kept pushing it in until he was deep inside her wet, pulsating, teen cunt. It was a very snug fit and it felt so good.
    “Oh, that’s tight. You ain’t been with no one like me. I can tell. ”
    If only you knew.
    He started sliding his massive cock in her virgin pussy. He finally realized how much he was hurting her and slowed down. He told her to relax and humped her deeper, but gentler.
    Her pussy was getting used to his dick. She kissed him and gradually started enjoying the sex.
    She mirrored his every movement although she shuddered sometimes when she felt pain, but it didn’t stop her from loving the feel of heat and stiffness sliding around inside of her.
    After a few more minutes, she motioned him away from her so they could switch places. He lay on the desk.


       She climbed on top of the desk and sat on his eager prick, which was sticking straight up.
    She started bouncing on it, enjoying the feel of it going in and out and sliding and bumping every hot and nasty ridge in her little pink pussy.
    “Ohhh!” she screamed. She leaned forward to suck face with him. Their lips were smacking loudly as she bounced up and down. Her pussy was so wet that her juices were flowing out, covering his whole shaft, getting all over his balls.
    She started grinding slowly. She’d rock back far enough to let the head almost pop out and then rock forward and let it fill her teen pussy again.
    Herschel’s leg stiffened and his body tensed up. She got off his cock and stroked it vigorously in her face. Seconds later, there was sticky cum landing in her face as both of them moaned passionately.
    She sucked his cock a little longer and rubbed it all around her face and head. It was like she worshipped it.
    Its scent and flavor was driving her mad. Every part of her body felt alive.


       It was like she was outside of herself watching herself in a porn flick.
    Porn flick? she thought. She'd found her true calling.
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