"Uncle" Bob


Topic: Uncle Bob.
"Hey Uncle Bob!" I squealed as I opened the door. He was so handsome. "Hey, little girl, how you been" He gave me a big hug & kind of lifted me off the floor. "Dad said you just have to return the papers by Sunday!" I handed the papers to him, & his had slighlty brushed my boob. "Oh Im sorry. . didn't mean to do that. " He said, looking kind of embarrased. "It's all good" I said. I was starting to get hot. He sat on my oversized bean bag.
"Want a drink? What are you up to today?"
"Oh that would great. . Uh Im just running errands then probably go have a couple of drinks. " he said smiling.

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"Oh that sounds fun!" I said before I sat down on the other couch. I could see a big bulge in Uncle Bob's pants. I looked down at my thin, white wife beater. My nipple were full on hard. Looking like erasers. I wore this cute little mini skirt w/no underwear underneath. I knew he was looking.
"So I see you've turned into a slut huh?" Bob said while he smiled.
"If that's what you want me to be" I opened my legs & leaned back. He grabbed his bulge.
"Look what you've done to me bitch" He was rubbing it up & down.  
"mmmm, It looks like you got something big in there. " I got up & walked over to him & sat right down on his lap. Making sure my pussy was right on top of his bulge.
"Fuck, your so fine.

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   Look @ your big tits. I can feel the hotness from your pussy. . " He placed his big rough hands on my firm ass. "You like making daddy hard?" he asked while squeezing my ass. "Oh yea, daddy. . all the time. " I started to grind him like I was humping a pillow or something. I put my 36DD tits in his face. He started sucking my big nipples, not even moving my tank top. "Fuck, suck them good daddy. I've been a good girl" He sucked them harder, slightly biting them. "ahhhhh, yea daddy. Just like that" With him holding my ass & sucking my tits, I started boucing up & down.


   He let go of my tit & slapped my ass. "Slow down you little slut. " He pushed me back up to sit up straight still sitting on his boner. "You knew I was coming over & you put on this shit to make me hard. " He started to rip my tank top in half, right down the middle. "You fuckin little bitch, look @ your tits. . Only sluts have big tits. " He grabbed them hard & starting spitting on them. "You like slut? You like feeling my spit all over you? Get down on your knees. " I obeyed. I loved when a man is in control. He unzipped his pants & pulled them down. He had a HUGE cock. "You like what you see?" "Ohhhh yes, daddy.

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   I do!" "SUck it bitch, take it. . " I put it in my mouth like it was a lollipop. "THats it you big tit bitch. Suck Daddy. You know how to do it Slut" He grabbed onto my hair & started to force my face. "Yea baby, suck Daddy's big cock. Take it. Uhhhhhhhh. . . " I sucked & sucked. . it kept growing in my mouth. He pushed my head away.

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   "Get up here. . " I got up & sat right on his dick, he shoved it all the way up there" "OOOOHHHHH Daddy!" I moaned as I sat all the way down. "Fuck me bitch" he yelled while he slapped my ass. I started bouncing up & down moaning & screaming. "THat's it slut, slide up & down daddys big cock. Yea. . look @ your big tits bouncing. I like that, make them bouce" ALl his dirty talk was making me real wet. "Is my slut getting more wet? Do you need to bust your nut bitch" I nodded while I moaned again. I loved his cock. It made me feel so good. "Fuck me then, don't stop til you bust your nut all over me. " I kept going faster, & faster.

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  . I could feel I was getting close. "Make daddy come bitch. You know how to do it. " THen he pushed my tits together & sucked on both of my fat nipples. I exploded. "AHHHHH, Fuck daddy, Im cumming all over your big fat dick!" He sucked harder . . I knew he was aobut to come. . all of a sudden he let go & grabbed my hips to move faster. "FUckin bitch!. . YOur making daddy nut". .

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  . I could feel all his sperm hitting everywhere. After we were done I laid next to him. He laid my arm down & laid down on it. He lifted my big boob & put it in his mouth & starting sucking like a little baby. We ended up falling asleep & when I woke up, He was still latched on to my tit.