To this day I still love you


 This is a true story of when i met my boyfriend and the first time we made love. I was 18 at the time and he was 19.
It all started off one day after school. I was going over Liam, my friend’s house to chill out and do, well, what teenagers do. Liam and I were online and we were talking to one of the guys Liam knew. Liam was the same age as me; he was around 5ft7, well built, green eyes, strong body because he played lots of sports, especially football. Liam and I were talking to Ben online and Liam told him that I was also there with him. Ben, had somehow seen a picture of me before, I think Liam had shown him a picture of me, not that I minded of course. Ben asked if we'd go on web cam for him so Liam asked me if I minded, and I said no. Liam turned the web cam on and had it pointed towards him, ahh he vain boy I thought and I just laughed. Ben asked where I was so; I shyly sneaked my head in on web cam so that Ben could get a glimpse of me. I remember Ben then asking if he could have my email address so I gave it to him. Liam at this point was laughing and making fun of Ben for having a "soft spot" for me. I thought it was sweet, and I blushed when I thought about what he said.
Time was passing and it was about 7. 30 p.

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  m. I hadn't realised the time so I had to go home because I had school the next day, thank god it was Friday tomorrow. I walked home as fast as I could, not being able to contain myself, I was soo looking forward to talking to Ben even though I didn't really know him well. . . yet anyway. I got into my house and went straight online. As I signed in, my heart jumped as a familiar name popped up. Ben. I was so happy and by the sound of him, he was very happy also. Before I knew the time, I had to go to bed, it was getting late. I hated leaving him, I wanted to talk to him all night, but it wasn’t possible so, I had to go. We promised to speak the following night though. And that gave me something to look forward to.
God, that following day dragged on and on.

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   Every time I looked at my watch, 5 minutes had gone, 18 minutes had gone. Time seemed to be passing so slowly, it was unbearable. I couldn’t wait to get home and speak to Ben, somehow over the few hours that we spoke the night before, I had become addicted to him, my life evolved around him. Finally at 3. 30, the school bell rang. I ran out of school, ran home. Not being able to breathe I was in so much of a hurry to speak to Ben. Heart thumping as I ran through the door, ran upstairs and sat down next to my computer. I signed in and my heart started pounding. A huge grin came onto my face when I seen a familiar name pop up at the bottom of the screen. I don’t know why, but Ben made me feel so happy and special, I don’t know how he did it, but I loved it.
Ben and I had been chatting for weeks on end, spending all of my spare time I had, chatting to him. Over the weeks, months, Ben and I grew very close towards each other, we told each other things that I wouldn’t dare tell any of my friends or family. We grew to know each other inside out, we knew everything about each other, everything that there as to know. Ben asked me if we could meet.

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   Liam knew him and he told me that Ben was a great laugh and was the nicest guy around so I thought, why not. We knew each other well enough and it was the next thing we could do to bring us close, to build on the relationship that we had built. So that was it. We decided to meet the following Saturday.
I was so nervous the closer Saturday was getting. My heart was pounding so hard at the thought of meeting the guy I had fallen for online. Saturday had arrived. I woke up, I felt so sick when I woke up. My heart was working overtime, my palms were sweaty. I felt terrible but so excited at the same time. I couldn’t wait to see Ben! So I got dressed, I wore a pair of light blue jeans, a blue sleeveless vest top and trainers. Plain and simple, with a spray of perfume, ahh that completed it. I looked, and smelled good. Then it was time to get dropped off at the train station.
My mum dropped me off and she drove off.

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   I waved her goodbye, I was smiling and trying to be happy but inside, my stomach was doing summersaults. I was nervous so I decided to wait in the main area of the station and wait for Ben. I was sat there for about 18 minutes then I saw a tall guy walking towards me, I knew it was Ben. He was tall, about 6ft, brown spiky hair, blue eyes, thin toned body. He was wearing a dark pair of jeans, white trainers and a blue and white stripped t-shirt. He walked up towards me and I looked to the floor. I looked up as he spoke.
“Sarah? You must be Sarah” he spoke with a hint of nervousness in his voice.
“Hey Ben how are you?” I said grinning like a cat, my heart nearly thumping its way out of my chest.
“I’m great thanks! It’s so nice to see you. You look even prettier than you did in the picture Liam showed me, and prettier than you were that time on web cam” he whispered, blushing slightly.
“Aww thanks” I said “your sweeter in person than you are online!” and we both laughed.
Ben reached out to take my hand and said to me “shall we go somewhere” smiling sweetly. I took his hand and followed him out of the station. Ohh his hands were so soft.

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   They felt like silk compared to my rough hands.
We drove around, going nowhere particular. Just being together was all that mattered. It didn’t matter what we did, where we were, just that we were together. We stopped outside a park and went for a walk. As we were walking through the park, Ben shyly slipping my hand in his, linking our fingers together. I had the biggest grin ever, I was smiling so hard and so much that my face was actually starting to ache. We walked holding hands for what seemed eternity, just chatting about anything, just enjoying the company of each other.
We found a part of the park where it was quiet, a grassed off area and we got comfy there. It was sweet, no one around, the odd person walking past with their dogs. I layed on my back, looking at the sky, talking to Ben. I could feel him move closer towards me, shifting closer to me all the time. Ben slowly moved closer towards me and bent his head. I knew that he was going to kiss me. I got up and rested onto my elbows.

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   He cupped my face in his soft hand and slightly twisted his head so that our noses didn’t collide. I felt the softness of his lips touching mine. I put my hand behind his head bringing us closer again. We kissed for what seemed a lifetime but only lasted a few seconds in reality. We pulled apart, neither of us not wanting our lips to separate. He still held my face in his hand and smiled. I smiled back at him and we both moved our heads together again and kissed once more. But this time the kiss had more feeling, it was more passionate. He gently parted my lips and slid his tongue inside my mouth, brushing his tongue with mine. My heart was racing, I could feel my face getting flushed. My tongue was rolling around with Bens, each of us wanting to get more, to taste more of each other. We were holding each other so close and tight, I didn’t want to let go of him, and I think he felt the same.
Unfortunately our fun came to an end. The day was closing in and it was tine for us to part and go our separate ways, it was time for us to go home. Ben drove me back to the train station where my mum wouldn’t be picking me up in less than an hour.

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   While we were in the car Ben took my hand, squeezed it and smiled. At this point I as so happy to have met Ben, but I was so sad that it was going to end. After Ben smiled at me, I couldn’t look at him again. I kept looking out of the car window, he was asking if I was ok, but I couldn’t tell him. My heart was braking inside and I just started to cry. I couldn’t hold my feelings inside anymore, I wanted to be with him, I didn’t want to leave him go. I finally turned my head to face him. As I turned to face him, he was smiling but once he’d seen that I was crying, he asked what was wrong. I poured my heart out and told him how I truly felt. He squeezed my hand harder and a tear fell down his face. I left go of his hand and wiped his tear away. He smiled again and I then realised, that we were nearly at the train station. Ben walked me into the train station and gave me a kiss. I could feel a lump in my throat as he kissed me.
    I wanted him, I felt deeply for him, I needed him.

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       We broke our kiss and he said “ill see you soon baby girl” I felt happy that I would see him again, but sad because we had to part, but I left him go.
    My days seemed to last for ever thinking about Ben. Wanting him all the time, not being able to wait for the next time I seen him. We had been out together for ages, different places, didn’t matter where as long as we were together. Then things started to get physical between us. There was touching in intimate places, kissing in places and we decided that the one thing we could do to get totally close would be to make love.
    Over the weeks we’d been together, it had turned into months. We’d fallen in love slowly and this grew to us eventually meeting the parents. Both our family’s were cool with us being together and so we spent time over one and others houses, getting personal, physical, showing out love towards each other.
    So one night, it was about 7. 45 at night and I was over Bens house. I was lying on his bed and he was sitting at his desk by his computer. I was feeling lonely so I called him over and he came and layed on the bed with me. We started to kiss, deeply, hands roaming over one and others bodies. Breathing getting erratic, strong breathing, moaning.

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       Ben looked at me in a way he’d never looked at me before. His eyes were full of passion, full of love. Tonight was the night I was going to loose my virginity with the guy I loved, I was going to make love with him.
    Ben slowly started to take off my t-shirt. I was always embarrassed about my body so I tried to cover up when my t-shirt was taken off. I tried to cover my body up with my hands, but Ben smiled and whispered in my ear “don’t be embarrassed baby, I love your body, I love you, I love the way you are. I love everything about you” and kissed my forehead. He slowly took my bra off, and placed them on the floor, then moved on to taking my trousers off. He was so gentle, he gave me goose bumps. Ben had taken my clothes off and was looking at my body. He was looking at me so lovingly. He kissed me and kissed me all over my body, getting me to relax. I really wanted to feel him inside of me, wanting to feel as one with him. I looked at him not saying anything, and he knew what I meant with the look I gave. I nodded and smiled weakly.

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       He positioned himself above me slightly opening my legs more. He rolled the condom onto himself. He lined his manhood against my womanhood. He gently pushed against me, sliding himself inside me. I was too tight, so he whispered in my ear “relax baby, I promise I wont hurt you”. So I relaxed my body, then I felt his manhood sliding deep inside me. It hurt at the beginning but the pain eased and it became pleasure, a whole lot of pleasure. As I felt Ben sliding in and out of me, I wrapped my legs around his legs, out bodies combining as one, moving in rhythm. I heard Ben moaning and I felt him moving faster and harder against me, slamming his body against mine. Then I felt him lean forward and whisper in my ear “its nearly here baby, I’m so close” this pushed me over he limit and I started moving myself harder against him, then I felt him give one last push and that as it. He broke, his manhood had spilled the seeds and showed me his love.
    Ben collapsed on top of me breathing heavy. I could hear his heard slamming against his chest. He turned around and wrapped his arms around me and said lovingly, brushing a piece of hair from my face “ I love you with all my heart and I never want to loose you”
    “You never will loose me, I’m all yours. I love you too” and we drifted to sleep locked in each others arms.


    And to this day, we are still together, still the same loving couple, still making the same passionate love as we did the first time we made love.