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They arrived at her doorstep. "That was my first blind date," she said, avoiding his gaze and shivering slightly from the chilly evening wind. She had hardly been on a real date before, let alone a blind date. She still didn't know how her friend had convinced her to do something like this. She had had no idea what to expect, and was slighty supprised how charming he was. "Really? Now, I wouldn't believe that. . . " He flashed her another dreamy smile with sarcasm in his eyes. "But honestly, you're wonderful," he said more warmly, taking a step towards her. He thought she was pretty and shy, as in she was insecure and he wanted to take advantage of this. At his words she blushed, though she knew it was a meaningless compliment. With his sudden closeness, she felt her bare arms relax slightly with his bodily warmth. Now he will kiss me, she thought, and the thought made her anxious. He moved toward her more and with one hand, he grabbed hers, and it was cold. His other hand touched her chin gently, forcing her to look into his face finally.

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   He leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers, slowly. She closed her eyes. He was teasing her, being so gentle. He pressed his lips now firmly against hers, tasting her with his tongue. She melted at this, moving her body to his. He broke the kiss and looked at her expectantly, and grinned beautifully once again. She was puzzled for a moment, her mind still lost in the kiss. "Can I come in?" he said, amused, bringing her back to life. She unlocked her door and entered her house and he followed closely, still smiling at her. She was trying to organize her thoughts sensibly: 'where should we go? is he staying the whole night?' but, looking at him, was quickly distracted by her lust. She had always looked at good-looking guys from afar, wishing they would love her, but she never dared try for their attention. Yet, here was a tall and very attractive man for her. Through dinner she had felt him looking at her figure, but she didn't conclude this reality. When he took off his jacket she quickly decided they would go to her bedroom, and wondered why that was even a question before. He watched her and followed her down a hallway, unbuttoning his shirt on the way, which was hard because he was watching her body as she walked in front of him. 

   He wanted to use that body. In the bedroom she hesitantly undressed in front of him, as he dropped his shirt to the floor. She looked at him as she undressed, but was still trying avoiding eye contact, and he read her nerves and loved it. She noticed his own figure, sturdy and muscular, but he was tall enough to keep from appearing stalky. She could tell he was watching her and it made her more nervous. She was in her underwear, and she was about to take off her heels when he said, "leave those on. "She could feel wetness between her pussy lips inside her panties, and she felt a rush on heat in that spot from his comanding tone. She walked to the bed and he told her to lay down. He sat next to her on the edge of the bed. He knew he had complete control of her. He leaned over her. He began touching her body, placing his hands on her sides and moving them along her smooth skin. He felt her freeze at his first touch. After taking off her bra, he looked into her face. She was breathing fast and her expression did not hide her fear.

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   He kissed her, feeling her nervousness with his mouth. The kiss was long and he breathing slowed, but was still uneven. As the kiss continued, he moved his hands to her breasts, and massaged them with care, and she sighed, letting herself become once again lost in him. He sat up. "Rub your clit," he said, taking off the belt of his pants. She took off her panties and looked at him. He smirked back at her. She glanced at the bulge in his pants and looked quickly away, embarrassed for being curious. Her hand moved to her crotch and she slowly parted her lips and rubbed a single finger in a circle around her button. She missed his hands on her already and gave a heavy sigh, imagining him doing so. He was over her again, and moved his hand down to join hers. As she was still touching her cliterous, he ran his fingers over her labia and felt her wetness. He poked a finger between her lips and into her steamy cunt, and she reacted with a soft moan as she closed her eyes with the feeling. Without going far into her, he wiggled his finger back and forth until she started moving her hips slightly. At this, he removed his hand from her crotch, and removed hers, as well.

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   He saw her dissappointed expression when she opened her eyes and looked at him, but he was still in control. He put one leg over her and stradled her, moving so his bulge was over her face. When he did this, she was crossed with feelings from her burning pussy and her lust for him to open his pants for her. But before he did, he sat her up more so she was facing his crotch, and he unzipped his pants, letting his hard-on spring out. She gasped, having never seen one so close and so large. Without exchanging words, he put his hands on her head, running his fingers run through her hair for a moment, and then pulled her towards him until her lips were touching the tip of his dick. He then pulled her more so she was forced to accept him into her mouth by the parting of her lips, which slid over his head. He let go of her head, so she was on his dick on her own, and he leaned forward, supporting himself on his hands in front of him. "Suck me," he whispered, and that was all it took for her. Her tongue rolled around his head, and partway down his shaft. She brought a hand around and grabbed his dick, jacking him with her spit that began dripping from her mouth. He sighed in pleasure, and enjoyed her work a little bit more, until he needed to feel more of her warm, moist mouth. With one hand, he took her hand off his shaft and she stopped sucking, waiting for his move once again. "No, keep it in your mouth. " She abided, but gave him a questioning look.

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   With his dick in her mouth again, he grabbed her head once more, pushing her further on his cock. She felt him hit the back of her throat, and he held her there while she gagged and then choked a little. He loved the feeling of the movements it made at the end of his dick. He pushed her head harder, until he was engulfed in her mouth, her lips at the base of his cock, her nose in his lower stomach. He moved his hips and pulled himself halfway out of her mouth and then thrust his hips forward again. He repeated this action several more times, and began to quicken his pace, enjoying the soft pressure of her lips going up and down around his shaft and her tongue along the underside. She started gagging again and he pulled out and moved so he was sitting next to her again, pulling off his pants finally, and then stroking his cock, lubed sufficiently with her spit. She coughed and as she was trying to regain her composure, he put his hand between her thighs again.
    He immediately pushed a finger into her pussy and began fingering her. He put a second finger in and when he felt her squeeze them, he began fingering her faster and even leaned down to lick her cliterous, running his tongue around it with quick motions. She was moaning and moving her hips on him, squirming in pleasure under his control. Seeing her helplessness, he couldn't wait any longer. He took his fingers out of her and flipped her over, so she was on her hands and knees. He got behind her and put his hardness between her thighs, slightly in contact of her soaking pussy lips and leaned over her back, running his hands up her body to her breasts. He grabbed them and kneeded them for a second before moving his hands to grab her shoulders roughly and putting his mouth next to her ear.

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      Having previously been on the verge of an orgasm, she payed close attention to where his dick was, wanting to know when she would feel him inside of her. She tried moving so it was closer to her hole, but he was grabbing her tightly. He breathed hard for a moment, holding her in position before saying softly and firmly, "I'm going to fuck you. " She needed to feel him inside her. "I'm going to fuck you so hard. I'm going to screw your fucking brains out. " She had to have him deep in her cunt. He kissed her neck swiftly, then put the tip of his cock at her entrance. He slammed his thick cock in her hard. She gasped, suprised at how easily it went in, but then she was really wet. He groaned at her tightness, he felt her pussy walls grip his shaft. Grabbing her tits, he began pumping his cock in and out hard, hitting her cervix with each thrust, and everytime, his balls slapped against her cliterous. She was moaning loudly, and his breath quickened with soft grunts. Then faster, and the friction made it hot. She screamed as her orgasm went through her body, and he groaned because she gripped his cock more as her pussy muscles spasmed.

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       He pumped her while she was coming and he felt his own climax building. To pound her harder, he grabbed hold on her shoulders, shoving her body back onto his cock with more force. She screamed again, for a second orgasm, this time it was more intense, and she lost the stength in her arms, but he had her shoulders and slammed into her mercilessly. Her body shuddered and again she spasmed and came on his cock, and he couldn't take it any longer. Giving a final thrust into her, he groaned louder and began shooting his load up her hot cunt. He still gripped hard, his nails digging into the smooth, sweat-covered skin of her shoulders, as he came, load after load in her still spasming pussy. Her screams of pleasure turned to heavy, worn-out breathing, and he came down from his own climax, pulling out. He rolled off her body and laid next to her on the bed. She looked at him, weakly. He smiled at her once again, through a long sigh, and she smiled back. .



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