The Virgin Fuck Pt.1


Me and my girl friend have a wonderful relationship. The only problem is that shes won't let me stick cock inside her. We have been dating since we were in 5th grade, and it was our sophmore year in high school. It was homecoming night, and we were having an awesome dance. Well my twin sister(Jane), her date(Bill), my girlfriend(Kelly), and I showed up at the dance in my Escalade. We payed and were soon inside the dance High School. I went and got Jane and Kelly drinks and we stood there talking to some of the Seniors. Soon we were done with our drinks and headed into the gym. They were playing a Tim mcgraw love song and I reached over to Kelly and pulled her close to me. I put my hands on her lower back and she put hers around my neck. We slowly danced for about 30 seconds when I slid my hands down onto her tight little ass. I kissed her neck lightly and I felt her pul herself closer to me. I pulled my hands up off her ass and stuck my finger tips down into her skirt. She wasn't wearing any underwear. She was wearing a short skirt that came down to right above her knees. Her skirt had one of those elastic waist bands on it.

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   I stuck my hand just a littl farther down and felt her pussy lips. "Don't. Please don't. not right now. " Kelly said. I acted like I didn't here her and inserted my middle finger into her tight little cunt. I could fell my cock poking out and felt it rub against her. I looked over to my right and saw my sister rushing towards me. "Kelly, can I talk to T for a minute?" Jane asked and Kelly looked at me. I kissed her and smacked her on the ass, and she walked away. "Whats up" I asked pulling my sister to me and puuting my hands on her back and slow danced with her. "Bills dancing with some whore and won't dance with me. " She said laying her head onto my chest. "I told you he was a fag. You can dance with me for a while.

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  " I said. A Lil Jon song came on. She turned around and stuck her ass onto my already halfway hard cock. I reached up and put one hand on her hip and the other on her stomach.
    I have always been attarcted to my sister. She has a pair of small tits and a really tight ass. But we'll get to that on Pt 2Kelly walked over and asked Jane if she could dance and she said yes. She pulled herself close to me and said;"I want you to fuck me tonight. ""Are you sure?" I replied"Yes, I want your cock in my tight shaved pussy right now. " I looked at her then grabbed her and pulled her out of the gym and slowly made our way to the office so we wouldn't draw any attention. I opened the door and led her to the principals office. I picked her up and sat her on the desk and pulled her top off. Her little titties popped out and just stared at me. I took the left one in my hand and took her right one in my mouth. I sucked on them for about two minutes switching from left to right.

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       I kissed her hard on the lips and stuck my tongue deep in her mouth. She did the same and I stuck my hand into her skirt and Felt her wet pussy. I pulled pants down and she dropped to the floor and got on her knees. She took my dick in her mouth and sucked like a pro. She deep throated my cock while.