The Thrill Of Taboo (part 3)


Topic: The Thrill Of Taboo (part 3)The Thrill Of Taboo (part 3) by Britney I looked up at Katy, as I licked her cunt. “Does it feel good Katy?” Kevin asked. Katie just moaned and didn\'t answer. I spread her lips apart and examined the inside of her thirteen year old pussy. I saw what I was hoping to see. “Kevin look here. ” I said. He got on his knees next to me and looked in his sisters open vagina. “You see this. ” I said “Yea. . . What is it?" he asked “It’s called a hymen. ” I said “This is what a girl has before she looses her virginity. ” “Cool” he said “Then when a cock goes in, it breaks it, and she is no longer a virgin. ” I said “Do I get to break it?” He asked with a cute smile on his face.

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   “Do you want to break it?” I asked He nodded with the smile still on his face. “Do you want to put your cock in your sister?” I said entertaining myself. “Yes I really, really want to. ” He said “Are you up for it Katy?” I asked “Yea, I am kind of nervous though. ” She said “That’s ok it is normal to be nervous, the first time you have sex. ” I said “Are you sure we should be doing this I didn’t think a brother and sister were supposed to have sex. ” She said “Your right it is not normal for you to have sex with your brother. That’s why this is going to be so much fun. When you do something sexually that is not normal, it is kinky or taboo. That makes it a lot more fun. ” I said “Ok, lets have sex now. ” Katy said I laughed. “Ok but one more thing. Having sex is the proper way to say it. But for now on when you are talking about sex with me and your brother, I want you to use the word fuck.

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   The word fuck, is a lot kinkier then saying have sex” I said They nodded their heads at me. I was exited how curious they were about what we were doing. I was worried that they would of freaked out by now. As I said before, I have always wanted to be dominant during sex. I didn\'t exactly have a leather suit and a whip, but this is exactly what I have always wanted to do. I was going to be their teacher, and I am in complete charge of the situation. “Kevin are you ready to fuck your sister?” I asked Kevin nodded his head with an excited expression on his face. “Katy I want you to lay on the couch just like your doing. Kevin is going to do all the work and I am going to talk him through it. This is going to hurt a little at first but once you get over the pain it is going to feel really nice, and your going to want to do it all the time. ” I said “Alright Kevin stand up. ” I said He stood up his little dick was rock hard. Katy laid on her back on the couch with her legs spread. Kevin moved up to her and aimed the tip of his dick between her legs. I put my hand on his cock and placed it on the opening of her cunt.

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   It laid softly on her hymen. “Kevin I want you to push your cock in really slow. Her hymen is going to break and it is going to hurt her so we need to be very careful. ” I said The tip of his dick moved forward. Her pussy lips opened around the head of his cock. Her hymen started stretching from the where it was attached. Katy closed her eyes tight and winced. “How are we doing Katy?” I asked “It hurts. ” She said “I know, you are doing just fine. Its going to hurt quite a bit when it breaks just hang in there. ” I said Kevin kept pushing in ever so slowly and the hymen stretched more and more. “Ouch, Ouch it hurts it hurts. ” Katy cried “Push it in Kevin break it. ” I said urgently. His little cock moved in and the hymen stretched like a rubber band until it finally detached.

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   Katy screamed out in pain as her brother pushed the length of his cock up his sisters cunt. Blood started seeping in her pussy and rounded Kevin’s dick. “This feels really good. ” Kevin moaned. “Yea for you maybe. ” Katy whimpered Kevin started moving his dick. I was incredibly horny. My pussy was dripping, as I watched the two siblings fuck. “Are you ok Katy. ” I asked. “It still hurts but its starting to feel good a little. ” She said I rubbed her forehead softly. “Good. ” I said “You are doing really good. ” I rubbed my clit and moaned loud as I had a mild orgasm watching Kevin fuck his sister.

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   I took a deep breath, and quickly gathered myself. “Ok Kevin its time to stop. ” I said “No. ” he cried “why?” “Because if you keep going your going to cum, and Katy could possibly get pregnant. We don’t want that to happen. " I said “But it feels really good. ” He argued. “Sorry, take it out. ” I said as I grabbed his hips and pulled him back. Katy was laying with her eyes closed trying to decide if it hurt of felt good. A trickle of blood ran out of her cunt down her inner thigh. I went to the bar and grabbed a rag and soaked it in warm water, and ringed it out. Kevin had his back to me and he was mad. I looked at his cute butt cheeks as he stood their and pouted. I walked in front of him and wiped Katy’s blood off his cute dick.

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   He didn’t look at me and he went and sat on a chair in the corner. I walked over to Katy and she opened her eyes and looked at me. “How are you doing. ” I said softly “I’m ok. ” She said with a slight smile. “You did really good, I am proud of you. ” I said as I wiped her pussy clean with the warm rag. “It hurt a lot, but it felt good at the same time. Its really weird. ” She said “I know the first time isn’t that much fun, but wait till you have an orgasm it is so incredible. ” I said Katy looked at Kevin, he sat in a chair in the corner of the room. “He is such a baby, look at him. ” She said I turned around and saw him sitting in the chair jacking off. I turned back to Katy and softly ran my fingers through her hair. I kissed her softly on the lips.

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   "I\'ll be back okay. " I said Katy smiled, and I stood up and walked over to Kevin. He had his back turned to me, and he was rubbing the head of his young dick. I got to my knees and I crawled in front of him. He put his elbow on the arm rest and hid his face from me. He was really mad. I guess you shouldn’t interrupt a guy when he is fucking and about to cum. I suppose it\'s like taking a bone away from a dog before it is through. “Don’t be angry Kevin. ” I said “But her pussy felt really good…I don’t know why I had to stop. ” He said “I told you, if you cum in a girls pussy she could possibly get pregnant. ” I said Kevin lifted his fist off of his chin, and finally made eye contact with me. He gave me a disappointed look. “So does that mean I’m never going to get to cum inside a pussy. ” He said “Yes you will get to, but Katy needs to be on the birth control pill first.

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  ” I said “Do you take the birth control pill?” he asked “Yes I do. ” I said “Can I fuck your pussy then?” He asked “Yes you can…but not tonight. ” I said Kevin looked away from me again, with a pissed off expression on his face. “Don’t be angry Kevin. ” I said. “Come over and sit next to your sister. I have to explain something to you. ” Kevin got up without looking at me. I watched his cute little butt walk over and plop down on the couch naked, next to his sister. I walked over and got on my knees in front of them. “Ok guys I have to tell you. ” I said. “I had all this planned tonight. ” “You did?” Katy questioned “Yes, your mom and I discussed it, and we agreed that I should teach you guys about sex. ” I said “You mean mom knows about this?” Kevin asked.

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   “Yes, she didn’t know how to approach the two of you about this, and I told her that I would. I showed you the basics tonight, but I think we should wait till she gets home to do any more. She would be really disappointed if she missed your first times. ” I said “Do we have to stop now though. I was having so much fun. ” Kevin said “We can do a little more if you want to, but we need to wait for your mother. ” I said “Can I fuck you tonight?” Kevin asked. “I really want to cum in your pussy. ” “No Kevin, we can’t do that tonight. I think that the first pussy you cum in should be your mothers. ” I said “Kevin is going to fuck mom?” Katy asked “Yes he is. ” I said I looked at Katy’s young pussy, and it twitched a little. “Does that turn you on Katy?” I asked Katy smiled at me, with her cute dimples, and nodded her head. “Katy let me show you something. ” I said as I grabbed her right hand, and brought it between her legs.

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   “When ever you get horny you can rub your pussy. A girls finger is her best friend. When ever your brother, or your boyfriend is not around you can play with yourself and think of them. This is called masturbating. ” I said “Like this. ” She said as she moved her middle finger in her slit and massaged her young pussy. “Yes that’s good your getting it. ” I said I looked at Kevin, and he was watching his sister masturbate as he pumped his cock with his right hand. “Looks like Kevin already knows how to do it. I guess it just comes more naturally with boys. ” I said “So is mom on the pill?” Kevin asked. “Yes she is. ” I said “So I will be able to cum in her cunt right?” Kevin questioned. “Yes of course you are. So you have to wait until tomorrow when she gets home.


   We need to get Katy on the pill too, then you will be able to cum in all of our cunts. ” I said “Why is mom on the pill?” Katy asked “Her and I are both on the pill because, Tom fucks us. ” I said They both stopped masturbating and their jaws dropped. “When do you guys do that?” Katy asked “We have been waiting until you kids go to sleep, and then we go out in the RV. We have been having so much fun, that we thought that you both should join us. Tom doesn’t know that we are doing this, and the day he gets back is his birthday. Katy you are going to be the best birthday present he has ever had. ” I said “Why do you say that?” she asked. “I say that, because there is nothing he would love more then to fuck you. ” I said Katy’s face turned red. “Why does he want to fuck me?” she asked “Because you are young and incredibly beautiful, and he is going to melt when he sees this cute little pussy you have here. ” I said Kevin moaned, and he started jacking off really fast. “Kevin Stop!” I shouted “Why!” he cried “I can’t take it anymore. ” “I tell you what, I will give you a blow job, and you can cum in my mouth. But after that I need to get you kids to bed.

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   It is way past your bed time. ” I said Kevin’s face lit up. He rested his back on the couch, and spread his legs a little. He smiled and looked at his young dick that was pointing straight in the air. I crawled over between his legs and grabbed his cock with my index finger and thumb. “Britney?” Katy asked in a soft spoken voice. “Can I suck Kevin’s cock?” “Yes, of course you can. ” I said “No!” Kevin whined “I like the way Britney does it. ” “Kevin, that is really rude of you. When a girl offers to suck your cock you don’t turn her down. You will find as you get older that a blow job is not that easy to come by. You are lucky that you have a sister that is willing to do it. ” I said “I’m sorry, I am just getting frustrated. ” He said “Its ok, I will suck your cock again another time. I want Katy to do it tonight though, she needs the practice, and I want her to know what she’s doing by the time Tom gets home.

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  ” I said Katy had an enthusiastic look on her face as she sat on the couch fingering herself. “Are you ready Katy?” I asked “Yea” she said smiling. She got on her knees beside me. She looked a little nervous, and I ran my fingers through her soft blonde hair. “I will just watch you, and keep my mouth shut. You don’t have to do it exactly how I showed you, just let it be natural, and do it how you want. " I said Katy nodded her head and looked at her brother. They both smiled at each other. She slowly reached out her hand, and held her brothers cock with a soft grip. She moved closer and studied it, as she slowly moved her hand up and down. She leaned forward and closed her eyes, and ran her tongue on his balls. I like how she took her time with it. She jacked him off, and slowly moved her tongue, licking every inch of his young scrotum. She moved her left hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy as she slowly ran her tongue to the base of his cock. She glanced over at me, making sure she was doing it right.

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   “Don’t look at me Katy. Keep going, you are doing really good. You are a natural. ” I said She held the front of his dick straight with her middle, and index finger. She moved her head down, and very slowly ran the tip of her tongue across his balls again. Her tongue licked all the way up to the tip of his dick and she stopped and sucked the end of his penis. I watched and rubbed my snatch, as she stuck her tongue out and licked her brothers dick hole, like you would lick a pussy. His cock slowly disappeared in Katy’s mouth. She sucked on him for a while without using her hands. My pussy was extremely moist and I could feel my juices run down my thigh, as I masturbated. I looked at the pleasured look in Kevin’s face. His head was rested on the back of the couch with his eyes closed. Katy had her back arched, and her ass was sticking up. I could see between her legs. I looked at her cute butt hole, and watched her middle finger penetrate her pink cunt, as her head moved up and down her brothers prick.

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   “Do it faster. ” Kevin moaned Katy moved her head up and down at a faster pace. Kevin put two hands on the back of her head and forced his dick deeper in her mouth. Katy choked and pushed her brothers hands off of her. She stood up and coughed, and wiped the saliva off of her mouth. She looked at me, and her eyes were blood shot. She had a disappointed expression on her face, like she was a failure. “I can’t do it. ” She said “My mouth is soar. ” “Yes you can Katy. ” I said trying to encourage her. “But its hard, I guess I’m just not as good as you. ” She cried “Here let me show you a trick. ” I said, as I got on my knees next to her. “Put your hand on his cock.

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  ” I said She grabbed his dick, and looked at me curiously. “Now you have to stroke his penis with your hand as you suck him. Your mouth really isn’t doing anything. It just feels good on his dick. Your hand is what does most of the work. To make a guy cum, the muscles in his cock need to be massaged. This sends messages to his brain, and when he is turned on enough sexually, the fluid is released in his balls, and that is the start of his orgasm. You will know it when the muscles in his body tense up, and the pulses race in his cock. When you feel that, you need to speed up your pace. You have to suck and stroke as hard as you can to make that fluid come up. You can feel his cum, as it starts to come up his dick. That is when he is at the peak of his orgasm. That\'s when he feels the most pleasure, right before he ejaculates. You can\'t stop until you feel the muscles in his dick relax, and you have sucked all the sperm out. ” I explained Katy was slowly jacking off her brothers cock, as she listened.

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   She took him in her mouth again and was only able to suck the tip, because her hand took up all the room. “Just use your thumb and pointer finger to stroke it. That will allow more room for your mouth. When Tom gets home you will be able to use your whole hand, because his cock is much bigger then your brothers. ” I said “Don’t worry Kevin you will get bigger as you get older. ” I stood up and watched Katy as she continued her first blow job. She was jacking him off with her thumb and finger just like I told her too. I continued masturbating as I watched. She was getting the hang of it, and was stroking and sucking at the same pace. Minutes went by and nothing happened. I started feeling like a failure as a teacher. Katy’s face looked tired, as she kept on. I was about to make her stop and call it a night, when I saw Kevin’s face tense up. “I’m going to do it!” he shouted “Come on Katy, keep going, your going to do it. ” I cheered Katy perked up, and she became more motivated.

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   She pumped his cock with her fingers as fast as she could and she sucked with all her force. Kevin’s back arched and he grabbed his sisters head again. “Kevin!” I shouted “Keep your hands to yourself. ” “Keep going Katy, your almost there. ” I said I was exited and I quickly knelt by Katy and continued to cheer her on. “Come on Kevin, cum in your sisters mouth. ” I said trying to help him. “Think about how your going to fuck your mommy tomorrow, and how your going to shoot your cum in her cunt. ” Kevin grunted, and arched his back higher. “Here it comes. ” He moaned “Keep going Katy!” I shouted “Your doing it, your doing it” I cheered as I watched Kevin’s dick explode. She sucked, and jerked him off fast, just like I told her too, as his cock roped all of his cum in his sister\'s mouth. Kevin’s back relaxed on the couch, and Katy slowed her pace. She slowly brought her mouth off of him sucking hard all the way to the tip. She sat on her butt and panted in exhaustion.

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   She pushed her brothers semen out of her mouth and let it drip down her chin. She smiled at me as she sat there catching her breath. “You did so good Katy, I am really proud of you. ” I said “That was a lot of work. ” She said with a proud look on her face. "Does it taste gross?" I asked "No, it tastes pretty good actually. " she said "Good, I\'m glad you like it. Some girls don\'t like the taste of cum, but I always have. " I said She looked so cute sitting there, with Kevin\'s white milky semen dripping off her face and down her body. I grabbed my shirt off the floor and helped her clean up. Kevin’s dick stayed hard for a few more minutes, he sat on the couch with a permanent smile glued on his face. Katy and I picked up our clothes off the floor. We got dressed and Kevin insisted on staying naked. I walked them to the bathroom and made them brush their teeth. I walked them up stairs and Kevin played with his dick the whole way.

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   He told us that he was going to jack off some more tonight. I didn’t want him too. I wanted him to save himself for tomorrow when Megan gets home. But he is a boy, and I guess that’s what boys do. He ran in his room and closed the door, without saying good night. I looked at Katy and shook my head. We walked down to her room and I watched her take off her clothes again, and put on her pajamas. I pulled the covers back, and she climbed in her bed. “Did you have fun tonight?” I asked “Yes, this was a really good day. ” She said “You did such a nice job. Believe me Kevin will appreciate that a lot more as he grows up. ” I said “I don’t care. ” She said “I like him the way he is now. He is selfish, but he’s just my brother. ” “Good night Katy.

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  ” I said as I kissed her on the forehead. I turned around and headed for the door. “Britney. ” She said softly “Yes. ” I said, as I turned around facing her. “When I was sucking Kevin’s cock, my pussy started tingling, and it kind of itched, But in a good way. ” She said I smiled and I walked back to her. “That’s what happens when your about to have an orgasm. ” I said “What is it like when you have one?” she asked I sat on the bed next to her. “It is hard to explain, but it is incredible. Sometimes you have a small one, and they all feel good, but every once in a while, the guy hits just the right place, and all the muscles in your body contract. You feel like your body is going to explode, and you shake uncontrollably. ” I said “Does it work the same way with us, as it does for boys?” she asked “No, it is totally different. With guys its more of a physical thing. Like I showed you with Kevin.


   The muscles in his dick have to be massaged, and his cock tells his brain that he is ready, and he releases his sperm. That’s about all there is to it. It is pretty simple. But with us it all depends on your emotions. It is hard to have a good orgasm if you are stressed out, or you are uncomfortable about something. You will meet the right boy some day, and you will fall in love. No matter how good he is physically your love for him will be enough to turn you on. You will always feel comfortable with him, and he will ease your worries, about life’s daily troubles. That is when sex just becomes amazing. ” I said “I love Kevin though. ” She said “Yes but Kevin is your brother. You love him in a different way then you will that special guy you will meet. He is just someone you can practice on until that does happen. In the mean time, other then Kevin, you should fuck your boyfriend. And if he doesn’t work out, don’t be sad about it.

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   Just move on to the next guy. I wasted a lot of time being broken hearted about some guy that I thought I loved. Then he would dump me, and I would sit in my room, so depressed I could barely move. I don’t want it to be that way with you. When you meet a guy you like, just have fun. Make him eat your cunt before he fucks you. Make him beg for you to suck his cock once in a while. If he don’t work out for whatever reason move on to the next guy. ” Katy laid there and tried to take it all in. “But Britney, I am still horny. ” She said I laughed, I tried giving her some life changing speech when all she wanted me to do is show her how to finger her cunt. “Ok Katy, lets get naked again and we will sit here, just us girls, and I will show you how to make yourself cum. To be continued…. The story, characters, my personality, and my character\'s moral beliefs, are a complete work of fiction.  .

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Δεν μπορείτε να αποφασίσετε από πού να αρχίσετε; Ποια καλλονή να επιλέξετε πρώτα; Μην ανησυχείτε, η σας προσφέρει τα απαραίτητα εργαλεία για να κάνετε περιήγηση σε έναν τεράστιο κατάλογο με πανέμορφες καλλονές - διαβάστε τα προφίλ τους, ρίξτε μια ματιά στα γεμάτα καμπύλες σώματα τους και ανακαλύψτε τα ταλέντα τους στο σεξ. Καυτές ξανθές, πανέμορφες μελαχρινές, λάγνες κοκκινομάλλες - τις έχουμε όλες, οπότε μην διστάσετε να επιλέξετε αυτήν που ικανοποιεί τα γούστα σας και σας γοητεύει περισσότερο. Ονειρεύεστε ένα τρίο ή ομαδικό σεξ; Κανένα πρόβλημα, οι επιδέξιες γυναίκες θα σας φροντίσουν για τα καλά και θα σας εντυπωσιάσουν με τους απίστευτους οργασμούς τους και την ανεπανάλιπτη δράση. Στοματικό σεξ, πρωκτικό σεξ, μαλακία με το χέρι, πρόστυχο μασάζ, παιχνίδια με κουστούμια - όλα αυτά και πολλά άλλα σας περιμένουν στην, οπότε απολαύστε την.
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